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Chapter 132: Deathly Aura

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


The darkness slowly disappeared and the sky became light once more. From the Southern Side came an evil fog that was then cleared away. Snowflakes slowly floated down with a bit of sunlight trickling through. The scene gave a sense of peace.

At the moment, in the lounge of the Trade Conference, the atmosphere was becoming more and more strained. It made it a bit of a spectacle.

“In the end, it’s the in the jurisdiction of the Southern and Central parts. I hope that everyone is clear on this. Before, no matter what kind of victory it was, people were never satisfied! Although the ones who can last until the very end are few, it doesn’t matter! If you could participate, then you’re already a flourishing symbol. So, with this, the fight can begin!”

After this fellow’s especially engaging words, the whole stadium began to move. There were tens of millions of contenders. This would really excite one’s heart. Even if someone couldn’t participate, but seeing all Ten Clans and the other strong guys become more and more intense, one couldn’t help themselves. The surrounding rich people and the big shots grew red with excitement.

Well, just from before, it seemed that there was a stallion blacker than the blackest black that just raced across…..This kind of calm and arrogant face added 100 million purple gold coins…..Fuck, this kind of deathly aura belongs to the guy who left home, right?! To single-handedly create this family business, if this fellow was part of the Qilin Clan, then it seemed like the Ten Clans’ status would have to change!

That’s right, it was the mighty Qi Boss standing right there. However, even though the Big Qi Boss successfully attracted many people’s envious eyes and admiration, the housekeeper standing next to him, Yi Wen, wanted nothing more than to move to another planet! Fuck, the old mistress is really regretting this! Standing here and it’s like I’m paralyzed! Other people can’t see the Boss’ killing intent. I’m slowly being killed over here already! Whatever, can’t it just snow so that we can go and find a beast?! How can a beast be heavier than the Boss? Especially when the Boss thinks so.

After raging on the inside, Yi Wen’s thoughts continued to spin around. For a secretary, the job really was quite hard. He rather be a bodyguard!

“A-choo! Hey? Yesterday I bundled up quite well, how come I’ve already sneezed twice?”

At the moment Yi Wen and Big Qi Boss were both criticizing a certain fish who was rubbing his own nose. “Say, this world doesn’t have disease now does it? Human beings have been purified.”

An unscrupulous doctor who was forced to follow Jin Yu and the Young Master of the Wolf Clan both sneered at the same time. “It is so. The influenza has long since been vanquished on our planet. Of course, I feel as though your condition is very similar to the epidemic typhoid fever which is known for its sudden death.”

“……” Jin Yu turned around and glanced at Jin Qian. He said darkly, “If I really have what your despicable mouth says I have, then even before I die, I’ll make sure to hang you. This way the Jin lineage can die.”

Hearing this, Jin Qian’s lips twitched. “My fighting abilities are kind of low. Even though my spiritual energy isn’t bad, but I can still kill you in an instant.”

“Relax, at most I’ll just tear my clothes in front of you and then yell.” JinYu said very seriously. “Even if this was fake, the Boss will understand my painstaking efforts and kill you.”

“Can you be any more shameless!?”

Jin Qian lips were already twitching.

“Not leaving Xiao Bai out of this was already enough.”

Consequently, Jin Qian glanced at Shan Bailu and the latter was in complete befuddlement.

“…Okay then, I’m fine. I just misspoke.” To this kind of shameless, evil, and powerful prehistoric creature, all there descendants should be respecting them.

“Ah!! Hurry up and come and see. It looks like there’s a fish scale here.” They had already explored the place to no avail. Making up their minds to examine the place one more time, Boss Jin suddenly found a gold fish scale at the dumb silver-armoured spirit beast’s woods. Compared with the silvery white scales and gold dots of the silvery armoured spirit beast, the scale they found today was pure gold with a hint of fine silver lines. Although the base colors of the two scales were different, it was undeniable that no matter which scale, they were both extremely beautiful.

However, at the moment Jin Yu, who held the gold scale, had an unpleasant expression. His face was twisted into a bitter expression.

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing Jin Yu’s expression, Jin Qian and Shan Bailu walked over. Jin Yu said with a complicated expression, “I think that this scale is from the brother of the silver beast.”

“Isn’t that a good thing? We’ve been looking for the older one for quite some time.”

Shan Bailu answered, an understanding dawning upon his face. Next to him, Jin Qian’s expression also changed and he finally understood.

“What do you feel?”

“If my hunches are correct then……” JinYu sighed deeply and turned around, “That fellow already turned fierce. What’s more, I don’t know what stimulated it. From this scale I feel a strong sense of anger and killing. I hope nothing bad happens……”

BOOM !!!!

Before Jin Yu could finish speaking, a roar sounded from the Trading Conference’s Southern Sky Great Hall. Following the roar, screams of panic also reached Jin Yu’s ears.

For a moment, the faces and posture of Jin Yu and the three men were extremely tense. Jin Qian’s face was twisted into an even more unpleasant expression. Things were about to get bad!!

At the same moment, in the Great Hall of the lounge, the auction reached an unprecedented level. At the moment, out of the Ten Clans, only the Long Clan was left. Bing Feng’s Clan and Qi Qilin were all engaged in a struggle. It was just now, when Qi Yunxiao’s face was green as he opened his mouth but didn’t raise the price because he estimated that out of 100 million purple gold coins that could be used, 30 million coins were used by his son and his wife took another 30 million. Right now, besides his anger at his wife and his son, he was also extremely dissatisfied with Qi QingLin, his eldest son. Even though he never paid attention to him before, in such a competition, shouldn’t the rebellious son show all his assets for the sake of their family?! Yet he’s still fighting with them! He’s ruining everyone!!

Qi Yunxiao looked at Qi QingLin angrily. The latter seemed aware of his internal feelings and snorted before sneering, “If I respectfully show everything I have, how do I know I won’t be forgotten like my mother? As for humiliation, my mother and my younger brother have already been thoroughly humiliated. I think you should be worried more about your own reputation.”


At this moment, a roar sounded, shocking everyone.

The astonishing rage and evil aura filled the whole trading hall in an instant. Everyone’s face was twisted into an unpleasant expression.

“Night Phoenix! What’s wrong?!”

At the moment, in a certain warm room, Xiao Bai, Biao Bao, and the little golden monkey were all being watched by a silver-armored beast. It raised its head and slowly glanced at its surroundings, its black eyes held a hint of panic.

【Hey hey, what’s wrong with you? Xiao Bai waved its paws. 【If you’re hungry I’ll find something for you to eat.

【No no, I- I think my brother is nearby…but I think something’s a bit off…I’m super worried!


Xiao Bai and Xiao Bao looked at each other, both befuddled. The former wanted love for comfort when the golden monkey suddenly jumped up. 【Oh my god, something big has happened! Hurry up and take this guy with you otherwise you’ll be the cause of the species war!!

This time it was for certain, it happened just now when he saw the entire future of humans and beasts in that deathly still blackness. However, no matter the situation now, it still shouldn’t result in that! Human beings have always been victorious and beasts have always retreated to other planets. Then how come this time, the prediction resulted in death?! This wasn’t a magical stick!!

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Senior Qi, you’ve showed enough of your idiocy, please retire before you stoop any lower. You expect your eldest son’s help after what you did and the treatment you gave him?! Dream on old fool!
Here comes the action! If the silver armoured beast’s brother has already turned feral, little gold fish and Boss Qi will not have an easy task dealing with him.

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