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Chapter 173: A baby?!
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just as JinYu was thinking with convoluted emotions about the future babies he and Qi QingLin might have, suddenly three heads of red, yellow and green furs appeared in front of his face.

Calmly looking at the three teenagers opposite him, JinYu said, “My boss has not been happy recently, so we’re temporarily closed. Please come early next time.”

But Kuang Zi, Huang Mao and Lu Mao shook their heads when they heard JinYu’s words, “We are not here to buy beasts.”

“Then you guys are crazy? Or did Little Lan-zi run away again?”

There was no other candidate that could make these three guys move out at the same time except for that Lan-zi. Tch tch, looking at the appearance/state of these three youngsters, JinYu thought that it was better to be monogamous. The days of whether Little Lan-zi would choose one amongst the three or all of them wouldn’t end.

Big Boss Jin deserved to be the prehistoric existence that was most effective at provoking people. That sentence agitated the three youngsters till their faces turned pale with anger. However, JinYu had never expected that he would encounter numerous pits in future years because of this sentence.

Considering the ferocity and vindictive nature of a certain whale, the three of them had some apprehension and resistance to the task assigned by the Elders of making Lan-zi a bargaining chip. fuck, if they took a wrong step, what awaited them was the ferocious revenge of a certain fish and being messed to death by a group of a Master-fanatic beasts.

However, because the matter concerned Lan-zi, even if the risk factor of the mission was SSS, they just had to grit their teeth and do it.

However, that courage fell by half after seeing a certain fish’s domineering figure. Originally, as long as JinYu said a few more general sentences, his tyrannical air would be exposed and would have scared the three youngsters away.

But! As soon as you speak, you step on people’s wound and provoke them! Don’t be too cruel, okay! Being too cruel will give rise to resistance, okay!!

So the three youngsters who could die for love were not able to stand the provocation, and were so enraged that their courage soared—

“Big Bro Jin, I’m being forced. You have to believe me.”

“Boss Jin, I’ll definitely run as far as I can when I see you next time!”

“… I’ll make a divination for you every day. In the future, divinations will be free.”

Listening to the words of these three youngsters, Big Boss Jin immediately widened his eyes with an incredulous expression on his face. Fuck, either the three youngsters in front of him had become retards or he had become a retard! These three who were known as ‘the Royal Beast Academy’s most arrogant and problematic top students in history who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth’ would bow their heads in front of him and butter him up?!

It was too suspicious even if it was because of their relationship with Little Lan-zi.

But before JinYu could figure it out, he suddenly felt the scene in front of him begin to shake. At the moment before he sank into the darkness, he finally realized that the three had not become retarded, he was the one who had become retardedly unfortunate!!

After putting down the biggest hidden boss of the Capital Star, the three youngsters all thought that they were too admirable. They must be invincible since they could even kidnap this person?! But before they could get cocky, the three thought of the disaster that would befall them when this fish woke up and collectively swallowed their saliva. Lu Mao raised his right hand and arduously informed his cousin.

“Cousin, it’s done.”

On this end, Ling Chong suddenly jumped in joy. Facing the suspicious gazes from the several fellows nearby, he walked up to the Old Man Qi while bearing immense pressure, “That, see, JinYu has been put down, and someone will send him here in a moment.”


So the young generations in the corner of the collective called out in their hearts ‘this is Sparta!’, as they looked at Ling Chong like they were witnessing a bizarre existence. The fact that he had helped Old Man Qi dig a pit for his granddaughter-in-law was not important. What was important was that this fella dared to take the immense risk of living through bitter days after being flayed and swallowed alive, and being struck by lightning everyday when going out, by digging a pit for JinYu?!

“… He’s gone crazy?” Long ChangXiao represented everyone and voiced their thoughts.

But at least there was someone who knew the inside story.

“Cough, that, isn’t little worm trying to court Wu Ying?” Ye Huang seemed to be rejoicing in Ling Chong’s misfortune, “Old Man Qi seemed to have promised to sell Wu Ying to him after this is done.”

Everyone fell silent when they heard this. Then they silently recited in their hearts: Love makes people retarded.

After reciting it, these fellows very irresponsibly continued to happily watch the bustling scene.

Twenty minutes later, the unconscious JinYu was carried in. Old Man Qi was radiant with delight when he saw JinYu. To tell the truth, apart from being a man who could not birth children, everything else about this granddaughter-in-law was rather to his liking. Now that sole imperfection would be gone soon. He he, their Qi Family would definitely be able to occupy the first rank of the Ten Great Aristocratic Families for a long time!

Chills ran down everyone’s backs when they saw the smile on Old Man Qi’s fiance. Then watched a tube of blood being drawn from JinYu and Qi QingLin.

