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Chapter 170: Daydreaming

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


What’s worse than daydreaming?

Answer: Being physically attacked by the real boss.

What’s worse than the above physical attacks?

Answer: Double physical attacks.

Fei Yusheng, who was kicked to the ground at this moment, felt the pain in his body while watching Jinyu and Qi Qinglin in chaos.

Since Fei Yusheng was born as a sensible man, he knew that there were miracles and predestined things, but he always thought that these predestined things were not for him, that is to say, he was more suitable for creating miracles than those ignorant people.

So there would be an awakening of his blood, and he would know the poisons and abilities that had been extinct for many years and even became secret. Only in this way could he become king almost by himself!

But Fei Yusheng couldn’t figure out that before this, it was so smooth. Why did he have so many variables when he was about to succeed?

Originally, Fei Yusheng thought that these variables were not enough to affect him. After all, he had hardly failed before. But the reality was more cruel than he imagined. Now, it had almost become his heart demon!

Every time his plan was broken or involved the person named Jin Yu, the first time he could ignore it, then the second time and the third time, he was furious. For the first time, he felt that there were such eyesores in the world, so he naturally wanted to solve the problem in a way that it must be killed.

But what happened?

He thought the eyesore was gone! But before he let go and laughed, this guy suddenly appeared again. After he appeared, he went to the wild star directly and wanted to block his final plan!!

If this could be tolerated, then his actions and plans over the years were not all in vain?! Even if he died, he would never allow such a thing to happen.

So, he was going to kill again!

And before today, he thought he was successful – who could live through such an explosion?! Even Superman had poison. Even if they didn’t die, they would be seriously injured and take several years to recover!?

But what was the final situation?

Fei Yusheng’s eyes were red and his face was twisted.

These two guys that looked the most eye-catching unexpectedly appeared when he was about to become king!! How could it be?! How can this be?!!

Not everyone could bear the fall from the sky to the ground, let alone Fei Yusheng, a proud man. The result of the excitement was that Fei Yusheng got up from the pit on the ground with a roar, and there was a frightening smell all over his body, which even Qi Qinglin could not help making a face.


While Fei Yusheng was in the pit, Xiaobao had knocked out the fierce beast who used to take charge of the soul, and then there was the fire washing God of Huofeng and the roar of Wangwang Wang. The people on the stage, who had lost their wits, were suddenly filled with Qi and woke up.

But when they woke up, they faced Fei Yusheng, who was furious and crazy. Several old men in charge of the top ten families saw Fei Yusheng’s state, and their faces were so strange that it could not be described it in words——

If they didn’t make sure that Fei Yusheng was a human being, or even some people had seen the birth of Fei Yusheng with their own eyes, then they were afraid that they would say that the guy in front of them was a fierce beast! The pressure and evil Qi made people feel strange and cold from the bottom of their bones as if he was even worse than the eldest son of the Qi family.

What was going on?

“I’m going. It’s a Godzilla mutation! I said you big people, if you have nothing to do, please run! I don’t know if this guy is coming for you?! I was almost brainwashed, okay?” The stupefied guys heard Jin Yu’s words and thought that the voice seemed familiar, but they didn’t think clearly. The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled were dragged to the back by the different beasts who were led by Baozi.

Seeing this, Fei Yusheng’s anger reached the top, and there was only such a person in his eyes who made him want to kill them angrily!

All of a sudden, a black firelight rushed straight to Jinyu. He was about to hide when he saw that a piece of ice and snow directly hit, blocking the firelight.

Qi Qinglin also arrived at the same time, grabbed Jin Yu and supported him, then threw out an attack.

By this time, the Night Phoenix, Bai Ling, Long Changxiao and the others had also responded. Needless to say, the big boss villain here was Fei Yusheng! At this time, even Long Changli was thinking about how to take the goods that he had given his grandson back after he had acted as the grandmaster. After all, no matter how contradictory the internal contradiction was, it was still good to be consistent with the external!

Fei Yusheng’s pressure suddenly increased.

But he didn’t have any fright. With a big wave of his hand, an airship appeared out of thin air, and then created a black spot.

As the black spots get bigger and bigger, people couldn’t help but take a breath – it was all different!! And it was all different beasts above level B. There were thousands of them, big and small!!

“Fuck! Is this guy going to rob the garden?”

Jin Yu couldn’t help grinding his teeth. Fei Yusheng was really cunning. These strange beasts were obviously controlled and they were not dead things. If they were combined with strange beasts, they couldn’t die! Their own differences would resist, even they couldn’t bear it. But now the situation was a decisive battle. If they didn’t work hard, they would die themselves! By then they would not be killed! If they died, all those fierce people on the wild star would not come here to fight again?!

