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Chapter 125
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to the beautiful misunderstanding resulting from acting before thinking, Xiao Bai and the others who had demanded an exorbitant price had escaped from being directly demolished or slapped out of the trading hall and henceforth, living a miserable and lonely life… But anyway, these beasts succeeded in inciting the anger in a certain Boss’s heart because of this incident.

It did not mean that he could tolerate other people openly pushing him around even if he did not want to use his connections to bully other people’s masters from the start! His family’s Boss was still glaring like a tiger watching his prey and was itching to step forward to do something. However, Jin Yu had more than one hundred ways to completely eliminate this guy who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth even without Qi QingLin.

Of course, it wouldn’t be as hard and as painstaking as it was now.

After he finished studying at the atlas, Jin Yu looked left and right before beckoning to his little brother. In any case, he also wanted a little brother to help him, otherwise it would seem like his status had lowered. Shan BaiLu had been sitting in his seat for a long time and was scratching his ears and cheeks in anxiety. He nearly let out a howl of delight and ran over with his tail wagging when he saw Jin Yu beckoning him. Not only did this act make a certain unscrupulous doctor behind the stage depressed and frustrated, it nearly caused Third Young Master’s big brother and father to stumble when they saw the scene.

Their information clearly stated that their third brother was very close to the young master of the Jin Family. When had the young master of the Jin Family become the Boss surnamed Jin?! They touch on other things, but this Boss Jin seemed to have a bad relationship with the Long Family and the Qi Family, right?! Fuck, shouldn’t one stay as far away from such a person as possible at this time?! Why was that idiot hurrying to get closer to him?!

The Master of the Shan Family was unable to sit still as he thought about this, but he was stopped by his eldest son when he wanted to speak.

“Xiao Bai knows what he wants to do. Recently, he has grown a lot. It’s better to step out and fall than to stay in one place. Moreover, we do not know what the final result will be.”

The Master of the Shan Family gave his eldest son an ambiguous ‘en’. It was definitely not because he was afraid, but he thought that his Eldest Son had good insight. In addition, the Old Master Shan only cared about pampering the Second Son and ignored the Eldest and the Third Son when they were children. Now that Eldest Son Shan had spoken, Old Master Shan could only swallow his dissatisfaction.

At this time, the excited Shan BaiLu had finished listened to Jin Yu’s orders. Then he straightened after nodding his head. His image of a tsundere lackey had instantly disappeared and Shan BaiLu became serious. His gaze towards Qi TianCong who was looking at them contained some ridicule, “Since Second Young Master Qi has thrown down the gauntlet, my leader will probably become a joke if he doesn’t do anything. So the leader had instructed me that it’s easier to confront each other directly. The items below are the ones that my leader is going to win the bids for this afternoon. As a gofer, I specially brought them over to let you see. Ha ha, then we will wait for Second Young Master to let us experience the cruel reality. Ha ha, I only hope that Second Young Master won’t be merciful.”

Shan BaiLu’s remark seemed to be a sign of weakness on the surface, but the ridicule in it could be heard as long as they were a person. Both Jin Yu and Qi TianCong had to properly produce some results with this situation, otherwise, they would really lose their face.

Both sides were clearly looking as if victory was certain. Such a scene made the onlookers feel quite interested and they all roused their spirits in preparation of being an on-looker.

The expression on Qi TianCong’s face was extremely haughty and bumptious. However, his opinion of Jin Yu had changed a lot in his heart. The main reason was the pictures Shan BaiLu showed him that were chosen by the beasts.

The news he had received clearly stated that the total assets of this person would not exceed three hundred thousand purple gold coins. Even though Qi QingLin might give this person some money, Qi TianCong never expected that Jin Yu could buy a bunch of things that had a total value of nearly ten million. It really made him have a whole new level of respect for Jin Yu.

However, wasn’t it just ten million purple gold coins? Although it somewhat exceeded his budget, he could easily take out this sum of money! Qi TianCong expected that his family would be able to afford this small sum during the struggle for supremacy later. Therefore, he was quite confident that he could be victorious and ferociously slap Jin Yu’s face.

Yet, Qi TianCong forgot an extremely important point as he thought about this. In the competition between him and Jin Yu, his so-called ‘exceeding the budget’ was not a budget that would be able to overwhelmingly pull a win in an instant. Instead, it was a chip that signalled the start of the competition. Although Jin Yu was howling more and more fiercely as he looked at the pictures and appeared as if he wanted to kill people because of money, in actual fact, this fella was just dumbfounded by the taste of his family’s beasts. Spending more than ten million purple gold coins to buy things like a bathtub and a King of Jokes, these kind of exotic flowers were definitely not the cute beasts he had taken in!!

As for how much private funds our Big Boss Jin stored in his wallet, he he. Don’t ask if you don’t want to die.

“Oh! By the way, have you heard about the recent emergence of large quantities of Carbon Ion mineral on the black market?” The participants around began to gossip about the recent matters they knew while they were waiting for the auction to start.

As soon as this sentence came out, the surrounding people all became impassioned and immediately began to excitedly reply.

