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Chapter 168: Night Phoenix

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Old QI was most worried that the two fellows would just cover up the beasts’ mistakes. There wasn’t much he could do about the other stuff. 

It was just like when Douzi told everything he knew to JinYu and Qi Qinglin. Afterwards, Old Qi could only waited until they came to save him. When he saw Qi Qinglin and JinYu he couldn’t help but frown.

However, no matter what this was still the elders’ generation. If he ignored him, then he might be killed in a fit of fury by the old man. So, JinYu and Qi QInglin battled against great difficulties and spent three days to save the old man. 

Where the spaceship landed, Jia Yi and Yi Yi were currently eating dry food. They saw a flash of white light in the distance then heard a deafening crash. THe food in their hands fell down to the ground.

“……I sincerely hope that wasn’t the boss.” Yi Yi looked at his food with great sorrow.

“Haha, you do you have your stupid moments! Do you ever think? Besides us, what other living creatures are there on this planet? This explosion was going to come sooner or later, but this time there isn’t any doubt that it must be the eldest who caused it!”

Jia Yi was mocking Yi Yi and the latter frowned and decided he would ignore the other. Life is seriously lonely. How come he doesn’t have a friend the same age as him?!

“Well! What kind of face is this?!”

“……” It’s just contempt.

“Well?! What is it!?”

Jia Yi suddenly saw that small dot from the horizon rapidly approaching and becoming larger and larger. In the end it became as big as their spaceship!

“This rock has feelings?!” Jia Yi asked in disbelief.

Yi One, on  the other hand, calmly walked around the cold dark red stone. He saluted the two bosses who were quite embarrassed and seemed to be in a bad mood. However, when he saw the figure behind the stone, he couldn’t keep calm any more.

He must seriously be fucking dreaming. This guy looked just like the clan leader! The fucking old man was still alive? How could this be possible….

“Um, well, this……”

“Heh, fine fine, looking at your face right now, we should really get the airship flying. This planet’s peace was ruined by us. For the past year we haven’t been able to come here without putting our lives in danger.”

Old Qi took command when two certain people were in a bad mood. He quickly asked Yi One to take Jia Yi to drive the airship. However, this only made Qi Qinglin and JinYu feel even worse. Fuck, this man needs to be beaten. To save him they were beaten from head to toe in forbidden area, but this old man didn’t even slow down. Obviously he had no conscious!

“Ah! What are you two idiots looking at! Hurry up, if we don’t leave now we won’t make it. I’m in a rush to give my son a beating.” Suddenly, Old Qi became quite solemn and said, “Don’t think that just because the big stone hurt you it’s all over. The Capital Star and while planet are still in disarray. We can witness the chaos at the Ten Families Conference. Of course, if the chaos gets out of hand then it’ll really be a disaster.”

Hearing the old man’s words, Qi Qinglin and JinYu managed to suppress tumultuous thoughts in their hearts. They prepared themselves to set fire to the unlucky souls. Afterwards, Qi Qinglin immediately took JinYu to the airship. As for the red stone, well it was well protected in the spaceship’s protective corner.

A silver light passed through the Wild Star Six’s sky, then disappeared.

After three days passed, at night, the rankings of the Ten Families, which was of great concern to all people in the Capital Star, was in its final preparations. However, at the time, the young chiefs of the three families were a bit absent minded. 

Because the situation at the Southern Conference last time made the Ten Families wary of their defensive powers, so this time the Long Clan, Bai Clan, and Ye Clan teamed up together. 

Right now Long Changli was in a bad mood because the people in his clan invited his father and his grandfather and cousin back so they could secretly win. In order to secure the ranking, he needed to participate with Long Changxiao as the first successor. Then, whether or not they actually succeeded, he needed to compete with Long Changxiao for the Long Clan. This made him extremely anxious. He didn’t pay much attention to the darker sides of Long Changxiao but in these days of exploration, he lost several times which finally made him understand his cousin in hiding.

Bai Ling was gritting her teeth and staring at the military. Although she and her sister thought Zhang Liangshan was better than Fei Yusheng, she wanted to take her husband to beat up the fellow after seeing how much more intimate he was getting with her sister!!Does it feel good to rob a girl of something?! This was the worst!

Night Phoenix, much more different from what Long Changli and Bai Ling thought, couldn’t help but look up at the open sky. It had been nine days since they left. Tomorrow would be the tenth day. Did they know if those two people would return safely? Or would there be unspeakable surprises?

Thinking of this, Night Phoenix couldn’t help but laugh softly. He’s been involved with that guy for far too long. He suddenly felt surprise everywhere in his life. At least, not everything was the same as before. There would always be many unexpected surprises and terrors waiting for him. The young master of the Ten Families gained too much, but also lost too much. However, the appearance of that person could show that what they lost was actually very little and make everything normal once more.

“Well, actually……that guy isn’t normal at all. And that spirit monkey has been getting stranger and stranger recently.”

Well, anyway, JinYu and Qi Qinglin’s return was the thing they were all honestly waiting for.

Thinking of this, Night Phoenix raised his head and chuckled again. Afterwards, the smile on his face froze.

At that very moment, a familiar airship appeared in the sky. The moment it appeared, it was like a premeditation. The night sky, formerly quiet, was filled with hundreds of small spaceships. Just when there was no premonition, Qi Qi rushed towards the airship. There was an explosion and roar that lasted for half an hour.

During this time, the entire Capital Star was taken by surprise.

When people saw the fiery sky they were all unable to speak. Recently they had been exhausted by all kinds of great changes, but the explosion at this moment was like a heavy hammer, mercilessly pounding their hearts.

People couldn’t help but wonder– what exactly happened?

“Dumb. Ass!!”

Some people stared at the explosion in shock, others bared their teeth and were furious. But there were also people who looked at the fire with content, smiling.

“I don’t believe that you guys can survive a situation like this!”

Tomorrow, everything will be mine!!


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“Oh yes! They died in that explosion” is what FeiYusheng is thinking. I bet that is not the case, because can an explosion like that actually kill a transcendent level master? Qi Qinglin and his mate aren’t pushovers either. And let’s not forget about JinYu’s extreme luck. I look forward to the beating of some idiots tommorow. 😉

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