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Chapter 36: You’re a Beast Doctor

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Long Changxiao received Qi Qinglin’s signal he pushed opened the door again to enter. He did not see his own big white bear. What he saw first was a long, dark face, holding Jinyu and sitting on the sofa, belonging to none other than Qi Qinglin.

“What’s the matter…?” Long Changxiao asked in surprise. Of course, Boss Qi responded with an icy “hm.”

“…I’m going to check up on Bai Wei first.” Even if there was no answer, it was best for Long Changxiao to not continue asking. In actuality, he and Jinyu didn’t have any relationship. They couldn’t even be counted as each other’s friends. Even more right now Jinyu was unconscious and unable to wake up. But if someone else’s partner was around, he wouldn’t find him boring.

Turning around, Long Changxiao was shocked. Even though he had no understanding of medicine or how to cure a beast. However, at the moment the big white bear’s appearance made if very apparent that his beast could live on.

Compared with the half-dead appearance of the big white bear before, even though it was still thin and skinny, unable to open its eyes, the smell surrounding its body was completely different. There’s wasn’t a hint of the smell of death. Long Changxiao couldn’t accept this. Bai Wei’s body was emitting a strong pulse of life!!

“This, this! Bai Wei!! Are you okay?! Are you alright?! I’m your master! Can you still recognize me?” Long Changxiao excitedly came forward to hug the big white bear lying on the ground. The bear, without a doubt, recognized his owner just through its sense of smell.


It was a short roar but it carried a sense of joy and excitement. Although Long Changxiao couldn’t understand the beasts’ language, he could still guess the meaning of it in from of his long-term beast partner.

It was telling him that there were no issues and it could recognize him.

“Good, good….this is too great!” Long Changxiao’s icy face couldn’t hold back his ecstatic emotions. He was full of joy and began to talk with the weak white bear. Content with the protection from before up until now, there was a lot of worry and joy. However, the big white bear he was holding did not tire of it. It peacefully put his big head on Long Changxiao’s leg, giving a small roar to show he could hear his master’s words.

Seeing this warm and very beautiful picture, Jinyu’s face was a very ugly color. Of course, this was not to say that he wasn’t happy to see that the big white bear was alive. Maybe in ten days or a month it would fully recover. Long Changxiao just never thought that having treated the bear in his own hospital for a month would cause no progress. The bear only grew weaker and weaker. On the contrary, after a boy named Jinyu came, with only half a day’s time he was able to cure his bear.

Even more according to his incomparably sinister gaze, the big white bear was truly cured. That guy not only cured the bear’s sickness but also completely healed this beast. How could this kind of result not shock Old Man Jin, a guy who went to the hospital for over fifty years and up until now has registered for treatment. What was even more shocking was that he was unwillingly to recognize the defeat of his hospital and was even the slightest bit jealous.

However Old Jin’s habit of bullying disappeared as soon as he saw Qi Qinglin’s face. However, a sigh and anxious look replaced the dark expression, making him ask, “Is this kid poisoned?”

At the moment Qi Qinglin who was secretly examining the body of his partner and transferring energy gave a contemptuous look at the question. This time he actually answered instead of giving a cold hum. “The poison from the dumb bear’s purple chill was too deep. There wasn’t any way to get all of the poison out so he had to absorb a part of it himself. Even though the poison isn’t harmful to his body but for the next week he will be very, very, frail!!”

Saying these words, Qi Qinglin grinded his teeth. If Jinyu’s body wasn’t protected with chaotic energy, then he would have died the first time he tried to assimilate with the purple chill poison!! God only knows how much he wanted to destroy the whole hospital when he saw Jinyu faint! If it weren’t for the fact that after he fainted, Jinyu suddenly woke up and laughed at him, then told him the dumb bear needed nutrition, then this place would have been absolutely leveled flat by him. And that, Long Changxiao and president, who invited Jinyu here, would be dead for sure!!

Long Changxiao was currently bonding with the big white bear. All of them suddenly felt a vicious killing intent rise from Qi Qinglin’s body. Qi Qinglin’s words added a layer of psychological guilt to this physical pressure.

Long Changxiao never thought that Jinyu would sacrifice and endanger himself to save the big white bear. It was not until the present that he finally understood that the existence of beasts was extremely important to Jinyu. This kind of sacrifice made it apparent that there was no way he could use money to resolve this issue. Just as he was about to open his mouth and make a promise on behalf of the whole Long family, he felt his hand move—it was his beast, Bai Wei.

Bai Wei, the big white bear, heard Qi Qinglin’s words and felt an extreme sense of guilt. He used his head to nudge his master’s hand away and then with much effort stood up, swaying and trembling as he made his way to Qi Qinglin’s feet step by step. He put his head down on Jinyu’s hanging fingers and then laid down, unmoving. No matter who looked at him, it appeared to be an uneasy apology and stubborness as he waited.

If the big white bear Bai Wei’s owner didn’t abandon it, then right now Jinyu’s cute beast store would have another A+ beast to add to its ranks.

