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Chapter 126: One-sided Battle
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Naturally, Qi TianCong didn’t hear the short conversation between Jin Yu and Shan BaiLu. Of course, judging by the stares he was receiving, he could have a guess at it, but what did it matter to him?

No matter how these people looked at him now, once he showed Jin Yu whose boss, he would be the real winner!!

No wonder there was a saying that uncultured people were scary. Although what you learn in school might not all be useful in the real world, that knowledge still makes up who you are today. Yep, normally, no one would think that given an item with a base price of three-hundred thousand being sold as three million, that you would be able to buy a one million purple crystal coins item at its base price, right?

Thus, it was inevitably a one sided battle.

When Qi TianCong saw Jin Yu buy the beast entertainment center for ten million, he almost couldn’t hold himself up anymore. How did this happen? He shouldn’t have this much money! Was he going to lose?!

That thought jolted him awake. He instantly eliminated it from his head. If he had already talked big in front of everyone, and pushed himself into a corner, then he couldn’t admit defeat now! Otherwise, how would he keep his head up after this!?

As he was thinking, a brilliant idea popped into his mind and his body relaxed instantly.

Why didn’t he think of this sooner?! If he already pushed both of them into a corner before, then Jin Yu would obviously fight with him to the end! If that’s the case, then he might as well keep raising the price to an unbelievable point! Then, he’ll have a servant come say ‘his mother forbid him from continuing on this stupidity’, with that, he had a perfect excuse to leave the bid! At the same time, he would be able to punish that self-absorbed owner!

Once he thought of his perfect plan, a weird smile appeared on his face. That smiled caught the attention of the billionaires around him, and they all had an itch to punch him. How stupid can one be to do something like this? If you can’t even hide your true intentions, what do you plan on fighting with? You’re just asking to be ripped off!

But, to these billionaires, as long as they weren’t the ones being ripped off, then it had nothing to do with them. Also, this idiot here garnered no sympathy from them. Considering how prideful he had been acting, it’s unlikely he’ll even listen to them. Thus, no one said anything, even those who foresaw his terrible demise.

On the other hand, the moment Qi TianCong let out his smile, Shan BaiLu, who had been on high alert this whole time, instantly exploded and quickly relayed the message back to Jin Yu, who was dying of boredom and yawning. In an instant, Jin Yu became alert again. Looking at Qi TianCong who was still smiling like he got everything under control, Jin Yu let out a cruel smile.

Thus, it became an obvious case of ceiling-less bidding. Whenever Jin Yu hesitantly called out a price, Qi TianCong would follow up without a single ounce of hesitation. That kind of attitude made him seem like the richest man in the world which got a lot of women, who loved money, shouting and screaming. Qi TianCong also looked pleased with the attention.

His was just enjoying adoration of the females! It’s what he deserved!!

However, just as one was about to reach the climax, shrinking, was supposedly, the top, top, top, top, most painful experience to have. Clearly, Qi TianCong hadn’t experienced that yet. Thus, when the comedic beast movie worth three million got to thirty million by his bid, the idiot still turned to glare at a certain whale with glee. The latter was whispering something to Shan BaiLu, whose face was just beaming.

“Ooo, thirty million…you’re pretty good. I’ll have to think about continuing…you know what, I’ll stop for now.” Jin Yu said calmly under the complacent glance of Qi TianCong. With his words, the boiling atmosphere of the auction house came to a halt.

As for Qi TianCong, he also changed expressions with those words. He felt something bad was going to happen, thus, with a sharp tone he said, “Jin Yu!! What do you mean stopping for now?!! Hehe! You’re just out of money and using this method to stall right?! Heh! I already told you, I’ll have you experience the cruelty of the real world. You don’t even have the money to be on the same playing field with someone like me!!”

“Cough, cough! Qi Second Young Master!”

Just as Qi TianCong got agitated by the sudden shift and was about to cuss his life out, Shan BaiLu brought in Ye Huang with him.

“Um, about that, Second Young Master, you can continue yelling at our boss, but before that, I feel like you should announce something first. When you got that figured out, if you’re still this relaxed, then feel free to continue.”

As Shan BaiLu was talking, he pulled out a purple crystal card. The moment this card appeared, eighty percent of the billionaires stared wide-eyed at it. Shan BaiLu’s dad and his second brother was so shocked at they even stood up. Even the Head of the Mountain Wolf Clan couldn’t help but shake his head and raise his brow at the sight. This brother of his who was willful and had been forgotten since birth, was now following someone extraordinary.

“This is the Avondale Honorary card, only given to those who have benefited the country and whose total worth exceeds one hundred million. This is my boss’s Avondale card and I brought it here to tell you that my boss does want to continue bidding, but he feels like if he continues, it will exceed a hundred thousands. Thus, he wanted to pause now to make some preparation and verification.” (Avondale Redbud is a type of tree)

Although Shan BaiLu’s status couldn’t get the attention of the billionaires, the card in his hand could allow him to make any demands in this secondary Deer Hall auction. Thus, the ones who looked down on Jin Yu for stopping, were now nodding faster than anyone else. As for the big bosses of Anjie, who already knew what was coming, they huddled together exchanging glances. They were all wondering what a certain whale would do that would make the enemy ‘hehe’ while his people laugh ‘hehe’.

