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Chapter 34: Old Man Jin

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although the young doctor’s face was rather ugly, this kind of stare did not exert pressure. Everyone only watched the whites of his eyes increased and his appearance index decreased. It was quite not enough to disturb this golden boss who had been playing with tigers and lions since childhood.

Even if he was a fish, he was also a deep-sea killer whale. Do not think Lao Tzu is lame and easy to mess with. He was the kind of young man, who, until really bitten, never thought that it was your fault.

For the young doctor to stare at Jinyu, who directly chose to ignore him, he felt that this doctor’s arrogance and self-righteousness was too high and it was just best to ignore it. So Jinyu hit back very thoroughly.

“Mr. Long, to be honest, I think it’s a mistake for you to send your own beast here for treatment. In addition, is the hospital private or part of the government? Do you need a permit to enter the door? Do you see how they treat people here? Should I go back first?”

In the view of Xu Feng, the young doctor, Jin Yu’s words were quite vicious. Jin Yu’s words to Long Changxiao, were not malicious, but held some hints and metaphors.

Although Long Changxiao was quite sure that the First Capital Star Beast Hospital was the best veterinary hospital on Capital Star, at this time, he began to wonder unconsciously whether his animals had been denied any food or medicine here, which would make the situation worse.

In this way, Long ChangXiao’s hesitated, turned around and cast a glance at Xu Feng, and said to his sweaty subordinates, “Go and find the dean. Boss Jin, this way, please.”

Obviously, Long ChangXiao was also well versed in the way of attacking and stimulating people. He seldom opened his mouth and decided to ignore Dr. Xu Feng thoroughly. When the latter saw Long ChangXiao’s behavior, his face turned white to green. He reached out and blocked Long ChangXiao’s way, “Longxiao! I, I just got excited and neglected you… you’re my honorable guest!”

Long ChangXiao slowly broke Xu Feng’s hand away, and then looked at the man for a long time, until Xu Feng felt that his face had to be covered with insects before he said, “Compared with this, I think you should treat the beasts better.”

After that, Jin Yu was led into the building as high as one hundred stories. At this time, many spectators had gathered before the gate of the hospital. Xu Feng, who felt despised and insulted, looked viciously at Jin Yu’s back, but was suddenly faced a pair of golden pupils in the next moment.

Then, his entire body went cold, and he collapsed before sitting on the ground.

“…That, what’s that…?” Xu Feng was sitting on the ground in horror. He dared not think of the scene that appeared in his mind at that moment.

The First Capital Star Beast Hospital was as high as one hundred stories, which was ruthlessly slandered and resented by Boss Jin. But even so, JinYu had to admit that there was a high standard in the facilities and the service attitude of the veterinarians and caregivers. It was not clear whether this level was for the masters of the beasts or for the beasts themselves.

At this time, on the one hundredth floor of the First Capital Star Beast Hospital, Jinyu and Qi QingLin were following the dean and Longchangxiao to Tianzi room 2.

No one really knew why the room’s were numbered oddly but the rooms were advanced and classical. When he heard to room name, Boss Jin smirked several times. However, according to the explanation from Long ChangXiao and the self-introduction of the president, Jinyu found out it was only because the president hated “numbers” (they were too long, and they were better with words)!

So JinYu instantly looked at the old man beside him, who did not take Long ChangXiao’s cold aura into his eyes at all. Otherwise, just because he could torture so many people’s body, mind and memory with his own joy, Jin Yu could not catch up even if he used a horse.

Compared with Jinyu, while he admired the old president’s various ideas in his heart, and the latter was more direct. It was even a little too direct, “I say Xiao Long! You seldom bring people to visit your BaiWei. What? You spent so many years hiding a favorite? It’s not easy. In a few days, I’ll go to Old Long for a drink! “

Long Changxiao heard the words of the old person by him, and his heart suddenly burst. Before a certain boss did not get angry, he hastened to speak and explain, “Old Jin! You can’t talk nonsense. This is Boss JIn who I invited to come to treat BaiWei. We met for the first time today.”

How could Long ChangXiao forget that the main owner of the First Hospital was this one before him? He hates himself in his heart. In fact, he only meant to find the acting dean, really, but today he didn’t know where the wind was blowing. This was the dean who liked to go to deserted stars and be a wandering veterinarian instead of staying in the hospital. What was more terrible was that his subordinates were still in direct contact with this person.

Long ChangXiao looked at JinYu beside him and consoled himself. It must be because those named Jin attracted each other. Therefore, the same sinister and crafty Dean Jin unconsciously stayed here, and then bumped into Xiao Jin beside him.

… When he returns home, he should consider setting up an ancestral precept. It was better for the people of his clan to not have any relationship with this one surnamed Jin in the future!

Long ChangXiao’s face was twisted as he tried to mend this slander, while Boss Qi’s face was cold enough to kill. If it hadn’t been for Jin Yu stopping him, the smiling old man in front of him would have lost his head. When he thought about it, it was still better to put a label on it in order to avoid any nightmares.

Qi QingLin looked at the old man and said, “I’m his companion.”

Unlike the word lover and spouse, the word “companion” was quite sacred and firm in this world. So some people may not care about the first two, but this was fairly honest as if he had said, ‘If you dare to rob me of my partner, I’ll kill your whole family’, which was quite a tornado.

