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Chapter 157: JinYu
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations



Qi QingLin looked at the trembling man in his arms, and felt as if he was trembling together with him. He had never seen JinYu look so miserable that he did not know what to do for quite a long time.

“… Cough- you… Go-go save LanZi…”

The unbearable pain made Jin Yu’s voice shake as he spoke. He and Qi QingLin did not expect that they would finally be carried by the little wolf pup. While feeling the bone chilling cold spreading rapidly to his four limbs and all his bones, JinYu did not even have the strength to smile bitterly. He was careless. Since they dared to put the little wolf pup and LanZi in front of them so overtly, they naturally had something up their sleeves.

The opponent was really too insidious. His set of plans and traps were too complicated and impossible to defend against effectively.

At this point, the first reaction in JinYu’s mind was whether Qi QingLin would go crazy. When he saw Qi QingLin’s expression, which could be described as lifeless, it was as if demons and gods were at work as said the above sentence. In fact, LanZi and the little wolf pup had just been completely made use of.

Suddenly, a thick and vicious aura that made one unable to breathe surrounded Qi QingLin ‘s whole body. He held JinYu gently, yet his eyes were ice-cold and without a hint of warmth. It was gloomy and crazy.


He put his hand on the wound at the pit of JinYu’s stomach. A pure stream of energy protected and nourished JinYu’s body. Qi QingLin did not even lift his head, “If you die, they will be the first to be buried together with you.”

Hearing this, JinYu almost lost his breath. He coughed several times, and there was a streak of blood at the corner of his mouth, “You-… You don’t be like this… They- cough… In-innocent.”

“They’re not innocent at all!!!” Qi QingLin was practically roaring, “Shut up, shut up!”!! Don’t you say a word without my permission!! I tell you, if you don’t want them to be buried with you, you’d better hang in there!! Otherwise, otherwise…”

I’ll go crazy and let all the beasts and humans be buried together with you!!

Even though Qi QingLin did not roar his last thought out, JinYu had lived with him for more than a year, and their feelings and thoughts were almost on the same wavelength, so he knew exactly what Qi QingLin meant. Even if he knew what Qi QingLin was thinking at this time, JinYu could not say anything now, let alone do anything.

“… Be quiet… For a while, I’m very… tired.”

JinYu slowly spoke, and then without waiting for Qi QingLin to answer, he minded his own business (自顾自) as he leaned into Qi QingLin embrace and closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, Qi QingLin nearly went berserk, but JinYu grasped his hand a little harder to let him know that he just really wanted to close his eyes and have a rest.

After that, Qi QingLin blankly sat in the same place, hugging JinYu who cut a sorry figure for two hours.

At the same time, in the secret room, Fei YuSheng looked at the light screen which had no signal and smiled. The followers behind him were unable to understand this, you can’t monitor them anymore yet you’re still smiling so happily?

It was as if he knew what his subordinates are thinking, Fei YuSheng shrugged his shoulders and gently and joyfully said, “The surveillance I put in that room is not some high-tech thing. Instead it’s just three beasts. Unless those five beasts die, LanZi and that wolf are seriously injured and on the verge of death, there would never be anything that’s not reflected on the surveillance light screen.”

“To put it blankly, unless JinYu got bitten by that wolf according to my pan and Qi QingLin began a masscare in a fit of anger, I should be able to see the situation over there no matter what happens.”

After Fei YuSheng’s words were spoken, his extremely loyal death soldiers (死忠) and his subordinates were enlightened. Then a woman wearing a black mask came forward and asked, “Master, do we take advantage of the situation to attack?”

At this time, Qi QingLin’s state of mind was obviously in great turmoil. Even if he did not see it face-to-face, he could be sure that Qi QingLin was in a bad condition just based on the mania and anger that suffused the whole palace. However, Fei YuSheng waved his hands when he heard the words.

“You’re too naive.”

“You think the sole Black Qilin that appeared in ten thousand years is so easy to deal with? Humph, let me tell you, when that guy is rational, there is no opponent who can face him in the entire human race, and when he is crazy, even the Three Emperors will have to make way for him!!”

Fei YuSheng said with pity on his face, “That JinYu really is blessed with forturne. He has such a powerful person to following him around, hell-bent on staying with him. It’s not something that everyone can have… However, such a good fortune depends on whether he has the luck to bear it!!”

“That poison on the wolf’s body is the most ferocious and insidious poison I have ever seen. It will corrode and devour all vitality within the body in two hours. Even the most advanced technology and the most perfect healing power can’t get rid of it!! And what I appreciate most is its name ‘Origin’.”

