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The differentiation test and subsequent processing took almost two hours. The final result was a pro-O ketone hormone greater than 63.5 and a second gender identification: omega.

The school doctor joyfully called the headmaster of the grade.

Jiang ChengLi saw Shi Yu’s expression through the window of his room. The omega had just woken up from a nap and his eyes were hazy, like a tame deer. It was nothing like his look from before in the bathroom.

Wasn’t Shi Yu raised in the Lian family and had always looked at Lian ZiJin’s face and groveled? How could he have had such an arrogant look in his eyes?

The nurse standing at the bedside gently talked to Shi Yu about his health condition then put the ‘omega care manual’ and his test report at the bedside. “You have to read your test report when you are alone. Remember to ask your parents to take you to change your second gender after reading it. You can’t get a suppressant without correcting your second gender.”

Shi Yu finally sobered up a bit. “Omega?”

Jiang ChengLi only heard this much. The school doctor called him away, hurriedly explaining that he had to go back to help solve school matters. He left a car for the two of them and he hoped that President Jiang would be a good person and send the just differentiated omega home.

Jiang ChengLi was not too happy, but the newly differentiated omega had no cell phone and no cash. He could go nowhere once leaving the hospital.

Jiang ChengLi looked at the omega who was carrying his differentiation report, his school jacket pulled up to the highest level, and had ‘fragile’, ‘slow’ and ‘easy to abduct’ written all over his body. “The school doctor called a car for you. I’ll take you back.”

Shi Yu had just finished injecting inhibitors and was tired and sleepy. His head was bobbing as he made his way into the car causing him to stagger.

Jiang ChengLi helped him and smelled the faint scent again.

Shi Yu clumsily fastened his seatbelt, only to feel that he could not get up. He was about to lean against the car window to sleep, when he heard Jiang ChengLi ask coldly, “Address?”

The tone of voice was not good. Shi Yu thought for a while, then gave out the address of Lian’s house.

Jiang ChengLi said, “Drive where he says to.”

Shi Yu stared out the window at the scenery like a person who had just awakened from a nightmare and had not yet adjusted to the light in front of him. He lost his chance to see the dragon, came to another world, and now he’s differentiated into a fragile omega…

As if life had hit rock bottom, he was lost to the core.

Jiang ChengLi was playing with his phone but his eyes involuntarily fell on the car rearview mirror.

Shi Yu’s chin was hidden in his collar, his slightly long bangs fell over his eyelashes and the under-eye teardrop mole on his extra white skin was particularly conspicuous.

It was a sight that one can’t help but pity. Jiang ChengLi didn’t look away, thinking Lian ZiJin was doing something to Shi Yu, bullying him into this.

Then he laughed at his own inexplicable thoughts. As if Shi Yu could be bullied by an alpha like Lian ZiJin, that breaks at the touch. Why would he feel pity?

It seemed Li Chen’s claim that he made a move on Lian ZiJin in the bathroom was the instinctive behavior of a rabbit driven to desperation.

Half an hour later, the car pulled up in front of Lian’s house.

Shi Yu did not hesitate for a moment, just said thank you and got out of the car to leave.

Regarding the next day’s follow-up, Jiang ChengLi heard only a few words from Li Chen’s mouth.

The parents of the omega girl had pressured the Lian family. Since Shi Yu was in foster care with the Lian family, there was an awkward position of him not being a family member but not exactly an outsider, so naturally the Lian family did not want to offend anyone.

The school had eighty versions of what happened. Jiang ChengLi did not take it too seriously until Li Chen sent him a video after school.

In the video, Shi Yu was woodenly hiding from the rain at the entrance of an alley, looking wretched to the extreme; homeless.

[He seems to have really been kicked out of his home by Lian ZiJin. It’s so tragic that he’s homeless after just being differentiated].

It was raining heavily that evening. When Jiang ChengLi was trying to return to the message while holding his umbrella, he heard a clear cat’s meow.

Jiang ChengLi turned around and saw Shi Yu across the alley.

Shi Yu, however, did not notice. He was standing intently in front of the jewelry store window, momentarily surveying the gold jewelry on display.

Dragons like shiny things and Shi Yu, as the dragon’s Chosen One since childhood, had developed the ability to find shiny things for his dragon.

This habit was deep into his bones, even if he died and was reborn, it did not change.

As time passed, the exotic fragrance of pheromone scattered in the rain, like a lost mermaid swimming past the eyes, with a light feather the tail fin swept beneath the tip of the nose.

Jiang ChengLi saw Shi Yu stop at the end of the street in front of the vendor.

The omega picked a crystal-like trinket from the stall, paid and left.

Jiang ChengLi scanned the stall as he passed by with his cat in his arms. Most of the stall was filled with poor quality glass jewelry that wasn’t worth much.

He raised his eyebrows unnoticeably. It was said that omegas naturally loved beauty. His looking at the gold and silver jewelry was not surprising, but he was persistent enough to brave the rain to browse through the jewelry then finally bought some goods… It was a little unbelievable.

The old lady saw him holding the cat and asked tentatively, “Student, buy a small piece of jewelry?”

The old lady took a small pendant on the stall and enthusiastically recommended, “I just sold this. A male student saw that I was not open yet, and picked the most expensive one. He said that it is for his dragon, or some friend. I’m too old to hear correctly.”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes slightly drooped, and he gently patted the head of the kitten in his arms.

The omega also had a clear mind.

Shi Yu was swept out of the house by the Lian family, and the story was spreading all over the school. The whole year said he deserved it, but no one knew that he had been transformed into an omega.

When the rain got a little heavier, Jiang ChengLi saw him hiding under the eaves in a sorry state, much more pathetic than this cat in his arms.

Unfortunately, President Jiang only had one umbrella.

Jiang ChengLi was torn between giving the umbrella or not when he heard the cat give a soft purr. He looked down at the cat in his arms who was drawing a map in mud on his school uniform and tapped its nose. “Let’s go.”

The cat burrowed into the crook of his arm and didn’t meow again.


Shi Yu hid under the slide in the street park and wiped the glass pendant he had just bought with his fingertips. He thought, ‘One day I have to break this bad habit of buying things indiscriminately. After all, there are no dragons in this world.’

“Yo, who’s this little omega… Hiding in the corner on a rainy day, huh?” The sound of an unsuspecting whistle came from behind him. Shi Yu glanced up to see two men who looked bad to mess with coming his way.

Alphas had the tendency to hunt for omegas. Shi Yu was not yet able to control his pheromones well so he attracted jerks who couldn’t control their brains or their dicks.

The one wearing a camo jacket should be an alpha. One hand was on the compartment of the slide, and he was leaning down close to Shi Yu, almost squatting on the ground. “Such a fragrant omega. Do you have no place to go? Let brother take you home, okay?”

The man behind him followed with a nasty laugh.

Shi Yu looked at him and his eyes fell on the umbrella he was holding. “Your umbrella, how much do you want?”

“Huh?” Camo alpha said wryly. “I said I’d take you home. You’re still afraid you won’t have an umbrella to use? Little boy, you are so obedient, brother will be good to you…”

The rain became heavier after the sound of thunder seemed to crack the sky.

Shi Yu stood next to the children’s park with his new umbrella and threw the glass pendant in his hand onto the two hooligans collapsed in the mud on the ground.

“The quality of your umbrella is not very good. This pendant was only fifty yuan and should cover it, thanks.”


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