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Chapter 152: For what reason?
Translated by Alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


The grand and solemn negotiation ended in a cursory manner due to the sudden and inexplicable attack.

It had to be said that because of this, the emotions of both beasts and humans were not very good and that there will always be some gap between them.

It’s just that, no matter how unsatisfied the beasts or humans were with this attack before the culprit could be found, the humans couldn’t do anything– just like that red-haired beast king said, like the guy who suddenly launched an attack on the negotiation table, it’d be impossible to see what the beasts can do. Although there are quite a few intelligent beasts, stripped down to their core, their thoughts were quite basic. If they weren’t willing to negotiate with human beings, they could just throw a few beasts out like last time.

But since so many of the beasts were out, it showed that they would not do anything to make trouble. Compared with human beings, they still had some sense. So only now can we see just how much the attack startled the human beings and beasts that want peace?

As for the humans, they were never that strong-willed. Since the very beginning of time, human beings have been divided into too many groups due to interests, and they’ve always attacked each other.

Pah, how could these things look like a conspiracy? Right now, Jinyu and Qi Qinglin have already followed the red-haired fire phoenix to the end, inside the peaceful forest.

The latter turned to the four beside him and looked to make sure no one else could hear him. Then, he said to JinYu

“If you speak, are you certain that you’re human? How come I always have the urge to take you back as a stronghold?”

As soon as he spoke, the entire temperature dropped several degrees. Even a certain thick-skinned Boss Jin heard these words and felt a bit awkward and speechless.

“Hehe,” he couldn’t help but laugh. JinYu said seriously, “I think your intuition is incorrect. You need to know that’s not the point. The point is that I’m a married man, and I think both humans and beasts are too powerful. This causes disharmony.”

During the conversation, JinYu grabbed a certain qilin who he really wanted to fight. Sometimes, he really thought that this guy had no brain. What? It’s said that naturally, lethality is sometimes equivalent to a rotten brain; this is the difference between a genius and an idiot. He was careless, too careless.

“What about it! Let’s talk a bit about the main point here! Your eldest son will miss you very much when he isn’t your underling. Come on, let’s get to the point.” He quickly interrupted that red-haired (Hong Mao), who wanted to say more. JinYu took out the out of the treaty that was made by humans and already agreed upon by most people and threw it to Hong Mao on the opposite side. The latter reached out to take the agreement and smiled. He read the treaty carefully.

“By the way, my name is Zhi Yan, and the white-haired one is called Yin Lian. As for the black one, that’s the ancestor of your family. His name is……”

“What is this?” JinYu and Qi Qinglin heard someone ask. However, Zhi Yan suddenly roared,

“What the fuck! This treaty’s numbers are a bit too much!! Why do we live in such a place where we need half of the humans’ resources?! Kill me now!!”

“……That’s a Bai(White/innocent) Qilin’s name.”

“Who cares about his name? Right now, I don’t agree with the treaty! Get out!!” Zhi Yan burst aflame and burned the treaty in his hand. Then, he said with the utmost contempt, “Before I actually kind of liked you. How come you help humans torment the beasts?! Who’s side are you on?!”

Hearing this, JinYu almost felt wrong and cried. Could one not think before they spoke? He was a human, a fucking human! Didn’t he need to use his human identity to help beasts?! This isn’t normal unless he wants to risk demihuman disease…..

“Wah, this was still you approving the agreement,” JinYu said.

“Only if I die.” Hong Mao’s hair was as stormy as the sea.

“Let’s at least ceasefire for a bit? It’s pointless to continue fighting, we’ll just both end up defeated.”

“Tch, I’m not the rarity. Also, time’s almost up. I’m super busy, so I’ll just leave.”

Zhi Yan was going to pretend to be super cool and just walk away. However, he heard a certain person say with utter contempt:

“Well, let’s leave. I bet you’re quite the pacifist with respects to the beast. You won’t be ridiculed because there’s nothing to discuss. Besides, since you’re one of the three monster kings, surely no beast will dare slander you. Oh well, definitely not, absolutely not. You won’t lose any face.”

After saying this, JinYu pulled Qi Qinglin away. As soon as he turned around, there was a wall of red flames in front of him. An angry voice shouted from behind the wall:

“Fuck you! I know that humans are sly and crafty!! All of you guys are like that white-haired one, not dying and staying dead! This drives me insane! Let’s come up with three rules.”

