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Chapter 167: Element V

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though he felt like twitching occasionally, but fundamentally, the former head of the Qi clan wasn’t an idiot. So after twitching one more time, Qi Haosheng recovered. He looked up and glanced at his grandson, feeling great glee. That brat was definitely a stubborn one; if he could support the Qi clan, then he was definitely stronger than that son of his.

After nodding with satisfaction, he looked at JinYu, who was standing to the side. At first, he was still nodding satisfactorily, thinking that sure enough, his grandson’s friends were also not to be trifled with, and how that brat’s spiritual strength was probably around the same as his. Tsk tsk, but no matter how he looked at him, that brat still looked to be only twenty-something years old.

But when Old Man Qi looked below those two people’s elbows and saw their hands entangled together, the old man felt like something exploded with a boom in his head, like lightning from a clear sky…

“Good grandson! Who is this brat?!”

Old Man Qi expected Qi Qinglin to try to cover it up or at least reach a compromise for his sake, but without batting an eyelash, Big Boss Qi grabbed JinYu and landed a kiss on him before he nodded. “Your grandson’s wife.”

“…” As a result, Qi Haosheng felt like this grandson of his was born to defy and torment him. Even though this brat had decent looks and was also quite capable, he couldn’t have children ah! Children! Didn’t that mean his Qi clan was going to end here?!

Just as Qi Haosheng was feeling torn over that, the black leopard crouched at his side revealed a mouthful of teeth and rolled on the floor laughing, its claws hammering the ground. It looked exactly like the spasming BaoZi, making JinYu unable to resist turning his head to check that his leopard hadn’t become black.

Roar! [Master, what are you trying to imply!]

BaoZi looked resentful. It didn’t look that stupid!

“Cough, it’s nothing, I was just thinking if you two were related…”

Before JinYu could finish speaking, the black leopard roared and looked at BaoZi with eyes full of disdain.

Roar! Aoo! Woowoo! [Fuck! You dare to look down on me! … mutants are incredible… I concede defeat, alright I’ll shut up!]

JinYu covered his face.

Old Man Qi was given a blow by his grandson’s behavior. He wanted to lecture, but after he saw the look in his grandson’s eyes, he sighed silently. Besides that one-quarter bloodline, he really didn’t give that brat much else. Without giving anything and wanting to reap what he didn’t sow, how could there be something so great in this world? They could talk about great-grandsons later; at his age, nothing was that important anymore.


“Old Black, if you keep twitching and rolling around I’ll fling you out of here.”

Cough, actually there did seem to be something that was important. But now that he was old, he always had to find something to do, right? Such as playing this dull game with the leopard and seeing who could break through this forbidden area first.

“Enough, enough, in any case, I’m old enough that I won’t bother about this. As long as you brat treat my grandson well, that’s fine. Male or female doesn’t matter. One lifetime is a big deal, you always have to find your most important person.” Old Man Qi couldn’t help but sigh. At first, he was sentimental, as if he was thinking about his wife, but then he started to howl, “Grandson, hurry up and find the mechanism to get us out of this damn restricted zone! Laozi has gone through so many storms, but if I get trapped in this little rain shower then that’ll truly be an extraordinary humiliation. Once I get out of here, see if I don’t blow this place up! And also, be quick about it, to tell the truth Laozi’s luck has really been off the charts. If you were three or five days later, I’d be dust by now.”

Old Man Qi sounded both arrogant and reckless, making JinYu unable to help laughing quietly and shaking his head. The three generations of the Qi clan all had completely different personalities. However… after looking at Qi Qinglin, sure enough he had a disdainful look on his face.

“I’ll come back to rescue you in three days.” Qi Qinglin spoke slowly. Even though he was his own grandfather and also seemed to be on his side, no matter what he was still so arrogant it made people boil with anger.

“Grandson! Is there anything more important than your grandpa!” This brat was definitely doing it on purpose. Qi Haosheng gritted his teeth. Old people should be calmer, but everything his grandson did made him feel as if his grandson deserved a beating!!

“Because you look like you deserve a beating.” Qi Qinglin responded leisurely. His expression and tone of voice nearly made Old Man Qi twitch to death. Then, he felt like this brat’s words were totally plagiarizing his! However, the brat suddenly became a little bit more pleasing to look at.

“Hee, I say, you brat’s arrogance is really quite like Laozi’s when I was young.”

As a result, Qi Qinglin’s expression completely darkened. There was no way he was like a spasming, moronic old man! He was about to drag JinYu away before he was stopped by JinYu.

“Grandfather, let me ask you something. Even though this isn’t more important than you, it concerns the entire capital star. You’ve lived on this star for over twenty years now, perhaps you know something.” Before Old Man Qi could decide whether or not to answer, JinYu said, “Do you know if there’s Element V on this star?”

