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Chapter 172: What Son

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


“After a half year of long research and a year of ferocious beast battles, this is the second time in the history of mankind that the dark invasion has finally had a satisfactory result.”

“According to the joint declaration from the director of beast spiritual contracts research and the very first beast hospital and the military, the beasts that went crazy because of the violent spiritual contracts were finally liberated and started a new life. The martial law of humans will officially be lifted today. Simultaneously, the Ten Families and the President’s discussion determined that they will start spiritual guidance for all beasts tomorrow in order to resolve the unfair contracts between humans and beasts.”

“Of course, this action is the result of negotiation between human representatives and beast representatives. Considering the freedom on both sides, after the contract is terminated, if the beasts and humans still decide to have a custom contract, then a friendship contract based on equality can be made.”

“According to the new information, a few days before all the youths on the wild planet were sent back to their parents. The one who returned them was a fire wolf. Let us be thankful it did not eat them.”

“The most recent report also mentions that a special tourist line to Wild Planet 345 has been opened. Even though many people have signed up for the tour, please abide by the law and don’t be aggressive when trying to go. Do not go along with the beast Bao Bao otherwise the tourist company cannot hold any responsibility its parents seeking revenge.”

Walking in the still chaotic but prosperous street, the screen on the side was full of reports about the progress human-beast relationships. It seemed like a certain whale had to admire the humans’ ability to adapt–

He originally thought that it would take another four or five years until humans could resolve anything with beasts.

However, right now it was obvious that he was wrong. After Fei Yusheng’s revenge, Old Qi’s return, and finding a solution to the contractual restrictions, the war which had previously seemed bleak was suddenly no longer as terrible as people thought.

Humans were limited to going out at night, and at the same time they could only hang out with three other people. After the consultation with the three emperors on the wild planet, humans set up a rescue team. The rescue team was sent to the Capital Star City and the wild star to capture the beasts that had lost themselves. After they were captured, they were first locked up. After half a year of being locked up, the researchers finally finished their search for a treatment.

Afterwards, beasts and humans engaged in a verbal battle. When the war was at its peak, there was also a night when beasts ran to the doors of the humans and pulled, afterwards they hid on the second day after the humans stomped around everywhere.

For this, humans changed countless pairs of shoes. They finally realized that the beasts were quite docile and civilized.

The humans finally conceded their mistake. In front of the extremely relieved beasts and the glum humans, the relationship between human and beasts was like a firewood and fire; they both reconciled.

Fine, it was still a bit too early to say if it was good or not. In reality, on Wild Planet 345 there many still teaching their children to kill beasts. However, for better or for worse, on the Capital Star, people and beasts had reconciled.

If a tourist company could start this business how bad could the relationship between human and beasts actually be? Well, of course they had to open a special line. Even though the original person was a related user, he still couldn’t understand the beauty on the wild planet.

Walking past an abnormally wild beast food store, a certain fish’s expression soured as he stood in front of the door, thinking the guys were going to destroy the store then leave. Pah, there are already three different beast food stores and beast sports grounds underneath his name. He really shouldn’t waste money by buying these two stores.

In actuality, no matter if the relationship between people and beasts had no effect on a certain whale; his life before and after the war were the same. However, when he thought of such peaceful days until the end of time, he reacted vehemently. After receiving the news, a certain self-described invincible boss realized that he was quite far behind.

Especially compared with a certain pitiful man!!

Right now, in the Top Ten Families’ research institute something was going on.

Long Changxiao, Night Phoenix, Bai Sha, Zhang Liangshan, Shan Bailu, and Jin Qian all huddled in a row with their beloved beasts in a corner of the hall. In the middle, Qi Qinglin and a similarly stone-faced Old Qi stood. Next to them was Old Jin, Old Long, and Old Hu. Even the old retired marshal was there.

This posture was really suspicious. These old guys are all just people who stamp their feet to cause a ruckus. Also the leaders in the corner are new leaders. Are they gathered up to plot against the wild planet?

However when they spoke to each other, no matter who it was they all felt some sort of shock running through them.

“Pah! You unfilial grandson! I came all the way back from the Wild Planet. This generation doesn’t have any sense and yet they want an important grandson. Do you think you and that fish are actually compatible?! I’m looking forward to how incompatible you two are. Urgh, you guys really just want to piss me off!”

When Qi Qinglin heard this, his entire face turned pale. A thick blue vein popped out from his forehead and he said, “JinYu is a man, as am I.”

