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Chapter 16: Your Partner My Ass

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though JinYu was suddenly faced with a cruel qilin boss that unexpectedly turned into a human and he had lots of questions about the matter, right now, Jinyu was faced with a pair of eyes glued to his every movement. Apparently, as long as he didn’t eat the grimy black thing in front of him, he wouldn’t be eaten up by those savage eyes. JinYu silently thought that he should first eat that thing up to save his own life first.

At the side stood an aggrieved Baozi with its tail in its mouth and its body shrunk as small as possible. When Baozi saw Jinyu, it wrinkled its eyebrows bitterly. It still brought Da Bai, who was hanging in its mouth, over. Baozi spit Da Bai out like it was a snake-like thing that it accidentally swallowed. The eyes of the pair of black leopards twinkled just like the hateful black eyes JinYu saw earlier–

How could you still bully me? You guys are the bosses of the rest of the beasts. Shouldn’t you guys also obediently listen to your boss?! This is why animals are like their masters! Unless you’re the boss, you guys have no right to look down upon me!!

In reality, JinYu didn’t actually see any distaste in Baozi’s eyes. At the moment, all he could think of was how to deal with the fierce god in front of him. Just because JinYu didn’t see it didn’t mean that some god, who was fierce but covered-up, didn’t see it. In that instance of disdain in Baozi’s eyes, the distressed asshole flew into the air then fell through the air like dead weight, then finally hit the ground.

Aoo aoo aooo aoo~~~

I’m so pitiful!! I didn’t do anything!!

Baozi cried out painfully from where it landed, bursting into tears and tending to its wounds. Even when the long-gone soul JinYu was shocked into returning when he heard these cries because of Baozi’s tragedy. This was because Baozi’s pain was caused by the now human black qilin boss. JinYu glowered at him.

“He just looked at you with disdain.” JinYu’s glare at the qilin boss was futile.

“…” Jinyu silently looked at the still coughing Baozi. He shouted in one breath, “You broke him too much, starving him for three days would have been enough.”

In a flash, Baozi’s whole body was paralyzed. And Da Bai was sitting next to JinYu and listening to his every word. Da Bai’s eyes gleamed with endless sympathy and was gloating a bit at Baozi’s misfortune, occasionally looking over at Baozi. The owner of those eyes that looked at Baozi wanted nothing more than to slap the other beast with its paw. I told you to behave! You’re so naïve!

Or maybe because Baozi’s small fiasco, Jinyu woke up to a slightly rigid atmosphere in the area. This atmosphere quickly disappeared after that. And now, JinYu’s attitude towards the black qilin was not like the initial caution and fear he had.

Thinking of how these beasts haven’t eaten because of him fainting, Jinyu naturally disregarded the black qilin boss. He turned around to summon Xiao Bai and Xiao Xue and gave them twenty coins to buy breakfast.

At the moment, the qilin was sitting on the wooden box like an emperor, watching the relaxed Jinyu. Suddenly Qi QingLin felt like Jinyu looked much more pleasant this way than when Jinyu that had treated him with caution and danced around his every move. Although no one dared to ignore him so much, the Qi QingLin felt that he would rather be treated casually than always having someone on guard near him.

“…I haven’t eaten breakfast either.” Qi QingLin looked over at Jinyu who was checking over his beasts with displeasure. The qilin’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly. The temperature beside it dropped a few degrees. Fine, I don’t care if you’ve ignored me, but I haven’t ignored you for this long! If you continue on ignoring me, then I’ll just eat you.

Unexpectedly hearing that the cruel boss wanted food, Jinyu paused. In his heart, he started to silently criticize the qilin: you’re such a merciless beast! You beast god! You fucking boss! How would I know what you want to eat? Also, just now, did you appear to take my body’s energy!

“…If you don’t respond, I’ll eat you.” Qi QingLin’s eyebrows furrowed even harder. In that instance, Jinyu seemed to be on guard again and even more, seemed to refuse to get up. “You’re my person. Even if you run, there’s nowhere to run.”

Hearing this, Jinyu ground his teeth viciously. He turned around, facing the qilin, “What exactly do you want?! If it’s chaotic energy, you’ve already taken all of it from my body. Now I don’t have anything that would be useful to you. What more do you want?! If you want to eat, then get here earlier. Don’t hang around. I’m quite annoyed!”

As soon as Jinyu spoke the temperature in the area plummeted a few degrees. Besides, ordinary beasts began to tremble and shiver. Some of them even fainted because they could not bear the imposing manner coming from the qilin’s qi.

Such a scene affected Jinyu’s nerves. Regardless of the intense origins of this scene, Jinyu rushed up to the qilin in three steps and grabbed his collar, shouting, “Withdraw your fucking qi you bastard! If any misfortune befalls my beasts, I can’t spare you even if you’re a black qilin!!!”

