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Chapter 153: Release
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the almsgiver was pulled from the position as a God, the feeling of loss could not be described by any words.

Only when the almsgiver was pulled down did he realize that he had changed from the giver to the receiver. It was not just a sense of loss; rather it was similar to the refutation and query when betting on one’s life to bring about a change of fortunes. Even time spent in shock would be short.

Only this time, when billions of people in the whole capital star heard what Chi Yan said, even the most egoistic and anti-beast human beings had a great shock and indecision rose from the bottom of their hearts in that moment.

They could open their mouths yet were unable to speak, were able to raise their hands yet unable to wave them. At that time, some kind of guilt and sadness gushed from the bottom of their hearts and made everyone unable to act. They could only blankly stand in the same place and feel all sorts of feelings well up in their heart.

Such silence was unexpected for human beings, but for the beasts and the three emperors, there was still some vague sense of comfort in addition to making the humans slightly surprised. Perhaps, it was because human beings were finally aware of their mistakes and even wanted to express something at this moment. However, if it was just like this, it was far from enough.

“Well, you’ve nothing to say? Then honestly go do something to increase your moral quality! The more time passes, the faster such a thing like a conscience disappears!”

“First, don’t massacre any more beasts! Second, release the beasts you’ve have caught! ” Chi Yan stuck out a third finger with no expression on his face, “Third, for the human beings who are extremely lucky to still have beasts willing to sacrifice their lives to accompany them (舍命相陪), take good care of your beasts.”

“For us beasts, the loyalty we inherited from our ancestors remains the same, but your actions have hurt us too much. Even though we won’t attack you actively, as one the three emperors, I hereby swear that those who attack us will be killed no matter how far away they are!”

When Chi Yan had finished speaking, a red triangle enveloped in flames appeared on his hand. When he extended the triangle to Qi QingLin, the latter was silent for a while before a golden triangle that practically matched the red triangle appeared.

“First, human beings are not to kill beasts. Second, release the innocent beasts. Third, value your comrades. The three simple laws are also same for beasts.” (异兽亦如此,三简律)

With Qi QingLin’s declaration, the golden triangle matched up with the red triangle. After a great collision of energy between the two sides, a huge triangular monument made of golden flames appeared in front of the public. On the east and the west sides of the monument, the three simple laws of not killing each other, releasing innocents and treating comrades kindly, appeared. Both north and south sides were as smooth as a mirror, as if waiting for more specific and better agreements to be engraved in the future.

Looking at the solemn and imposing triangular monument, for some unknown reason, there was suddenly a slight swaying and hint of peace in the hearts of both human beings and the beasts.

Even if at this time, human beings were still scums that commit all sorts of atrocities in the minds of most of the beasts, and they really wanted to bite the humans to death or half to death; even if at this time, there were all kinds of discordant voices inside the humans and some people even wanted to destroy the dazzling triangular monument; at the very least, the emergence of the three laws and the monument represented the beginning of a type of peaceful and beautiful future. He believed that with the passage of time, one day, it would become a grand sacred place for people and beasts to look up at and worship.


It was not at that stage yet. Er, just like saints that have a dark childhood, sacred places always needed to be attacked several times before it became significant.

So, there was a certain guy who wanted to blow up the monument at first sight and it was normal for him to launch the first attack on the monument in a sense. Well, everyone has their first screw-up.

Boom! Rumble rumble!!

When all the people and beasts were staring at the triangular monument carefully, several dark green lasers that were extremely corrosive attacked it mercilessly. The attack came extremely fast and hit the monument in a blink of an eye.

As a result screeches sprung up everywhere and dust clouds flew up.

In the face of such a scene, the expressions of Chi Yan, Qi QingLin and JinYu did not change.

When the camera image became clear again, the object that everyone was worried about was standing in place, intact, and the golden flame had become even more dazzling.

Jin Yu waved at the cameraman that was secretly recording the events and slightly smiled when the camera turned to him. Then he spoke in an infuriating tone, “I say, those big villains who destroyed the peace, did your heads get stuck in the doorway? Is the golden flame monument something that people like you can destroy? You’re really looking down on the three emperors and my family’s Qilin, right? Next time, please raise your attack power before trying again, so that we hit a little harder when fighting the boss.”

Jin Yu’s words made humans and beasts simmer with laughter, but in the basement of the Da Peng Jin Chi Family, a man viciously smashed his favorite crystal cup.

So far, things had been stable for a while. Human beings and beasts had separated and both sides had sent people to guard the monument. It could be considered a type of attitude that wished to preserve peace.

When both sides had left, there was a website created on the Light Network called ‘Dual Horizons’ (双界). Here, the detailed treaty and many issues between human beings and beasts would be discussed openly. Of course, it was an official publication which ordinary people and beasts ignored. The main point was this board on the forum called ‘The Saliva War of All Living Things’. In the tens of thousands of years since the Age of Darkness, human beings and beasts had started such numerous and equal open dialog for the first time.

According to history, everything is born… (you lose if you take it seriously)

[Ah ah ah, the man who built the monument with Sir Chi Yan was so handsome. He had a kind of temperament that would make beasts submit!!] – Nymphomaniac Beast. (花痴兽)

[Ah ah ah, is guy called Chi Yan really a beast?! How can there be such a manly beast! By comparison, I always feel that the men around me are not men!!] – Nymphomanic Woman.

