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Chapter 12: Regarding the Trash Initiation Murder Case

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the past two days, the old men of Anjie were in a bad mood. Their lousy mood led to a precarious and delicate atmosphere in Anjie. The weaklings and underlings felt that the old men were unusually irritable and that the atmosphere was difficult to endure.

To put it plainly, these past two days Anjie didn’t actually have any significant changes—the old men manning their stalls still had their cigarettes dangling out of their mouths as they played poker and were still able to take off their shoes to slap you when they got lively. And the wives of the old men naturally smiled as they took their leftover candy back home and only left a bit for the old men to eat. If you didn’t let her bring the candy back home, she’d use her kitchen knife to chop you to pieces and murder you.

Aside from these two facts, Anjie already had non-reversible characteristics for NPC (non-playable characters) long ago. These two days, Anjie also had another type of public service for its NPC. Typically speaking, NPC should be very popular for public service, but gamers all know that even though NPC serve the public, they often end up harming the public more than helping.

As a result, when JinYu comfortably sat on Baozi’s back and led Dabai, Xiao bai, Xiao Xue, and the other twenty wounded animals and directed them to pull the gigantic garbage truck, knocking on the doors of the old men and women, the old men’s mood soured and they threw their cups on the ground, slapping the table.

“Time to clean up the trash!”

Woof woof –!

“Time to take out the trash!”


“On-site service!”

Chirp chirp~~~!

“Guaranteed satisfaction!”


JinYu’s already familiar voice rang out in front of the doors of the old men and woman. Every time JinYu shouted, he was accompanied by another howl or roar from one of the wild beasts.

When one of the old, bald men heard these roars, they’d immediately spew out the water they were drinking. Afterwards, they’d wipe their faces with an unreadable expression, thinking darkly to how two days prior when they heard this sound they’d opened the door to shout “Beat it!” Now, they were bitterly beaten up by four A-level beasts.

If you’re going to take out the trash, then take it out! Just come and do it yourself! What’s wrong with you?! Hollering like this and bringing not only four A-ranked beasts but a whole heard of injured animals. Sometimes Xiaolu and the big-tailed wolf even add to the obnoxious noise. Isn’t this just deliberately torturing people!!

We don’t mind you taking the monopoly of the garbage disposal since we’ve made up our minds to throw out our trash on the side street but how can you still pretend to show off your cleverness! And make this disposal mandatory!!

What? You say that your garbage disposal is voluntary? And that you’ve never begged?!

Voluntary my ass!!

If they volunteered yesterday, they’d say: Today I don’t have trash, so there’ll just be six A-ranked beasts and a large horde of injured F to B rank beasts neatly lined up in front of my door refusing to leave today?! You’re seriously making us grind our teeth! They’re howling one by one!! How can this possibly be voluntary?! If I don’t willingly throw out my trash, then I’ll be swallowed alive by these annoying sounds!!

And the most depressing thing for the old man was that yesterday because there was almost no garbage, the aunt of his old hunter’s family sent out a bag of trash instead. Although a bag of flour is barely worth a few dollars if this kept up how would they be able to live?!

In regards to the complaints of the old men, JinYu thought that his garbage collection fee wasn’t too high and his actions were especially beneficial to the people, especially since he was leading his own beasts.

The cost of dumping trash was only ten gold coins (the same as 300 steamed meat buns). What was this worth to the bodyguards who could easily make several thousand gold purple coins or to old men who could cause the town’s GDP decline just by moving his feet?

Of course, the issue wasn’t really with the ten golden coins or the three hundred steamed meat buns. The old men didn’t lack any money, but they lacked safety–

If there were twenty beasts outside your door every day howling and baring their teeth, even if they didn’t have ill intentions you’d still get chills in your heart!!

So after JinYu happily lead the beasts to pull the garbage truck from door to door to collect garbage for three days, LiXiao and Chengliang the orange porcupine brought a man wearing glasses who carried the atmosphere of a refined and sophisticated gentleman, walked to the rubbish disposal area.

“Ey? Big brother? Why have you and Cheng-zi come? Who’s this?”

At that moment JinYu was with a bunch of beasts, happily counting their gold coins. There was a wide, satisfied grin on JinYu’s face. That smile was just as dazzling as the small pile of gold coins next to him.

“Hehe. Well, hello.” The elegant, scholarly looking glasses wearer looked at JinYu’s smile. His face turned the slightest bit red, and he gently coughed twice, before extending his hand to introduce himself, “I’m Wu Xiao. I’m part of Anjie’s Street Safety Agency.”


After that, there was a moment of awkward silence.

And then Baozi extended its paw for Wu Xiao in place of its master. JinYu lifted his right hand and pulled on his ear. He smiled, “Would you please say that again?” There’s still a useless street safety office in this kind of era?!

“Ah, JinYu-ah, I completely understand your feelings, but something like this can’t exist,” LiXiao said suddenly, in place of the awkward, red-faced glasses-wearer Wu Xiao who was staring at Baozi’s paw.

