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Chapter 133: temporarily suspended

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to the deafening booms and bestial roars from the South Sky Gate, the final bid to determine the victor was interrupted. Everyone in the hall reacted differently when they realized that something important was happening.

Ye Huang gravely announced that the Trade Conference was temporarily suspended. Then he immediately headed to the South Sky Gate. At the same time, Qi QingLin, Bai Sha, Bai Ling, Long ChangXiao and the rest ran towards the South Sky Gate too. Aside from them, most of the people looked at each other with a somewhat ugly expression. They were not fools. Nothing could explain this roar and mournful degree of that level other than it being a beast going berserk.

Some fellows from the Dark Street that really liked to join in the fun gave a collective sigh. Sure enough, there was fun anywhere the whale went. Then they rushed to the South Sky Gate. The rest of the rich and powerful moguls had instead turned around and walked out from the back door after they had a grasp of the situation.

En, anyway, they came here just to attend the Southern Trade Conference. As for any other things that happened, it was not their responsibility. Anyway, Ye Huang, Qi QingLin, as well as several members from the aristocratic families had already gone over. They just needed to hide behind and watch the live broadcast from the light screen. In these times, it was safer to retreat a few steps behind a giant when there was danger unless you were the ultimate boss. Otherwise, you would be living the life of a cannon fodder. How could a passer-by defeat a giant monster?!

After these tycoons and rich moguls retreated one by one, there was only the Long, Qilin, Shan Lang, and Da Peng Jin Chi Clans that did not leave the Deer Hall. Obviously, most of these clans were following the lead of the Long Family, and the Qi Family only stayed because Qi YunXiao did not want the Long Family to say or do anything behind their backs.

Qi YunXiao could scheme awfully well in his heart. Even though the relationship between him and Qi QingLin had become so bad that it was known to all, fundamentally speaking, he was Qi QingLin’s father. This was a fact which could not be changed by anyone. So he remained here to monitor the Long Family, while Qi QingLin went to the South Sky Gate. No matter whether the result was good or bad, a person from his Qi Family had gone and he had even been one of the first to go. Naturally, no one would be able to criticize this.

Qi YunXiao had seen the displeasure and forbearance on the face of the people from the Long Family 0-0, but he could not shed all pretense of cordiality in front of so many people.

“Father, you probably have something to discuss with the other elders. I will head over to the South Sky Gate with TianCong, YuCheng and FeiFei to observe the situation. You can rest assured that I will try my best to ensure their safety no matter what happens.”

Long ChangLi was able to read the situation at a glance, so he said the above words after thinking a little. His words made Generalissimo Long let out a faint smile and caused Qi YunXiao’s expression to turn a little ugly.

To speak of the present situation in the Qi Family, the one that Qi YunXiao was most displeased with and most helpless about was Qi TianCong. Qi YunXiao knew that his youngest son fell extremely short when compared with the heirs of the other families. But he was still better than that… Never mind.

Long ChangLi left with Qi TianCong and the rest. There were only the Long Family, the Qi Family, the Shan Lang, Da Peng Jin Chi and the Shui Hu Jing Clan remaining in the Deer Hall.

“… Let’s cut the crap. What is going on? Has anyone heard of any trouble?” After the younger generation left, Generalissimo Long ignored the existence of Qi YunXiao and spoke directly. Qi TianCong was already in his son’s hands. Even if Qi YunXiao wanted to do anything, he had to properly consider the ramifications.

“No. The Nine Tailed Night Cat Clan is responsible for the security at this year’s trade conference. According to Ye Huang’s personality, his arrangements is absolutely no worse than what the previous security personnel have done despite being a junior. It’s even much better than before.” The one who spoke was Long Yuan, Long ChangLi’s uncle. He had a puzzled look on his face at this time, “It’s reasonable to say that Ye Huang would never make any mistakes in organizing the security. The fact that this beast was able to go berserk without anyone’s notice and successfully sneak past the South Sky Gate is really unusual.”

Long Yuan’s words made everyone’s expression turn a little ugly. They were not afraid of unexpected incidences. After all, these sort of matters do not usually go as planned. However, what they were worried about was whether the unexpected incident had resulted from natural causes. As the leader of a clan, unexpected incidents happened to them almost all the time, but it was obvious that this unexpected incident was extremely out of the norm. It was enough to make them think of the worst outcome when coupled with some things they understood because of their identity.

“Forget it, even if there is something wrong, it can’t be stopped now. Let’s go to the conference hall and observe the situation first. What will happen can’t be avoided.”

The one who spoke was the current leader of the Da Peng Jin Chi Family, Fei YuSheng’s father, Fei GuLi. This man was just like his name, antisocial and estranged. But it was undeniable that the Da Peng Jin Chi Family had also been more than able to stand up to the Bai Hu and Bing Feng Clans in recent years under his leadership.

The others did not say anything upon hearing Fei GuLi’s words. Anyway, the younger generation were all there and they could only leave it at this.

