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Chapter 35: Purple Chill Poison

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Everyone present was deeply moved by the white bear’s strenuous roar, because even though the roar was hoarse and weak, in its last echoes, it displayed infinite dedication. That final roar also made Long Changxiao’s eyes suddenly redden, and after he hastily told JinYu he would leave everything to him, he retreated from the beast sickroom like he was fleeing from something.

After he left, Old Man Jin – who entered the beast sickroom last – looked at JinYu solemnly. “Youngster Jin, even though my first impression of you was very good, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will immediately acknowledge that you can cure this white bear’s sickness. This is the number one beast hospital. So many of my beast doctors couldn’t cure it, so it’s best if you – some youngster who popped up out of nowhere – don’t play around with a beast’s life.” Right now, Old Man Jin’s expression was both very serious and grave, with even a hint of warning. “Even though they are beasts, from this old man’s point of view, their lives are much more important than some humans with no moral standing!”

When JinYu heard that, he didn’t really get offended; in fact, he even felt that this old man wasn’t all that bad. After all, this old man’s point of view was quite similar to his own way of thinking. Adding on this kind of temperament which favored speaking bluntly, it was very much to his liking. However, just like what the old man said, just because their outlooks were similar didn’t mean everything was fine. Much less if he were to show weakness.

Big Boss Jin straightened and turned to look at Old Man Jin. He said, “What you said is absolutely correct. Even though I likewise feel that you’re very good, however, this doesn’t mean that I approve of your hospital either. I don’t understand at all why a doctor like Xu Feng would appear in the number one hospital. That’s basically a kind of blasphemy towards the lives of beasts!! Telling the owners of the beasts to mourn before the beasts have even died, and what’s more, acting as if it’s some huge bother to do so. Perhaps you really do have many excellent doctors in your hospital who wholeheartedly love and treasure the beasts, but a hospital is just like artificial intelligence. No matter how good the installation and programming are, after using it for a long time, you still have to clear the viruses or else one bad seed could ruin it all. The gains really wouldn’t make up for the losses in that case.”

JinYu’s words made Hospital Chief Jin’s eyes narrow. Up till now, there were very few people younger than him who would dare to say such a thing to his face. Furthermore, those who would dare to tell him to his face that his life’s work was to blame… this brat… really needed a spanking!

“Mo Yan.” Old Man Jin opened his mouth and yelled out a name. In the next second, JinYu saw a man appear from thin air in the room.

Fuck, does your weird as hell world even have shadow bodyguards from the ancient times!! JinYu’s mouth twitched as he looked at the man.

“Go and bring me the profile and file of the doctor that this brat was talking about, as well as his recent patient history. If I find out that there’s someone who’s accusing my doctors of being terrible without any proof or backing, this old man will definitely go send a few A-level beasts to go bite his ass!!”

As Old Man Jin said that, he looked at JinYu, but JinYu rolled his eyes and retorted, “Who’s accusing who ah!! This boss’ shop has nothing but beasts!! So what if it’s A-level? If I set them on you, can you take them?! Bite your ass? They’ll directly bite off your penis!!”

So that’s why a certain goldfish was always described as being ruthless. After he said that, even Hospital Chief Jin, who had weathered many storms, started to crumble a little. He just scowled and gave a grunt through his nose before he didn’t say anything else. He actually did want to see how JinYu would treat the white bear.

But of course JinYu wasn’t about to show him. He continued to crouch down, comforting the big white bear for a little. JinYu said to Old Jin, “Old Man Jin, I’m going to start treating him. Could you please leave? This is a personal secret that shouldn’t be divulged.”

When Old Jin heard that, he grew angry again, and he frowned so hard his whole face wrinkled. “You brat, what are you hiding?! Our hospital couldn’t even cure it, so unless you were born with some innate, different ability, or you have some technique passed down from your family, what else can you do? It’s not like that kind of thing can be seen or touched or stolen anyway, who gives a damn if your secret is leaked!!”

Old Jin actually really did expose JinYu’s method of healing with one sentence. To put it frankly, his abnormal healing technique was really just his spiritual energy mixed with chaos energy. Of course, Qi Qinglin was the one who told him about the chaos energy later. If his spiritual energy didn’t have the support of the chaos energy, at best, he could only give the beasts the chance to survive for one more day. It would be impossible to do what he did now, which was basically give beasts another chance at life.

But even if someone hit it the nail on the head, JinYu still wouldn’t give him the time of day. “I can’t concentrate with outsiders present, it will affect the healing process!”

As a result, Old Jin could only grit his teeth, but he was still escorted out by Long Changxiao, who was listening from outside. While the two of you are here arguing, my family’s Da Bai is still here suffering, alright!!

Once Old Jin left, JinYu hastily turned to check the white bear’s condition. Just then, he was feeling extremely worried to the point that he almost considered beginning treatment even though the old man was still there. Now that he was gone, he was naturally only concerned about what he should be concerned about.

While JinYu was busying about pulling out tubes from the white bear, wiping it down and comforting it, Qi Qinglin was looking at his mate a bit adoringly. He thought, A mate who works diligently still warms the heart the most. Since his mate was so hard at work, as JinYu’s master of the house, of course he would also have to guarantee his mate and his work’s safety.

As a result, Qi Qinglin retreated a few steps and leaned against the wall of the sickroom. In the next instant, an invisible defensive force enveloped the entire sickroom. Any so-called products that the boss produced would inevitably be of the highest quality, so Hospital Chief Jin – who was originally trying to use the newest ‘spying’ x-ray mirror to peek inside – was caught red-handed in that moment.

