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Chapter 151: Slander
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Speaking of which, when Bai Wenchang saw Yi Wen, both of them appeared polite and amiable, refined and courteous on the outside as they smiled at each other, but between them it was as if there was lightning sparking from their eyes.

“Hehe, who would’ve thought that before humanity even started negotiating, they would have already showed their weakness? It would be a great taboo to switch people out before it all begins.”

“Hehehehe, don’t use a sledgehammer on a nut. Who can you represent? It’s no fun fighting a monster BOSS of the same level, you should just go fight some elite monsters first.”

“I’ve seen quite a few people who only know how to speak conceited nonsense, but as of today, all those ‘people’ who dared to speak so crazily in front of me no longer exist anymore!!”

“Oh, there’s never been a beast who’s dared to speak conceited nonsense in front of me before, that means I’m still a little bit greater than you.”

You… &(&)(&#

I&… &#&…

The two of them spoke faster and faster to the point that quite a few people couldn’t really follow along anymore. Besides that, what made all the people and beasts present at the scene feel as if those two guys were purposefully causing trouble when there was no need for it was the fact that they started to throw out more and more specialized terms in order to best the other. It got to the point that occasionally they would even toss out some dialect from who knows where, till they were extremely red in the face…

“Tsk, no matter how I look at it, I don’t think this is a negotiation.”

JinYu silently turned to look at the BOSS, who muttered, “Cock fighting.”

Pfft! Cough cough!!

A certain big shot nearby, who was currently drinking a sip of water, nearly choked on his spit when he heard that. What cock fighting! Be a bit more serious, a bit more serious!

At that time, Yi Wen and Bai Wenchang’s confrontation had already reached its climax. Yi Wen currently had the upper hand, and he gave a conclusory declaration before he took out the negotiation document and showed it to Bai Wenchang. Suddenly, the atmosphere around the negotiation table became inexplicably uneasy.

JinYu and the rest, as well as those three emperors who were probably hiding in some corner somewhere, abruptly strangely felt a clear sense of danger. Without any hesitation, JinYu, Qi Qinglin, Long Changxiao and the rest all moved at the same time. In an instant, a somewhat chaotic-looking, multicolored but abnormally unyielding barrier appeared in front of them all. On top of that barrier, after the enormous bang passed and the dust settled, there was a mottled coloration.


What was this?!

“Everyone – eh, and the beasts as well, quickly withdraw!! That’s rainbow neurotoxin! Anyone who’s touched by the poison, beast or human, will instantly have their brains corroded by the it and will lose all self-consciousness!”

Just as all the humans and beasts were still staring blankly at the sudden change in events, JinYu saw what the watery object that could move all on its own was, and he instantly started shouting to prevent beasts and humans from being affected or harmed.

Except, even though Boss Jin’s voice was carried over to everyone nearby him, they were outside, and what’s more, everyone was currently in a state of suspicion and nervousness because of the sudden attack. There were still quite a few humans and beasts who drew closer to the barrier, wanting to see how the people were doing inside. But before they could even see it clearly, the neurotoxins that couldn’t find their way inside the protective barrier pounced on them instead, and instantly several dozen humans and beasts met disaster.

“Humans! What’s going on?!”

Suddenly, a man wearing a red headband with a scar on his face appeared from among the beasts. He looked fairly average, but it was the kind of average that had a hint of sharpness and aggressiveness. That, added on to his current interrogative question, showed that anyone with some IQ would be able to tell that he wasn’t on the humans’ side. But among the beasts who could transform into human shapes and were still so insufferably arrogant – there were only those three emperors.

While the red-haired man asked that, he wrinkled his forehead and waved his hand at the rainbow neurotoxins on top of the barrier. In the next moment, a long streak of scarlet fire whistled straight towards the top of the barrier like a snake, completely devouring the writhing poison.

“You’re asking us? Hmph, that’s funny, that’s what I should be asking you all! We humans came to negotiate with you with such sincerity, yet you want to plot against us?! What kind of evil intentions do you beasts have?!”

The one who spoke was Long Changli. Right now, he was technically the Long family’s first heir, so he had the qualifications to speak; the only thing was that what he just said was a little bit stupid, so the other side mocked him very soon after.

“What kind of evil intentions do we have?! Do you have a brain or not?! If we wanted to attack you all, would we use such a sinister method to stab you in the back?! Whatever insane poison that is, do you think we beasts have the ability to use it?! Only your damned scientists, who are so bored that their balls ache from it, would be able to mix all sorts of things together like this through their research. We’re just beasts, simple and pure, so how could we do that?!” The red-haired guy started to laugh. “Why don’t you guys take a moment and think about it, just how similar this scene is with the one earlier when the beasts transformed because of their maltreatment, and then were killed by a sudden attack! Even though I don’t know what that red light is, I know it isn’t anything good. You guys really make me disgusted to the point I have nothing else to say.”

