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Chapter 124

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

To the side-characters, there was usually some sort of truth prepared just for them. In other words, when they finally felt that they were strong, there would always be that annoying guy that’d come who would easily beat them.

Besides, you would be quite angry when this guy was not only stronger than you, but also more handsome and better with women than you were! That fellow would be better than you in all the areas you thought you excelled in! Of course, when this situation actually happened you would feel quite distressed and pained. However, at this time the pain and resentment is what makes you a dumbass. Because you have to understand, as a secondary character, either you become the protagonist or you follow him, there’s no third choice.

Shan Bailu looked at the nonsensical, lame joke truth book in his hand. His lips twitched. He raised his head and look at Qi TianCong and thought that this book was pretty accurate. The more he read of this fucking book, the more that he felt it was a complete teaching for underlings!

He almost exploded! However, no matter how wise he was when he chose to join the eldest brother and started his happy life…if there were no more veterinarians in the world, his life would be that much better.

However, since he had finally escaped his troublesome life, he now took glee in watching others struggling. Qi TainCong’s arrival made Shan Bailu’s second brother quite excited. They walked over to Qi QingLin, as if they were old pals, to begin and ask all sorts of questions.

As for Qi TianCong, he was quite complacent about other people’s treatment. The expression on his face clearly said ‘flatter me’.

In fact, when talking about everyone’s virtues, no one could be as calm as Master Sanzang. But in any case, it should be understood that when you have a virtue, you must not overlap with someone else’s or build your traits on someone else’s grievances. In that case, ten percent of the people have an eight percent chance of your best quality becoming theirs.

Enough with this nonsense. People are self-aware, they can make themselves happy, calm down others. This is pretty good alright.

However, Qi TianCong was obviously not that kind of person. When he started to show off, Boss Jin was busy looking at the atlas with the utmost interest. He was thinking about bidding for a better one so he had no time to deal with the guy at all. However, Qi TianCong saw Jin Yu surrounded by several beasts. With a sinister smile on his face he stood up, then said to all the people.

“I, Qi TianCong, am representing my clan’s presence at the auction for the very first time. Although I’d like to keep a low profile, there’s a guy here I don’t like so I’m not! That’s all. I won’t fight with you today. After all, the auction here is just like your life. I’ve come here to study it so I can’t be your enemy then.” Qi TianCong thought his words sounded very good. He smiled complacently and then said. “It’s just that I’ve always had likes and dislikes. So, in this afternoon’s auction, Boss Jin, you can do whatever you want. Hahaha, just know that you can’t always rely on that back door given to you by that person. Reality is too cruel!”

Hearing Qi TianCong’s brainless words, besides pretending that he didn’t recognize him, he couldn’t help but think some very wicked thoughts inside. Even though Yuan JingYa doesn’t seem to be a wreck, how could her last born son be such a dumbass?! Although there may have been some gene mutation, this child really couldn’t be someone else’s…

Thinking of this Jin Yu couldn’t help but laugh. As a result, Qi TianCong was seriously annoyed. “What are you laughing at?! I tell you, young master, you’ll regret how you treat me today! My mother and I are in the Qi clan. You and that good for nothing better not think of anything!”


A seriously brainless sickness, how come with this many years he’s never seen someone as dumb as this? Sure enough, the guy had to have some serious issues.

Jin Yu glanced at Qi TianCong. He thought about decapitating him or cutting him until he was bleeding all over.

“Do you guys not see anything you like? My mood is good today, I’ll buy things for you cuties.”

!! Meow woof?! Chirp! Squeak squeak……

In a flash all the beasts came over in full swing. Xiao Bao looked through the window, it seemed like there would be no red rain today…It still couldn’t accept that the Boss was suddenly so generous.

“If you guys don’t choose now just forget about it. You guys can go back and make your own money.” Jin Yu looked at Xiao Bao, Da Bai, and BaoZi, who were all obviously distrustful. It didn’t matter what other people thought about him, but these beasts couldn’t see the fucking truth even though they were the most important ones in the shop?! How dare you look at me with puppy eyes, don’t you think guys should apologize!?

