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Chapter 159: Perish Together
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
What Long Changxiao said was like flipping over the cover of a horror manga, spurring everyone’s imagination of what ‘hell on earth’ would look like.

“I’ll be damned, it can’t be that scary!” Shan Bailu gave a full-body shudder, his pretty face scared pale. Ye Huang and the rest were a little baffled when they saw him like that, and only Jin Qian, that half-baked doctor, twitched his mouth as he slapped the back of Shan Bailu’s head. With a darkened face, he said:

“What kind of bullshit are you imagining?! Hurry and stop thinking about it!”

Shan Bailu rolled his eyes, a ‘how do you know I’m thinking about bullshit, I’m not as unhealthy as you’ type of expression written all over his face.

But, speaking of which, even though Shan Bailu had probably overimagined it, with Long Changxiao’s reminder, everyone felt like the matter had become more grave. But the overwhelming majority of people present were all minor bosses with some brains. Whenever they encountered some difficulty, their mental state would remain quite good, so the first thing they thought of was how to resolve the issue.

After they shared a look, they all suddenly started to laugh. Ling Chong patted his little golden monkey that he hadn’t seen for a long time and said:

“Really, what is there to say? I feel like since we already know who’s behind it all, based on our current levels of strength and power, it should be very easy to take care of him, right? Even though we have to be careful of his malice, he himself shouldn’t be particularly difficult to deal with. In terms of physical prowess, he can’t beat Qinglin, and in terms of influence, he can’t beat all of us. So as long as we make his wicked deeds known, then everything will be fine. I believe that the first ones who won’t be able to forgive him will still probably be the people from that powerhouse.”

Everyone nodded. Then, in order to have a good night’s rest, they decided to leave this place quickly, since they were all fairly important people. Moreover, to prevent Fei Yusheng from doing something extreme, it would be best to hurry back.

As for Qi Qinglin, as long as JinYu was unconscious, he wouldn’t do anything else, so it was unrealistic to expect him to follow everyone else’s plans of leaving and eliminating Fei Yusheng.

After thinking things through, they all started to get ready to leave with their beasts. Because of the triangular monument’s existence, recently the relationship between the beasts and humans had slowly been improving. Moreover, beasts with masters could no longer be forcefully and randomly taken away, so naturally their precious babies wouldn’t need to be far away from them anymore.

As for the way of leaving earth – since JinYu was still asleep, they could only howl ‘I want to go home!!’ to the sky. Except disturbing someone’s peace would have a price to it—everyone who shouted got struck by lightning. ErHei rolled on the floor from laughter.

… fuck that wily old guy!!

That was what everyone who got struck by lightning was thinking.

Once everyone was thrown pitilessly onto the capital star by the old guy, they breathed a sigh of relief, even though they drew many astonished gazes after being thrown onto the main street. At least they hadn’t been tossed back into that Traceless Forest! That was definitely a place that they didn’t want to ever go again.

Everyone darted at the fastest speed towards Long Changxiao’s Dragon Gate Hotel, which was the closest to here. They quickly tidied themselves up before they walked out very elegantly one after another, so nobody could tell they had been struck by lightning.

Originally, everyone should have been able to relax at this point, since only a day had passed since they had been teleported to earth. Except when they saw what was being broadcasted on the light screen in the lobby, they angrily discovered that it was already too late!!

For Fei Yusheng, a day’s worth of time was ample enough to do many things. Once he started to make every second count, it would catch everyone off guard. Just like how he plotted to kill JinYu and make Qi Qinglin go berserk.

Even though he himself had an astonishing suspicion about JinYu’s existence and abilities, now that JinYu was dead, no matter how astonishing that suspicion was, it couldn’t be more astonishing that what he was doing right now.

He was going to recreate the existence of a whole world!! Nothing was as concerning as this.

And after he succeeded using the little wolf and the five A-level beasts’ poisons, he could be even more reckless!!