Qi Qinglin looked at the hands that grasped his collar, it’s color impossibly gloomy. In a flash, the grim expression became scared—Jinyu turned pale white after grabbing his color and shouting. In the end, he fell to the ground, kneeling.

Quickly withdrawing the atmosphere around him, Qi Qinglin reached out to hold Jinyu. At a loss at what to do, Qi Qinglin put his hands on Jinyu’s head and heart to explore the situation. Only then did he find that there was a relatively pure, but restless energy in Jinyu’s body which was impacting the flow of his qi.

What the heck was this?!

Qilin’s facial expression turned dark. He clearly remembered that Wu Jia said that eating the gall of an A-ranked spiritual-lined snake would make the weakest of persons strong. How come for this guy, not only was it useless, but it even became dangerous?! Ripples of cold intensity ran through Qi Qinglin’s eyes. Next time, Wu Jia better give him a full explanation.

With some reluctance, Qi Qinglin put his hand on Jinyu’s heart. He was reluctant to give his own energy—a sliver of chaotic energy to Jinyu would be enough to support a human appearance for a day! Pah, Wu Jia really better cut it off!

“How are you feeling now?” Even though Qi Qinglin’s thought process was quite savage, he turned softer once he saw a pale-faced Jinyu. “I didn’t know you’d be so weak as to be unable to bear the energy of a spiritual-lined snake’s gall.”

So weak as to be unable to bear it my ass!! Jinyu thought. If you had just let me eat in the first place, wouldn’t it have been fine?! Now it’s like this…Pah, who asked you to pretend to care?!

Rolling his eyes, Jinyu made up his mind to not speak a word to this vicious beast.

“Qi Qinglin.”


“My name.” This time Qi Qinglin was very displeased at Jinyu’s resolve to ignore him. “Why do you resist me like this? You’re already my person.”

Hearing this, Jinyu rolled his eyes once more. Halfway through his eye roll, he saw Qi Qinglin holding himself with a genuine and unintelligible look. Jinyu couldn’t bear it and shouted it, “Sorry but can’t you speak in normal speech? What do you mean by ‘I’m already your person?’ In your view, if I’m your person, then what kind of treatment do I get?” It seemed as though Jinyu would be invincible if he were Qi Qinglin’s person.

Hearing Jinyu’s words, Qi Qinglin thought about how he didn’t even say who he was clearly but how under normal circumstances anyone who heard ‘You are my person now’ would immediately understand. Did Yi Wen also trick him?! Fine, this would be taken care of when he got back.

“I thought you would understand. Since you don’t, I can explain once more.” Qi Qinglin thought that either way, he was superior for what was good and evil. He should be tolerant of his chosen companion for the rest of his life.

“Your body can let me transform my chaotic energy. So, from now on, you are my chosen partner. As my mate, I will protect you, feed you, clothe you. Because of this, you can’t climb the wall and find someone else’s legs to hold. You also can’t ignore my existence.”


After a moment of silence, Jinyu pulled on his ear and summoned Da Bai with his hand, “Da Bai come here and bite me. I must be dreaming!”

Your fucking mate! Climb the wall my ass!! This is a terrible joke!! Who wants to love a beast?! Am I a hero? No just a common! Fucking! Man!


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September 5, 2019 2:01 pm

Hahaha Jinyu’s reaction, it would be great to see her

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Ahahaha… This two are so funny!!!

And Jinyu’s slowly getting his way up to my favorite list of shous!!!

Jinyu, Jiayou!!!

September 5, 2019 7:08 pm

I laughed so hard the reactions are the best

September 5, 2019 9:17 pm

Ohmy!!!! Mate!!!!! 😍

September 5, 2019 10:03 pm

Thank you for the chapter!
Well yeah, I totally get his reaction. Started of with threats, then assault and taking the energy by force, and then intimidating other beasts and hurting them on top of that, and then at the very end being told that “You are my mate”… WTH!!! And who are Wu Jia and Yi Wen?
JinYu hang in there until this Big Boss’s actions start to make sense. You are the best, JinYu!!!

September 6, 2019 9:49 pm

Ohh, he’s his person already!! Qi QingLin should’ve informed him at least…

Thanks for the chapter!

February 15, 2020 6:36 pm

Hahahaha Jinyu’s reaction is so funny!!!! (Not that I blame him for reacting like that)
Thanks for the translation!

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Huhuhuh I love this novel .. more like that of TLMW …finally something to soothe my brain……and thank you for the chapters

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He married beast unknowingly. Lmao.

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AHAHAHAHAHA. Dang. I laughed out VERY loud when I realized what ‘you are my person’ really meant. I thought it’s another way of saying ‘i own you’ in a mafia-kind of way. xD

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Well, I guess if I was LITERALLY going to hug a man’s thigh, that person could only be my husband… 🤔🤷‍♀️🤣

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Well that’s a shocker! Did Qi Qinglin think he understood what was proposed before? Who is YiWen?
Things are getting very interesting.
Thank you for translating.

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