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Chapter 15: The Unexplained Extreme Holding of the Thighs

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though fainting was an involuntary action, and getting knocked unconscious was a voluntary action, they had one similarity. This was that having either happen would enable a person to avoid unfortunate situations. For example, being caught and captured in bed, an attempt to counterattack was detected, or being injured and having one’s lover and old enemy appear at the same time. In these kinds of situations, no matter the explanation was given, it would result in a crappy end. Therefore, passing out was the best option.

And as for JinYu, facing that impossible to beat and emotionless, savage and cruel Boss, his body decided to make him faint. This was the best option.


Fainting was not the same as dying. At least fainting had an absolute limit. Even if one was seriously injured, one would faint for, at most, three days, unless there were others around. So, as soon as a person who’s fainted had woken up, they would still need an explanation of how they were attacked, why they need to counterattack, and why they needed to leave opportunities open for themselves.

JinYu was no different. When he woke up and opened his eyes, he was still faced with a pair of golden pupils filled with distaste. What made JinYu genuinely pained was the realization that he could not escape this bad luck. The owner of the golden pupils opened his mouth to say, “I originally planned that you would still be unconscious. I’d wake you up by stepping on you.”

“……” Could these words be any more unpleasant?!

“But it seems as though you woke up on time.”

“……” To not wake up in a timely matter…My body was definitely trying to avoid getting stepped on by you, so it made me wake up on time.

“Why don’t you answer?” The black qilin looked at the way JinYu’s facial expressions twisted. The qilin’s voice showed only a sliver of dissatisfaction.

“Eh, what do you want me to say?” Right now, his whole life was in the qilin’s hands. If he were stepped on, he’d be stepped on. Either way, he didn’t have long to live. Who would still want to talk to him?

The black qilin heard JinYu’s word and had no response, save for the slight drop in temperature inside the warehouse. JinYu let out a small cough.

Step, step, step.

The crisp but melodious sound of footsteps grew louder. JinYu couldn’t help but look back at the black qilin’s hooves because of the sound. It was then when he discovered that the owner of the footsteps was already in front of him, slowly putting out its black hooves on top of JInyu’s heart.

“Uh….” Was trusting too hard? Couldn’t you just kill him then talk?

There was unspoken criticism radiating from the hoof on JinYu’s heart. Suddenly, the black qilin, in a dissatisfied voice, said, “How are you this weak?”

“……” Enough, enough! If you say that he’s weak again, then he really will be unable to bear it! “Your body has too little chaotic energy. It’s hardly enough.” The black qilin’s voice said impatiently.
“Too weak.”

“…Holy mother of god!!!” If he heard the word ‘weak’ again, the customarily controlled JinYu would release his rage. “Weak, weak, weak, weak, weak your ass! You dumbass! You think just because you’re a god beast that I wouldn’t yell back at you!! From birth, you could breathe fire and spit all kinds of adverse weather?! What kind of normal person doesn’t have a weak part? Besides, if I’m so weak that you dislike me, I’ve never even gripped your leg and begged you for anything! Go find someone else!! I just want to live with my cute beasts for a few years. I didn’t ask for a natural disaster like you to bother me!!!” Without a single breath, JinYu finally vented his discontent.

Only when he finally let out all his discontent, JinYu no longer had any breath to spare. Suddenly, the temperature around him dropped a few degrees. However, this wasn’t the important bit. What was important was that the air contained killing intent!!

At the moment, JinYu lowered his head and was completely unwilling to look into those two pupils. Moreover, JinYu wished he could faint again but maybe because he was too nervous about letting his body’s sensory function decay and be paralyzed directly, so he could not faint.

So, JinYu trembled and unconsciously debated whether or not he should faint.


“If you faint now, then I’ll wake you up myself.”

“……” JinYu silently cried inside. “What am I supposed to do? It’s not intentional.”

“Listening to your tone, it sounds like you’ve been holding in anger for a while.” The same cold voice said, but to JinYu, it made him feel hot and cold all over.

“My um…It’s actually your sudden arrival and the way that you suddenly looked at me for help, so I was a bit surprised.”

“Am I a natural born disaster?”

“A natural-born disaster relief.” JinYu calmly explained. “I was surprised, so I shortened the whole phrase to express my surprise.”

“Young master?”

“You’re the lead master. The young master obviously listens to the lead master.” Saying this, JinYu’s head was still lowered as if there were ten purple coins on the ground. But if he looked up, he would see in those emotionless gold pupils a very bright smile.

“Then, should I find others to carry me by my thighs?”

On the inside, JinYu wept. He gritted his teeth and held the black qilin’s thighs in his arms. Then he shouted, “I’m holding your thighs. Don’t find anyone else! No one else is as good as I am, seriously!”

“So this isn’t because I’m a natural-born disaster that’s bullying you?” The black qilin’s eyes were full of laughter.

