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Chapter 17: Stealing a Kiss or Something

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Jinyu looked at the imprints of Da Bai’s gentle bite on his arm. There was even a bit of pain running through his right arm. He silently cursed that this was not a dream.

Just now, the black qilin, eh now he should call him Qi Qinglin he supposed, didn’t say a single word that Jinyu understood. When putting everything together, he was completely befuddled. Even if he did understand, he’d still pretend he didn’t!!

Jinyu lowered his head, depressed. He really didn’t think that he would have to escape reality like this one day. Thinking about how before…he even survived the last days of cannibalism! But now, he felt that his abilities really were quite weak.

“Why don’t you speak?” Qi Qinglin looked at the way Jinyu strangely asked the white sand tiger to bite him. Now he was gloomy again. Qi Qinglin silently watched Jinyu, completely dumfounded, “Did the energy stimulate you to the point where you’re out of your mind now?”

“……” Jinyu started to diligently inhale and exhale. He would not let this dumb beast know the truth!!

“If this is the case…Then shouldn’t you recognize me as your partner and happily say a few words?” Qi Qinglin’s cold face showed a hint of a smile. “Because of your identity, it seems like you aren’t suitable for me, but I don’t mind. Others will not affect us no matter how much they cause a fuss.”

“!! What bullshit!!” He wouldn’t tolerate it anymore! Jinyu aimed for Qi Qinglin with his fist, complexion dark as he said, “Not compatible for you my ass! In fact, I think you aren’t worthy for me!! Get away as far as possible!!”

Jinyu exploded because of Qi Qinglin’s words. However, his fist didn’t even reach that vicious boss but was his right fist was caught by Qi Qinglin expressionlessly. The smile on his face vanished in an instance. He said with the same amount of frigidness as a ten-thousand-year iceberg, “Even if you don’t recognize me as your partner, you shouldn’t provoke me. You should know that before you, the person who dared shout at me was killed instantly.”

“……” Jinyu was stunned into silence. Was there a guy even more pathetic than him? This incomprehensible god! Boss my ass! Wait until I get a hundred S-ranked beasts, you’ll be beaten to death then!


Qi Qinglin saw Jinyu’s bitter expression and the unwillingness in his eyes. He loosened his grip on Jinyu’s fist. Unable to help himself, he sighed, “I haven’t committed domestic abuse, and I haven’t forced you to do anything. Why are you doing this?” You can’t hurt me and yet you sulk. At this time boss, Qi Qinglin subtly sensed a thunderbolt within Jinyu so out of instinct he did not say the last sentence.

In reality, he and Jinyu only had an hour to get along so far. Because he said that Jinyu was a weakling, Jinyu already exploded in anger twice. Because of this, Boss Qi decided: all words and sentences related to the word “weak” would cause this fish to strongly rebound. If unlucky, he may even be hit by the fish’s tail. Therefore, he can no longer say this word.

Naturally, Qi Qinglin’s words had a much higher probability of being accepted by Jinyu this time because he did not say the triggering last sentence.

Hearing Qi Qinglin’s words, Jinyu’s expression became a bit glum. Saying this sounded just like…getting rid of “domestic violence”…why was this phrase even included? Since he has woken up this guy really hadn’t mistreated him even though he insisted that he eat the snake’s gall. He almost died of pain, but it was still this fellow who checked his condition for the first time to help him recover. Jinyu could tell that despite his words, the guy still had good intentions.

So wasn’t he just making a big fuss out of nothing? Or maybe he was just a bit overbearing? To be quite honest, if he thought carefully about the words of the guy who was holding him now, he didn’t force him to do anything, he protected him, and he wanted to make sure he was without a worry for food or clothes. Wasn’t this just like a huge purple coin that fell out of the sky? As for that “partner,” as long as he didn’t force him to do anything then wasn’t this nothing more than a title? He’d definitely benefit a lot from this, why was he thinking so hard about it?!

And the most important thing was, did he refuse yet?

Wordlessly rolling his eyes, Jinyu looked at the head of this handsome but nonsensical person. His expression darkened when he said, “You really won’t force me to do anything?”

Qi Qinglin saw how Jinyu’s attitude became gentler. Instead of thinking deeply about his well-being, he nodded solemnly and said, “Naturally.”

“You’ll protect me? Let me live without any worries about food or clothes?” This was completely added on. In fact, when a particular fish heard that first answer, the corners of his lips had already started to curl up.