Even though this bookworm looked like the kind of person who could be bullied easily, but when he was actually bullied, the bully wouldn’t even feel satisfied afterward. However, no matter what time of year it was or what kind of environment it was, it was always good to have the support of an influential man…

JinYu watched LiXiao’s behavior and his facial expression and basically understood the situation before him. Since he was backed by a prominent person, and the man himself was not annoying, then there was no harm in listening to him.

JinYu reached out his hand and summoned Baozi, revealing his teeth as he smiled, “Hello, I’m JinYu. En, I’ve just arrived. What does Mr. Wu need my help for?”

Seeing JinYu laugh, Wu Xiao couldn’t help but flush red. He inhaled loudly before saying, “Um…these three days I’ve received countless complaints about your behavior while collecting trash and how it’s been harming their physical and emotional health. If this continues, Anjie’s old men will have the younger people go to our office and cry. If they can’t cry out their complaints, then they’ll jump into the Nile River.”


“And so to protect our peace and the peace for the little people, I…, I must earnestly as if Mr. Jin can stop collecting trash.” Wu Xiao asked seriously.

JinYu’s expression remained unchanged. He continued to smile and asked, “Do you want me to bring a herd of beasts to your agency’s door and cry and complain and then bring them to the Nile River for a swim?”

Apparently, Wu Xiao never thought of this. Consequently, he became speechless.

“This one. The rest aren’t as good.”

“But I want to raise a big family of twenty or more mouths. It’s not that easy either.” JinYu reached out his hand and sighed heavily.

“Then do you plan on leading the beasts to take out the trash from now on?” Wu Xiao hiccupped, scratching his head, completely uncomprehending. “You have four A-ranked beasts here. You can let them take any kind of task and then raise them.”

JinYu shook his head. “Let’s get it straight. Right now they’re severely injured, so how could I possibly take them out to do work? Actually…I was thinking of starting a beast store instead, but I don’t have any money to start it~.”

Wu Xiao was originally off-put by JinYu’s refusal. In reality, the Street Safety Agency was nothing more than a formality in a place like Anjie. He already knew that his agency created this situation. Originally, he peacefully lived his life in Anjie without participating in street fights and kills, but yesterday their wooden box to receive with complaints was overflowing. As a result, Wu Xiao felt that if this was really that serious of an issue, and the first big issue in these many years, he had to deal with it properly.

But never did he imagine that there wouldn’t be a solution to this issue. He didn’t want to end people’s lives, but he also wanted to keep peace and calm down those with grievances. How was he supposed to accomplish this?

Even more in Wu Xiao’s had a big headache at the moment. When he heard the words “start a beast store,” he had an epiphany. “Ah! If it’s just a matter of money, then I can lend it to you!” This way, he could solve the issues.

However, JinYu saw bookworm’s emotionally struggling expression. He turned his head and shook it slightly. “Who’s in charge of money in your agency?”

“……” With a single sentence, he rendered the glasses-wearing bookworm speechless.

“So I’ll continue to take out the trash.” JinYu nodded to himself.

“Wait! Just you wait! I…I…I can…! I can…You ass.” Wu Xiao was agitated by JinYu’s words, bustled with anger. Afterward, the harsh words burst out of him with such an imposing manner that it attracted JinYu’s attention.

Gently pushing up his glasses, imposing manner already having drastically changed, Wu Xiao looked at JinYu with interested. He then said, “We don’t give out money. We let people fundraise themselves. I think that if it’s for their safety and peace, they will happily raise money for your store.”

Seeing this kind of behavior from Wu Xiao, JinYu raised his eyebrows. The former smiled calmly, “I share a body with him. I’m in charge of the money.”

Consequently, JinYu was once again stunned into silence. Fine, in this world, self-cest and alter egos already became a reality. JinYu really didn’t need to make a big fuss.

LiXiao and Chengliang saw JinYu’s quiet, calculating expression, and they both let out a small breath they had been holding in. The guy right in front of their eyes was already one Anjie’s dark side. His strength was that of an eighth level hunter, two ranks above and beyond LiXiao, so he was not worth provoking.

“Since you’ve already thought of a solution, then the fundraising should be done earnestly. Because I’m penniless, please don’t charge a fundraising agency fee…Ah, forget it. I should still take my beasts myself and go and fundraise. I can treat this as, well I guess, the last group trash-collecting activity.”

Consequently, Wu Xiao, LiXiao, Chengliang were utterly speechless. Chengliang’s entire heart was depressed, and he thought vehemently to himself: Just how much do you love money that you’re afraid that others will embezzle a small fee from you? Do the other dumbasses in your group want to experience the harmful fun of collecting garbage? Collect your trash!

Just how many sins did the dumbass ancestors of Anjie commit?!

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After reading the title, I thought that the old men will accuse Jinyu of murdering someone, but thankfully it was nothing that drastic. Instead he was visited by an official with split personality, interesting.

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