“Yes, it is! It is! It’s this young master that saw you, the disaster relief star, and am now holding your thighs and not letting you go!!!” With such seemingly incomparable sincerity in his words, JinYu’s heart wept enough tears to fill the Nile River. Meeting this black qilin has brought enough bad luck to last several lifetimes. Not only did he lose his life, but he also couldn’t even tell the fucking truth! He really wanted a dragon that could obliterate this qilin!!!

“If I don’t hold your thighs then who’s going to? A dragon?!”

The black qilin looked at that face overwhelmed with pain. Its eyes darkened, “Even if something of real dragon’s blood was born, he wouldn’t beat me.”

Suddenly, JinYu’s entire body was paralyzed. You piece of shit, how come you’re such a savage and cruel black qilin? Wouldn’t a calm and gentle white qilin be so much better!!

“So, you carrying my thighs is pretty relaxing. And because you’re already my person, if I find out you’re trying to escape…” The air next to the black qilin rose suddenly. The two golden pupils flashed with the message, “I’ll eat you bite by bite and chew you up until you’re soft.”


“Even if I was tied up, I would bite the assholes who tied me up and run back to you!” JinYu shouted with his whole body cold. The hairs on his body stood upright. “Not even the universe can stop me from holding your thighs!”

It seemed as though JinYu’s words were unsatisfactory to the qilin. When JinYu had not finished panicking, and clearly did not think about the meaning of ‘my person’ and ‘climbing the wall,’ the black qilin once again put his front hoof on Jinyu’s body, gently. “Even though your chaotic energy is too little, even this little bit should be fine.”


“Or it might be a bit sore. Bear with it for a bit.”


“I’ll be back soon.”

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” It only hurts a little bit my ass! His whole body was as painful and as dull as if his bone marrow was being pumped out. It was more painful than killing people. Only a little pain my ass!

Before the second time JinYu honestly fainted, all he could think of was that he would never let himself encounter such a beast again.

After absorbing all the chaotic elements in JinYu’s body, the black qilin put down its front hoof and looked at the fainted JinYu. Its eyes flashed with a little bit of regret…he didn’t exert himself. How could this man still ache like that? Really, too weak.


When JinYu finally opened his eyes after fainting, the sky was already light.

However, the lit sky did not make Jinyu’s mood any better. His entire body couldn’t muster an ounce of strength. His heart was in pain, and his head felt like it was spinning. It really made him dizzy again for awhile. JinYu reluctantly opened his eyes to look at the situation of the beasts. He suddenly discovered a strange phenomenon–

Why were all the lively and energetic beasts that used to behave like spoiled children, acting cute and such, all so far away from him? And why were they all squeezed inside a huge box?

Seeing Baozi looked extremely aggrieved to the point of biting its own tail like it didn’t want to live anymore, JinYu’s lips twitched. As an A-level beast, how could you lose face like this? And there wasn’t even a ferocious beast, and yet you’re trembling….

The ferocious beast has come?!

Quickly turning his head to look behind him, JinYu’s pupils widened.

Unlike the black qilin that he had seen before, right now, a man in black was sitting on a small warehouse cargo box like an emperor. Ignoring the man’s perfect appearance and figure, what drew Jinyu in was the man’s golden, shining eyes.


“You’re awake?”


“If you’re awake, then eat. Your body is too weak.”

So when JinYu saw that A+ strength white man with a snake gall hanging from his hand, and took it from him, his heart panicked wildly.

This familiar voice that made him shake with anger, the same cruelty that made beasts obedient, it was naturally that savage beast boss that should just die! But why! How could this asshole turn from a beast to a human only by blinking his eyes?!


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Starr Lucius(@celestemora)
September 4, 2019 2:08 pm

Pffft the seme is apparently a sadist lol poor jinyu good luck but at least his human form is handsom does he even realize u r a pure human so of course ur weaker then a beast or demihuman

September 4, 2019 9:15 pm

And the qilin is human now… What use does he have for Jinyu?!

Thanks for the chapter!

September 4, 2019 10:19 pm

Thank you for the chapter!!! That is one sudden turn of events. Not to mention the 180 JinYu did when talking with the Qilin. So hilarious. Another sadist… I mean forceful Qilin? We all know one who was like that, but he was also a loving husband for his wife. With how this Qilin’s emotions were portrayed in this chapter, I think it is safe to assume that, later on, he also might turn out to be a good guy/owner. Also there is something he wants from JinYu. This chaotic energy, is this the source of power in this world?… Read more »

September 4, 2019 11:46 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Human form, to better play with a suicidal little human…

April 23, 2020 2:55 pm

Je dois avouer que je m’attendais pas à ce qu’il reste !!! PERSONNE NE SI ATTENDAIT !!! (Au secourrrrrsssss 😭😭😭😭😨😨)

September 28, 2021 11:15 am

I’m getting definite LMW vibes here.
Thank you for translating.

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