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Chapter 156: Certain Death

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The disappearing forest. 

It was known as the last undeveloped “wasteland” on the Capital Star, although it was no less dangerous than the uninhabited planet outside the capital star. It was called the disappearing forest because almost all the people who stepped into the forest did not come back.

Even more so, there wasn’t a single trace of them left behind.

Looking down at the stretch of trees from the airship, JinYu couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

Although he knew that this world was completely different from the one he lived in before, when he saw how the forest was divided into five colors he was still a bit restless. Red, yellow, green, white, and black?! If the first three colors could be considered different, then what was the deal with the white and black? Why was part of the forest white and black?!

And for some reason, JinYu determined at first glance that Lanzi was inside the black part of the forest. However, the more one looked at the black part, the less one wanted to go near it.

“Mr. Jin, uh, where are you guys going?” Li Xiao glanced at The Disappearing Forest nervously.

JinYu heard this and looked back down at the receiver in his hand. The latter didn’t even move at all. Just as he was about to speak, he heard Green Mao’s (绿毛) affirmation: “The dragon is trapped in the middle. It’s infamous. It has to be there.”

“All the magic staffs are open. Let’s land in the middle.” JinYu examined his surroundings. Seeing how nervous everyone was, JinYu couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you guys excited? There are five princes from the Ten Families. They’re all fooled by the boss. How can there be an accident when there are so many guards watching? It can’t be Shan Bailu either, the idiot is at home.”

The beasts couldn’t help but snicker at JinYu’s words. Even Long Changxiao thought that everyone was a bit too anxious. He lifted his head to glance at Boss Qi Qinglin, who was sitting beside JinYu. Long Changxiao suddenly regained himself.

From the start Qi Qinglin knew JinYu was trying to diffuse the current situation. This continued until now. He figured that until the crisis was solved, it would continue to be like this.

“Of course, did you guys know who was behind this the whole way here? Did you guys think about how it could be the Long Clan or the president? They’re the only shady ones that keep everything so secretive.” Ling Chong said, next to him the Xiao Jin Hou (Small Golden monkey) nodded. 

“I’ve thought more about the wand, but I don’t think that’s it either. The latter doesn’t have the ability to predict JinYu and the former, well, Long Changli and his dad are too ambitious to spend the effort to do something like this. You guys need to know that if it’s like this, they will fight back with fight back with some support from some of the Tne Families. They will be restrained by Qinglin.” Night Phoenix shrugged his shoulders, then added as an afterthought, “Actually, according to my experience and intuition, it’s more likely to be Fei Yu Sheng.”

“You should reconsider. I just can’t think he would resort to something so low. I definitely won’t underestimate him.”

After Jin Qian spoke, the airship slowly landed in the middle of the black forest.

If one extended their hand, they would be unable to see their own fingers.

It was now that JinYu waited for the whole situation to unfold. There was a strong light emitting from his backpack, and he still couldn’t see clearly. Everyone could only hear the sound of cheering and clapping, they followed Little Green Wolf’s pawprints who was behind Shan Bailu. A green light surrounded everyone, then there was a loud bang bang bash bash sound. With the light, JinYu waited until he could see the situation outside, and he only saw that everyone’s faces were quite blue and–

Like a snake it came slithering out, ready to attack, looking at JinYu’s disgust, he had a fucking mild phobia of snakes you know! Fuck!!

Woof woof.

Little Green Wolf let out a low sound, and then Chengliang and Li Xiao moved simultaneously, Little Green Wolf was unable to block them. This was enough to prove that the branches shouldn’t be disturbed.

“Uh, let’s turn down the light to the dimmest setting, otherwise if we continue like this, we may become exhausted before we reach our destination. The magic staffs can point us in the right direction. Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup aren’t in great condition. So, let’s go!”

After JinYu spoke, the group continued forward. Only, after a little bit they encountered a small surprise. JinYu and Qi Qinglin were both upset when they fell into the pit. It’s fucking pitch black and there’s a pit, this is really too much of a scare!

However, at this time they couldn’t just jump over it. Even though everyone would be able to, this was one of the strategies. If they wanted to see Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup, they had to follow the trail.

After they all fell, JinYu tugged Qi Qinglin’s hand to he’d look at the empty ******, he couldn’t help but sigh, “I knew that that guy was trying to divert attention, otherwise if we weren’t all split up, we could smother him.”



The secret room was quiet. Even though JinYu’s words were a bit funny, even if someone had the guts to laugh, they wouldn’t do so. The only ones that dared call out were his subordinates.

When Fei Yusheng heard JinYu, he said coldly, “Laugh then, laugh. After today, you’ll go to hell and can just continue laughing. And King Yama (T/N: god of death) will come!”

“The others were all sent to The Disappearing Forest . It would take a day to find this place quickly. As for JinYu and Qi Qinglin, well, JinYu we don’t even need to mention. Qi Qinglin’s strength is comparable to the three emperors. As long as he plans, they won’t succeed. As for the beasts, lets let them get a small taste of the results of research first!!”

