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Chapter 26: Beast Adoption Agreement?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

If on the first day of business, someone came to talk about business, the owner would give a fairly big smile. If the first person bought from their store, using the golden balance, then they would say some fantastic words.

But the idea and reality always belonged to a pair of happy enemies. When Jinyu saw this almost empty-eyed blue-haired teenager, he almost let the Baozi bite his ass with a shake of his hand.

Fuck!! What was this fragile sense of existence and sudden thriller? Was it absolutely a power of this kind? This person must have thought he was easy to fool!

Jin Yu, like the others, saw the blue hair teenager strangely and finished the yelling in his heart after getting mad. He threw off Boss Qi QingLin’s hand from his shoulder, and walked up, smiling as he held out his right hand.

“Hello, I’m Jinyu, the owner of this store. You can call me Boss Jin. Do you want to buy a beast? So, what do you want to buy? Why don’t we go inside and talk?”

The blue-haired teenager seemed to be very unused to Jinyu’s rather friendly attitude, and he was somewhat flattered, and even dazed by Jinyu’s peach blossom eyes. He nodded a few times, went straight to the store, and then bumped into the two vases that Mogul KuCha had just sent.

Well, this first customer seemed a bit unnatural… Well, that’s an excellent way to fool around, wasn’t it? Jin Yu’s thought was of self-comfort. Others looked at the blue-haired teenager with sympathy in their eyes.

After entering the beast store, the blue-haired teenager was shocked by the elegant decorations and furniture. Even though he looked a little dull, a guy who could walk alone through Anjie without getting any wounds would not be a naive chickling in the world. So, the blue-haired teenager looked around the room and determined the strength of this shop. Because of this, he was still a little worried, but now he had some expectations. He had a hunch that they would have all the beasts he wanted.

Jinyu and Qi QuigLin sat on the main sofa, opposite of the blue-haired teenager. While Bing and Ding stood behind Qi QingLin dutifully, sitting on the couch on both sides were DaBai and BaoZi. After that, several A-level and A+beasts lay at their feet, while Jin Yu held one in his hand, two under his feet, and one behind his back… It looked quite impressive.

“Hello! I’m, I’m Lan. Boss Qing, you can call me Lanzi. I want a beast that can cooperate with me, okay?” Lan was very excited when he opened his mouth. His small expectant eyes were staring at Jinyu, which almost made him unable to resist. Blue? How appropriate!

With a slight cough, Jin Yu said with a professional smile, “Since we are a beast store, we naturally want to find a good owner for the beasts. But LanZi, you should at least make it clear what kind of race, rank, and ability beast you want. Otherwise, there are so many kinds of beasts. I can let you meet them one by one. Go ahead.”

LanZi sniffed at the words and then nodded with some embarrassment, “That, that, I’m sorry, I was a little too anxious. I, I, I want a beast that I can cooperate with… Well, in a nutshell… Yeah, I want them to be like me…”

With this, all the others were silent.

It must be their wrong way of understanding! Does this blue boy want to find a beast that is as unnatural as him, as non-existent as he is, and then suddenly appears to be thrilling?! Ahh! Not to mention that Jinyu was a local semi-boss, even as the native Qi QingLin and Li Xiao, they couldn’t imagine any exotic beasts that would be like this fellow.

Jin Yu drew his lips in fiercely and felt that he needed to be acquainted with his business. Now, this situation was too embarrassing for him; he even had a recommended choice!!

Jin Yu’s smile was a little reluctant, and his body was a little stiff. The boss was a bit uncomfortable, so the pressure was a little low.

As Qin QingLin’s No. 1 Teacher, YiWen immediately laughed and said, “So, what do you think of invisible bats? They can hide.”

LanZi looked at YiWen with a little contempt at the moment when he heard his words. He was earnest and calm and said, “I am not invisible.

The implication is that I’m invisible, and you want the fur of my beast to be invisible?! I’m not a bat! I’m looking for a beast that is similar to me, but not an invisible bat!”

…YiWen’s corner of his lips lifted.

But when Jia WuBai looked at Yi Wen, he felt a little miserable. He wanted to speak, but in the next moment, LanZi’s expectant eyes were at his throat, and he could not say half a word. Damn! Don’t look at me so expectantly! I don’t want to be expected first and then despised calmly by you!!

When the atmosphere was turning stiff and awkward to a certain extent, suddenly a little humming came from Jinyu’s arms.

Then JinYu bowed his head with everyone, as he pulled his mouth hard in a line, LanZi’s eyes were bright in an instant! Looking at the little wolf, who didn’t know when it appeared and who was still unknowingly pushing away at XiaoBai in his bosom. He was now throwing his head and tail up and staring out with big eyes. JinYu felt that this pup was a gift for the wolves to the dog clan. What’s more, it was not a critical point. The crucial point was, how did this pup squeeze Xiaobai away silently when he was holding Xiaobai in his arms? It wasn’t even ruthlessly scratched to death by Xiaobai?!