“… that damned qilin brat!!” Old Jin was irate. “Just as unlikeable as his grandpa!!”

By now, JinYu had already finished all his preparations. Ever since he discovered last time that his spiritual energy couldn’t enter abnormally weak beasts when undergoing treatment, he would often meticulously train his control over his spiritual energy. Because weak beasts were slower to accept it than normal beasts, he would have to divide his spiritual energy into two; he would then use half of his energy to first slowly nourish the vital organs in the beast, so that it would be easier afterwards to do other things.

The vital organs in the white bear’s body were, as expected, nearly all dark. Besides his heart and brain, which were still faintly glowing ice-blue, lines of purple-black had appeared everywhere else, along with other black sections gathering. Compared to those unmoving black sections, JinYu’s instincts told him that those purple-black moving lines were much more dangerous. At that moment, those purple-black lines were gathered around the white bear’s heart, as if they were trying their hardest to devour the ice-blue light.

“This white bear is an ice-type beast.” JinYu said decisively.

Typically, one could clearly tell what category a beast belonged to just by looking at the color of its energy inside its body. For example, the light inside Baozi was as red as fire, since Baozi was a fire-cat type. The energy inside Da Bai’s body was dirt-yellow, since Da Bai was of the white sand tiger type.

As for Xiao Xue and Xiao Bai, even though they both had natural-type light in their bodies, it wasn’t a very distinctive color, just a faint blue and faint purple. This meant that their abilities leaned more towards direct combat or the strengthening of certain areas, such as strengthening wings or eyes. There were relatively few of the five element-types or variations thereof – such as the thunder-type. Even if the energy in their bodies belonged to a specific type, very few beasts could use them effectively.

Just like how the light in Xiao Xue’s body was faint blue, that also meant it was an ice-type beast. But compared to this white bear, it would be very impressive if Xiao Xue could create an icicle with a flap of its wings. This white bear create a little ice mountain for you with one slap of its paw… That was the difference between nature-type power and strength power. It was also the easiest way to differentiate the fighting capabilities of beasts in today’s world.

Also, Xiao Bai belonged to the thunder-type beast category. But compared to Er Hei, that thunder dog, what Xiao Bai liked to do the most was to go to Niluo River and electrocute a few fish out to eat. It had once tricked Er Hei into going to fry fish with it too, but as a result all the fish and shrimp in a fifty li radius of Niluo River were electrocuted that night. The lightning show that appeared that night above Niluo River also allowed the people strolling by the river to experience what it meant to only see lightning but not rain.

Of course, in the end JinYu was giving a verbal warning by the supervisor of the Street Safety Office, Wu Xiao. He told JinYu that if this kind of thing happened again, he would have no objections to drowning those two idiots in the river to feed the fish, even if one of those idiots was A-level or an injured A-level.

Cough cough, back to the treatment.

After JinYu determined the white bear’s type, he still didn’t really know what the faint purple color was. He looked up at Qi Qinglin. As if Qi Qinglin read his mind, he snapped, and Long Changxiao’s voice sounded, “Boss Jin, what’s wrong?”

After JinYu praised Qi Qinglin with a very admiring gaze, he asked, “There’s some kind of faint purple fluid in the white bear’s body. Do you know what it is?”

But the one who answered JinYu was Old Man Jin. His one of voice was a little unhappy. “That’s Purple Chill Poison. It’s the most lethal poison in this world, and there’s currently no antidote. If that bear wasn’t ice-type, it definitely wouldn’t have lasted until now!”

After confirming that the fluid was essentially what he had hypothesized it to be, JinYu nodded towards Qi Qinglin. The light screen in front of Old Man Jin abruptly disappeared, angering him to the point that his beard started to move from his huffs. Chang Longxiao could only laugh dryly upon seeing that.

“Ai, it’s really poison, ah, poison… now this is going to be difficult to fix.” This kind of poison most likely couldn’t be sucked out, or else the hospital wouldn’t have been unable to do anything about it until now. If there was no way to suck out this kind of poison, then he could only either help this white bear devour or assimilate the poison. Even though this bear would suffer greatly while doing so, if it wanted to live, this was the only way. Furthermore, JinYu still had to use his spiritual energy to first break up all the black chunks in the bear’s body, and then use it to wrap all the poison before using chaos energy to strengthen the white bear’s vital organs…

After thinking of all the things he had to do, JinYu’s expression twitched more and more. This was no longer a question of making a loss or not, fucking hell, this was basically losing everything one invested!!!

JinYu looked down with a dark expression at the white bear, who was currently gripping the hem of his pants with one claw, abnormally well-behaved and weak. In the end, his dark expression still transformed into an angry helplessness. Forget it, forget it, in any case there would still be capital! At the most, he would just sleep for those three or five days. As for his losses, Long Changxiao would have to return it a hundredfold at the very least!!

After making up his mind, JinYu prepared to start treating the white bear according to plan, except he suddenly paused. He looked at Qi Qinglin, who was currently similarly looking helplessly at him with clenched teeth. JinYu abruptly felt his mood brighten after seeing Boss Qi’s expression, and he smiled. “After I cure this cutie, how about you and I share a bed every single night from now on?”

Light flashed through Qi Qinglin’s eyes upon hearing that. Feigning calm, he lifted an eyebrow. “You really do know how to offer a carrot after using the stick.”

“Hehe, that’s right! No matter what, I can be considered an expert beast tamer now, right? Even if you’re a god beast, you’re still a beast!”

After finishing, JinYu turned and earnestly began to treat the white bear. More and more sweat accumulated on his forehead, and his body shook more and more. The black sections in the white bear’s body began to dissipate, and his ice-cold life blue gradually appeared.

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