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Chapter 154: Doubt
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Compared to the young man who was bitting his teeth in regret, those at the 138 Beast Store were wholly unaware of the preceding danger. The fact that they couldn’t pinpoint the location, made it a very interesting game for these bored-out-of-their-minds people.

Maybe solving this would take a while, but they believed nothing would be lost.

“Say, are you guys using this correctly? This was offered to me by DingBai okay, it’s priceless!” After being shocked, Jin Boss’ first response was to question the results. He had, in his boredom, used this to pinpoint many people and beast’s locations. Other than the position of Earth, he was able to find those on a satellite or even a barren star.

ChengLiang, upon hearing JinYu’s question, stared wide-eyed in displease, “You can question my moral quality but you can’t question my intelligence! No matter how advanced the tech is, I can use it! If you don’t believe me, try it yourself! If you can’t do it, then how about you gift this too me?”

ChengLiang then passed the locator to JinYu with a smile. The latter slightly raised a brow and started operating it. Ten minutes later, still nothing.

“HAHA! See? See? It didn’t work for you either! Quick, just hand it over to me, it’s priceless after all!!”

Seeing JinYu’s slightly troubled expression, ChengLiang reached out, hopping to steal the locator. On the side, LiXiao felt his mouth twitch. He decided he was just going to pretend to be blind, after all, there was no way the BOSS would let someone steal from them.

Thus, when a certain yellow head got kicked out after a minute, LiXiao was expecting it.

“Ow! You ancient whale, you lier!!”

Faced against ChengLiang’s accusation, JinYu laughed, “Did you hear me say anything? I never agreed okay?”

“Then what about the time you stole my purple coins when I didn’t say anything!!”

“You tacitly approved.”


Thus, ChengLiang expressed great disdain and indignation, in his heart, towards his actions but after that, he still leaned over and continued talking with him.

“So, what’s the issue? It never happened before, right?” ChengLiang looked at JinYu for confirmation.

The latter went silent, then shook his head, “I can’t pinpoint the three kings, or the one who kicked you just now.”

“Are you just looking down on my power?!” ChengLiang’s mouth twitched upon hearing his response. The three kings and Qi QingLin were the top four in terms strength for beasts. To compare them to a normal human like him was ridiculous.

“…Other than them, I can’t pinpoint HeiTuan, myself and Fei YuCheng. And that’s everyone.” Getting to this part, JinYu’s expression turned to something he couldn’t quite pinpoint, “Ignoring HeiTuan since his power is extremely special even when his weak, and there is no point in talking about me.”

“Hey.” Are you just trying to boast about how amazing you are?! Is there someone with a thicker skin than you in this world?!

“But Fei YuCheng,” JinYu’s eyes narrowed, “his problematic.”

“Of course he is! I disliked him the moment I saw him!” ChengLiang said with disdain, “I have been interrupted by him many times during my missions.”

“But did you track everyone of the ten families or something? Why bother with a small fry like him?” ChengLiang had a thought he didn’t dare share. Maybe, he liked that pretty boy? Tsk, tsk, tsk, if he really did, what’s going to happen to the BOSS?

Hearing ChengLiang’s words, JinYu just rolled his eyes. He then looked towards LiXiao, who stood there like this all got nothing to do with him, and said, “You guys really are two ends of the moral spectrum.”

“ChengZi, let me tell you something, that person isn’t a small fry. Rather, in my opinion, his more like the evil mastermind who calculated everything. Even though we don’t have any evidence, but when I asked ChangXiao, JinQian and the others, they agreed with me. Even though this person’s action seems like nothing when it happened, if you think back on them, they often link to others which then causes a major event to occur.” With a frown, JinYu pointed casually at the locator, “It’s like his playing Go, he’ll place an inconspicuous piece down, but sometime later, it’ll link together with all the others and create a massive dragon, devouring his opponent.”

“Initially it was just my suspicion, but once I got this locator and failed to locate his whereabouts, I knew I hit the mark.”

“Are you saying he hid his strength?” LiXiao interjected upon seeing ChengZi getting more and more depressed.