The room rang with laughter and Fei Yusheng waved to those in the room. Several figures then disappeared. After that, everyone looked at Fei Yusheng with wide eyes, as if he were the emperor.

“Qinglin, uh, what did he say what tricks they’d play? Knowing these attacks, they’re all useless.”  JinYu was held by Qi Qinglin, easily dodging the lasers. JinYu had finally relaxed since the initial attacks.

Afterall, if there were all kinds of dangerous attacks that didn’t hurt oneself, there was no reason to not relax.

Of course, a certain fellow whose face was drawn in a grimace. Looking at JinYu who was completely helpless and withering in pain.

QI Qinglin’s appearance really made JinYu unable to enjoy anything. He should really solve the problem and then move onto teasing Qi Qinglin. Like this, he would be happy again, then he could see Duke Zhou.

Qi Qinglin looked at the person lying in his arms and he was unable to stop his mouth from curving upwards. This made him unable to put JinYu down. JinYu looked so smart but he was also so gentle. He’s so naive. He’s so optimistic, the complete opposite of himself. Just, the more that he learns about him, the more he can’t let him go. This person has become a part of him. If you’re going to take him away, be prepared to sacrifice yourself.

He would never allow it.

So Qi Qinglin tightened his fists then continued forward.

After he already waited three hours for JinYu to wake up, he finally opened his eyes. His face had hints of exhaustion. Unconsciously reaching out, JinYu sighed before saying, “Stop. I want to pee.”

…….His throat was a bit sore so QI Qinglin’s, “I’m not tired” got stuck in his throat.

JinYu successfully stopped this guy, he started to laugh. Then he discovered that they came to an ancient-looking palace. Although many buildings were dilapidated, JinYu’s eyes still widened in shock.

“Peeing here wouldn’t be great.” Fuck, in this ancient place?

“Just pee wherever.” Qi Qinglin’s face screamed of disapproved. This guy was scared that JinYu would pee in the president’s house or the Long Clan’s old home. There was no ancient ruin here so it would really be going to the extreme. Of course, it is necessary to interfere with the information transmission tools. His family couldn’t be shown to others!

Hearing Qi Qinglin’s words, JinYu didn’t have any qualms. He went to solve the issue without saying a word. When the problem was solved, the two walked forward hand in hand. In JinYu’s opinion, their destination was this place. They just didn’t know where Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup were locked up.

However, for a palace this large and with the surrounding place forest, they had no way of knowing where they were. This was a bit strange. The only thing they were afraid of is if a surprise attack came.

Suddenly, a very small voice sounded aloud. JinYu didn’t hear it but QI Qinglin pulled Jinyu into a room. It was tiny. Compared to the surrounding big and magnificent building, the room was like an ugly duckling among swans. It was quite tasteless.

“Is it here?”

JinYu stood outside the door and turned towards Qi Qinglin. The latter nodded.

“It shouldn’t be dangerous on the inside right? And, would he come here?”

Qi Qinglin caressed JinYu’s cheek and shook his head. “Don’t worry.” He then reached out to open the light blue door.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Three arrows came out of nowhere. Qi Qinglin waved them off easily. Cautiously, they entered. They immediately spotted Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup in the middle of several injured beasts.

Lanzi’s face was a bit pale. He looked at JinYu and Qi Qinglin. Opening his mouth, he wanted to talk, but couldn’t say anything. In his arms. Little Wolf Pup lay motionless.


He grit his teeth before opening his mouth. JinYu didn’t even think before running over to Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup. Even though Qi Qinglin didn’t stop him, he still stuck close to JinYu’s side and walked over. He looked extremely anxious, if his enemies were to play any tricks, this would be the worst time!

“Lanzi! How are you? You don’t look so great. How’s Little Wolf Pup? Let’s hurry up and see him!!”

JinYu anxiously reached towards Little Wolf Pup, who was nestled against Lanzi’s chest. It was as though his hand were an arrow, as soon as JinYu’s hand touched Little Wolf Pup, Lanzi laughed maniacally. This startled JinYu. Qi Qinglin’s attention was instantly on Lanzi. Lanzi’s shout was like a switch. The injured beasts lying around suddenly got up, eyes glowing red, and rushed towards JinYu.

There were five A level beasts. Even Qi Qinglin had to take this seriously. At this time he was on the defense against Lanzi and the five beasts. He was extremely concentrated and cautious. JinYu looked at the mania in Lanzi’s eyes and directed all his chaotic energy towards him. Qi Qinglin and JinYu were both extremely careful, however, they still ignored the most important point.

Originally, the almost dead Little Wolf Pup suddenly opened its two eyes. Its normally blue eyes were red. When JinYu didn’t react at all, Little Wolf Pup bit JinYu’s heart, then JinYu fainted again.


As soon as the smell of JinYu’s blood permeated the air, Qi Qinglin suddenly strained up, almost killing all the beasts with a wave of his hand. Meanwhile, Lanzi and Little Wolf Pup were sent flying into the corner.


Looking at JinYu’s pale complection, Qi Qinglin’s mind went blank. Today, he was wearing traditional Chinese clothing. At this time, black blood stained his white suit.


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