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Chapter 155: Stunned

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Sometimes, a mere sentence was enough to easily destroy someone, with no need for physical strength or any other actions. That was the power of words. 

At that moment, even though the green-haired teenager’s words weren’t enough to shock JinYu and the rest, it was enough to hit the yellow-haired and red-haired guys.

Spectacle-Zhao didn’t even think before he reached out and grabbed Ling Luxuan’s collar. He almost lifted him up entirely, his expression extremely sinister as he roared, “Earlier, the yellow-haired guy and I both asked you about the blue guy’s circumstances, and you told us you couldn’t foresee it! But now you say he has a death divinatory diagram?! Do you want me to kill you?!”

Huang Sheng’s expression also changed. His previous lazy, facetious personality instantly became extremely severe and sharp. Simultaneously, the imperious aura of aristocracy also appeared from his body, giving JinYu a strange feeling.

This guy couldn’t be the same guy from the castle in Europe, right.

Even though JinYu was thinking that, he walked forward, wanting to pull away Spectacle’s hand, seeing how the green-haired guy was almost dying. The guy’s surname was Ling, and he was cousins with that mystical stick Ling Chong, so he definitely couldn’t die here.

But before JinYu could rescue Ling Luxuan, that guy’s beasts volunteered and went up first!

A little jade-green turtle crawled slowly out from Ling Luxuan’s clothing, before it clamped down on Spectacle’s hand lightning fast. Big Boss Jin expressed, he truly had never seen a turtle move so fast before!

Judging from the way Spectacle swiftly retracted his hand and covered it tightly, JinYu felt like there was quite some force behind the bite.

“I told you, the time I couldn’t divine it, it was an ordinary divination. What Boss Jin was talking about was the spiritual blood divination. If anyone of you touch me so casually again, I won’t guarantee that next time you won’t drop into heavens’ pit and never come out again.”

The green-haired guy started to calmly and ruthlessly loosen his collar, while also calmly give threats. Spectacles and the yellow-haired guy, who were both originally extremely angry, grew silent after hearing that. Then Huang Cheng abruptly looked at JinYu, “Big Brother Jin, I know this request may be a bit excessive, but I pledge one-fifth of Light and Dark Louis’ assets as a guarantee. I beg of you to immediately go and help LanZi… I can disregard Luxuan’s ordinary divination, but even if I wanted to ignore a blood divination, there’s no way I can treat ten years of his lifespan lightly.”

At that, Huang Sheng’s voice even started to quiver. “I don’t want to lose the person I like the most. LanZi should be in quite some danger right now.”

“…” JinYu was slightly startled when he heard Huang Sheng’s words before he couldn’t help but sigh. The way he said it made it sound like if JinYu wasn’t willing to go rescue LanZi for no purpose, then he would be looking down on him. Haaah. However, what was the Light and Dark Louis? Was it worth a lot of money?

He turned to look at a certain boss, who frowned before looking at a corner in the room. Then JinYu’s eyes widened as he saw Ding Bai and Wu Hei walk out. Was this a game of ninja?!

“Master’s husband, hello. Master, hello.” Ding Bai looked at JinYu a little awkwardly, but there was no way for him not to obey the BOSS’ orders. Immediately, he said quickly, “Louis is one of the ten great commanding clans of the west. However, some time ago, because of a certain very dumbfounding incident, the clan split up and became Dark Louis and Light Louis. Originally, these powerhouses both occupied a certain place and refused to communicate, but that all changed because of the power of love, en, their leaders recently fell in love. In order for their son to have a quiet, undisturbed environment to grow up in, their child Louis Huang Sheng was sent to this top-tier royal academy to be an ordinary student. However, PS, even if this guy wants to be an ordinary student, his appearance and personality are both extremely different from what’s normal. That is all.”

After Ding Bai revealed Huang Sheng’s past, JinYu was stunned, as were the green- and red-haired guys. Fucking hell, this rival’s background was a bit too much, wasn’t it? Wasn’t he supposed to be one with the least power?! But this wasn’t the time for that. Huang Sheng just laughed dryly before he looked at JinYu and confirmed, “Big Brother Jin, you know the truth now, can we go rescue LanZi?”

JinYu rolled his eyes and waved his hand. Without waiting for the other three to grow anxious, he said, “Are you guys stupid? You want to do something without figuring anything out? Fine. Tell me where LanZi is, wherever you point to I’ll go.”

The three young men looked startled before they all grew silent. JinYu then continued, “Not only do we not know where LanZi is right now, I also have something else I’m suspicious about.”

“You think there’s a trap, right.” A slightly cold voice spoke. JinYu didn’t even need to look to know who said that.

“Yup yup. I say, half-baked doctor, are you having fun? Why don’t you just live at my place next time, or buy a house here, so that you don’t have to come here to cause trouble the next time you two fight?” JinYu ignored Jin Qian’s dark expression and walked over to Huang Sheng and the rest to explain. “I have to tell you guys something. Just half an hour ago, ChengZi discovered something on the light web. The content was, ‘I’m lost, this place is very strange and I can’t get out.’ Don’t panic, this is something seen very often, but the signature of the one who sent the message was ‘LanZi.’ What do you all think?”