“There’s no way it’s as simple as hiding his strength!” An annoying voice butted in from the door. At the other end was Shan BaiLu and Xiao ShanLang. There was no half-baked doctor behind him, just a tiny silver butterfly.

“Yo, the third young master’s here. I thought you became a certain half-baked doctor’s personal butler. By the looks of things, life been doing well for you.” ChengLiang spared no time in mocking everyone who looked down on his IQ other than JinYu. Shan BaiLu was a great target because his 3Q were all pretty low.

“I’ll let you off the hook this time!” Of course Shan BaiLu could tell he was mocking him, but he let bragging more, even though it was something told to him. “If he was just hiding his strength, then his just a mini-boss with some intelligence. However, when his strength is exposed, the BOSS would still be able to one-hit-k.o. him. The issue is, his probably hiding something more dangerous and that will bring us great danger too. Seeing his previous moves, we can suspect that his using his double identity as part of the ten families and the military to his advantage. His scheming something and it’s related to the beasts. From the fact that the families he went to, all had a riot from their beasts, we can assume the hypothesis to be true.”

ChengLiang’s eyes widened at the speech Shan BaiLu pulled off, but then laughed, “You, clearly you heard this from the young master of the Jin family! Tsk, tsk, there’s no way I’ll believe you thought of this all on your own! Ahh, also JinZi, how did we go from locator to this guy. Isn’t it more important to find the person whose missing? We can’t track him with the locator, and he can’t get out, so is he trapped somewhere? Or is this a prank by someone?”

ChengLiang didn’t give time for Shan BaiLu to feel good about himself, instead he pulled the topic back on the missing person. JinYu agreed with him and nodded after some thought, “Yep, you’re right. No matter if it’s a prank or his trapped, if he can’t get out soon, his a goner. But where did you get this information? Before we think of a solution, we at least need to know who they are right?”

JinYu’s words made ChengLiang pause for a moment before looking at this ‘computer’ screen. After a while, he just scratched his head and said, “You know how on the web everyone goes by their ID, and this person’s ID is LanMao. Does anyone come to mind?”

Thus, in an instant, the image of a certain someone who lacked presence appeared. Even the image of him was very blurry…

“It’s can’t be him, right?” JinYu’s mouth twitched, while everyone else nodded.

Just then, Qi QingLin slightly lifted his head and looked out the door. JinYu followed his gaze and saw a yellow hair, a red hair and a green hair trying to get through the door. The three all looked extremely panicked but even then, they were still having trouble getting in.

“Boss, boss!! Is LanZi here?!”

“Jin-dage! LanZi disappeared!! We searched the whole school but his nowhere to be found! Is he here with XiaoNaiGou?”

“Boss Jin, if you don’t want to be cursed by me, you should tell me the truth. Even if you’re friends with my cousin, for LanZi I won’t back down.”

The three each said a line that matched their personality. And what they said erased the last doubt JinYu and the other’s had about LanMao’s identity as LanZi.

As he thought about it, JinYu couldn’t help but take a glance at Shan BaiLu and ChengLiang. Why is all the people around him lacking in some Q? Ignoring those two, even LanZi was the definition of adorkable, but to get lost, that’s a bit…

“I think LanZi’s IQ is on par with Li-dage.” JinYu said solemnly. Although that kid is a bit dumb, his there when it counts. There was no way someone like that would get lost suddenly.

“What are you saying! LanZi is the smartest out of all of us! Boss, just tell us, is he here? He’s been missing for two days! I’m afraid someone’s trying to harm him!”

The red hair’s words pulled JinYu back from his thoughts. Right, now the know who sent the message, they needed to rescue them. But first, there’s something he needed to check.

JinYu turned towards the three and stared at the green hair. Of the three, he looked the worst and in his eyes were unease.

“I believe you made a divination for LanZi, right? What’s the result?”

The green hair boy tensed upon hearing his words and took a deep breath, “…a death sentence.”

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January 21, 2020 11:00 pm

So now we know who is missing, and we know a probable culprit. Now the only thing to do is to locate what can’t be normally located. I seriously hope that divination won’t come true.

Thank you for the chapter!

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