“Holy crap! Anyone who hasn’t heard of this can go run into a wall, okay?! Such a large quantity of Carbon Ion mineral! How many people had their eyes turn red and green over them?! It was said that the people of the Ten Great Clans, the military department and even the government all sent representatives to fight over it!! That scene at that time! It made Laozi believe that those guys in high positions were not good-for-nothings for the very first time. They nearly got into a life or death battle over the minerals, okay?!” A mogul from the Dark Street said with shining eyes.

“So, who was the final winner?”

“Who else can it be? What can that foolish idiot from the Qi Family amount to? Even his father has no guts. Instead, the most powerful one was Yuan JingYa. But she was a woman after all, and was a little worse than the Long Family in every aspect.”

“So the final winner was the Long Family?” A merchant asked cautiously.

“Ha ha. Maybe.” The mogul from the Dark Street ‘he he’ twice and glanced at a certain prehistoric whale that was staring at a picture while beaming. The biggest winner was the hidden seller of the Carbon Ion minerals. That transaction in the black market on that day almost reached the highest level in history, and several billion purple gold coins flowed into that person’s hands just like that. Tch tch, although the identity of the seller was extremely mysterious, he was still able to make some groundless conjectures as a member of the Dark Street.

“Ha ha, remember to tightly hug the golden thigh. They will definitely become an existence that can control the distribution of economic and political forces in the future.”

“Naturally, naturally! No matter what, the Long Family is also the number one aristocratic family. We must hug our thighs well!”

“…” Did he say it was that treacherous and selfish fella from the Long Family? These people must have small brains. However, it did not matter what their wishful thinking was, the important thing was that he hoped these people would not be shamed into anger and put the blame on him when they found out that they made a wrong choice in the future.

“The second round of the struggle for supremacy starts now!”

With the command of the beautiful female trader, the bidding for the final struggle for supremacy officially began.

The people of all ages and both sexes who participated in the auction were somewhat absent-minded. Originally, around eighty percent of the goods in this sort of auction pertaining to authority and benefits were already privately agreed on. After all, it would not be good for anyone if the price was raised too high. Therefore, everyone came to participate in the auction with the idea of taking a rest. Just as they had thought it would be very boring, a duel suddenly occurred between these two people. This was definitely a cardiac stimulant for those who had been bored senseless!

As a result, there was no one seriously bidding for the items that should have been bid for and the hall was as undisturbed as stagnant water. Yet when it was time to bid for genuine stopgap items like the several beast equipments and decorative ancient jade, everyone sat up straight and Jin Yu called out a bid.

“Bathtub, six-hundred thousand.”

When the attendants at the auction heard this sentence, their mouths could not help twitching. That’s an energy crystal bathtub for beasts, okay? Can the bathtub in your house sell for six-hundred thousand purple gold coins?!

However, their slogan was to be dedicated and professional.

“Mister Jin has offered six-hundred purple gold coins! Are there any higher bids?”

“A million!”

Qi TianCong was glowing with health and vigor as he called out this bid… It made Jin Yu who had witnessed this unable to steel his heart and continue bidding. So he turned his head and waved his hand.

“One million and one-hundred thousand!”

Shan BaiLu began to call out on Jin Yu’s behalf.

“Two million!”

Qi TianCong humphed. He felt that the auction would end with these three words. But… Xiao Bai was rather sinister when he blackened.

“Two million ten thousand!”

“You! I’m putting a bid for two million and five-hundred thousand! Do you dare to continue fighting with me?! Believe it or not, I’ll kill you if you do!”

The entire audience looked at the Second Young Master at this time and felt that this fella was just like the idiot he had just said. (T/N: In Chinese slang, 250 means idiot.)

“Three million.”

Jin Yu raised his eyebrow and spoke gently, “If Second Young Master’s bid is higher than this price by a hundred thousand, I will give up the bathtub. After all, the highlight has yet to come. If I buy something cheap at a high price, tch tch. I really can’t stand this kind of stupidity.”

This sentence succeeded in dominating the entire hall. Qi TianCong stared at the beaming Jin Yu, and he still felt like punching him a few times no matter how he looked! Even so, Qi TianCong was hesitating in his heart. Three million was already three-tenths of his budget. If he spent three million now, there were still the gag films and the castle with a base price of three million and one million respectively. He could not even imagine whether he could win the bid for them.

The defeat began when fear sprouted in one’s heart. Qi TianCong sneered when he heard Jin Yu’s words, “I’ll let you go and let you win the bid for one item first since you’ve already asked for mercy, so that you won’t lose so miserably!! You’d better not even think of getting the upcoming castle, films and ancient jade!”

“Oh, I say. I estimate that the budget in the heart of this fella is ten million purple gold coins. What do you think, little brother?”

“Ah?” Shan BaiLu stared blankly at Jin Yu who was giving a sinister smile with a raised eyebrow. Then he shouted on a conditioned reflex, “Leader is mighty!”

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JinYu is really mighty

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It’s really a wonder if Qi TianCong is really Big Boss Qi’s younger brother.. Hayys. The stupidity is so immense😂.
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Seriously, there are other ways to mess with this idiot second young master. Qi QingLin just has to sit and watch how his little fish is demolishing the stupid. I totally agree with Shan BaiLu, the leader is mighty!

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