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Chapter 24: Business start!! An early baby?!

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Talk was of this for the past five days and Anjie’s bigshots were exhausted.

In actuality there weren’t any beasts to collect the trash. The biggest disaster had already found a house, and after a few days, they started living there. It was only afterward, within the last few days did they feel tired. Even though they heard the gossip from their own underlings and the Eight Diagrams Exclusive Intelligence, all they heard was that the walking disaster opened up a new beast store. But didn’t this planet open up a new store every day?!

So, they didn’t have to care about this too much. At most on the day he opened shop, they would send a basket of fresh flowers to be friendly.


Not all fucking new stores were so cute and festive enough to trick people into liking them!! This was something that shocked Anjie’s bigshots out of their dreams. When they were enjoying some intense sports, they were interrupted by the loud smashing of glass, or when they were eating breakfast and shaken directly. This was regarded as one of their lifelong mottos, never to be forgotten, deeply imprinted on their hearts–

Holy shit, I’d hate to start a new business!! Especially a beast store business!!!

Since then there had been many beast stores opened on the bigshots’ territories which had all been restricted by various quarrels. This last bit was not worth talking about.

However, the current situation was that the sour mood big shots, who made their underlings open the door to see the situation, saw—each beast unparalleled in excitement, rolling around and doing somersaults and showing off their cuteness to bring them to the beast store. If they resisted…

The daily beasts used different kinds of expressions and tears to sell their cuteness and danger. The fighting beasts, like Baozi and Da Bai and Xiao Xue, directly grabbed the big shots by their collars. They followed the small beasts with the big shots hanging from their mouths directly.

“….Fuck! I’m still wearing my pajamas!!” The big shots who were dragged to the store by the beasts shouted lividly.

However. when one of the bigshots saw that the guy next to him was a sworn enemy but still an ally wearing tight underpants was also being brought over by via a beast’s mouth, the guy’s face became red. After his mood improved he laughed and shook Jinyu’s hand, saying, “Manager Jin you’re too good!! I’m going to send you two antique celadon vases!!” After this he laughed hard at his opponent. 

His angry enemy then shouted, “You fucking laugh at me one more time I’ll expose your mistress to your wife!!”

In a flash the bigshot stopped waving his hand. “Like I’m scared of you! Worst case is that I’ll sleep in the guest room! Better than being like you and being seen in those tight underpants! Ahahaha!!”

This similar scene in front of Jinyu’s cute beast store number 138 happened continuously. Even more so when Baozi brought a G-cup beauty bigshot in a bikini, all the male bigshots suddenly forgot about all their prejudice and irritation. They directly gave Jinyu a look of appraisal: Boy! Enough!

Jinyu looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, swallowed deeply, and also gave Baozi a look: Boy!! I’ll give you a whole roast sheep tonight!!

Consequently, Baozi turned frenzied in a flash. He ran over to the beautiful lady and started nagging her. Initially the lady was startled but because she naturally liked felines, and because cheetahs were beautiful majestic creatures, she instantly became captivated and didn’t seem to care about the stares of others. Her body curves and proportion were great anyway, let them stare!

Just like this half an hour passed. From the beast pet store, a bunch of beasts rushed out with big shots. During the same half hour, the bigshots’ underlings or loved ones or close friends or their secret partners one by one rushed out. Each one more anxious than the last, pulling off their clothes to give to the bigshots to wear.

It was worth mentioning that the one who gave the beautiful lady big shot clothes was an ordinary looking, with an ordinary stature, and seemingly ordinary-mannered man. However, when that man appeared, all the other male big shots stiffened. When they saw this guy, they couldn’t help but exhale.

Fuck! They would for sure never get this woman’s attention ever again!! One of fucking top ten strongest guys in Anjie, Changpu, was her lover! I don’t want to commit suicide when asleep!

Changpu gave that female bigshot, Xia Yan clothes. He then looked coldly at Baozi, whom he had stepped on, then lifted his head to stand in front of Jinyu in front of the beast pet shop, squinting his eyes slightly.

However, in the next moment he suddenly retreated. His eyes were on guard and even his hands shook slightly.

“You stepped on my family’s dumbass.” Qi QingLin embraced Jinyu. (Boss took a bit of chaotic energy in order to not reveal his identity. He can only maintain it for an hour, though.)

In a flash Changpu’s expression changed. He lifted his foot away from Baozi.

“Today is our grand opening.” Qi QingLin watched Changpu lift his foot expressionlessly. “So, I don’t want to start a big fight.”