“And that’s why I want you two to get along! Old Jin, the marshal, and Old Qu all said that now technology can let men give birth through cell replacement! But look at you guys! I just mentioned this and now that whale just closed the door and left the house?! Life is not that long!! Don’t you still want a successor?! How could you let your wife just run out like this!!”

A second vein popped out of Qi Qinglin’s forehead and he grit his teeth.

“It wasn’t you who scared him!” In the middle of the night a group of guys in white coats rushed out of the room, hands full of syringes, to poke at them. Fuck, as long as someone had common sense they’d all be scared away!! The reason he hadn’t talked to his own partner for three days was because JinYu was terrified the experiment would actually happen as soon as he opened his mouth. As soon as JinYu saw him he would turn around to leave!!

“Ha, I also think about my grandchildren, you know!”

Old Qi’s face was red. Fine, he recognized that he was a bit too hasty. However, he really couldn’t stand the way his son was right now and his partner who sat idly all day, eating melon seeds! In the past his son wasn’t a coward like this! How come now he needs counseling?!

“Did his courage just shrink all of a sudden?” Old Qi spat. “How nice would it be to have a baby to entertain you every day, and to inherit the family business and provide for you when he grows up. Why doesn’t he want this?!”

“Stop joking around. If technology was really that advanced, you guys would have unwittingly made us subjects!” Qi Qinglin said coldly to his own old man. Afterwards, he stared at the people in the corner with eyes like daggers. “You guys are like this because they all look like men. Don’t think we don’t know about this!”

“Three days ago the thirtieth gay couple underwent this surgery to have a child. As soon as it was born it shocked its father. The twenty-fifth couple’s son actually wanted to have a girlfriend! The fourteenth couple’s daughter was six when she went to the bars to sell porn! Even now, there are only thirty-five fucking couples that underwent this surgery and have had children; not a single one of them has been normal! Do you still want me and JinYu to go through this now?!” You must have issues if you think so!

This was basically the most Qi Qinglin had ever spoken since he was born. It was evident just how angry he was at this time. A group of grandchildren in the corner all nodded their heads. Of course, only Bai Sha and Zhang Liangshan smiled.

“Pah! But that child’s natural talent would be incredible! It’s not just its temperament that will be a bit different. There won’t be any physical or mental defects. It’ll be extremely healthy!” Old Qi still wouldn’t give up.

Qi QInglin still had a furious expression. “Yes, it will have enough strength to kill a cow when its three months old.”


For a moment, Old Qi didn’t know how to answer. It seemed that if he had a great grandson, well, it would be a bit risky. When he thought more carefully about this, he could sense the satisfaction in the eyes of several other old men nearby. Suddenly he became anxious. No, even if his great grandson had natural born strength but also had great risks, he couldn’t lose face in front of these other old men!

Urgh, it was just like this, especially this small point. He came over with so much difficulty, and now it seemed like he would go back without reaping the benefits of a great grandson?! So, Old Qi said firmly, “Even if you don’t agree you have to do it because I already made the arrangements!”

Saying this, Old Qi waved his hand. In a moment white fog sprayed across Qi Qinglin’s face. He suddenly became extremely depressed, his grandfather didn’t have the same vigilance as this enemy. In addition, JinYu, who needed his protection at the moment, was not there. For the first time in Qi Qinglin’s life, he was trapped by his own people.

“Haha, HAHAHAHA! FIGHT ME! You can’t, you’re early by a hundred years! Hurry up and get your blood taken. In a bit we’ll catch that fish. If you really don’t think it’ll happen then just be obedient and come over here.”

Following Old Qi, Long Changxiao and Jin Qian who were waiting in the corner both shuddered. Fucking old guy couldn’t be beaten. Good thing their old men weren’t as extreme as this guy.

At the same time, a certain fish sitting in a restaurant, eating peacefully, shuddered. There was a creepy tingly feeling going down his spine. It seemed a bit ominous, and he thought there was no way the situation could be changing now……

“Well, ah, what son. I don’t want one at all. If I give birth to a qilin, should I raise it as a son or a beast?!”


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This Qi Grandpa, I liked you before but now I’m starting to regret it. Seriously meddling in their couple life if just too much. Btw, JinYu really can hide, and you might just have serious problems with finding him if he doesn’t want to be found. Those old things just don’t get it. Argh…

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