“That’s impossible!!” JinYu just finished speaking when Spectacles started to shout. “LanZi can do anything else except get lost!! Even though he’s kind of slow, and a little like a wallflower, and sometimes stutters, he can remember any path as long as he’s walked it once before! He’s the smartest one of us all!!”

“… I’m a little doubtful of all your IQs now. Cough cough, so I’m saying, based on what circumstances you said LanZi is in right now, combined with the green-haired guy’s divination and that message, I feel like there’s no way the situation is ‘LanZi is lost and can’t find his way.’ What it should be is, ‘LanZi got taken to an unknown space and is in imminent peril.’ If it’s that, what’s the goal of the person who captured LanZi? What is his strength? That’s very important.”

“However, I imagine you all don’t have the mental capacity to think about why or the difficulty level of the mission right now. Alright, we can just use the fastest method to check the map and then force our way in.”

As he said that, he entered the light network in front of everyone, and then answered underneath LanZi’s message, “Where were you before? The yellow, green, and red guys all came to find you. Is my little female wolf still doing okay?”

Seeing JinYu’s message, all three people grew a little worried. Things were already like this!  If LanZi had been captured, how could he answer?!

“Tsk, little bro ah, what you said is really interesting.” Jin Qian adjusted his glasses after seeing what JinYu sent. His expression was relaxed, but it was a bit severe. “You didn’t have to ask that last part at all.”

JinYu shook his head. “Even though the yellow-haired guy is from the Louis clan, and the green-haired guy is from Ling Chong’s family, which might incur hatred from others, it’s not that I’m not giving them face. Since they are neither clan leaders nor have much power, even though there might be people who will abduct LanZi, they can’t be strong to the point that they’re impossible to pinpoint. As for me, even though I haven’t announced it on the light screen, the ten great clans and other powerhouses all have me watched heavily in their archives.”

“All in all, even though the last sentence is just there in case, I hope this truly has nothing to do with me.” JinYu paused before he looked at Qi Qinglin and suddenly said very profoundly, “Speaking of which, we’re about to go fight the BOSS, you better remember to use all the life-saving skills on me. Or else, if I die and you go berserk, that won’t be good.”

Qi Qinglin ignored his mate’s sudden silly nonsense. However, even though he looked like he was ignoring it on the surface, he still decided in his heart to properly protect this two-faced, treacherous, weak fellow. Or else, without him as a body pillow at night, it was very hard to fall asleep.

On that note, a line of text suddenly popped out underneath JinYu’s message. What made JinYu smile bitterly and those three youths pleasantly surprised was that the line of text really did have a destination in it. But before the ‘Traceless Forest,’ there was another line—

The little female wolf is not doing well. It’s almost dead. There’s no food here, you should hurry and come save me.


Just as Huang Sheng and the rest were preparing to instantly move, Jin Qian, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang’s expressions were all not very good. Two of them opened their mouths to speak, but Jin Qian cut them off.

“A-Yu, don’t go.”


Huang Sheng and the rest were all stunned. Cheng Liang explained, in a bad mood, upon seeing their expressions, “Are you brats all stupid? That line said ‘you should hurry and come save me,’ but what JinZi said before was clearly referring to you three. If they were really targeting you all, it should’ve said ‘you three hurry up and come save me.’ But since it was ‘you,’ it’s clearly targeting JinZi. So JinZi cannot go.”

The other three finally realized after hearing Cheng Liang’s explanation. They thought it over a bit before Ling Luxuan said, “Then Big Brother Jin can stay at home. If Big Brother Jin Qian and Big Brother Li Xiao come, we will also be at ease.” To those three, a certain prehistoric whale’s fighting strength was: zero.


Jin Qian sneered when he heard that and rolled his eyes, while JinYu smiled bitterly. “You all don’t think they’re that stupid, do you? Do you think that if you get there and I’m not there, they’ll let you guys find or see LanZi?”

“Enough, enough, stop looking so grim. In any case, LanZi was kidnapped partly because of me, and although it’s most likely just because his luck isn’t great, if it has something to do with me I have no choice but to go. Let’s drink some water and head out. That Traceless Forest or whatever, en, what kind of place is it? Let’s just take it as a sightseeing trip.” JinYu spoke lightly, but none of the people around him looked very relaxed, especially Qi Qinglin, whose face was nearly glowering.

Right now, the BOSS’ aura was exceptionally low and severe. Just the thought of someone wanting to harm JinYu, and the fact that he clearly knew that JinYu had to be at risk in this situation, made him feel like all the blood in his body was solidifying.

No mercy.

No mercy!! No matter who it was, he was definitely going to destroy them until not even crumbs were left!!

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You go…..BOSS….. destroy Your enemy while protecting your Love one.

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Qi QingLin! Qi QingLin! (cheeeeeeeer!!!!) go BOSS and squad!, kill’em all! Whoever threatens your mate must die! Also this will help the kid and his beast to come out of this mess alive.

Thank you for the chapter!

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There was a beast called DaiBing (big white polar bear partnered with Long ChangXiao) ~ is that now DingBai? (another name again). Who/what is WuHei?

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