So just saying, don’t make me or my partner mad. You’ll suffer the consequences.

Qi Boss’ aura and immense power could hold the whole audience in a twinkling of an eye. So the big shots and the braggarts who originally secretly talked and whispered instantly shut up. Afterwards, they used many different difficult methods to search for what just happened. As they were doing so, they discovered that in their vicinity was a strong and powerful boy. In the end, all the big shots could do was shake their heads and silently swear in their hearts: I will never cause trouble with this fucking one ever again!! A wrong word and then Anjie’s back force’s most powerful person would unleash their powers, how can it be like this!! If I didn’t see Anjie’s ultimate Boss I definitely wouldn’t treat this weakling like he were Anjie’s big shots.

However, these big shots hadn’t finished their vows, when their hearts still weren’t finished being shocked, that a bigger surprise that almost caused their jaws to drop.

The last time this occurred was almost a hundred years ago. The black unicorn carriage of Anjie’s boss came from the back right in plain sight.

All of a sudden, a white unicorn jumped out from the black cart. It licked its legs and swished its tail, thinking that it was the image of beauty. Its hooves clacked as it ran to Jinyu’s side and then its glass eyes stared at Jinyu. Finally, the unicorn saw Jinyu and turned around in a circle, leaving a small shining silver unicorn behind.


“Hehe….so well-behaved. Thanks to the lucky horn your master sent me, you’ll surely grow into a beautiful person.” Jinyu laughed as he rubbed the unicorn’s head and watched the bigshots in his surrounding shout as they were stunned.

These dumbass had to be an evil spirit, right?! Even if you were the best fucking beast trainer how could you get a unicorn to behave in such a short amount of time? Even more it was a young white unicorn!! Ah, how come those black unicorns on the cart aren’t staring you down to death?!

Of course, in the end, the big shots still gave up hope because the black unicorns which had its eyes set on the white unicorn didn’t reveal an inkling of dangerous intent. In fact, in front of the white unicorn, it nodded at Jinyu in acknowledgement. The big shots shouted in surprise.

“My friend’s wife has started a prosperous business. Even though I am weaker and poorer than any other guy…but gifts should still be sent. How about this~ You guys can take your rental costs of the year and send that as a wedding present to Manager Jin. Just treat it as my wedding present.” The white unicorn said.

After these words, all the big shots’ mouths twitched. 

How much of a hole do you want to dig yourself into?! Even when I was XXX I never dug myself a hole this deep!! Of course, after the big shots twitched their lips, they suddenly realized an anomaly. Just now, really just now. Did they hear the Madam’s two words correctly? The one opening a business was Manager Jin? Who’s the madam/wife?!”

(Note: referring to Jinyu here, pretty sure. I was a bit confused the first few times I read this. I think wife may be a better translation)

“We’re pressed for time.” Qi Qinglin said coldly. In front of his wife, he would not beat up these thirteen fakes.

“Oh.” The guy on the cart, the big boss of Anjie, squated before them and directly insulted them, “Why the fuck are you guys still standing there?! Are you waiting for me to use my shoes to beat you guys up a bit?!”

In a flash, all of the big shots and masters collectively trembled. They used their underlings to get the purple coins and those without underlings went themselves to get coins. They went up to Jinyu and the beasts with the best expressions on their face that they could muster, congratulating Jinyu: “Great luck to start a business!!”

ROAR~~ The beasts collectively smiled.

“Congratulations and best of fortunes!!”

Meow chirp~~ the beasts started to laugh and thought about rolling around.

“Congratulations congratulations!!”

Woof woof~ The beasts started to drool happily.

“Start a business early, ah, start a business early!!”



Seeing the beasts suddenly on guard then collectively bending their heads and looking down upon the natural born misfortune, the big boss wearing pants was thinking about what a fucking tragic day it was for him!! Could we be any more pathetic?!


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September 13, 2019 6:47 pm

This chapter was a little bit composing but overall it made me smile and chuckle, so cute. He never even denied being the wife. Or is it because he didnt realize that’s what unicorn meant

September 14, 2019 4:49 am

Oh, so the biggest bigshot of Anjie already knows who established the petshop, and sends gifts. Congratulation on opening the business!!!

Thank you for the chapter!

October 26, 2019 9:30 am

so jianyu opened an animal shop … but they don’t sell animals or animal food … maybe they provide adoption and veterinary?
Also white unicorns are female always??

February 16, 2020 3:48 am

I find it a bit confusing sometimes when i read. I need to read it few times to make sense.. Is it just me?

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