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Chapter 25: The First Sale

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Facts have proven that if a person was unlucky, he would continue to be unlucky unless he reached the point where bliss came out of the depth of misfortune.

And this Mogul KuCha who was widely known as the unluckiest in Anjie (暗街), began to worry and nervously bawl in his heart after his blunder of congratulating with ‘I hope you have a child soon’.

t/n: KuCha literally means underpants.

What was strange and puzzling to everyone was that Boss Jin, who was supposed to be so angry that he would lead his beasts to rush up and bite people to pieces, had no hint of anger at all. Moreover, the guy next to Boss Jin, who clearly looked like Boss Jin’s mistress/lover, er, partner, even raised the corner of his mouth slightly?!

A certain mogul with the hawk-eyed bloodline swore that he definitely saw that BOSS-level character laughing! Laughing!!

Could it be?!! Had Boss Jin figured out how two men could give birth to children?! This was certainly the most amazing achievement that could win one both the Ancient BianQue Medical Award and ShenNong Life Award! !

Therefore, all the moguls stared at them. Big or small eyes, upwards turning or droopy eyes, all looked straight at JinYu waiting for the result of their conjecture. It was just that they, who had been extremely expectant, became overexcited, and totally forgot the one thing that was nearly regarded as a motto, and after this incident had been finalized as a motto—

Your sister ah!! Even if it could be believed that Asians were more amazing than the New Humans, bloody hell, one can’t have any unrealistic fantasies about any of Boss Jin’s behavior!!

Otherwise, the consequences would be as they were now…

Jin Yu looked at the trembling Mogul KuCha who was wearing tightly-fitting underpants and beamed, “Thanks for your good advice. I will find companions for the cute beasts in our shop as soon as possible and let them have babies… In addition, as the person whose message of congratulations I appreciated the most today, I would like to express my heartfelt wishes that you and your lovely pet would have a child soon… The delivery will be handled by our store. You can rest assured that we will not discriminate against love between different species. After all, this is also a deeply touching love ah~!! Don’t you think so?”

The mogul heard the words and instantly felt like his HP had been KO-ed. He looked around at the surrounding moguls. They had immediately put a distance of N meters from him and had a look of condemnation in their eyes that said ‘You beast! You didn’t even let your own beast off!’.

He took a deep breath, inhaled and exhaled, inhaled and exhaled, “Shit!! Lao Zi only likes women! How could Lao Zi possibly court my own beasts if I don’t even go and court men?!! Lao Zi doesn’t engage in bestiality!! Lao Zi is absolutely the most normal man ah!!”

Jin Yu smiled and nodded when he heard this, “Yes, yes, you are a normal person. You can rest assured, I understand it completely. We will not discriminate against you. Remember to be nicer to your beast. Don’t let it be lonely ah~”

“…” Hearing this, this Mogul KuCha felt like weeping but had no tears as he looked at his mistress who kept a distance of one meter from him. He feebly choked out, “Lao Zi, Lao Zi is really a normal man.”

This time, all the moguls sympathetically eyed him and nodded, “You can rest assured. You are really a normal man. We understand it. You can rest assured!”

At this point, Mogul KuCha vomited a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground. Your ass! It’s because your understanding is abnormal that Lao Zi cannot rest assured!!

No matter how serious and painful the consequences of the slip of the tongue caused by Mogul KuCha was, this fella probably would not have the courage to go out anymore in this period. After this event, which caused a great psychological shadow to all the moguls concluded, they let their underlings and little brothers pass on the monetary gifts that were handed over to JinYu with great grace and courtesy.

JinYu had planned to tactfully refuse the gift as compensation towards that Mogul KuCha. However, he accepted it upon seeing the latter crying his heart out, mainly because the reason this fella gave was such a pit that it made JinYu’s hand itchy—

“Boss Jin, please accept it! Otherwise, I would worry about rumors being spread that I’m having a love affair with an alien plant when I wake up tomorrow morning. That’s would really be too tragic.”

Damn it, would this Boss be able to toss you around like this if you hadn’t wished for Lao Zi to have a child soon? Jin Yu shot him a contemptuous look. He accepted the gift and gave a slight bow of thanks to the moguls who were awakened by his ruckus, “Anyway, thank you for coming to the opening of the shop today. I won’t continue prattling on. If you have any matters concerning the needs of the beasts, I will definitely not hesitate to help! In addition, if you have a beast that is seriously injured or disabled, please do not abandon it. The shop will certainly look after it till its death on your behalf. Thank you so much everybody. That is all.”

It was only until now that all the moguls felt that they were really participating in the opening of a beast pet shop from when JinYu’s store began opening. Thinking it over, it was only when JinYu said those words that they had the slightest feeling that it was a beast pet shop.

However, many moguls and experts also attained a little information after hearing JinYu’s words. They had some conjectures about JinYu’s abilities. Since Jinyu had just said ‘help’, these big shots and experts that had already perfected their comprehension could be sure that had JinYu was able to treat some of the difficult and complicated diseases of the beasts although they could not prove it.