Waving his hand and instructing his subordinates to send his grandson and granddaughter-in-law home, Old Man Qi finally sat down contentedly and looked at the group of old fellows beside him, “He he, ha ha ha ha! Lao Zi has done it! Lao Zi’s grandson is going to give birth to babies. Now, it’s your turn!”

So Old Man Long, Old Man Jin , Old Man Hu, and the old Marshal who were stared at by Old Man Qi trembled from head to toe. They looked somewhat dumbfounded as they eyed Old Man Qi. Fuck, you could really bear to do it!

However, since Old Man Qi had already done it, these couple of old fellows felt that they definitely could not admit defeat!! So, several old fellows turned around and stared at their grandsons in the corner.

“I don’t have a sweetheart!” Long ChangXiao’s body was as taut as a steel plate.

“Neither do I!” Ye Huang hurried to speak.

“I, that, haven’t managed to court her/him yet,” Ling Chong shrank back.

“Sha Sha and I are not married!” As soon as Zhang Liangshan opened his mouth, the old Marshal roared, “Then quickly and get married!” Fuck, it’s really not easy to be wholehearted. If this kid suddenly liked men later, he would definitely be unhappy.

Long ChangXiao and the others seriously and nervously put forth their reasons to their own elders Even if Old Man Qi was not happy, he could not force them. Thus, Old Man Qi set his sights on Jin Qian and Shan BaiLu. These two can finally accompany his grandchild and give birth to a baby right?

So Old Jin felt his balls ache and felt that it was difficult to hold his grandson’s gaze.

“I’ve been researching that technique myself recently. When it’s done then I’ll give birth to a child.” Jin Qian calmly pushed up the frame of his glasses, he definitely did not want to be a guinea pig.

Thus, Old Jin happily breathed in relief, yet Old Man Qi was so angry that his beard rose up, “Don’t think Lao Zi doesn’t know that you are a beast vet!!”

With this deafening roar, Jin Qian’s original calm look instantly faded. Then, en, he was stunned by the roar. And then, his and Shan BaiLu’s blood was drawn.


“Old Jin, I’m also doing this for the sake of your Jin Family.” Old Man Qi patted Old Jin on the shoulder.

The latter almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. Fuck, you’re making a baby that can kill a cow once its born for the sake of our family?! We’re actually bitter enemies, right?!

No matter how depressed and frustrated Old Jin was, no matter how the others felt like they had a new lease of life as they sighed in relief, in any case, the existence of Qi QingLin and JinYu’s child as well as Jin Qian and Shan Bailu’s child have been confirmed today. When JinYu and Qi QingLin woke up after they were returned to their shop, come back to their shop, they basically reacted immediately—

“I want to commit parricide.”

“…” I also want to. Qi QingLin stroked his family’s little shou that he had not touched in three days.

“I’m going to take the beasts and level the Qi Family!”

“…” You are the lady of the Qi family now, okay. Qi QingLin continued to console.

“I’ve never been so cheated in my life… I want to go back to Earth. The Capital star is too scary. Lao Zi doesn’t want a son that electrocutes his dad to death when its born, and doesn’t want a daughter that goes to take a nude picture when she’s six ah, wu wu wu wu!!”

Qi Qinglin’s forehead was full of blue veins as he looked at the tears and snot that dripped down JinYu’s face as he lamented to heaven and knocked his head on the earth. He can not have a son, but his wife can’t go back to the earth!!

“This is not the end. I’ll go rip those old fogies off and help you take revenge!”

So at this moment, more than n number of moguls in the Capital Star, including Old Man Qi, felt chills running down their backs. Why did it feel like a savage beast was staring at them? En, it must be a misconception, a misconception!

One day later, the ten month long retaliation by Qi QingLin and JinYu started, and almost all of the people involved, including Old Man Qi, were fleeced till their faces were full of blood. It had reached the point where they refused to put a foot outside their house.

Ten months later, JinYu and Qi Qinglin, who had been forced to make mental preparations, were summoned by a frowning and slightly twitchy Old Man Qi and met a dumpling that was as big as a palm in the most luxurious, safe and comfortable baby room of the Qi Family.

Afterwards, en, there was no ‘afterwards’…(! Big mistake!)


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February 9, 2020 10:20 pm

I couldn’t stop laughing at “this is Sparta”, sorry, I was rolf-ing really hard. Then I was frowning at the Qi Grandpa’s baby obsession, and felt pity for Jin Qian and Shan Bailu, who were dragged into having a baby, too. This emotional roller coaster of this chapter made my day. So tomorrow we will welcome the most powerful dumpling of the Capital Star. Even if it’s parents were dragged into having it, I hope it will be loved.

Thank you for the chapter XD !!!

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