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Chapter 158: Determined
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

For everyone present, they all had a rough idea of the danger of this rescue mission, but for the most part, none of them thought it would be life-threatening for JinYu.

Not only because he was strong himself, he had his beasts, like XiaoXue, XiaoBai and DaBai. Of course, no one could forget about Qi QingLin, the big boss that could destroy anything. Thus, everyone felt JinYu’s life was not threatened at all.

But everyone forgot an important part, they thought the enemy could not harm JinYu. So when their ‘friend’ was forced to become the ‘enemy’, everyone watched in silent anger. No matter how they told themselves that Xiao NaiLang and LanZi were innocent, the harm they did was irrefutable. Even if they don’t take revenge, it’s hard to come to peace with it.

Slowly, all that was left, was a gloomy mood and sounds of people breathing. When JinQian asked XiaoBao how JinYu got poisoned and the name of it, he shook his head at Qi QingLin. His face was completely drained of color and that movement took the strength out of his body.

“…You,” But just as JinQian let out a single sound, Qi QingLin suddenly raised his head and stared at JinQian, as if he was going to explode if he heard another word.

Everyone else could only respond with silence at Qi QingLin’s reaction. To be honest, at the present stage, everyone knew deep down that without a miracle, JinYu had no chance of surviving. No matter how they didn’t want to believe it. XiaoBao said this poison will kill a person in two hours. It was beyond two hours already. The only reason JinYu’s heart hadn’t stopped beating was because Qi QingLin had been relentlessly passing his energy over.

But, no matter how much he struggled, the ending was determined.

Just then, Qi QingLin shook violently as he held onto JinYu’s body and the suppressed anger finally exploded. Everyone knew at that moment, the worst outcome had come to fruition.

Just as everyone was having difficulty accepting that, smiley, black hearted, troublemaker, left just like that, something astonishing happened. When they were either shocked, dumbfounded or waiting/preparing Qi QingLin to go crazy, a ray of green-blue light shone out from JinYu’s neck. The light was so piercing that everyone reflexively closed their eyes, except Qi QingLin. He looked at it with astonishment and a tiny bit of hope. He stared, not blinking once, at the light and his hand was still hugging JinYu close.


In an instant, the room was filled with deep, blue water. If the water wasn’t slightly warm, it’ll look as if they were in an underwater palace. When everyone saw this sea of water, a ray of hope lit up in their hearts. Then, they all felt a pull towards the green light at the centre and with that, they all blacked out.


Qi QingLin felt as if he had a nightmare.

In that dream, his lover died. He felt sorrow, anger, rage and unease. It brought him back to his darkest days, when he was alone and the cold burned into his bones.

Good thing it was just a dream, his lover was still beside him, and within his embrace…!!


He sat up violently with his head dripping in sweat. Subconsciously, he squeezed his hand only to find it empty, that made him jump up. Looking around, JinQian, Long ChangXiao and the others laid around him. There were hundreds of beasts surrounding them, looking at them.

“JinYu! Where is he?!” Qi QingLin felt that the surroundings were very similar, and after a moment, he realized it had to be Earth. Other than Earth, there was no other planet that had such a beautiful environment. But even then, without that person, any environment looked barren.

Qi QingLin reached out and grabbed a beast by random, with a ferocious expression, he asked, “Where is my JinYu! Tell me or I’ll kill you all!!”

The beast was so scared that it fainted on the spot. Speechless, Qi QingLin threw it away and was prepared to grab another. Just then, lightning formed in the sky and struck Qi QingLin’s head!!

With that, Qi QingLin felt his head spinning and in a daze he heard an exasperated voice, [How dare you act so arrogantly in my territory! You’re just asking to be struck!!]

“Who are you?!” Qi QingLin rubbed his head and looked up. Then, his eyes widened.

He didn’t see the speaker but rather, a green-blue ball and in that light ball, laid a man in a white Tang suit.


Without thinking, Qi QingLin wanted to rush up and hug him close, but he was showered in icicles. Qi QingLin almost exploded but he was frozen in place by the voice.

[If you want to kill this kid then go right on ahead.]

“Who are you? No, no matter who you are, if you can save him, I can do anything!” No matter how crazed he was, Qi QingLin realized the light ball was healing JinYu, but even then, without being able to confirm his health, he couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

But the voice, who sounded like an old man, paid no mind to his promise, [Just stand to the side, I have no need for you. Well, you are a pretty good fighter right? How about this, when this kid’s healed, you will protect this place with him. The outside is not so safe after all.] All Qi QingLin heard was the part he wanted to hear, thus he only listened to the last part.