After being stared at by the whale boss, Da Bai and BaoZi chose what they honestly liked. In fact, Jin Yu didn’t plan on fighting for business with those other big shots or tycoons. You had to know that he ran a shop himself and couldn’t pay attention to everything, especially with that weird guy. In the end, he ended up kicking him out…if he were to really torment him, hehe, well…the end results would speak for themselves.

Passing by all kinds of squabbling and plots to intimidate and seduce, XIao Bai and several other beasts finally turned over their ‘Peaceful Negotiation’. In total, there were four volumes. Well, there was certainly very little of one’s own knowledge. Boss Jin was satisfied.

It’s just that when the boss saw what was painted on the book, his face darkened in an instant. His expression kept turning sour until it couldn’t become even worse. At the same time, all the people were surrounded by an ominous atmosphere and ominous wind.

Meow……? Weren’t we a bit too much?

Woof…… I think it’s still okay……

Roar! Shut up and eat steamed buns!

Squeak squeak! Hey, why do you look like you’re about to die? It’s just purple gold coins. I have a thousand more of them!

A certain trouble-stirring monkey stood up in between XIao Bao and WangWang. It’s face was full of arrogance and pride, and it held its head high as it waited to hear to a certain fat panda’s surprised and jealous exclamations. Of course the panda couldn’t beat itself, it turned its head and kept waiting and waiting. It then saw how none of the beasts were proud and cute?! Fuck, it shouted, ah! Go die! It’s not like these jealous guys.

At the moment, Da Bai, who was entrusted by Long Changxiao to watch over the little monkey and Jin Yu’s party, kept silent for quite some time. After he was sober, he growled.

I remember that Xiao Bai said we need to make ten thousand purple gold coins. It seems that he’s saved half of that now; Da Bai has complained several times that Baozi eats too much…especially now that his taste is pickier, I estimate that we’ll need to raise 150,000 purple gold coins.

Woof woof woof!! This isn’t fucking real, I went there! What about those two dogs over there?!

Big Da Bai silently glanced at a certain monkey. About those two, it’s best that you don’t know.’

! Squeak! I’m going to bite you!

…..Er Hei doesn’t eat much, it’s just that it’s too dumb and often brings about trouble. Additionally, Er Hei is also a lightning type, and you understand those kinds. WangWang said that he would definitely bury Er Hei if the dumbass makes another mistake in the future. In that case, all three thousand purple coins its saved up will be sent to others as compensation. Heh, I’m just telling you and you’ll be stunned…

Big Da Bai looked at the Little Golden Monkey indignantly. It wiped its face with its claws. In other words, life in the cute pet shop is pretty good. It’s self-sufficient, works accordingly, and has a quite free and peaceful time. Those people’s private money made it really hard to ridicule. Its fucking life was so good it could have private savings. Well, in the future, the owner of its partner should help it find a beautiful bear!!

“A million purple golden coins for a castle for the beasts, and half a million purple gold coins for an energy crystal path?! Is there a comedy for beasts worth three million purple gold coins?! Are you sure you’re not uniting against me or do you guys really want this crap?!” Jin Yu’s voice became higher and higher as he turned over more and more of the illustrated book. Da Bai’s head throbbed with each sound. All this changed in the instance Jin Yu saw the last picture.

Suddenly, he closed the messy atlas. Boss Jin rolled his eyes at Da Bai and sneered, throwing the atlas to the ground.

“It has nothing to do with me stealing. Second generation rich kids are just like this.”

Seeing their own boss’s hatred vanishing, Da Bai and WangWang let out a sigh of relief. XIao Bai clapped Er Hei on the back.

The brothers are quite similar! The ancient jade you chose had to be boss-like quality. We just dodged a disaster, you should claim the credit! You can take the first bath!


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December 22, 2019 10:06 pm

Be careful of brothers. They are as likely to throw you under the bus as give you first bath.

Thank you for the chapter.

December 22, 2019 10:52 pm

How can this second young master Qi be such a bloody idiot. He already got beaten once, now he is back for more? Seriously, haven’t his mother tought him anything?! And the beasts are hilarious as always.

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