“Hehe, those military and research idiots probably don’t even know up till now what they’ve been researching!! Researching a drug that can remove the spiritual contract? That’s a poison that can increase the control of the spiritual contract!! Ahahahahahah!! I can even control A-rank beasts now. Doesn’t that mean all the beasts on the capital star and even the desolate star have to obey my commands?!”

Fei Yusheng laughed crazily before he activated the control device in front of him. In that moment, enormous waves rippled through the air, exploding outwards from the capital star’s southern, northeastern, and western military bases!! As if a guided missile had soundlessly exploded, nothing physical blew up, but the air itself rippled.

From that second onwards, any beasts who were touched by the rippling in the air outside all had a ruthless order appear in their minds at the same time-

Kill all the humans!!

The tragedy that occurred afterward was even more shocking to humans than anything that happened that day at the Southern Trade Fair!!

Without any warning, the beasts at their sides starting to rip into them! With such fierce appearances and eyes that it nearly made their hearts stop!! What the humans were completely unable to accept, and even made them extremely angry, was that this happened after the triangle monument had been set up!!

As a result, the furious humans stared at those berserk beasts and grew certain of one thing—beasts had never been reliable, they could never be taught!! They never had something called trust, besides killing them, there was only controlling them!!

So in one short span of a day, the furious humans and the controlled beasts created the most disastrous and severe war in the history of mankind. In one short day, all the previous efforts went to waste.

Besides that, the pleased Fei Yusheng didn’t forget to find trouble for the three emperors on the desolate star. A few satellites, carrying controlled beasts, scattered the spiritual toxins towards the desolate star. There were no commands, it was purely poisoned to make the beasts go crazy. It was a mutation that arose from the spiritual control contract. But don’t look down on it for being a mutation; if so many beasts simultaneously went crazy at the same time, even the three emperors wouldn’t be relaxed.

Jin Qian, Long Changxiao and the rest never would’ve expected Fei Yusheng to move so quickly. But unless they had directly eliminated this person back then in the Traceless Forest, even if they came back a day earlier, there was no way to change the current circumstances.

“Now what? Should we just ferret him out?” Ling Chong was so mad his face was green. Fei Yusheng’s behavior brought quite some disaster onto the ten great clans. After all, the ten great clans had quite a lot of high-level beasts, so with the beast rebellion, they would definitely suffer greatly.

“Hmph, do you really think the military and ten great clans have become morons?! With such a big thing happening, even if typical people can’t understand the fishiness of it, too many people saw the ripples in the air. Moreover, it came from the military bases.” Ye Huang laughed coldly. “Who knows how mad the old man in the military and the Long clan’s general are right now… most importantly is whether General Fei will leave the military with his branch of it.”

Just when they were all gathered together discussing the problem, someone suddenly kicked open the door to the lobby. Jin Qian and the rest jumped, thinking something had gone wrong before they realized the newcomer was Bai Sha, Bai Ling, and some other third-generation members of the clans. Long Changli was also there.

“What in the world did you guys do!! Do you want humans and beasts to perish together!!!” Qi Tiancong interrogated intensely. After he spoke, Long Changli looked at Jin Qian with a very gloomy expression.

“Where do you all go, what did you do, you better explain it clearly to me!”


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January 26, 2020 10:08 pm

The idiots came to get some beating?! Fine, young masters, please procede. As for the poisonous Fei Yusheng. Now, I think that simply killing this guy is far too light punishment for him, for what he has been doing. I really hope for some elaborate punishment thought up by our crafty fellow and his loving Big Boss.

Thank you for the chapter!

January 26, 2020 10:24 pm

I like your translation. Would you mind if I translate your work into Thai language and post it on online (Thai novel website)?

I want to share the fun and also help to practice the language. I will wait for your reply.^^

January 28, 2020 11:35 pm

Fei Yusheng yooouuuuuu (╬▔皿▔)╯

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