“This is the responsibility of the superior.” Qi Qinglin saw Jinyu’s smile, and the temperature around him increased a few degrees. “With me, the whole Anjie, and even all other undeveloped hunting planets are at your whim. My strength and influence are beyond your imagination.”

To this black qilin boss, this kind of flaunting and show off was sure to be ignored by Jinyu. Jinyu didn’t say anything about his strength but for power? Have you ever seen such a powerful guy come out alone? And if you thought about it carefully, this man appeared very suddenly in that small warehouse as if he were avoiding some kind of pursuit. If he were really some sort of superpower would he still end up here?

However, at this time, Jinyu’s hostility and defensiveness towards the qilin boss had a larger transformed into tolerance and protection of his “own person.” Either way, facing a guy who appeared to treat you well, wanted to protect you and your people, was something even Jinyu’s cruel heart could not refuse.

With some reluctance in his sigh, Jinyu propped himself up, then twisted his head to say, “Fine, I don’t care if you really don’t have any power or if you’re being chased by others. But from today on, you are your own person. However, I can’t guarantee your protection. What I can guarantee is that no matter what kind of danger or challenges you face, no matter how much money or strength you have, no matter if you’re near or far, as long as you come, I will prepare a totally safe and relaxing house that you can have confidence in. No matter what, I will support you. I’m a bit weak, but I will definitely never betray you.” Except for his unwillingness to be pressured, wasn’t he a model partner?

Of course, Jinyu did not say the last doubtful sentence aloud to the boss. As a result, this sounded like the most loyal and warming oath to Qi Qinglin’s ears. It was very straightforward and affected his heart directly.

The pair of golden eyes darkened rapidly. Just as Jinyu was sighing over how perfect his words were, he was suddenly yanked inwards towards Qi Qinglin’s chest. In the next moment, a pair of cold but soft lips were placed upon his. They were strong but careful.


At that moment Xiao Xue happily arrived with a bag full of breakfast in its paws with Xiao Bai on its back. It saw its boss kicking the fearful beast-god that caused them to be paralyzed, the same man who had to have a strength about SSS rank. Jinyu’s whole face turned red.

“Pah! Next time if you suddenly, do that, I’ll make Baozi and Da Bai bite you.” He wouldn’t admit that just now he staggered and his heart quickened.

Qi Qinglin, who for the first time since birth had been kicked down by another, looked at his partner directly in front of him. On instinct, he wanted to change the circumstances! If this were his real card, this guy would surely be dead! Qi Qinglin felt gloomy until he saw how Jinyu’s whole face was red, hot enough to cook rice even, and his indignance dissipated. Reluctantly shaking his head, Qi Qinglin sighed inwardly. This companion’s temperament and abilities weren’t bad, it was just that sometimes he liked causing a bit too much fuss. And now he was shy too…Forget it, after everything Jinyu said to make him happy just now, he would just forget this whole matter.

Standing up, completely unconcerned, Qi Qinglin dusted himself off. He snickered at Baozi and Da Bai, “You’re counting on them? Do you want them to get a new pair of teeth?”

“……” Jinyu gritted his teeth in silence! You’re such a cruel beast boss! Go scratch your fur!! Just wait until I find a bunch of A level beasts!!

On the side, the innocently implicated and endangered Baozi and Da Bai wanted to weep. Our ancestors bit the dicks off people! We’d still be shot and hated by boss, how could this possibly be living?!


T/N: When Qi Qinglin refers to a “fish,” he’s making a pun on Jinyu’s name since it shares the same tone.


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September 6, 2019 4:54 pm

Poor little bullied fish

September 6, 2019 9:02 pm

I LOVE THIS!!! I love the way JinYu just stoped and calmly thought about his situation. He didn’t escalate things. And yes, I agree that it is kind of suspicious, why this oh-so-powerful beast-god appeared in a small warehouse, but he is a good guy. Oh, and that kiss, forced yes, but still so sweet. XD
Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 6, 2019 9:57 pm

That oath was surely beautiful. Jinyu, you can be a romantic, huh?

Thanks for the chapter!

April 5, 2020 11:51 am

Boss Qi teased Jinjin so much. I like the way boss Lin compared Jinjin to the fish, I even imagined when Jinjin used fish tail to slab boss Qi face, what a colorful sight to see.

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I was hit by the lightning when I realize, MC’s name is JinYu- Gold Fish 🐠

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