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Chapter 14: Taking Ferocious Attackers Comes Out For a Stroll

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

With Da Bai as leader and Baozi, Xiao Xue, Xiao Bai as second in command, the other injured animals following in the “Violent Destruction Beast Edition,” JinYu was able to see that originally beautiful, long-standing first-class illegal building topple.

Even though the demolished building’s foundation was also ruined and too horrible to look at, JinYu could still accept these results. As long as the building didn’t irritate people’s spirits, it was beautiful.

Consequently, after ten minutes, the initially excited Ape and Monkey Clan who believed that they would receive a massive demolition and hush fee-only saw a vast pit and a pile of ashes between two intact villas in front of JinYu. And in the middle of the ashes and gigantic pit was a group of excited beasts, their heads covered in dust.


“Woof woof woof woof! Roar! Ah–!”

After being shocked into silence, the leader of the Ape and Monkey Building Team took the golden hammer hanging off his neck and used his own two hands to smash his chest, shouting and yelling. Even though LiXiao and Chengliang couldn’t understand the beasts’ language, they still recognized the extreme anger in those shouts.

JinYu, of course, understood all of the leader’s words since he could understand the beasts’ language. However, the monkey’s words only caused JinYu’s lips to twitch and for him to let out a heavy sigh. It was good that he still had his own beasts destroy the building quickly.

(Ah ah ah why was there a guy who destroyed this building before we came?! Does this mean there’s no hush fee?! I knew that Anjie’s people all had strange tastes, and it took me this long to make this money!!) The ape and monkeys’ hollers showed their sinister intentions!

“There’s no hush fee…but I think after a few days, you guys will need to give me the hush fee. Am I right?”

Oooh?! The ape currently pounding his chest was stunned into silence. It slowly turned its head towards JinYu. JinYu was smiling, eyes crinkled into crescents.

“If everyone knew your construction team was dedicated to finding weaknesses and then demanding a hush fee, would anyone want to hire you guys anymore?”

OUCH!!!! The leader, a golden-fur ape, who felt such rage that it sealed its own mouth, suddenly let out a huge shout. It covered its eyes and ears, demonstrating that it didn’t want to believe such a thing.


“I believe it’d still be better for you to face reality since I’m a bit pressed for time.” JinYu watched that ape who covered its eyes, occasionally opening its hands to see his face, eyes jumping out of the cracks between its fingers.

He really wasn’t bullying primate beasts, but how could the monkeys that would cover their eyes and act cute be like this golden monkey?! They were taller than him and stronger than him, but “cute” could barely be used to describe this gorilla. Wrong, how this monkey’s movements possibly be cute?!

This would have the complete opposite effect!

“If you guys were more efficient I’d pretend I didn’t hear your words.” Completely unable to continue watching the group of ugly monkeys and apes acting cutely made JinYu finally give in. He was already irritated once today and didn’t want to be annoyed again. Seriously.

So the ape construction team that got the hush fee put down their hands instantly. Following the lead of the golden-haired monkey, they served JinYu tea with the utmost courtesy. JinYu had no idea how luxurious and exquisite the chair underneath his butt and the tea he was poured was, this did not affect how relaxed he felt.

“En, I think I want an ancient Chinese-styled villa with two floors. From the outside, it should look very open, and as long as the inside is comfortable and cozy, it’s fine. Now listen carefully: the top floor should be private and for people to live in. The bottom floor, well, that will be the beast store.” JinYu silently put down the cup of fishy-smelling green tea. He looked at the golden-furred monkey and said, “Do you guys have any proposals to meet these requirements? Ah, I’m a bit pressed for time, so I don’t have the time to listen to your thoughts.”

The golden-furred monkey couldn’t hold back its tears and silently cried. In its heart, it furiously thought: What kind of crime did the monkey king commit to get this kind of job?! As a result, the monkey king’s hush fee wasn’t earned, and it was being threatened that there’d be no labor fee!! Next time, even if my brain is pumping, I’ll never take up work in Anjie!! Psh, no one can stop me–!!

But silent curses only return silent curses. The golden monkey was still very good at showing that they are experts. There was no problem experts could not solve. The monkey pulled out a building atlas and quickly flipped to the second page.

Only one glance.

JinYu looked at the drawing of the building on that page and–

That was a standard Chinese-style two-story building: cornered eaves, big red lacquer wood next to two carved doors, and two pillars of flying dragons and walking phoenixes. Every detail of this building was delicate. However, looking at the building as a whole, it seemed nobler. It was mainly the outside appearance that made JinYu extremely satisfied. Not to mention the decoration and structure of the blueprint were all to his taste.

“This one! How long will it take you guys to finish it?”

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

“Five days? Pah…even though that’s a bit too long of a time frame, I can still accept it.” JinYu looked at the big pit on the ground and though he shouldn’t bully the beasts too viciously. “How much money?”

Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

“Three hundred purple coins…? Psh! How are you guys trying not to take advantage?!”


Woof woof!

Meow-meow chirp chirp cheep cheep!!

As soon as the angry sounds besides JinYu died down, his beasts protested loudly as if they weren’t satisfied with the high price as well. This scared the D-ranked golden monkey into sitting on the ground in terror.

Hoo, hoo hoo, hoo hoo…. (One hundred fifty… This should be more than good enough, right?! This is a great cost! I still need to pay for meals too!!)

Seeing that the golden-furred monkey all snotty and crying in sorrow, JinYu couldn’t hold in his cough. “Forget it. Friendship is worth two hundred purple coins. You guys better do it well!”

JinYu then turned towards the small warehouse behind the rubbish disposal area. If he had stayed any longer, he really might have let Baozi set fire to the golden-furred monkey! Trying to act cute until people couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to take it out on the monkey, this was really out of the ordinary!

When JinYu lifted his leg, LiXiao suddenly reached out for his arm. Under the doubtful eyes of JinYu, LiXiao said, “Jin-zi, just now I wasn’t able to see the things instead of the house. I’m dying of curiosity. Just tell big brother!”

JinYu’s lips twitched. He calmly looked at LiXiao, answering, “If your house’s furnishings, from your table to eat at, chairs to sit on, cups to drink tea out of, paintings on walls, chandeliers to hang from the ceiling, were all in the shape of your brother, from his color to his size, wouldn’t you want to destroy the house too?”

LiXiao, feeling completely overwhelmed, turned pale and trembled, “I’d just want to kill myself then.”

“En. Looks like you already understood what I just felt.”

LiXiao almost cried, “I just want to chop off this meddlesome claw!! I don’t want it to hang on to you!!”

Taking pity on LiXiao, JinYu said, “It’s too late.” Who asked the golden-haired monkey to act “cute” earlier, did it want to destroy people?

Having counted as solving a huge problem, JinYu happily returned to the abandoned warehouse with the beasts and at sour and spicy meat with rice—since the beasts had a group protest about eating steamed buns, so they ate rice.

After they finished dinner, the injured beasts obediently lined up and went to the rubbish disposal area to sleep. Da bai, Xiao Bai, Baozi, and Xiao Xue were the future guards of the beast store, so they stayed behind as JinYu’s personal heater.

So even though he had no way to warm himself, the full and content JinYu hugged Xiao Bai, leaned against Da Bai and Baozi, and took in Xiao Xue’s sweet scent and fell asleep.

And so, the happy and content JinYu fell asleep underneath the gloomy darkness, forgetting about all his words. Right now there was only an hour before the “three-day limit” set by the black demon qilin.

As a result, after an hour, JinYu woke up in a cold sweat. He had a raging headache and felt as if there were some evil, killing intent that just woke him up. These golden pupils could kill someone directly.

JinYu’s lips twitched. He pinched his upper thigh. “Wow. Did I just see the savage, emotionless qilin suddenly sneer? I must have opened my eyes the wrong way!”

When JinYu determined that he must be dreaming and finally decided upon closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep, a cold voice cut through his mind, “The one I was mocking was you.”


“I’ve never met such a weak demi-person like you.”

“……” If he was really that weak of a guy would he be able to tame a bunch of wild beasts?!

“Your body is so weak in this chaotic world. You might as well just go sacrifice yourself in the name of love like one of those weaklings?”

Bang! With this sound, the overwhelmed and mocked JinYu fell over onto the ground like a dead fish. Having gotten his wished he fainted from dizziness…and when he fainted there was only one thought: this demon beast is too cruel and savage, especially this black demon beast!!


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September 3, 2019 2:23 pm

First lol man these chapters feel so short but maybe im just too engrossed to see the length. Thnx for the chapter i really enjoy this novel. But seriously is mr qulin really gunna kill him just can’t imagine it.

September 3, 2019 9:19 pm

Oh, the three days passed already! Ugh, prepare yourself, JinYu.

Thanks for the chapter!

September 3, 2019 10:05 pm

The first cliffhanger in this novel. Have to hang on until tomorrow.

So the decour of the illegal house was like that, huh. Someone had really strange taste, or maybe no taste at all. I mean, really the “brother” decour. EWWWWW!

The monkey construction team is hilarious, but this time they met their match in JinYu.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 13, 2021 9:47 pm

So… the house interior was entirely decorated with human bodies? 🤔😱😅

September 28, 2021 7:00 am

OMG; by ‘Brother’, did he mean everything, like EVERYTHING, looked like the penis of whoever owned it?!!! Gross 😳😆
Qilin’s back for his Chaos thingy.
Thank you for translating.

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