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Chapter 18: We Won’t Eat the Despot’s Food

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Jinyu used the cost of a certain keen boss biting in exchange for peaceful coexistence between Qi Qinglin and the beasts. Even though this kind of “coexistence” was more like an arrogant man and his food, the other beasts looked on anxiously, not daring to make a sound. However, this was a considerable improvement. In reality, not getting eaten was better looking on the beasts with hunger, frothing at the mouth, or being eaten.

And as the boss and caretaker of these beasts, Jinyu naturally couldn’t bear to let his own cute beasts starve. Seeing that the guy over there was still eating, Jinyu sighed. Fine, this was still the boss’s first day since he came. Since this store was to be the future treasure of the town, he could spend a bit of money.

“Hey, is the food bad?” Jinyu asked, already knowing the answer.

Having never eaten this kind of low-grade, bad-tasting breakfast without any meat, Qi Qinglin Boss heard Jinyu’s question and slowly nodded without turning around. “It’s completely indigestible.”

Consequently, Jinyu admonished, “Then why are you still eating it?! These are their buns you’re eating!”

Hearing this, Qi Qinglin expressionlessly raised his eyes and swallowed a bite of food. “I won’t apologize to you. Anything you eat, I eat.”

Jinyu instantly twisted his head. He wouldn’t recognize that he was very moved. The beasts behind him bitterly laid on the floor. Baozi used his paws to cover his eyes.

Fine, we’ll diligently become the master’s first cute pets. As a result, we’ve now been blocked by the vicious boss! We need to proudly use our cuteness again, but there’s no way we can naturally say such nauseating words! XX your OO, we need to transform into people!!

In Baozi’s infinitely glum state, Jinyu already slowed down. Looking at the guy who furrowed his eyebrows as he took a bite of fried rice with meat and eggs, he suddenly realized that this boss was not always very annoying. Although he was very dominating,…

“Cough cough, fine, if you think it’s hard to eat stop eating it.” Jinyu reached out to take away Qi Qinglin’s spoon. But in the middle of snatching it back, Qi Boss’s handsomely cold face said quite formally, “If I don’t eat my strength will not be enough, and I will be unable to protect you.” And right now there was the issue of life and death that he still hadn’t dealt with. He wasn’t necessarily safe in this environment.

Jinyu’s lips unconsciously twitched. He turned to face Baozi, Da Bai, Xia Bai, and Xiao Xue to see their collective contempt. Fiercely wiping his face, he turned his expression back to normal. “Since you want to protect me, then I cannot be unkind. I’ll lead you to a good meal. After a few days, we’ll cook our own food.”

Although beasts such as Baozi and Da Bai expressed their dissatisfaction and contempt for their bosses and almost turned their backs on them for a short amount of time, just because they could not eat a few hard words, the so-called “master-like” type of things, which was embodied in them–

 As soon as Jinyu invited them to a big meal, all of the beasts forgot about the existence of that ridiculously dangerous boss. They forgot their previous disdain for their boss. They roared and bounded over even though Jinyu’s lips twitched as he watched Da Bai and Baozi hold their heads in pain as if they had just suffered hundreds of years of ill-treatment and they were just being released.

“Shut up!! Look at your future!! Have you guys not eaten meat for hundreds of years?!”

Gu gu gu……

Woof woof woof… (We’ve never eaten meat ones, we only want to eat meat.)


“Pah, I never said you guys were vegetarian! Don’t interrupt the boss when he speaks, don’t you know?!” Qi Qinglin was surprised by Jinyu’s outburst when he was at his wit’s end. “Fine, fine. Stop wasting time. If I’m going to bring you guys out to eat, you guys first line up. Aside from last night’s newly arrived jumping locust, do the rest of you guys have any injuries?”

Woof woof~ Baozi nodded his head.

“En, then let’s have the rainbow-colored piano chicken and feathery duck stay behind and watch it. Wait until the rest of us come back to bring you guys food. Xiao Bai, can you ask the locust what it eats?”

Meow meow~~ Xiao Bai mewed after it, and the jumping locust exchanged conversation. Xiao Bai nuzzled Jinyu’s shoulder.

“Oh, also mochi? It seems like a bunch of beasts like eating this. In the future, we’ll make sure the beast store has this frequently…” Jinyu nodded his head in self-satisfaction. The eyes of the insect beasts and bird beasts (orz) all lit up instantly.

Qi Qinglin observed Jinyu and those beasts from the side. He suddenly felt very touched.

Their clan and the other two top clans on the planet would suddenly turn into different beasts due to their blood vessels. The purer their blood was, the longer they could keep up their beast appearances. Though few people knew of this enormous power of these clans, and their current clan members knew that blood purity would give them more strength, so those who could transform were regarded very highly. However, very early on, as soon as when he first became a qilin, his existence was feared and disgusted by his family. Even his father was shocked.

Because, since he was born, he had the attitude of a qilin.