“Despicable.” Long Changxiao’s eyebrows were furrowed.

“You! Don’t let Dabai bite his ass even if you know how mean he is!” Jin Yu was angry, and then grabbed Qi Qinglin and said, “Qing Qing! Go and beat him up!”

“…” Qi Qinglin murmured and said, “he is in a complicated situation. He has at least three fierce souls and four fierce blood. If I fight with him, you will not be able to bear it.”

“Then I have to look at him like this?!”

What he hated most was the mutation of the beasts!


Qi Qinglin looked at the guy who laughed like crazy in the sky, and finally frowned, “You should come out. Isn’t this the best time?”

After listening to the words, Jin Yu was shocked. Then the whole person looked bad. Just as he was trying to say something, there was a blue figure in the sky! From the sky, accompanied by a burst of overwhelming pressure, came a laugh?! So gorgeous from the sky. It fell down.

“…Fuck it! I was so excited, I forgot how to get the stairs in the air!”

The laughter stopped abruptly, and Old Man Qi ignored his image. He looked at a guy floating in the sky below, and suddenly his eyes brightened. He threw his sleeve away. Then, there was no then.

They didn’t know how long it took for people to look at the deep pit and see who the rescuer was. It didn’t matter. It was just the fainted Qi Yunxiao. Meanwhile, Old Man Jin, who had nothing to do, howled, “Qi Haosheng!”

“You old thing didn’t die on the wild star?!”

“When will you repay the purple gold you owe me?”

It was really nice to have an acquaintance back in capital star. Qi Haosheng couldn’t help laughing at the three old friends with distorted faces. Just happy to return to being happy, “Old Jin, when did I take your money?!”

“… Don’t ask, it’s true. ” Old Man Jin said to the few people nearby. Nowhere in capital star could they find such an upright guy who could refuse to admit that he owed money.

And looking at this guy, all the people on the scene thought he looked like he was smoking.

The young people thought, who is this? He looked very powerful. DHe seemed to be familiar with the other important old people.

The middle generation people thought, Fuck! The Legendary Super Qi family old man who couldn’t come back and used to be a bandit overlord?! The wild star hasn’t been able to kill him for decades. He was so rebellious!!

And the old generation, there was basically only one idea. Once the old man came back, their lives would be unstable! Especially, the young people!

As expected, before anyone could find time to remember the past, old man Qi Haosheng patted the black leopard that appeared beside him. The latter shook his tail and howled at Baozi. Then Baozi’s body twisted. In a moment, people saw that the black leopard rushed into the crazy strange beast group like he was the old one with his little brothers. They fainted as soon as he patted them with his paw. More than ten different beasts fell. It was like swatting flies. Just look… Crisp and neat!

And Old Man Qi himself slapped Fei Yusheng, who fainted under his feet, and directly woke up a dozen people with the sound. Then Fei Yusheng, whose face was so swollen even his father wouldn’t recognise him, then was thrown to Old Man Qi’s grandson’s hands.

“Here you are, watch the tossing, and throw it away when it’s dead, so as not to waste the air.”

At this point, Qi Qinglin’s mouth was drawn, while the rest of the family was stiff. Anyway, this was also their flying family member.

Qi Qinglin grabbed this guy and directly put a restriction on him, and then handed him a piece of gold. The latter tangled for a while and left it to his younger brother.

Shan Bailu looked at the guy in front of him for a while and didn’t know what to do. But he thought that so many things on the capital star were caused by the goods. He was afraid that he would lose the goods. As a result, Shan Sanshao saw the palmprint on Fei Yusheng’s face that hadn’t disappeared yet. He looked at his hand silently, and then he began to move on.

Accompanied by the numbing crackling and crisp slapping and the extremely unyielding roar of Fei Yusheng, Old Man Qi walked forward with a smile and continued walking until he stood by the fainted good. In the moment when everyone didn’t respond, he roared, “Get up for me!! Or I’ll kill you! “

In an instant, everyone saw that the head of the Qi family, who was calm in front of all the people in ordinary times, was shaking fiercely. In an instant, he got up from the ground at a speed that was not human, and said with a low bow, “Father.”

“Father!” Yuan Jingya also quickly bowed her head.

“Who is your father? I will train my son!”


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February 6, 2020 7:40 pm

Yes, train him good old man.

February 6, 2020 10:15 pm

And that was the end of the oh sooo powerful villain. Now the main point of the program: beating of the Qi dad. Yes!!! I was rolf-ing at Qi Grandpa’s great entrance! So funny! XD

Thank you for the chapter!

February 9, 2020 1:43 pm

Qi Grandpa is so funny!!
And now he is going to teach his son a lesson xD

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