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Chapter 19: Each One Wants to Die More than the Other

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At Anjie, whenever a facility meant to keep out and deal with idiots appeared, it was quite popular.

Just take Anjie’s old men, hunters, and explorers: when they were outside of Anjie they were insufferably arrogant, but at Anjie they had to eat and shit as well.

So sometimes if one worshipped a person, or if they respected some hero or something, the best was to leave some distance—sometimes if you knew what your idol ate, drank, shit, farted, or hit the feeling would be even more shocking than a thunderbolt.

So distance gives birth to beauty. This ancient saying really isn’t trying to trick anyone.

In conclusion, since Anjie’s people all eat and shit, all public places like hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and task trading centers were rather loud and messy. However, this kind of rambunctious spectacle was a slightly higher grade compared to those outside of Anjie.

In actuality this was Anjie. Anjie’s dumbasses had nothing excessive experience and excessive strength. Because of this, fighting and butt-biting in crowded places was a daily drama. Similarly, these places were also the focus of the attention of the Street Safety Office. For better or for worse, the honorary title of “The Most Peaceful Street” was given to Anjie for the past hundred years. This honor only brought a little bit of order or Anjie’s Operations, but it was still good that it was like this. If it were too violent, there would be no one to keep things in order. Otherwise, Anjie’s men with their headaches would surely group together and–

Pah, is it easy for you to cleanse the underworld? How about finding someone to beat up!!

So, everyone always knew about the spectacles at Anjie’s restaurants.

However, most people knew the situation had become a bit strange. In the past, even if one stood outside the window, people walking by could hear the commotions in Anjie. Now, not a sound could be heard outside of these restaurants. In addition, the eerie silence was like there wasn’t a restaurant that existed at all. All the dumbasses of Anjie knew that Anjie’s idiot repelling public buildings went the whole twenty-four hours a day without rest, from morning until night.

So, unable to hear the commotion of the restaurants, the bored dumbasses of Anjie were suddenly faced with a rare situation. In a flash, they became very curious. So, the dumbasses originally unwilling to eat in the restaurants excitedly rushed into Anjie’s restaurants.

And then these idiots were paralyzed. Moreover, they simultaneously slapped themselves.

Call you curious!! Call you cheap!! You went into the restaurant without thinking about the reason and now caused a huge fuss!!!

At the moment, these miserable dumbasses were faced with a horde of beasts with their bloody mouths wide open. These beasts ranged from all kinds of levels, and all sorts of sizes. However, the excitement in their eyes was surely bloodlust!! They were surely about to be eaten!! Curiously killed the cat as the saying goes, but they absolutely did not want to experience this first-hand!!

“Owner! Let me get five servings of these beasts’ favorite foods! Then let me take ten mochis to go!” Jinyu sat down next to the third row of beasts, arrogantly ordering food. As for the dumbasses of Anjie that suddenly ran in and were paralyzed to the spot, Jinyu chose to ignore them.

These guys definitely wanted to dine and dash, hehe, how depressing.

“Also! Remember to give me the cost price!!”

In a flash, the formerly peaceful restaurant reached a level of silence where the drop of a needle could be heard. At this moment, the food in the mouths of the people who came to eat, suffered because it turned bitter.

The things inside Anjie’s idiot-repelling buildings were unreasonably expensive! If it was two to three times more expensive than things outside of Anjie, that was because the owners were happy and gave a discount. Usually it was five to six times the price, and even more, Anjie’s old guys and strong ones were still pleased to come here for dinner. Anyway, it was more trustworthy and quiet than the establishments outside–

This silence was directly because of the lack of star-chasers and murderers. In reality, the strong all had people they looked up to. And the enemies of the big guys were everywhere in the world.

So, when the old guys and strong guys who usually ate food at five to six times the price suddenly heard that the manager was willing to sell at the cost price, they thought these goods better be thrown, and people better die. These kinds of extreme emotions tormented them until they wanted to explode!!

However, when they cast angry eyes on the culprit, they were faced with the wary gaze of several beasts, rustling, and ready to fight. And that boy dressed in black behind the culprit looked at them lazily. In an instant, they were utterly defeated and continued to eat the food that was probably ten times more expensive. These fucking beasts were too scary! They’d have to buy another one or two tomorrow! Even if they didn’t have the strength to fight well, it’d be fine to haul them around town!

The people who said this were the most adaptable and strongest. Those that were currently eating, and those dumbasses that just rushed in and were paralyzed with shock slowly delayed coming over. Adding to the fact that Anjie’s dumbasses were feeling daring, once they confirmed that the beasts with large mouths of blood were collectively waiting for meals, their formerly paralyzed bodies could now move. The first thing these people did was rush out. At the same time, Jinyu led the thirty beasts to become key investigators to pay attention to the qilin and defend and inform Jinyu about him. Some people were bold enough to go to the remaining vacancies and sit down, pretentiously ordering meals, ready to continue observing the enemy.

In reality, Jinyu’s origin was a bit weird. Besides, his strength was a bit lacking. Even though he was rather mild, he shouldn’t become an opponent, but when he lead thirty beasts who listened to him! This really gave them brain damage!

And while Jinyu was ordering food for his beasts, he completely forgot about the boss at his side. What surprised Jinyu was that this guy did not flip out, but rather his eyes turned cold as he said, “Hey. Your way of thinking isn’t right.” Qi Qinglin furrowed his eyebrows then continued, “According to the food chain here, you should be getting food for me first.”

In a flash, those happily waiting beasts began to tremble.

“Moreover, as my partner, you should first order food for me!” This sentence was spoken with a voice even colder than the last. Furthermore, Qi Qinglin’s previous sentence made goosebumps stand up on the beasts, Jinyu, and even the eavesdropping people. “If you’re like this next time, I won’t mind biting these beasts all over. Or do you think drowning is more fitting?”

Qi Qinglin’s face and mood told Jinyu that these beasts were absolutely unparalleled. Even more, the atmosphere of these goods were unprecedented. Those beasts waiting for food on the side were timid and close to freaking out.

“Hey… in my view, I didn’t really forget. Even more, this is our first time coming here. What about for the boss and chef who didn’t understand, what if the food accidentally had poison in it? So these guys are taste-testing for you first, really.”

Jinyu’s words made Baozi unable to hold back a pitiful howl. It sounded incredibly tragic, but to the boss, it sounded like happiness.

With a gentle nod, Qi Qinglin saw Jinyu’s dark expression had a slightly pleasant look. “I’ll accept your explanation.”

Hah…Jinyu and the beasts let out the breath they were holding.

“But next time, don’t use such a second-rate explanation.”

! Jinyu almost exploded with anger. You’re the second-rate one! You and your whole family!

“Manager!! Get me fifty servings of your most expensive signature dish!! It should have qilin meat!!”

Jinyu indignantly ordered the food and increased the order by tenfold. As for qilin meat, it was whatever he wished!!

Qi Qinglin watched how Jinyu’s lips twitched noticeably. His partner was timid, already thinking of kissing him. And for qilin meat, how would that taste?

At that moment, the chef, manager, and waiters in the kitchen turned their grief and anger into strength. One frenzied vegetable cutter almost cut through the chopping board while the other gritted his teeth and held his snippers, “Make all the other orders according to the cost of when an SSS-ranked beast makes a surprise attack!! From that group of beasts and the loss they’ve brought, I’ve never had this much of a commotion!”

“Manager, what about qilin meat?”

“Damn! Can you not replace it with a qilin deer! Then write qilin on it! You dumbass!!”

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