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Chapter 169: Ten Great Clan Rankings
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As if last night’s shocking explosion was just a fireworks display, after that, the only thing left was it being an after-dinner conversation topic. Except for the people who were really concerned about it, no one else seriously paid any attention.

What’s more, people were fond of the new and disliked the old. When something more eye-catching happens, much of the past events could be completely forgotten.

Just like now, when the sun was high in the sky, the southern area of the Capital Star was even more dazzling and lively.

“Ladies and gentlemen! In another ten minutes, the once-in-a-decade Ten Great Clan Rankings will officially begin! Although we can’t directly participate and watch the whole process of the rankings due to a series of objective reasons, the Ten Great Clans have arranged a wonderful opening ceremony for us as well as a ten day exhibition of each family’s special features!! ”

“Everyone! How can we not be excited to be given the opportunity to approach the grand meeting of the Ten Great Clans! There are treasures we’ve never seen, advanced technologies we can never touch, and the geniuses from our Ten Great Clans! If you want to have an unforgettable trip, you must come to the South; if you want to pay homage to the accomplished talents and appreciate and learn technology, you must also come to the South; if you also want to have a destined chance encounter, then come to the south. you can definitely find the fated person you want to meet!”

Colorful fireworks bloomed in the sky and and the joint performance from all the powerhouses of the Ten Great Clans signaled the opening of the event.

Even during these spooked and apprehensive times where the relations between humans and beasts were in a state of great tension, people could not resist their desire towards this grand event. They rushed from all corners of the Capital Star, causing the entire Southern area to become lively.

And at the opening ceremony, all of the Ten Great Clans would be present. Of course, the status of the Clan Heads were too lofty, so the ones representing the Ten Great Clans were the successors of the Clan Heads.

These young men and women, in addition to their status as successors, were extremely eye-catching and respected. Their temperament, ability and appearance were also weapons that captivated people and gave them great popularity. It had to be said that most of the people from the Ten Great Clans had good genes. So now the stage was filled with handsome men and beautiful women, making it extremely easy on the eyes.

It was just that when the people under the stage only saw the stiff smiling faces of these attractive men and women, they completely did not notice the strong desire and urge to hack the others to death that was hidden beneath their smiles.

“Ha ha, really, this fella who was pretending to be sick and dizzy yesterday morning actually became so spirited like he had been injected with chicken blood today. What’s with that scoundrel realizing his ambition expression? Could it be that your mother teamed up with someone to get rid of the troubles in your heart, so now you’ve become so cocky?”
Ye Huang never had been a good tempered man. Until now, he had not gotten any advantageous clues or evidence about the incident last night. In addition, the night owl scouts he sent out did not find any trace of the two people. So now, upon seeing Qi TianCong’s pleased smile beside him, he can’t stop his nefarious temper.

If it wasn’t for fact that there were too many people here so it was not easy to fight dirty, this one would probably have been assassinated directly.

Qi TianCong had probably been lectured or taught something by Yuan JingYa and Qi YunXiao recently. Anyway, according to the norm, he should have been so mad that he flushed with anger, but now he just had an profound and mysterious (fake) smile. Ye Huang looked at his face and felt disgusted. This kid would just amount to a follower who pulled underhanded moves and he could not even support the Qi Clan even if there were ten of him.

He couldn’t be bothered to argue about it.

But the fact that Ye Huang did not bother about him did not mean that Qi TianCong would stop speaking. Chills ran down his back when he saw the contempt Ye Huang had towards him. He was spoiled and did as his heart desired since young, and hardly met any setbacks. But since Qi QingLin appeared, his world had been turned upside down. Now he was forced by his mother to learn all kinds of devious methods that he had never seen before and was severely reprimanded and trained by his father. Everything was all because of that man.

One must know that he had never felt so pathetic before!!

Such a sudden change makes Qi TianCong feel anxious and even afraid. Just when he planned to simply grit his teeth and run with his assets, the appearance of one person made him change his mind.

It was also because of this person that he would later become the Qi Family Clan Head and turn into a person that was second to none!!

Last night’s explosion had finally allowed him to put down the final gigantic stone in his heart. The man who snatched everything from him had died. What else did he have to be afraid of?! Today, that person was going to change history and become the King of the new world. He was so excited that he must speak a few words.

“Humph, after today, I want to see you crawl under my feet and beg for forgiveness!”

“…” So the nefarious temper in a certain night owl’s heart was completely ignited. The result was – he could not help kicking Qi TianCong flat on his face.

“Heavens! What are you doing?!”

A couple of people from the collateral branch of the Qi Family could not help exclaiming.

What they got was Ye Huang’s expressionless face, “I couldn’t control it. Next time I’ll pay more attention.”


Just when the conflict was instigated to the point where it attracted the attention of all the people below, a sudden cry of surprise came. The sea of people below had spontaneously parted to reveal a path. The scene of a man in military uniform striding down that straight and wide path met the eyes of the people sitting on the stage. Behind him were two high-leveled powerhouses, and behind them were three docile and obedient beasts.

