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Chapter 131: Pitiful Spirit

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

What shocked JinY u and the rest was how tragically the silver-armored beast had been abused. But what shocked Fei Yusheng, who was watching everything unfold from the other side of the light screen, to the point that he crushed the crystal cup in his hand, was the fact that Jin Yu was actually able to calm down the beast that was about to go feral and pull it back.

It must be said that only a high-level beast spiritual master could succeed at such a task, and only occasionally at that. After all, once a beast decided on its own to transform, then the amount of hatred they had for humans must have already reached a terrifying degree. At such a time, never mind calming down a beast’s spirit and heart there was already a risk to one’s life just trying to get close to the beast. So, in short, for a certain fish to pull the transforming beast back from the brink, it could truly be considered a small heroic feat.

“No-good doctor, come take a look at how it’s doing. Even though I did what I could, the results aren’t very good… it seems like its body was harmed as well after coming back from such a state, tsk.” Jin Yu lightly clicked his tongue, as if he had some other things he wanted to say.

But in reality, there was no need for him to say it at all; everyone else could guess what he wanted to say—looking at the beast’s current miserable appearance, it would have been better to let it transform into a fierce beast, so it could be freed and be at peace.

Jin Qian took the little fellow, who formerly appeared vicious and dangerous but now looked very pitiful, from Jin Yu’s hands. After carefully checking it over, his entire face grew pale and he immediately started to walk towards the treatment room. When the silver-armoured beast ended up growing farther away from Jin Yu, it appeared anxious and uneasy. Jin Yu sighed when he saw this and so he followed after it immediately.

It was already night now. It would be quite difficult to find the big silver-armored spiritual beast, so it would be better to look for it the next day. If worse came to worst, he just wouldn’t be able to participate in the final round of auctioning tomorrow; in any case, for him, the auction wasn’t something worth going to or caring about anyway. As the Boss of a beast shop, the beasts were still the most important!!

As a result, with Jin Yu’s decision, everyone else also followed. The wave of people unexpectedly completely ignored Long ChangLi and the other three bosses. Of course, one of the reasons for doing so was because they were completely shocked and hadn’t recovered yet.

By the time Jin Yu and the rest had almost vanished, the red-furred one of the three kings turned to say to the other two, “I say, that guy really isn’t human, right? How can a human pull back a beast that’s almost gone feral?! And also! For a moment just then, I really found him pleasing to the eye!! We have to kidnap him!”

Before the red-furred one could finish speaking, he suddenly felt his entire body go cold. Then he saw a pair of golden eyes stare right dead at him, with unconcealed killing intent.


“You’ve become dumb, haven’t you? Only you can be so stupid, that one already has a master ah… ai.”

The white-furred one couldn’t help but sneer; he had seen the relationship those two had from the very beginning. After seeing their relationship, he seemed to also suddenly remember who the strange BOSS that suddenly sprang out of nowhere was.

“I say, do you remember before, when we saw that black qilin come at the edge of the desolate star, and it fought the red-furred guy to a draw even though it was heavily injured?”

“Ah! You’re talking about that brat! I thought it had too much natural talent. If it could transform into a human shape, it could definitely become our fierce beasts’ new commander!!” The red-furred one instantly grew excited. “But why are you bringing it up now? Back then when we wanted it to come with us, it refused. It was pretty injured back then, it’s definitely dead now.”

The white-furred one sneered at the red-furred guy when he said that, the disdain in his eyes self-evident, making the red-furred one twitch. The poker-faced iceberg finally spoke then, but his words were as pitifully sparse as ever.

“It’s him.”


“Holy crap! Are you saying that the black qilin from back then is the same as the one who has a poker face comparable to yours? Ai, now that you say that, I also think they’re pretty similar! But that can’t be right, if that beast transformed, it did so a little too fast, didn’t it?”

The white-furred guy’s heart was already full of disdain as he looked at the completely baffled red-furred one. He’s met airheaded fools, but not airheaded fools to this degree!

“He himself is human, he must belong to the Qilin clan from the Ten Great Clans. But because the bloodline of the mythical beasts are too pure, his strength was too much, so there was no way for him to transform into a human shape when he was young. Tsk tsk, look at how he is now and the way he acts, and the mate that he found too. I can tell that, based on humanity’s selfish and ignorant disposition, his is definitely an abandoned life. Or else, with such a powerful bloodline, he would have long since been coddled like a treasure. We would have never run into him looking so pathetic on the desolate star.”

The red-furred one finally seemed to understand, but then he started to take joy in misfortune, while also looking down upon fish-lipped humanity…

“But now that you say that, I don’t dislike either of those fellows. If we collide with them in the future when we invade the mother star, what will we do?”

The white-furred guy had already rolled his eyes an uncountable amount of times, and he turned and walked away. He really didn’t know that idiot. Actually, earlier when Jin Yu went and made contact with that beast, they all had the opportunity to go and interrupt their conversation, but none of them were the type to harm their companions out of their dislike for humans. It was precisely because they had all transformed from beasts into fierce beasts that they understood very clearly, in the moment of transformation, just how much anger, sorrow, and hatred there was in their hearts. If they could’ve, they would’ve wished there was someone to stop themselves on the edge of the cliff. But there was no such human who was so gentle and kind, who would go forward and stop them without regard for danger.

But perhaps even if there had been such a person, it still might have been useless. Besides mistreatment and wounds, the real pain of beasts who truly wished to become fierce beasts came from the fact that there was nothing in life to live for.

Their true loves were already dead. If they didn’t become fierce beasts and get revenge, how could they rest?

Perhaps, to humans, fierce beasts were synonymous to being merciless and slaughter. But for fierce beasts, how were humans not the same thing? Fundamentally, how were fierce beasts different from beasts? Maybe the only difference humanity understood was this—as long as a beast became a fierce beast, they would naturally be addicted to killing, as nothing was more sorrowful than a withered heart.

Look at how many fierce beasts there were in this world. It was evident just how many things humanity had done to them.

“Hey, hey! You two, don’t go! We’re fierce eh, I mean, kidnapping isn’t anything much, right?! If we all work together, we can definitely beat that brat, I’ve really taken a fancy to that human ah!”

“You, shut up!”

The poker-faced iceberg finally said something and successfully shut the red-furred guy’s mouth. Of course, it was actually because of the claw-like ice sword which rose in his hand…

Once those two waves left, Long ChangLi and the rest who felt as if they hadn’t done a single thing except walk by and be witnesses to a huge show finally recovered one by one. At that moment, Long ChangLi and Qi TianCong’s expressions were both not very good. Even though they were looking at it from two different points of view, in any case, Jin Yu successfully pulling a beast back from transforming was something extremely irritating… especially because everyone who saw it would view it as a good thing! And what’s more, people who could pull a beast back from the brink were already extremely few in number, so after this, Jin Yu’s worth would definitely explode!!

But even if those two people were extremely angry, they had no way of changing the situation. It was already dark, so it would be better to think about how to make the final auction tomorrow go most successfully for them.

About three hours later after all three waves of people left, the forest late at night was illuminated gloomily by the cold, otherworldly moonlight. Suddenly, a figure infused with silver light threw itself onto the place where the silver-armored beast had been before. After standing there for quite a long time, an extremely berserk and resentful aura exploded, abruptly startling a flock of birds!

“… Liu Guang… I’m going to kill those bastards!!!”

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