At this time, the atmosphere at the Deer Hall and the South Sky Gate were at two extremes.

The scene of destroyed buildings, scattered food and ornaments, as well as panic stricken people and beasts met their eyes. Everyone’s face was filled with fright and confusion. The hunters and the guards of the trade conference, who had rushed over after hearing the news, were on guard against all possible dangers as they stared at the scarlet-eyed half-man, half-beast that was standing on the tallest pillar of the South Sky Gate.

“A berserking beast!! It’s a berserking beast!! It has even broken through its animal form to a half-human form… Even if the effects of such a breakthrough will only last for three days, just how many people will be killed by it in these three days?!”

An elderly man looked at the half-man and half-beast above his head sighed with an ashen complexion. As if to prove his words, the savage beast above had grabbed a man wearing the white gown of a beast doctor at some unknown time.

At this time, the savage beast stood on the highest pillar of the South Sky Gate and looked at the struggling man in its hand and roared at the sky. Maybe it was because it had just gone berserk that it could not speak the human language clearly, so when it opened its mouth and roared a few times, the people at the bottom only vaguely heard “Kill, kill! Kill… People… Endlessly… Till death… ”

Such cruel words were naturally like a thunderclap in everyone’s ears. The hearts of almost everyone in the audience shivered fiercely as they thought of those cruel scenes that they had only seen in documentaries. Suddenly, a sharp and ear-piercing voice rang out in the whole conference hall.

“Someone! Someone, come and kill this savage beast!!! Hurry up!! Quickly kill it—!!”

The screech echoed from all directions, as if it had been shouted from an open valley. Gradually, one, two, ten and a hundred people began to scream. The clamor of a massacre went from sporadic to incessant, from rational to crazy. The faces of Qi QingLin and Ye Huang who had arrived soon after were solemn.

For Jin Yu, who was standing under the South Sky Gate at the moment and was still thinking about how to save the fool standing on the pillar, such a scene was enough to change his expression in an instant.

“Tch, why can’t you save some trouble and be more considerate?! Doesn’t that fella know that its already being a lively and bright target just by standing so high up?! And it’s still talking nonsense! What do you mean by blindly repeating people’s words (口吐人言什么的)? Isn’t it reasonable to say that if the first word is not father, it should be mother?!”

After Shan BaiLu, Jin Qian, and the rest heard these words, they all rolled their eyes. Do you think other people were just born or what? Ninety nine out of a hundred beasts that were able to go berserk were all mature, okay! At this time, DaBai, BaoZi, WangWang and the rest that were beside JinYu, could not help looking up at the sky. They were seriously thinking about what their first ‘human words’ would be if they went berserk one day.

[En, I think it must be, return my Boss to me!] Er Hei nodded his head and howled, [I don’t think it’s possible for me to go berserk with the owner boss here… If the boss died, I would probably go berserk in a fit of anger.] Big Boss Jin was delighted as he kindly accepted ErHei’s words. Yet, what ErHei received was a supercilious look from DaBai, BaoZi and the rest. You moron, the move you made is so stupid, you’re betraying your naturally foolish face! You boot-licker!! We collectively disdain you!

Though they were outwardly disdaining it, a belief had flashed through the hearts of DaBai, WangWang and the others. Despite disdaining a certain moron at this moment, if such a day really came, they were afraid that their display would only be more crazy than what this moron had said…

“… No more bullshit. The situation is getting more and more dangerous now. Let’s find a way to attract its attention. Then DaBai, you and WangWang will rush up to restrain it. We can’t let Boss take action this time. There are too many variables. If QingLin doesn’t mange to instantly kill it, I’m afraid that it will only become the object of reproach by the masses. If we let other people take action, they probably won’t be able to control it and we can’t accept the result where the beast is killed by humans… The three savage beasts of unknown origin from that day should still be watching. One wrong move and I’m afraid the result is an endless enmity till death between all human beings and the beasts.”

As Jin Yu said this, XiaoBao, DaDaBai and Psychic Golden Monkey had come running over while carrying the Silver Armored Spirit Beast. Not many people noticed them as everyone’s attention was on the berserk beast.

Arooo! [Boss! XiaoJin is here! The monkey said to hurry up or there would be trouble!] JinYu heard the words and quickly nodded. Just as he was about to use his mental power to pass on the information, the white robed doctor suddenly raised his head and said something to the beast that had caught him. JinYu saw a cruel smile on the man’s face from the angle he was at. In the next moment, a shiver of foreboding sprung up spontaneously!

“Not… Good-!”

Before JinYu finished speaking, a foul wind and rain of blood drifted down. He blankly raised his hand and saw a drop of blood fall on his palm. It was a strangely bright red color.

“Don’t look.”

He was surrounded by a familiar and reassuring scent and his eyes were covered with a cool but powerful hand. However, such warmth could not reassure JinYu — this was because sad and shrill screams drifted to his ears and the stench of blood wafted into his nose.

“… This is really the worst result.”

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