That alone was enough for them to attach importance to JinYu. Not to mention that this Boss Jin was surrounded by five A-Level beasts and a super-BOSS who knew the leader of Anjie. These could almost be considered as a frighteningly solid backing. Therefore, how they would treat this newbie who came to Anjie not long ago had been determined by these big shots and experts from today onwards—

Fuck! Of course, they would treat this guy as a golden mountain that was full of steel thorns. Since they had to attach great importance to greedy eyes, they also had to be extremely cautious!!

After sighing, the moguls left either with company or alone. When they were leaving, one green and one yellow beast rushed out from the passageway of Anjie. Before JinYu could respond, the hedgehog-haired Cheng Liang that was sitting on the Big-Tailed Wolf laughed and shouted, “Brother Jin-zi! Congratulations on your opening today! We’re here to give you a gift!!”

In the next moment, JinYu saw a big car behind Little Green. Inside the car lay a pile of at least a dozen disabled beasts… The corner of JinYu’s mouth violently twitched in an instant.

Fuck!! Were they here to give him a congratulatory gift, or here to ruin his business?! Did they think he did not need to spend a lot of mental energy for all these disabled beasts?!

At this time, the Big BOSS Qi QingLin, who was besides JinYu, also had a stormy look on his face. He looked Cheng Liang with a glare that was chilly enough to kill. When this eyesore opened his mouth, the first one he called so intimately was his partner and he even brought so much useless garbage?! He knew his partner’s character too well. Even if JinYu was angry now, he would honestly and wholeheartedly treat these disabled beasts afterwards. So! ! When would he get the Chaotic Primordial Qi that he needed to be able to restore him to his original state again?!

This was evidently highway robbery!!

Bloody hell! This guy was courting death!!

BOSS Qi got angry and suddenly a dreadful pressure filled the area around him.

At the same time that BOSS let out his aura, a cold glint shone in the eyes of the four most loyal subordinates Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding at the same time. In the next moment, four daggers that had different styles and colors yet with the same degree of extreme danger appeared directly in front of Cheng Liang who felt a little schadenfreude while happily sitting on the Big-Tailed Wolf. The daggers unwaveringly pressed against his neck, preventing him from moving an inch.


“Ah Liang!!”

Seeing these four strange killers suddenly appear by Cheng Liang’s side, the pupils of Li Xiao who was hurrying after Cheng Liang contracted. At the same time, his whole body was on guard. It was just that the aura that came off these four people was too dangerous. He was not even a match when fighting one, let alone all four… But…

As Li Xiao gritted his teeth and prepared to launch an attack, he suddenly heard JinYu’s helpless voice, “Hey, please restrain your men a little! Big Brother Li is my friend. Without him, I would not have an easy time in Anjie in those early days.”

Although Qi QingLin was reluctant to let him off, he signaled those four with his eyes. It was just that Qi QingLin asked skeptically after that, “You guys didn’t do it, did you?”

This remark made Jia, Yi, Bing, and Ding stagger in an instant. JiaWu’s foot even stepped directly onto BingHei’s foot. DingBai sighed and turned his head, deciding not to see the unfortunate picture his master painted.

“… …Fuck!! You’re the one that does the whole world! !” JinYu’s hair stood up in anger and he stomped on Qi QingLin’s foot. At the same time, he thought about letting DaBai or BaoZi come and ferociously bite the buttocks of this fella. However, he was utterly helpless as his two most powerful beasts actually collectively pretended to be dead. JinYu was so furious that he stomped on Qi QingLin’s foot a few more times.

“Cough cough!” As Qi QingLin good-for-nothing advisor among the four, YiWen naturally wanted to resolve a difficult situation for his master at the most critical time. He pushed his glasses up and said to the confused Li Xiao and Cheng Liang, “Greetings, I am YiWen. I am Boss Jin’s partner and also that person’s subordinate. Nice to meet you, please take care of me.”

Thus, Li Xiao and Cheng Liang had a – 0 – expression.

“XiaoJin?” After Li Xiao recovered, he looked at JinYu. The latter speechlessly nodded, “Tch, I’ll explain the details after we go inside… Anyway, you don’t have to think too much.”

Hearing this, Li Xiao’s eyes and mouth twitched. The hell! How can Lao Zi not think too much in this sort of situation?!

While Cheng Liang and Li Xiao were fantasizing about the countless kinds of dog-blood and heaven-shaking stories about the current situation, DaBai suddenly stood up and barked at a lamp post next to them. Therefore, everyone’s gaze were focused on that place. In the next moment, a blue-haired youngster who looked quite feeble and had such a weak sense of existence that it was off-the-charts appeared next to the empty lamp post. With everyone’s eyes on him, he looked straight at JinYu and said, “Y-y-y-you are the owner of this store? Pl-pl-pl-please sell… a combat beast to me!


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