So, that’s why a certain whale laughed so contemptuously earlier.

Turning around, he saw a sub-par and fake smile.

“First, don’t let the Capital Star’s beasts continue destroying buildings and research centers made by humans. Okay? Even though some people’s researching methods aren’t that great, if we didn’t have them, people couldn’t exist today. It wouldn’t have been possible to have so many people survive during the Great Catastrophe.”

“Then, shouldn’t you let your leader order you guys stop wantonly killing beasts? What’s more, all the beasts you locked up and arrested will be returned to us, right?”

“Well, it’s similar to two clauses in the treaty. I can represent humans and agree on their behalf. As long as you guys don’t destroy humans’ buildings, then we’ll release the beasts. We also won’t kill beasts at our whim. Of course, I need to remind you, beasts also kill humans at night. You guys need to take care of this.”

“What? Are you fucking kidding with me? If it weren’t for humans killing beasts, then would beasts take the initiative to kill humans? We only did this because we had no other choice. If you want to speak, you need to be conscientious. If it weren’t for that, I’m afraid the beasts’ mutiny wouldn’t have happened.”

Zhi Yan roared, this made JinYu laugh coldly. He really had no comeback for this.

“However, no matter what, hasn’t humankind always treated beasts as their equal companions? Otherwise, even in the dark era, so many beasts wouldn’t have survived. One-fifth of the humans protected beasts in silence then. Two-fifths of human beings have helped beasts with compassion. So, most human beings are still good people. You have to believe that like we do. Right now, our school is the best proof of that.”

JinYu’s words made Zhi Yan shake his head, rendered speechless. However, he really didn’t think human beings were the bad guys. After all, there were also vicious beasts among them. But in the hearts of most of the beasts, even in the case of such unfortunate events like the violence of beasts towards beasts, they still didn’t want to believe human beings were guilty and wanted to have one planet where humans and beasts could coexist peacefully.
“Hah……really……such honey-coated words. This is a beast’s inferiority.” This was a type of comradeship in their blood, after so many years of cruel scouring, could humans still feel it?

In order to survive this strange environment at first, human beings and beasts worked hard to both evolve and support each other. So shouldn’t that comradeship form through adversity still be expected by humans?

“Perhaps, ah, you guys all think with machines and technologies you guys don’t need companions anymore, right? Or you guys think humans are already the king of everything? Do you guys all think that in this situation, you guys can become the sole victor? I’m telling you, without us beasts, no matter how much you guys struggle, it will be useless. In nature and in the universe, a single species can’t survive that long. Even if that species has the gift of wisdom!!”

“Well, that you came running to sneakily take a picture, did you really think I wouldn’t find you? Come on now! Since you’re here, let’s tell this to all of humanity. Let me see where the bottom line of human conscience lies.” Zhi Yan said and waved a tree branch around. Then, he turned around, sneering.

“Let me say something that human history seemed to have forgotten. This is what my ancestors told me; the debt owed by human beings is deeply buried within our hearts!!
Do you guys know about this? During the Great Catastrophe, when humans took over the Capital Star, it wasn’t a beautiful planet. This place had no food or resources, it was just a piece of ice. So, I want to ask you guys, do you guys know humankind’s souls deteriorated in these extreme circumstances?”

How did humans arrive at this current soul desolation era?

This made all the people calm down, and as they were deeply contemplating this, it was as if Zhi Yan’s words lit a flame. In a flash, it swept over the whole planet, and for a long time, the Capital Star’s human beings were shocked speechless.

“Should I tell you guys? Your ancestors ate our ancestor’s dead bodies to come here!! Even though they were chosen for this sacrifice!! Our ancestors protected you!!!! So let ask you why! And you guys!!! Why did you do this—-!!!!”

It was clear at that time, your ancestors left, or killed all you worthless pieces of shit……

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January 19, 2020 10:28 pm

Thank you for the chapter! If the beast kings are reaching that far in the past, then JinYu can reach even further. After all he is a prehistoric whale.

October 19, 2021 5:14 am

Very confusing who’s saying what here.
Humans have always mistreated what they see as less powerful than them; whether it be animals or one another.
Thanks for translating.

October 19, 2021 5:31 am

So, is the red haired beast called Hong Mao, or is he the one speaking & introducing himself as Zhi Yan?
I wonder if the “your ancestor” dressed in black, that’s referred to, whose name never got to be said, is Qi Qinglin’s missing grandfather.

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