The ancestors who used the word “companion” to such a sacred level seemed to be the ancestors of the great boss, who was quite popular because his companion was knocked out and trafficked.

So just as Boss QI spoke the word “companion,” old man Jin showed such a pitiful and woeful expression, but after he finished sighing, Jin lifted his head and eyes, and carefully looked at Qi QingLin. The latter could not help being slightly wary, recognizing him. At this time, standing beside them, Long ChangXiao heard Qi Qinglin words, his face turned a little white, and he frowned, standing in place.

“Don’t stare at me like that, boy. Are you from the Qilin’s family? They are no more merciful than Old Long’s family. Every generation supports one or two heirs, the boy of this generation… Why! Are you the eldest son of that ruined family? When I and Old Long went to the Qilin house to break the ban and bring you out, your father, who was biased towards the outer planet, told us you were dead! Ha! I didn’t expect you were still alive, and looking at it like this, you are well, even with a partner!”

Originally, Qi Qinglin was not satisfied with such an old man who broke down his lover at first, but now this man has broken his identity and said what he had done to save him. Even if he did not know the truth of the old man’s words, he was no longer so unfriendly. Besides, the old man said something that made him feel very satisfied. At last, Boss’s face eased down.

“You’re good, Jin, I am indeed a Qilin.”

“Gee, heh, I’m fine, you’re good, too… Haha, I’m glad to know that you’re alive and well. Tem’s kid is alive well, which means that the villain in the Qilin family is not living well. The old kid is still missing so far, and he can safely continue to disappear. Even if he is dead, I can see how that kid looks, and can renovate the Qilin clan! Not bad! Very good. Today, Lao Tzu will have two bowls of rice!”

Old Jin was quite familiar as he pat the qilin’s shoulder, the movement and words made others not know what facial expression they should use. Qi QingLin heard that this grandpa and his grandpa were old ‘friends,’ so Boss Qi fell into the same dilemma as Long ChangXiao — even if they were very pulled, in front of this, they could not rise. And even if they had the impulse to beat others at some point, they had to tell themselves that they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t do it!

Acquaintances of different generations or something, this was killing people!

Of course, Boss Qi and Long ChangXiao’s sadness does not mean that Jinyu, the recessive ultimate boss, was also sad. This was someone that had not been disturbed by the old man. When Qi QingLin and Long ChangXiao were silent, they had arrived at the door of Tianzi No. 2, and then pushed the door directly open without pressure.

Qi QingLin and Long ChangXiao were stunned when they saw this action. In the next moment, the two reacted and quickly followed, leaving Old Jin standing there smiling at the door, wondering what he wanted to do. “Hey hey, that’s an interesting kid… Significant. His temper is like an old man’s… But this old man doesn’t have a mistress… How can I not?”

No matter what strange things Old Man Jin was thinking outside the room, Jin Yu, who had already entered the ward saw the scene inside and thought it was quite ugly.

In front of him was a big white bear, but if it was not easy to identify the shape of the big white bear. He would not have thought that this was the big white bear that once dominated the polar region in his hometown, such a fierce, powerful, and very beautiful creature would appear in such a skinny, dying, bloody manner. In front of him, the bear should be more than twice the size of an ordinary brown bear, but now, Jin Yu looked at it with doubt thinking that if he even moved it, it would die.

The word “skin and bones” was strongly interpreted here.

In addition to the dying appearance of the bear itself, Jin Yu was furious at the hundreds of infusion tubes inserted in the bear. It was clear that more than half of these infusion tubes were not accepted by the bear, but these so-called “nutrients” were still as diligent as the cruelest poison. It caused the body to wither as it took away its remaining vitality.

“These quacks!” He gritted his teeth and uttered such a sentence. Jin Yu hated them and reached forward to break the red blood-silk infusion tubes. Then, in front of the shocked Long Changxiao, he went to the bear’s head and sighed a long, painful sigh. “… Don’t worry. You’ll be alright.” He gently put his hand on the bear’s head, and Jin Yu looked down straight at the swollen, decayed white bear’s eyes. “It will be alright, believe me… And your master is waiting for you to continue fighting.”

As soon as Jin Yu uttered this sentence, the original motionless body of the polar bear trembled violently, while Long Changxiao looked at the beast that had not uttered a cry since he was hospitalized, the beast gave a weak roar.


“You can rest assured, your master said that you will be his only fighting beast. As long as you live.”

Howl… Roar –!!!

It would not miss it’s chance this time.


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September 23, 2019 10:18 pm

Old men in this story are either dumbasses or bosses, this time, Old man Jin is a boss, since both Long ChangXiao and Qi QingLin are troubled by him and his behaviour.

With JinYu there I can see a quick and looming end to the peacefull life of the main star best veterinary hospital. More bitch slapping, please, Boss Jin!!!

Thank you for the chapter!

March 29, 2020 4:42 am

Thank you for translating this, I have really enjoyed this rather unique and interesting story so far. Poor little bear, how could such quack doctors do this to such a majestic creature, but I hope that Boss Jin will be able to fix him right up. Yet, I worry for JinYu, especially now that more will know QI QingLin is truly alive. How cruel that his own father and family locked him up, such a beautiful creature as a qilin, but interesting that Old Jin and Old Boss Long tried to save him. Yet JinYu could be hurt by the… Read more »

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My heart T-T — don’t worry polar bear, you’ll be cured!!

Thanks for translating!!!

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