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Chapter 171: New Qi Family Head

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Qi Qinglin saw his father nearly wail and concede all his wrongdoings, he had no choice but to admit that his grandpa was quite imperious and formidable indeed.

However, that thought spun in his mind and intertwined a little with his speechlessness. First of all, he didn’t want his dad to lecture him like that either. It seemed like becoming independent sooner was still quite advantageous.

Qi Yunxiao was lectured so hard in front of everyone by his own father that his face started to crumble a little. Because his old man was too powerful, he had no desire to rebel at all. When he turned and saw his second wife on the verge of collapse, his heart grew sullen, and very naturally he started to howl at his own son:

“Why are you still standing there! You’re not gonna come over and meet your grandpa!” This was shouted at Qi Tiancong, who had the same temperament as his father. Instantly, he weakened, and he ran up and shouted a ‘grandpa.’

But when Qi Huosheng saw this weakling, sieve-like grandson, he felt like there was a breath of air trapped in his throat, unable to go up or down. Fuck, why was their Qi clan’s direct bloodline like this! He had the impulse to beat this grandson of his to death!

“Do you think that it isn’t enough that the Qi clan already has a leader like you? You still want to hand over the Qi clan to a total failure of a brat?!”

Old Man Qi roared in his son’s ears: “Fucking hell, just what part of this grandson looks like Laozi’s grandson?!”

Qi Yunxiao quaked before he finally whimpered, “He really is mine…”

After feeling like he was being too weak, and his second son was even more invisible, he instantly turned and shouted at his eldest son, “Why are you still standing there! You’re not gonna come over!!”

But Qi Yunxiao’s threat didn’t make his eldest son tremble and rush over at all. Instead, it caused the opposite to happen—

Everyone saw Qi Qinglin stare coldly at his father for three seconds, before he scoffed through his nose. That expression, that attitude, it was a near-perfect portrayal of the words ‘utter disdain.’

“You!! Unfilial son!!” Qi Yunxiao was so mad that his face went red. But before he could continue  scolding, Qi Qinglin spoke coldly:

“Grandfather has been trapped on desolate star #6 for over twenty years, and I haven’t seen you show any filial piety. In any case, I’m the one who risked my life to rescue him.”

His hidden meaning was: don’t talk about filial piety; I’m much more filial then you.

“So you won’t even listen to your father’s words anymore?!” Qi Yunxiao wanted to vomit in his mind, and as he spoke he looked at his dad’s reaction. Logically speaking, his father should be the type who extremely disliked brats who didn’t respect their elders. Except Qi Yunxiao received another heavy blow.

“What are you looking at!! You’re not even as good as your son! Laozi was trapped on the desolate star for so many years, and what did you do?! When Laozi wasn’t here, you were quite cheerful, hah?! You’re telling your son to listen you to, in that case, how much of what Laozi told you that year before I left did you listen to?”

Old Man Qi was extremely angry. He pointed at Yuan Jingya and roared, “Who is this woman? Where’s the gentle, good wife and loving mother that Laozi found for you? Where’s my Bing clan daughter-in-law?! Laozi told you to treat your wife well, how much of that did you do? For better or worse, Laozi and Laozi’s grandson are both infatuated idiots who only love one person for their entire life, so how come that changed with you?! Also, when did she get in? Did you start fooling around with her before my daughter-in-law’s body even cooled?! If it was just this, Laozi would’ve endured it seeing how you’re my son, because who doesn’t have something unlucky happen to them once in their life! But!!”

Instantly, Old Man Qi’s expression grew abnormally vicious. “Do you know how much this woman has moved around the Qi clan’s estate? And do you know just how many times she has tried to secretly kill off this son you just told to obey you?!”

“Why don’t you say something!!”

Bang! Qi Haosheng slapped a hand down on Fei Yusheng’s back, nearly making him spit out a mouthful of blood. Fuck, if you’re lecturing your son, why don’t you hit your son instead of me?!

After being firmly intimidated by Old Man Qi’s anger, Qi Yunxiao’s face had already changed from being red to pale. Even though he somewhat knew that Yuan Jingya very much disliked Qi Qinglin and had even made moves against him before, in his mind since Qi Qinglin was still alive and well, that meant Yuan Jingya either showed mercy or hadn’t intended to kill him. But now that it was brought up by his own father in front of everyone else, he really had nothing to say. 

However, everyone else unanimously looked down upon Qi Yunxiao. If you’re like this towards your own son, this fool is definitely a moron!

“Father, listen to me…

“Father, even though I know that you don’t like me, you still can’t – can’t accuse me wrongly like this ah… I purely wanted to help Yunxiao – help out the Qi clan—”

“You shut up!” Qi Haosheng slapped Fei Yusheng again. “Laozi said it already, don’t call me Father, I haven’t recognized you as my daughter-in-law yet. My daughter-in-law is virtuous and warm, and is infinity times better than you scheming woman! Even the son you gave birth to, look at him, that little bas- cough, brat, in what way does he compare to my eldest grandson?! I’m lecturing my son, you have no qualifications to interrupt me, get out of my way!”

With a flap of his sleeve, Yuan Jingya was pushed to the side with the force of the energy. Her face was extremely pale, but her eyes were incredibly insidious.

Why! Why didn’t this old thing die on the desolate star!!

“Hmph, you want Laozi to die? I’m afraid that even when you die, I won’t be dead yet!”

This time, Qi Haosheng directly landed a blow on Yuan Jingya’s face, shocking everyone to the point that their eyelids twitched. Qi Yunxiao took a step forward before he was slapped back by his dad.