“Okay, I see that everyone agrees with me. Now, I want to ask for an examination of Qi Second Young Master’s bank account to see if he can continue this possibly hundred million bid!”

Hearing that, Qi TianCong’s body tensed up to the max.

“You don’t have the authority to do this without reason!” Qi TianCong said wide-eyed.

“Oh, then can you gave us a reason to not doubt you like you did? Otherwise, I have a good reason to suspect you’re shill bidding, hoping to rip me off! Not only that, it was you who bid the thirty million, if I don’t continue to bid after you and you don’t have enough money…tsk, tsk, tsk. Then you’d be the first to commit a fraud at the Southern Trade Conference! The Qi family is really gaining face by having you here.” Jin Yu said casually.

With every sentence he spoke, the darker the red on Qi TianCong’s face became. At the end, it was clear from his eyes that he was starting to panic.

“Who, who do you think I am! I’m the young master of the Qi family! Everything the Qi family owns will be mine in the future! Just with this, I can’t commit a fraud! Stop biting people like a mad dog!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, like you said, everything will be yours in the ‘future’. But now isn’t the future, and that future is also uncertain. So as to not be a source of entertainment, please show us some proof, young master.”

Shan BaiLu couldn’t help but mock Qi TianCong as he added, “Could it be that my boss was right and the young master was just trying to rip people off? Later on, is someone going to come rushing in, saying ‘Young Master, don’t do it, your mother has told you not to spend money on useless things. Let’s not compete with those brainless idiots?’ Then, leave with the perfect excuse?”

“Of course not! There was no way I would purposefully leav—”

“Ahhh!! Young master! Young master! Don’t bid for the moment of satisfaction with an idiot! Your mother has said that money should be used on things with purpose and spent reasonably. Why bother with someone brainless? We shouldn’t stoop this low!”

Just as Qi TianCong was rejecting Shan BaiLu’s claim, a servant like person came rushing in and screamed the above sentence!

Thus, in an instant, the Deer Hall exploded like popcorn in a microwave! The billionaires laughed till they were rolling on the floor, jumping around, falling all over the place…

“OMG! I can’t believe this! This is better than the movies! Look at that idiot, his face’s turning green!!”

“You mother fucker, laugh all you want, don’t spit in my face! Do you want to fight?! Ah…gorgeous, I laughed a bit too hard, did I step on your jade like foot?! Let me lick it for you?”

“Lick my ass!” Slap!

“Cough, cough, ssss…geez, do these people have no joy in life or something? Why is the reaction a hundred percent more than what I thought?! Look at that smile, that couldn’t even be considered a smile anymore…is he twitching or just gone insane?” Jin Yu guessed the beginning and the end, but not the bonus effect it was going to have on people. Looking at these people who were falling all over the place, Jin Yu almost wanted to pull out a camera and record everything. Holy, moly, how many people would he be able to blackmail with this…umm, he just thought that recording this and showing it to the billionaires would remind them of the day they were extremely happy!

“Hey, you black-hearted cat! Do something about the situation, don’t you see it’s getting out of hand?” Jin Yu glanced at Ye Huang who was still watching the chaos with a smile on his face. The latter nodded in agreement, still smiling. Then, he suddenly lowered his head and asked, “This idiot won’t ignore it right? After all, he is still part of the Qi family.”

Hearing that, Jin Yu just smiled, “Don’t worry, maybe a few conferences ago, they could do it, but this time, my BOSS is here. No matter what, Yuan JingYa and the old bastards of the Qi family will have to swallow this pill, no matter how bitter it is!”

“Tsk, tsk, couldn’t tell, couldn’t tell, that guy would actually find a partner like you. Okay, ok, you got my word, once it’s over, you take six, I take four!”

With that, Ye Huang softly coughed once. Even though it was soft, it clearly reached everyone’s ears. Including the three in the corner who were laughing and rolling. They were of three different styles, but all very eye-catching men.

“Qi Young Master, you have to show proof right? We should still investigate, after all, I’m the one hosting this time, I can’t let this slip past me.”

“Pfff! This idiot is hilarious! Like the one who was ripping people off a moment ago!”

“Heh, humans are just bored, a beast comedic movie? … shit now I want to see it, but I only have three-hundred purple coins…still have to steal it huh.”


“凸, you’re boring, your whole family’s boring!! You want to fight! Huh? You expressionless bastard?!” (凸 this is the middle finger)

“Scared of you? Really boring.”

Looking at the hot-headed idiot and expressionless idiot beside him glaring at each other, a certain while fur beast rolled his eyes. He would never acknowledge that he knows these people! A true master should hold themselves like one! Like him!!…Hmm, do you think he could get his underlings to steal that comedic beast movie back? The barren star was quite boring after all…

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