“All right, it’s not advisable to stay here for a long time. We’re still in the dark, and we’ll become passive when the JinYu dies or when the others come. Besides, as soon as JinYu dies, Qi QingLin would not have any energy or ideas to manage the affairs between human and the beasts. The experiment this time was also very smooth. We have been waiting for such a long time, and now we can finally carry out it without any scruples!! Ha ha aha ha ha ha ha!!”

Fei YuSheng left with a smile. The shadow guard and death soldiers behind him left quickly one by one. However, when these people left, they did not notice that one of them lagged behind a lot, and then disappeared suddenly.

“Master!! Master—! Masssterrrrrr!!”

At this time, XiaoBao had been restored to its original ball-like shape, with big tears rolling down from two distinct dark circles. Its little claws tenaciously clung to JinYu’s feet as it sobbed. It had completely lost its previous silence and composure.

At this time, XiaoBao only dared to cling onto JinYu’s calf. If it moved further up, Qi QingLin would have directly slapped it flying. It had heard and saw everything in the secret room. If it hadn’t turned into a human, it would not be able to speak at all, and its body would not be flexible. It had been afraid that it would be exposed when JinYu was bitten. Though it had not been, XiaoBao did not feel that this was good at all. It only hated that it was not as powerful as Qi QingLin, and when the enemy who had killed his master was in front of him, it did not dare to act rashly. But it swore that it would take revenge. It will use all its food in this lifetime as a guarantee. It must let that damned Da Peng Jin Yu fellow be in utter misery so that he can neither live nor die!!

Sob sob sob, the one who doted on it most was going to die. It’ll be two hours soon. Master, you must survive!!

When Jin Qian, Ye Huang, Long ChangXiao and the rest pushed open that blue door while panting, what met their eyes was the scene of Qi QingLin holding JinYu without making a single movement, while XiaoBao was pitifully watching at his feet.

As soon as they entered the room, their mood became heavy. Even if they were slow, they would know that something was not right.

The atmosphere in the room was silent and despairing, and there was an incomparable madness in the depression. Almost in an instant, everyone thought of the most unlikely and worst result. Long ChangXiao rushed forward with a big stride and was shocked to stillness by the big patch of black blood on JinYu’s clothes.

“…How. Is this- possible?!”

Long ChangXiao’s voice was so shrill that it did not seem like his. This voice made the people behind him who had not had the time to observe the situation freeze. They rushed forward as a group, before they stilled.

“This is impossible. Get out of my way, you bastard!!”

Jin Qian was shocked before he viciously slapped his own face, then he rushed forward to touch JinYu’s wrist.

Qi QingLin, who was deadly still, was shocked when he saw Jin Qian’s movements. Then he grabbed Jin Qian and said, “How is he?! I have been sending energy to him. He- but I feel that his vitality is becoming lesser and lesser…”

At this time, Jin Qian could not care about Qi QingLin’s questions at all. The deeper his mental power went into JinYu’s body, the uglier his face was be. Ten minutes later, Jin Qian collapsed on the ground and landed on his bottom. His face was just as pale as JinYu’s.

“… How can there be such a poison… How is it possible…”

“You bloody unscrupulous doctor!! How’s my leader doing?! Stop being so vague. Quickly explain the situation!! Say it!!”

Shan BaiLu could not help grabbing Jin Qian’s collar, while the latter muttered to himself with lackluster eyes. It made everyone witnessing this extremely worried.

At this moment, Hong Mao, Huang Mao and Lu Mao had stumbled into the room. When they saw JinYu and Qi QingLin’s situation, their hearts sank. But when they saw LanZi and the little wolf pup in the corner, joy bloomed across their faces, and just as they were about to rush over, they hit an invisible wall when they were only a step away and was firmly bounced back.

“?! What’s going on?!” Kuang Zi (框子) was burning with a frenzy of rage as he shouted, and what answered him was a cold voice, “Before JinYu is better, they will lie there. If JinYu lives, he lives; if JinYu dies…”

“You will all be buried together with him.”


This kind of indifferent words made the three of them shiver from their head to their bones. They were clear that Qi QingLin himself was serious in speech and manner and callous. But even so, most of the time, he only showed his power to intimidate and there was no hint of danger towards them.

But at this time, what he said and how he looked could not just be described using the word ‘malevolent’. Now Qi QingLin was extremely dangerous. Everyone knew that, but why was he treating LanZi and the little wolf pup like that?! A ominous premonition rose in the hearts of everyone.

“Sob sob… It’s all because of Fei YuSheng, that villain! He injected poison into the little wolf pup and the little wolf pup bit Master! Sob sob sob!!”

It was like a sudden clap of thunder. XiaoBao’s cries had instantly shocked everyone and made them unable to breathe!!

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