[Holy crap, this bunch of humans are grandchildren that are all full of evil tricks! Lao Zi will bite one once every time I see one! Speaking of, the man who spoke last was pretty good. His words made me not have the heart to bite.] – Irascible Beast.

[LS (楼上的), you guys are the grandchildren! The beasts are the one who all have bad intentions. Lao Zi will beat one every time I see one! Tch, I won’t beat support beasts. Stop having ulterior motives on our Young Master’s wife! Scram to one side!] – Irascible Man.

[LS and 3L, you guys can go bite each other but don’t violate the simple laws, don’t bite one to death, and don’t beat the other to death. In addition, this discussion is the limit. If you go further, you your ID will be banned.] – Administrator Beast.

[Upvote LS. Speaking of how do the beasts get on the Light Network? My family’s beast don’t know how to use it.] – Administrator.

[The Administrator Beast appears! Administrator don’t divert the topic, now we’re discussing whether humans or beasts are superior to the other! I think that in fact, human beings are quite good to beasts. Human beings are very good to me. It’s just that many beasts are not satisfied.] – I am a beast.

[Get lost! LS is schizophrenic (精分)! A beast wouldn’t call themselves a beast!! The beasts are not satisfied? It’s the humans who forget favors and violate justice and are not content with their situation! Humph, I’ve decided to confess my crimes every day! And be a good human!] – I’m really a human.

So, in fact, the Internet was an endless sea. The water was too deep, really.

Apart from the ‘Dual Horizons’ of the Light Network and the human and beast leaders in charge of negotiation and disputing over trifles, Big Boss Jin had been living a comfortable life in recent days. Due to the three simple laws, XiaoBao’s rescue team did not need to brave dangers outside at all. Their main task now was to search for the released beasts and lead them to the Peaceful Coexistence Forest (和平共处森林) near the Royal College that had been recently established to recuperate.

However, the beasts in the forest were all arranged into pairs and could protect themselves and XiaoBai would visit them regularly. Most of the support beasts and seriously injured beasts were brought to the Earth by Jin Yu, which was much safer by comparison.

Anyway, there had been more than ten days of such peaceful times. In these ten days, human beings and beasts had a new understanding of each other. What made people happy was that gradually, some people begin to look for the beasts that ran away on the ‘All Living Things’ forum board. The calls of children and teenagers to their comrades were often the most moving and sincere ones, so much so that it could make the beasts that left cautiously make their way back, or bring them a little enjoyment while watching from the sidelines.

Everything seemed to be developing towards a beautiful direction. In just a month’s time, the abuse of beasts and killing of humans had almost disappeared. At least it appeared so on on the surface. But just when most people and beasts thought that a peaceful coexistence was feasible, a small incident was released on the Light Network. It was a piece of news which was very easy to be ignored by both people and beasts, but those brief words concealed the most malicious and insidious plan.

[My beast and I are lost. It’s very strange here. We can’t get out.]

“Sss, where was this post sent from? There’s still people who get lost these days? Ha, this person and his beast are idiots right?”

Cheng Liang was laughing while gnawing at the feast made by the Taste lore beast that he had not sampled for a long time.

Li Xiao rolled his eyes when he heard this. He could still be so bold and straightforward while reading gossip on the official network when he came to free-load for a meal. He really wanted to pretend he did not know this fella.

“XiaoXiao, don’t struggle anymore. It’s impossible. We have already shared a bed.” It was like he had a tactic understanding, Cheng Liang grinned widely at Li Xiao, “En, if I’m in a good mood, I’ll help them locate it. Tch tch, it’s so rare for me to be willing to help others- eh?!”

“What’s the matter?” Li Xiao turned his head. Then he heard a roar from Cheng Liang that nearly lifted the roof, “Fuck, it’s so unscientific!! I can’t even locate this kid’s position?!”

“He’s not on the Capital Star ba.” JinYu walked by while biting a ladle in his mouth and then he threw down a locater, “This thing is able to locate about fifty of the surrounding Desolate Stars and Moon Bases. He he he, it’s the most awesome research achievement.”

Just three minutes later, a hole was really roared through the roof this time.

“It’s impossible! We can’t find the kid’s location anywhere?! ”

Everyone in the house were shocked before becoming excited. A plan named ‘Saving the Lost Lamb’ was started by these bored people with great enthusiasm.

At this time, on the other side, a youngster was hugging a beast that was barely breathing in his arms and trembling from head to toe. He stared as the smiling man in front of him who he had once admired the most spoke, “Cousin, I’m sorry, but only your beast has this kind of spatial ability. You can rest assured that I won’t let you be alone for long. The research results I want would be complete in a week. Before that day comes, I believe its boss will be able to come and save you. At that time, it’d be great if you can die together with him.”

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A trap for Jin Yu? Is he looking for a way to the Jin Yu’s Earth?

January 20, 2020 11:42 pm

That is obviously a trap. I agree with it is probably aimed at JinYu and the peace negotiations. I hope that the kid and the beast will come out of it alive.

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Chi Yan changed name from Zhi Yan then?
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