On the contrary! He didn’t feel at all!! On the contrary! No one noticed it!!

This was like a beast copy of Lanzi!! Was this true? Absolutely!! How could there be such a coincidence?

Jinyu, who was still in shock, suddenly looked down at the baby wolf in his arms. The latter groaned and groaned with his paws on Jinyu’s chest, then rubbed his head around him. Baozi said that the seller would like it very much. Then it had meat to eat and milk to drink!

Silently stretching out his hand and rubbing the wolf’s head, Jinyu looked up at LanZi. At this time, the latter’s eyes had entirely adhered to the body of the baby wolf, excitement flashing in his eyes. It was estimated that if XiaoBai were not baring his teeth, the baby would have directly rushed over!

Holding the wolf’s body in both hands, Jinyu turned it around, raised it and put it in front of LanZi when the wolf’s head was askew.

Then the pup moved left.

The blue-haired teenager’s eyes moved to the left.

The pup moved right.

The blue-haired teenager’s head looked to the right.

Baozi howled, looked up and lifted his claws on the intact right eye. He felt that he could not tuck up his paws. Moreover, he thought that the baby he had brought back was seen and forced over. It’s only been one day! Although he had previously abandoned the baby wolf, which was dull and troublesome, he was looked up to. Baozi felt that he wanted to bite this person.

Now the appearance and expression of Lanzi were telling Jinyu and others that he was quite delighted with the budding baby wolf in front of them. The ghostly presence of this baby wolf made Jinyu admit that this pup was very suitable for this blue-haired teenager.

Just as Baozi thought, the baby Coyote had just been picked up and had not yet gained weight. It was loved by people and was still so small. XiaoDa, who always had spoiled beasts, was reluctant to give up.

“Cough! That…”

“En!” Lanzi looked at Jinyu with high expectations.

“Well, you’ve got it in your eye, haven’t you?” Jin Yu was unable to look at the shining eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes! I, I want it! It, it… I am sure that it will fit in very well with me!!” Lanzi almost traveled all over the capital Star’s large exotic beast stores, in practically hopeless obedience to uncle’s words he had come to Anjie. Once he found the unusual beast he wanted to find, he was in an excited mood. “How much, how many, purple gold coins, I will pay!”

If it were a bigger beast, Jinyu would laugh at this statement. But now, Jinyu just nodded slightly, “Money is not the most important thing.”

“Ah?” LanZi was a little confused about the situation. Generally speaking, didn’t bosses like money very much?

“You want to make the kid like you, and there are several rules about beasts in our store. Although there is no sign on the first day of opening, we hope you will abide by them.” Jin Yu said, put the baby wolf on the head of Baozi, and then looked at Xiaobai.

The latter mewed and rushed directly into the herd. About ten minutes later,  he came out with a contract for the adoption of a beast.

Jinyu took over the contract paper, and at first, glance almost threw out the cup in his hand.

<<Article 1 of the Agreement on the Adoption of Beasts:

Every beast has a few days in a month that he doesn’t want to work, so please be self-reliant during those days.>>

Fuck!! Could they be any more shameless with these common goods?!

Jin Yu coughed twice and went on to look at the second point.

Shit! There were more?!

<<Article 2 of the Agreement on the Adoption of Beasts:

Every foreign beast is an angel with broken wings. So, to be kind as an angel, please take them for a top-class meal every month. You can’t hold a beast well without gold coins.>>

Jin Yu’s hand trembled with the magnificent paper, took a deep breath, and turned around, looking at the group of beasts sitting beside him, glaring at them.

“Write it again for Lao Tzu!” Fuck! What was this shit about angels with broken wings? How many days were there in a month? Did they think this was an ancient internet novel?! Lao Tzu is so annoyed! Shut your little black mouths!! Shit!!!!

Not knowing when to appear, these ghosts squeezed together, heads up, tails flicking as they stared out with eyes hoping to sell their cuteness.


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September 15, 2019 5:19 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHA these beasts 😭
Thanks for the chapter!

September 15, 2019 10:56 pm

Boss Jin you need to teach your beasts about how to construct agreements, beacuse this is too funny to look at. ROFL.

Thank you for the chapter!

January 1, 2020 4:39 am

Do I think this is an ancient internet novel?
I wonder?

September 29, 2021 7:21 am

Who is LaoZu? The blue haired customer is Lan/LanZi.
Which beast is XiaoBai? I can’t trace it back; if it’s the ‘two-tailed white might cat’, wasn’t that named XiaoXue?
Names are complicated to identify at times.
Anywho, first adoption success and it’s the abandoned wolf/coyote (change again) pup, which is great.
Thanks for translating.

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