“You! Beast! Be a little more respectful when you speak! Don’t think that you’re the masters now that you’ve had your rebellion, you’re still young and inexperienced! Even if we humans allow you to do as you want right now, there will still be a day when we ki–eh!”

The fatty who was about to say that they were going to kill the beasts was kicked by Jin Qian before he could even finish speaking. As he was being beaten, he couldn’t help but shout, “Who – who is it! Who had the balls to do that?!”

Just as he finished howling that, Jin Qian drew out a scalpel from his clothes and weighed it in his hand. “Who are you, huh? Who taught you all that? Do you know that if a third party suddenly interferes while our two sides are peacefully trying to negotiate, humans and beasts will die? I saw you before at the beast rebellion too, weren’t you trying to kill beasts that hadn’t transformed back then? And you’re the first to rush up and try to hurt people too, tsk tsk, did the beasts rob your entire family, or did they bite off your ** ah? Why are you acting so rashly?”

Jin Qian’s voice was ice cold, and his expression didn’t change much, but everything he said made humans and beasts speculate wildly. Even though the latter couldn’t really think too much, they could tell from his words that the one who attacked both sides seemed to be different from the ones who came to negotiate. After that, Jin Qian’s words confirmed that a little.

“You – you’re trying to slander me!”

“En, perhaps I should change my way of saying it.” Jin Qian smiled at the fatty. “Who’s your master? Why are they so unwilling to see humans and beasts coexist peacefully?”

In that instant, the fatty’s eyes grew perfectly round. He was about to speak when his eyeballs suddenly bulged out, and brown, watery blood flowed out from the orifices of his face as he stopped breathing.

This unforeseen event made everyone at the scene stunned, but at the same time, they all had some faint suspicion in their hearts, as well as some resentment from feeling as if they had been played by someone. Before anyone else could speak, JinYu gave a huge sigh before he directly said, “Even though I’m quite unpleased with what just happened, no matter what, today is still an important day. It isn’t very safe here right now, so all the humans and beasts who are here to watch the show should just go back to their homes. Redhead big bro, come, let’s chat a little as our respective sides’ representatives?”

JinYu’s words made everyone shocked again, and they all thought maybe this guy was also a little infected with the crazy, or else why would he still want to keep negotiating? Clearly the current situation was one where it would be amazing already if the two sides didn’t start fighting.

But besides those there to watch the fun, the ten great clans and the other members in power nodded and agreed with JinYu. As top-grade old foxes, they all knew very well that there were some times when they could bluff their way out, but there were also other times when things that should be said should be said very clearly, or else the consequences would be like an nth-number of mythical beasts rushing wildly towards a disastrous ending without any point of return.

Similarly, even though the red-haired guy across from them wasn’t a negotiation expert, and moreover was the most irritable one of the three emperors, the amount of salt he ate was more than the amount of rice JinYu ate. If he stayed like this forever, then he would become a perfect paragon.

So, the red-haired guy didn’t leave either. He glanced at the BOSS at JinYu’s side, who was keeping a close eye on JinYu, before he nodded reluctantly and beckoned for JinYu to follow.

Then that guy paused for a moment before turning, leaving behind a quite provocative smile.

“Ai, don’t be mad, don’t be made, don’t you know that at this kind of moment, the guys who show everything on their faces are the easiest to deal with? I like the kind of guy who’s all brawn no brains! How convenient and easy to trick!” JinYu hastily comforted a certain black BOSS who didn’t have a great expression when he saw that provocative smile. At first, when Qi Qinglin heard that first line, he was more or less comforted, but he was about to go berserk when he heard the next one; finally, he calmed down when he heard the third sentence. In the end, he looked at a certain fish, scanning him with his eyes.

“The kind of person I like the most is the kind who has a remarkable mind and a well-developed body! Just like you!”

Finally, BOSS was satisfied. Then he tugged a certain Jin by the hand towards the red-haired guy.

As for the other humans and beasts, they all left one by one under the supervision of the other leaders. At least there wasn’t any spilled blood, but the first step towards peaceful coexistence between humans and beasts was probably made even more difficult now. It was obvious just from seeing the beasts’ bared teeth and wary growls. If something happened where beasts died here again, there would definitely be another catastrophic rebellion. As for those humans and beasts that were infected by the poison, since both sides were harmed, the beasts were acting even more differently than the humans—

Even though those injured beasts were lying unmoving like vegetation, the beasts who came with them didn’t give up on them. They howled in grief a few times next to the bodies of those beasts before they each resolutely picked up a beast with their mouths and left. When compared to the humans’ side, where the defense team was escorting the injured away in isolation, it made humans feel an inexplicable sort of distress.

Just a while before, they too had such loyalty and protectiveness at their sides.

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Yup, now they know that there is a third power which interferes with the negotiations. Jin Qian, good work at subduing the fat rat.

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