“You say when he’s healed! Do you mean he’s fine?! He’s okay?!”

After his finished his sentence, a rain cloud appeared over his head and like squeezing a sponge, water started falling. Seemed to be a certain old man’s way of expressing his displeasure at being queried. But seeing Qi QingLin’s nervous expression, he still responded.

[Of course, I made the poison, if I can’t cure it who can?! But the ingredients for the antidote hasn’t matured yet and he’s been poisoned for a while, so it’ll be a few weeks. Even that’s fast, if you want to fully recover, it’ll be at least a month.]

Hearing those words, Qi QingLin stood frozen in place, then as if everything finally got to him, he sat down. It was probably the most sorry looking he’s been since becoming the QiLin Family’s head, but his expression was the most moving and touching.

“His fine…a month is not long, even if it was a year, or ten or a hundred, as long as he will wake up, I can wait.” With that, all the tension left and the BOSS went unconscious. Yep, it definitely didn’t have anything to do with the lighting or icicles, the old man will definitely not admit it. But with Qi QingLin’s fall, JinQian and the others woke up due to the sound. Looking around, they were all shocked and panicked for a moment. Then, with XiaoBao’s translation, they finally understood what had happened from the beasts around them.

So, when everyone realized that JinYu wasn’t going to die, they all felt a sigh of relief. Then JinQian and LinChong both said ‘bastards live forever’ the iconic idiom and went to find food. (Good people don’t live long but bad ones live forever. Is my translation of the whole idiom. 祸害遗千年)

The whole day had been a rollercoaster ride, with both pressure on the body and mind, so they were in dire need of food!

Other than that, the green hair and yellow hair, after confirming JinYu’s fine, started worrying about LanZi. But, those two had a misty cloud above them and according to XiaoBao’s translation of the beasts around them, it was for healing. With that, they finally relaxed.

Once the tension and unease left, everyone finally had time to think about what happen and who to pay back ten folds. Sitting around the campfire, with Qi QingLin as head, and the other angry, blackhearted people as helpers, they started their discussion with the smell of BBQ.

“That motherfucker Fei YuSheng! I knew from the start he was a bad egg! I’m going to kill him!!” Shan BaiLu shouted while waving a stick of meat.

“Pff, just focus on eating and cook the meat. Don’t make trouble for us.” JinQian said looking down at the idiot whose power level were definitely at a failing grade. JinQian then continued, “Other than, who to mess with Fei YuSheng, more importantly we should ask why he wanted to kill JinYU? Normally, if they make such an elaborate plan, it’s because the person is of great importance. There are three things I believe that make JinYu important, Qi QingLin, beasts, and Earth.”

“If it’s only the first two, then after this failure, Fei YuSheng should hold back. But if it’s about the last one, then I’m afraid he will come after JinYu over and over again. Even if he dies, if he expose this secret before that happens, every human will be targeting JinYu. So, what do you guys think?” Once JinQian finished, there was only silence.

It was YeFeng’s first time on Earth. After looking at such a beautiful place filled with life, even he had to admit the temptation was strong. So strong that no humans would be able to let go. Thus, he could only imagine how crazy people would become after knowing about his place.

Long ChangXiao looked around and said, “Actually, it isn’t hard to solve, because no one can steal it. Also, we all have our forces, so maybe it’ll be chaotic at first, but it won’t last forever. And, I believe there is a powerful protector here, he wouldn’t let this place be damaged or destroyed. So, more than this, I’m concerned about the poison in XiaoNaiLang.”

“To make a beast lose reason and follow orders like a puppet…I really hope there isn’t much of this stuff in Fei YuSheng’s hands, otherwise I can’t imagine what would happen if it was spread around…maybe, a living hell…would appear right in front of us.”


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January 25, 2020 2:33 pm

Let the BBQ begin on FY. Thank you for the ch.

January 25, 2020 11:00 pm

And the cliffhanger continues. Good to know though that JinYu is healling and he will be fine. Fei Yusheng seriously needs to be killed. He is too dangerous to be left alive and his underlings should be rooted out too, so as to assure that noone will continue this madness. I’m so looking forward to this, but first and foremost JinYu has to get well.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 19, 2021 7:29 pm

Why not include the voice behind the green light, that is saving JinYu, in this meeting? After all, it said it made the poison and has the antidote 🤔 Would seem sensible.
Thanks for translating.

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