Long Changxiao watched how much importance his own beast placed on the other and his face twisted into a resigned expression. He felt extremely unhappy. It was only Jinyu’s first time meeting the big white bear, yet, in one day, he helped Bai Wei more than his owner helped him in over ten years. Comparing him to the man with a purple complexion (note that this is Jinyu), the difference was not time or money, but emotion. And now there was a man who really thought beasts were important and placed them on an equal standing.

So, he had an unlucky loss. Of course, winning or losing now didn’t represent one’s future wins or loses. Now, he was clear on how he should treat his beasts. He was confident that in the future, he would not let his beasts act in a way that made their own master hateful and jealous. Even if Jinyu treated beasts well, as long as he treated Bai Wei better, Bai Wei would not leave his side!

The eldest son in the Long family had confidence in his and the big white bear’s future. However, it was uncertain if confidence in them could support them when face to face with Boss Jin…

Qi Qinglin watched the big white bear’s movements and restrained his body’s cold aura a little bit since it seemed like this dumb bear still had a bit of conscience. He didn’t mind Jinyu healing beasts, but healing them was not worth his partner being like this. It put him in a bad mood. When he was in a bad mood, he wanted to kill all kinds of beasts, especially large ones.

When it finally reached dusk, Jinyu was still unconscious. Qi Qinglin already put him in a sick bed to comfortably sleep. On his side, he was continuously nourishing the big white bear and even mildly watched his own beasts replenish their master’s nutrition. Of course, Qi Qinglin was sitting in the most important caretaking position next to the sickbed. At this time, he was staring at Jinyu with big eyes and did not let anyone else push their way through.

“You annoying qilin boy!! Boy Jin has purple chill poison right now!! Purple chill poison!! This is the most vicious kind of poison!! Even though he hasn’t reacted to this poison yet but after he wakes up from fainting, you have to inspect him!” Old Man Jin’s mood was so bad that it wasn’t easy for him to do anything. He wanted to inspect Jinyu’s body. This kind of jumping up and down with excitement or happily crying things to the qilin family was the same as engaging in illegal activities!!

Ah bah! If you want to plot, then the whole family wants to plot!! He had a son and grandson and a granddaughter, money, a house, and a hospital of people with high status. Would it be bad for a kid as big as his grandson if their head was smashed?!

However, Qi Qinglin faced Old Jin’s eyes with a strong sense of condemnation. The boss stood directly in front of Old Jin and then said firmly, “You are a beast doctor.”

This suddenly made Old Jin unable to speak. “….Pah, I’m going to call a doctor!!” Old Jin’s lips twitched and he turned around. Forget it, looks like that boy laying down had the same principles and attitude as him. He just had to tolerate the misfortune once!!

However, Big Boss Qi Qinglin waited until Old Jin opened his mouth to call for a doctor and then said, “As long as it’s a doctor, they aren’t good.”

“Qi, you idiot!! Don’t cause trouble for an old fellow like me!! Little Jin needs an examination!!” Old Jin answered very angrily.

Hearing this Qi Qinglin hesitated slightly. In the end, he shook his head, saying, “He’s fine. I just don’t want a doctor to come. After inspection, they’d ruin his plans. You must understand this.”

Qi Qinglin’s words cause Old Jin to stumble a bit. Afterwards, he looked at Qi Qinglin with exasperation, “You know that this guy’s body is special. I’m afraid that even if he uses some power it will drive the big powers crazy. Just what kind of person do you think I am?! Getting a random doctor will divulge his secrets! If I find an alternative to a doctor you have to answer me! Otherwise, if something happens to your partner you’ll have no place to come crying to!!”

At this moment, the big boss who was rarely shouted at by his elders scowled. He looked at Old Jin’s ferocious expression and then looked at the unconscious Jinyu. Finally, he made a rare comprise. “Then, then…this isn’t a beast…you have to be careful.”

“Careful my ass!! Ancient humans evolved from the ancient beast apes!! Get out of my sight!! This old man wants to see the prehistoric whales!!” (1)

Play on words, since Jin Yu is a “fish”, Old man Jin is saying that he didn’t come from a ape, but a whale.

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September 25, 2019 4:52 pm

Does Quinglin know that Jinyu is a pure human or only that he has a special ability to heal beasts? Cuz they’re ALL about to be in for a shock if he doesn’t know that lol

September 25, 2019 10:11 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Love the story.

September 25, 2019 10:48 pm

Thank you for the chapter! Seriously, what kind of dumb quacks those “veterinarians” are??? Ten years in this hospital only weakened/almost killed the bear instead of healling it and JinYu had to endanger himself to heal it properly in a short period of time. Young Master Long ows him big time. Also, I think I’ve found something that should be corrected, because the meaning is all wrong. “If the big white bear Bai Wei’s owner didn’t abandon it, then right now Jinyu’s cute beast store would have another A+ beast to add to its ranks.” I think it should be… Read more »

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Prehistoric whales…hahahahahaha!

Thank you for the update!

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