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Chapter 13: A First Class Illegal Building

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

If you told the old men of Anjie that they would need to take out the trash twice a day before today, then without a doubt that person would be beaten to death by the old mens’ underlings.

And the reason was that rascal cursed them!! Collecting trash once a day already caused them to band together and submit a complaint. If waste was to be collected twice a day, were they ever to have a peaceful life again? But if it was after today that there was someone who took the trash out twice a day, the old men of Anjie would thank the fellow since they still loved clean things.

In reality, as long as JinYu wasn’t leading a group of beasts collecting trash, the old men of Anjie would be happy.

However, tonight was JinYu’s second time leading around his group of beasts to stroll along the streets and collect trash. The old men who knew of this news early on were already lined up outside of their front doors with a bag full of purple coins, eagerly awaiting JinYu.

You should have said earlier that you didn’t have money to buy a house! We’ll send you a bunch! You don’t have to bother yourself collecting trash, seriously TMD annoying, urgh, it’s really TMD waste of good talent.

The thought of never having to listen to the clamor of wild beasts outside every morning and noon made the originally stingy big guys feel generous, as evidenced by the small bag of one hundred purple coins–

If this was outside of Anjie, this bag of purple coins would be enough to feed three families for ten years. Only to these old guys, one hundred gold coins for a day of peace was more than worth it!!

This reason was exactly why Anjie and the world Anjie were utterly different. At least outside of Anjie, your neighbors would be some average guy who went to work but inside of Anjie if your neighbor wasn’t a more powerful guy you’d feel a bit awkward. Even more, the old men of Anjie established a “normal” life. At the same time, by contrast, money could also help one find a good life in Anjie.

Of course, if you believed that Anjie’s purple coins could be quickly earned just by collected trash, those were the big guys tormented by JinYu who would tell you all about “An Old Life Star Hanging—Seeking Death” in action.

Dumb one do you think you can be like that JinYu fellow and have at least four A-level beasts follow you around everywhere?!

Even though the old guys of Anjie’s status and physical strength can’t compare with the seventh level hunters and eighth level explorers of Anjie’s backside, they still had money and henchmen! If it was on their turf, don’t even think about taking out the trash, if you so much as said a bad word the old men would do you away!

It was only because the fellow had four A-level beasts that he could collect a fee when taking out the trash of the old men. Otherwise, the fellow would have been dead a hundred times over!

So even though Anjie’s “average old man” appeared to be healthy, Anjie was still Anjie. In other words, if you didn’t have any ability or strength[1], don’t even think of living in Anjie!

As a result, since JinYu had many beasts, he was living in Anjie quite well. At least, after looking at the thirty-odd some pouches of purple coins in the garbage truck and the last shop in front of Anjie, a double-decked building about 300 square meters sponsored by some big guys, JinYu appeared ecstatic.

Aside from the fact that the number of the store, 138, wasn’t significant, JinYu felt great about all other things. JinYu showed that he really was quite satisfied. At least this number wasn’t cursing him. He would have to assure the customers of this.

Only, when JinYu happily thanked the old men who came to congratulate the store, after he happily opened the door to 138, that smile turned rigid in a split second. He backed up a few steps, expressionless, before closing the front door.

JinYu turned around to face LiXiao, Chengliang, and Wu Xiao and asked them, “Li-dage, I need to build a house now. How long do you think it will take and how much do you think it will cost?”

Even though LiXiao’s answer was a bit hesitant and uncertain, but he still thought carefully before saying, “Right now we have a specific ‘Ape Building Clan.’ They’re E-level beasts specializing in building houses. As for how fast it’ll take, it should be fast. If you’ve already come up with the blueprints or use their suggested designs, it should take about two days to finish building. And as for the price, since this is the capital of the city, it’ll be more expensive than other places. It’ll be different depending on the size, probably fifty to one hundred purple coins might not even cover it. However, the leader of the Ape Building Clan is a D-ranked beast, so it’s still worth it.”

Hearing this, JinYu nodded. Since he now had thirty bags of purple coins, that price wasn’t expensive to him. “Then how do I contact them?”

“Huh?” Only when LiXiao heard what he said did he react. “Are you not satisfied with this villa, JinYu? Its appearance is still pretty good.”

JinYu sniffed and laughed, “I think its furnishing is a bit shabby and broken. I care more about the interior of the villa.”

Consequently, LiXiao fell silent while Chengliang laughed and opened the door to the villa. Afterward, LiXiao became petrified on the spot.

After a long time, Chengliang recovered and angrily patted his leg, shouting, “I’m out! This interior is a bit shabby…!! Just who lived in this house before? I never thought that Anjie still had this broken of a house. “

LiXiao looked inside curiously, scolding Chengliang good-naturedly, “As for you, your endurance is certain …!!”

After another long duration, the emergence of the crude LiXiao replaced the overburdened, meek LiXiao. This LiXiao calmly took a few steps back before saying, “If the inside of this place doesn’t have a villa’s shelter, then I will definitely bring all of Anjie’s Mental Safety and destroy it.”

It appeared as if LiXiao also didn’t have much to say. Instead, he took out a crystal-like dialing device to JinYu. JinYu took the device and spoke slowly to the attendant on the other side, “Please come to 138 Anjie. We have an illegal first-class building that needs to be completely demolished and rebuilt. The contents of the building must be kept secret. En…the price isn’t an issue. Please hurry.”


After he hung up, JinYu and the other four fell into silence. However, looking at the expressions of the others, they were suddenly feeling a bit gloomy. If the bizarre, innocent, and evil furnishings in the villa were seen by others, it would affect his business and reputation in the future. So in the end, just to be sure, he would have the place renovated. JinYu turned around silently to the herd of beasts, smiling, “I think you guys will have a feast tonight.”

Woof woof–!


Meow meow~~~!

Chirp chirp cheep cheep chirp chirp woof woof……

“En, so after I make dinner, we’ll start. The objective is to completely destroy the house within ten minutes!! Burning, flooding, lighting, splitting, burying, biting, clawing, gnawing, crashing…any method that can destroy it thoroughly is fine! And if it’s complete, then tomorrow night you guys will eat roast chicken!!”

So, like a stimulant switch, after JinYu promised good food, the group of oily beasts eating steamed buns went wild. They rushed to the first-class illegal building with red eyes, releasing flames and spitting water, creating a chaotic scene—Anjie’s dark destroyers…

Hearing the sound of something astir, the big guys came out. Once they saw the situation, they carefully braced their hearts and returned home to find their wives and loved ones for “brain damage” and comfort. At the same time, the pale old men kept thinking in their hearts: Was the moving fee they fundraised too little? Do you need us to send another thousand purple coins?!

[1] 手里没有几把刷子 – literally hand without any combs. Each comb is supposed to represent ability, physical strength, etc.

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Hahahaha omg i need more of this😂😂 I love you Jinyu!!

September 2, 2019 4:09 pm

Lmao jinyu is too funny…just destroy it all before anyone sees the contents of the house pfft. I love this novel thnx for the chapter

September 2, 2019 10:05 pm

This description makes me wonder what kind of furnishing was inside that house. With this much beast-power, Jinyu can run a side-business, a demolition company. 😀 😀 😀 😉

Thank you for the chapter!

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What kind of furniture was there? O. O

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What is TMD? No idea what that means and no explanation 😕 Maybe it’s only me.
Perhaps it was a brothel before 😏
Thank you for translating.

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