“This slap was for my daughter-in-law who died an untimely death. Never mind this woman of yours. Later, I’ll tell Qinglin to clearly dig up each and every one of your past deeds, and then I’ll let those bored old clan heads take care of you. As for this unfilial son of mine, from this point forward, you are no longer the Qi clan’s head. The next leader of the Qi clan will be Qi Qinglin. He and that brat can go research how to have a baby, as for you, and that second son of yours! You can come back with me and listen to my teachings every day!! When your mother was still here, she indulged you too much. Now that your mother is no longer here, you taught your son all wrong. In any case, I also don’t have anything else to do, so I have plenty of time to haul you two back onto the right path! I just don’t believe that if I thrash you once a day you can’t be changed!!”

Qi Haosheng looked coolly at his son and his other grandson. He waved his hand, and some old men in black appeared out of nowhere and swiftly tied up Qi Yunxiao and Qi Tiancong before they knocked them out and took them away.

That series of events made all the younger and middle-aged generations watching feel like their necks and faces were hurting. Fuck, before they thought that their grandpas had some bad tempers and that the Qi clan’s old man was just imperious and formidable. Now, they suddenly realized that it would be better not to have too much of that assertiveness, or else they really wouldn’t be able to be bear being thrashed every day.

Once Qi Yunxiao and Qi Tiancong were taken away, Qi Haosheng finally turned to look properly at his own eldest grandson. Qi Qinglin originally wanted to ignore him, but after JinYu tugged on him and stamped a foot on him, and he saw the old man’s extremely determined eyes, he finally sighed, thinking of everything the old man had just done. He went up and lowered his head.


“En. Enough, take care of that brat and then go back. In a few days, we can go visit your mother and grandma.”

“Yes, sir.”

After that, Qi Haosheng leisurely left. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to greet his old pals, simultaneously leaving a suggestion: hurry and come see me ah, if you don’t this old man will annoy you all to death!

After everyone watched Qi Haosheng slowly disappear, they then turned to look at JinYu, who was smiling sinisterly at Fei Yusheng, and Qi Qinglin, who still had a poker face. Suddenly, all their hearts twisted.

Why the hell were two generations apart so similar, bastards! One old man was enough. Could they even live properly anymore with another grandson?!

Clearly, the people in the most conflict right now still weren’t the observers. That was clear just from listening to Fei Yusheng’s crazed howls and malicious curses. That guy was definitely in even more trouble.

The Fei clan’s head, or Fei Yusheng’s eldest uncle, somewhat couldn’t stand hearing his nephew’s howls. In any case, today that guy had been punished, his beautiful dreams had been crushed, he had been beaten and he had been tormented. Everything that happened today had basically devastatingly crushed Fei Yusheng’s spirit, so, uh, he didn’t need to be provoked by that vicious JinYu’s words anymore, right?

But before the uncle could even walk over, he was pinned to the spot by Qi Qinglin’s eyes.

“Eh, you can continue.” Uncle Fei’s cheeks streamed with tears. His heart wasn’t very good ah.

“I say, look at you causing trouble for no reason. Now that you’ve caused so much trouble, you’ve suffered a double loss, haven’t you, and you’ve been humiliated in front of all these people too. You’ve lost all your dignity for the rest of this life, hm, so in other words you were just bored, right? What was the point of doing all this for so many years? I feel like all those people writing Mary Sue and Gary Sue novels on the light web have more meaning to their lives than you do, isn’t that right? At least they fulfilled their own YY in their hearts, if they can’t make it a reality in reality then at least they can make it perfect in fiction, right? Even if it’s full of melodrama and fantasy, at least those characters have an ending where they die happily of old age, not like you, you have a tragic ending, right.”

“… you, you shut up!”

 “Ai, how come you still haven’t understood? Your way of benefiting humanity isn’t the right way. Unifying everything under the heavens is actually something very simple, you know. I feel like with your god-like logic you can definitely write an extremely popular Gary Sue novel, so how come you insist on trying to be president or the leader of a whole race? Normally only the most idiotic people do that!”


“Oh, actually, besides giving you a path where you can only squat in a prison for the rest of your life, I still have something even more important to tell you.” JinYu’s expression suddenly grew very serious. “I’m not a person who’s extremely petty.”


JinYu felt like his own hand went numb from the force of that hit. “But if I do become petty, then I’m no longer a person.”

“Don’t use thousands of people’s lives to pave your ambition, nobody is worth that price!!”


“Go and reflect upon yourself properly in prison. And also, stop thinking about making the beasts rebel anymore. Even though we don’t have much of it, we’ve already found the primary element needed to resolve the spiritual control contract. So, the new age that you’ve designed has already ended, and everyone’s new era of peace and harmony is just about to begin.”


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I love grandpa Qi, straight to the point man after my own heart.

February 8, 2020 4:33 am

That bitch slapping was so beautiful! Qi Grandpa with just a few words set them all straight. And then another precisely delivered slap for that idiot with imperial ambitions, soooo good! And I do agree with Qi Grandpa, his first grandson and his mate can now go and research the way to have a kid, please do. XD

Thank you for the chapter!

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Hahahahaha Grandpa Qi left the main couple with some important research to do!
TYSM for the chapter!

June 17, 2020 12:17 am

Bang! Qi Haosheng slapped a hand down on Fei Yusheng’s back, nearly making him spit out a mouthful of blood. Fuck, if you’re lecturing your son, why don’t you hit your son instead of me?!
Im dying…
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