“Those are Level A beasts!”

“They’re so obedient?”

“Those two powerhouses have to be Rank Ten at least!”

“Why is he here? What is he coming here to do?”

The last question was practically a question everyone had in their hearts. The expressions of all the people were uncertain as they wondered about the turmoil and unknown situations that would be caused by the arrival of this man.

Until Fei YuSheng slowly walked up the dais. The scene which had been bustling with noise and excitement fell silent.

The faces of Long ChangXiao, Ye Huang, Long ChangXiao, Bai Sha and the rest became extremely ugly at the moment of Fei YuSheng’s appearance. When walked up to them, the hidden hostility between the two sides had become extremely obvious to everyone below the stage.

“What are you here for?” Long ChangXiao covered Ye Huang and the three others. The three behind him were not able to control their emotions that well. Comparatively speaking, he was better, “Haven’t the Da Peng Jin Yu Clan driven you out of the clan?”

Fei YuSheng shook his head as if hearing some joke. “Don’t you think that’s funny? Driven out of the clan? Weren’t you and your grandfather were driven out of the clan that year too? Why are you back now? This so-called ‘driven out of the clan’ is just a kind of penalty from the strong to the weak; or a weak person’s suppression of another strong person while they were growing up.”

“I belong to the latter and I’m strong enough now. I don’t agree with their decision, so their decision has no effect. Besides, my father didn’t agree too. At best, I’m just awaiting a decision with regards to my situation. So why can’t I come to the clan meeting of the Ten Great Clans when I have the blood of the Da Peng Jin Chi?”

Fei YuSheng smiled, “Unless, you are afraid of me?”

Long Xiao snorted coldly, “I’m only afraid you’ll die too quickly here, and he’d have no chance to take revenge on you.”

Half of the people present knew who was the ‘he’ that Long ChangXiao mentioned. Fei YuSheng was naturally aware too. It was just that when he heard this, he looked upwards and laughed heartily like he had heard some funny joke.

“Hahaha! Who are you talking about? This has already progressed up to the present situation, don’t you think your words are too funny? Take revenge on me?! I’m afraid that he can’t even get a glimpse of me. How can he get revenge?!”

“JinYu, don’t you have Level S beasts under you?! Qi QingLin, aren’t you invincible?!! But now, where are you all?!”

Fei YuSheng’s expression suddenly became malevolent and cruel after he threw his head back to laugh long and loud.

Seeing the Clan Heads of the Ten Great Clans, the military, and the leaders of the government, who rushed out due to his presence, Fei YuSheng’s the bubbling brutality in heart became more and more violent.

It was the existence of these unaccomplished fellows that lead to such a terrible world, but these incompetent people still wanted to obstruct his progress after he appeared! They should have crawled under his feet and obeyed his orders from the beginning instead of looking at him with a mutinous gaze!!

“You incompetent people… Accept my baptism, then kneel down to me!! I will soon be your God!!”

Suddenly, Fei YuSheng slowly said this sentence. Before everyone could respond to his, the three beasts behind him suddenly let out a tremendous pain-filled roar, and the two powerhouses also groaned in pain.


“This is?”

“Shit! This is a forbidden technique!” The expression of the Clan Head of Bai Ling Monkey changed sharply, “Stop him!! That’s the Savage Beast Soul Summoning!! (凶兽摄魂)”

However, although the Clan Head of Bai Ling Monkey reacted very fast, he was a little bit slower than Fei YuSheng who was completely prepared. Before the powerhouses could attack or defend, they were completely enveloped by a red light. The deep and gloomy and crimson light was like an evil eye. The brighter it grew, the more it made one tremble with fear.

When Fei YuSheng saw these important people in front of him slowly turned lifeless one by one, he finally could not help laughing crazily. He had been waiting for this day for too long!! Now, all the wild ambitions would come true. From today onwards, the entire planet would surely be his. Whether it was human beings or beasts, when facing him, they all had to tremble and be respectful and obedient!!

“You all should set you mind at ease and accept the baptism. Believe me, I will give you a perfect country.”

“… Cough, cough, excuse me. If I feel that your words are not very credible, can I not accept the baptism? Or maybe I can kick you flat with one foot?”

The voice that suddenly appeared in his ear made Fei YuSheng tremble from head to toe. Before he could react and ascertain who that devil-like voice belonged to, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and then he was kicked to the ground by a certain Boss who had been choking on his bellyful of rage, leaving a hole that was neither deep nor shallow.


“It’s… you… How is this possible?!!” Fei YuSheng’s eyes were spitting fury, and his expression twisted.

“Brother, you must know that everything is possible.” A certain whale gave a pure and gentle smile, “However, it’s still better to stop daydreaming. It’s really too harmful to your health.”


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