The moment JinYu finished speaking, the entire atmosphere of the forbidden zone seemed to freeze for a second. Qi Qinglin, JinYu, BaoZi, DaBai and the rest all saw Qi Haosheng and the black leopard assume a defensive position quite clearly. The only difference was that it seemed like Qi Haosheng remembered that the one asking was his grandson’s wife, which therefore included his grandson, so he relaxed his guard. But the black leopard remained crouched, extremely wary.

“… what happened, was there a beast rebellion on the capital star, or did the fierce beasts from desolate stars three, four, and five invade?”

JinYu and Qi Qinglin were both startled by that. This guy was really trapped here for twenty-plus years?! Did he have a spy on the capital star?

Qi Haosheng knew that he had more or less guessed correctly based on JinYu and Qi Qinglin’s expressions. But there was a conflicted look on his face, and he glanced at the black leopard at his side who had accompanied him for nearly his entire life before he sighed softly. He seemed to lose all of his energy at once, as he waved his hand. “This old man doesn’t have that thing. You can go back. Even if the beasts have no way of removing the spiritual contract, that spiritual contract will gradually vanish anyway. In two or three generations, the spiritual contract won’t have any particular use on them anymore. So, don’t be afraid, things will pass.”

Qi Qinglin and JinYu already felt like something wasn’t right from the moment they saw Qi Haosheng’s expression. They felt as if he was sincerely worried about humanity and beasts, but still as if he was hiding something from them.


“You don’t need to say anything else. The capital star is definitely very chaotic right now, and probably isn’t as quiet as it is here. Release me from here in three days, and then I’ll stay here. Perhaps I can even create a place for humans to take refuge here one day.”

JinYu forced a smile and didn’t know what to say. He looked at Qi Qinglin only to see him watching his grandpa, brows furrowed. Suddenly, Qi Qinglin said, “That leopard is a mutant.”

Light abruptly shined from Qi Haosheng’s eyes, shooting at Qi Qinglin like a knife. Qi Qinglin lifted an eyebrow, and this time, he said with certainty, “It has Element V.”


As if a bomb exploded on the surface of a lake, causing rippling waves, immediately the atmosphere became strained. Qi Haosheng was so angry his face went dark. Sure enough, this grandson came to cause trouble!

JinYu let out an ‘ah’ after he heard Qi Qinglin’s words and looked at the black leopard as if he suddenly understood something. No wonder he had such a strange feeling since the start. Clearly this beast’s strength was on the edge of S and A+, so why would BaoZi be afraid? DaBai didn’t like BaoZi vent anger either. Judging from that, that Element V must’ve made this leopard undergo some tremendous mutation. Thinking of how a swipe of its claws made the chaotic atmosphere return to normal, Element V must have given it an extremely powerful ability to stabilize things.

Since it had very likely become mutated because of Element V, it must have lots of Element V in its body. But from another point of view, even if they wanted to withdraw the Element V from the black leopard’s body to use it, there probably wouldn’t be enough even if they drained it dry.

At that time, JinYu suddenly understood why Old Man Qi, who wanted to go back and beat up his son, suddenly changed his mind. It made sense. The black leopard was most likely his beast, and even though it had already mutated, one could still see that it was merely a somewhat aged leopard. Even though beasts lived for much longer in this world, at the most it could still only accompany its master for a lifetime. Old Man Qi couldn’t bear to see his beast have its blood drawn and its bones crushed. Even though it wasn’t like his true love who passed away, it was still a lifetime close friend.

“Ai, grandfather, tell us how did it become mutated? Qinglin and I will go to take a look there, perhaps we can discover something.” Even though JinYu didn’t say it outright, his implication was still clear enough.

Old Man Qi was slightly startled. Then he looked over JinYu carefully, finally nodding. “You brat, you’re pretty good.” He felt much better looking at him now. “However, Old Black mutated here.”

As a result, JinYu’s expression grew rigid. After recovering, the first thing he did was chase the six beasts at his side far away. Then he thought about it again and decided that it wasn’t safe enough, and he decided he might as well just send them back. 

When Old Man Qi saw JinYu’s worried appearance, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Brat, what are you so worried about? HeiZi stayed here for three years before mutating.”

JinYu relaxed after hearing that. Then he furrowed his brows and stared closely at the big stone under Old Man Qi and the black leopard. After a long time, he tugged Qi Qinglin’s sleeve.

“Ai, say, how about we take that big stone with us? I feel like it’s the most suspicious!”

After all, the closest thing to the black leopard was the big stone under its butt.

Qi Qinglin nodded without even thinking about it; he would agree even if the one next to him said to blow this place up. En, of course, his old man would still have to be saved first. He was still waiting for him to go back and beat up his son.

“We’ll rescue you, and then look for the element… there’s nothing unusual about this black leopard, you can bring it back and spend the rest of your time with it. Remember to beat up your son once every day.” Qi Qinglin looked at his grandpa, who was grinning wider and wider, before he nodded very seriously. “Deal?”

Qi Haosheng slapped his thigh. “Deal!” The more he looked at this brat, the more Qi Qinglin reminded him of himself when he was young! Except he had a bit more of a poker face, and needed a beating.

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