And for those completely unable to change, he became others’ rides and beasts. He was imprisoned for thousands of years. It was not until he became an adult and killed them all that he had a place in the family. The most laughable part was that after these thousands of years, the family had long since accepted people that could transform into beasts. Additionally, after his birth, his younger brother, who could also change became precious and priceless to the family. The family completely forgot that when he was born, he was ill-treated even though he could also transform. When he reappeared, his father had completely forgotten about the existence of this son.

“……” Those old memories flashed one by one through Qi Qinglin’s mind and slowly made his expression darker and darker. Just as the bad smells around him became unbearable, his cheeks were suddenly pulled. Lost in his memories, he was shocked to find a smiling face with peach blossom eyes in front of him. 

The eyes were dark yet carried a warmth. “Hey, what are you thinking about? You look like the epitome of hatred and bitterness right now. Did your dad die or was your wife robbed? Did you not laugh for over ten years?”

Qi Qinglin looked at Jinyu’s smiling expression. Qi Qinglin’s eyes carried a hint of laughter, and he answered, resigned, “If my dad died, then I would definitely be happy. Also if you ever pinch my cheeks again, I won’t hesitate to break you.”

In a flash, he pulled back his hands. Jinyu’s lips twitched, and he rolled his eyes. “I just saw you staring blankly, so I wanted to remind you. Really…have you finished reminiscing yet? If you’re done then let’s go. Xiao Xue already led the beasts to take a bath.”

“You…really like those beasts.”

“Of course. I treat them just like my own sons and daughters!” Jinyu said pretentiously.

“Because they’re useful?” Qi Qinglin continued to ask and got a cold stare from Jinyu in return. 

“Don’t treat me as one of those scoundrel masters. I just think that they should be treated more fairly. Even though this world is dictated by strength, I don’t hate this kind of situation. However, I don’t think this means that anybody can just abandon beasts. In this shared existence, we are equivalent to beasts.”

Looking at Jinyu’s icy gaze and indifferent tone, Qi Qinglin didn’t feel any anger. On the contrary, the more he looked, the more pleasant he felt…Consequently, he abandoned the thought and directly reached out to pull Jinyu forward by his chest.

“……!! Holy shit!! Do you have bad ears or a bad brain? Didn’t I say to not assault me again?” Jinyu was in Qi Qinglin’s death-hold of a hug, completely unable to move. He kicked with his foot but was hit directly by the wall, almost killing him. “Hey!”

“You only said no kissing, never no hugging. Additionally, you’re my partner. Why can’t I hug you?”

Consequently, a certain fish burst with anger, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t force me!”

“So right now I’m letting go.” Holding Jinyu’s chin and rubbing his hand, Qi Qinglin’s eyes twinkled even though his face was stone cold before he let go.

“@#¥%……& holy crap!”

Viciously stepping on the foot of the black boss once again, Jinyu decided not to go with this dumbass for the time being. Otherwise, he would really burst with anger, and something terrible would happen to him! He had to eat now! He had to spend a lot of money eating meat! Best to eat a plate of qilin meat!

Consequently, Jinyu suppressed his hunger and took the same, aggressively hungry beasts to raid Anjie’s restaurants. Because he had solved the issue of the dumbass, that huge bowl-like restaurant looked too good to their eyes.

Making eye contact with Da Bai to get the door, Jinyu sat on Baozi’s back and both his eyes glowed green. Behind his back, the boss sat utterly paralyzed.


The massive roar from the tiger caused the restaurants to shake. Additionally, when the chef came out with the kitchen knife, and the owner with white slippers saw Da Bai with a considerable horde of beasts behind it, the chef turned around and calmly went back in. The boss calmly put on his slippers and walked in front of Da Bai, laughing shyly, “Grandpa tiger, did you bring the little ones to eat?”


“Grandpa tiger wants to ask, is there a discount?” Jinyu’s voice rang out. The boss saw the beasts baring their teeth and painfully turned his head around.

“Look, is the cost not good?”

Roar! Da Bai nodded his head, satisfied. We won’t eat food that isn’t premium. So, let’s be kind?

The boss bitterly laughed, going back into the restaurant. What the fuck, he’s really losing a lot of money this time!!

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September 7, 2019 11:01 pm

A whole chapter about eating and now I’m hungry! But! Now we know a little bit of the Big Boss background. I migth take some time but, I bet, soon JinYu will be able to take Qi QingLin’s behaviour calmly. Maybe even reciprocate a little. 🙂 🙂 😉

Thank you for the chapter!

May 10, 2020 6:08 am

Hearing this, Qi Qinglin expressionlessly raised his eyes and swallowed a bite of food. “I won’t apologize to you. Anything you eat, I eat.”

Sooo he can also be sweet 😂

May 19, 2020 3:40 pm

You can definitely eat qilin “meat” whenever you want, it’s just that you probably wouldn’t want to…. 😉

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