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After I Became an Omega, I Caressed the Campus Hunk’s Dragon Tail 

by Di Yu

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, ABO, dragons, m-preg

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 76 Chapters, Complete

Translator: Addis

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Shi Yu has a secret – he is a dragon’s mate from the other world. He builds nests, collects gold coins, and dreams of meeting dragons. As a result, Shi Yu became the newest white moonlight after his differentiation into Omega.

Being confessed for N+1 days, he refused people, saying, “I only like dragons.”

Passing by, was the most beautiful male on campus. Jiang’s footsteps lurched.


Jiang ChengLi has a secret – he is an ice dragon. As the flower of the high mountain, the entire school’s little omegas’s dream of being marked by him. Jiang ChengLi has never been attracted to any Omega pheromones,until he had a charming dream after hitching a ride with a newly differentiated Omega.

In the dream, the Omega kissed his dragon horns, rubbed his dragon belly, and held his slimy dragon tail! Later, Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones went out of control, he turned into a small dragon cub and was picked up by the Omega in his dream!


Chapter 1: Little Teardrop Mole

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“So Shi Yu, you really just happened to be passing by?” In the office, the Headmaster of Shi Yu’s year questioned the teenager in front of him with a stern look.

Shi Yu lowered his eyelashes, the teardrop mole under his right eye looked dull and indifferent on his extraordinarily fair skin. “It was just a coincidence.”

The headmaster stared at him for a moment and sighed in annoyance.

Shi Yu was the top student from the sixth class of the sophomore year 1 in the ordinary beta class, but he was aloof and cold. According to the vice president of the student council, this child was a bit of a mental case.

NanZhong School placed a lot of importance on grades. So as long as Shi Yu was an honor student and didn’t do anything explicitly forbidden, he would let him go. But this time Shi Yu made a big mistake – he followed an omega girl in heat!

“Who will believe you when you say that? Shi Yu, good grades don’t mean you can do anything, right or wrong. The school won’t cover for you!”

Shi Yu’s eyes remained unchanged as he repeated, “I’m not lying.”

“You!” The headmaster of the grade pressed his fingers against his brow. “Go to the student council office now. The girl’s parents are already there, talk to them yourself!”

Shi Yu walked out of the office in silence. He was stopped by someone as he passed the third floor bathroom.

“Shi Yu, you’re finally willing to admit your guilt, huh?” Lian Zijin looked at him in a gangly manner with his hands in his pockets. “Hey, shouldn’t you answer when your cousin calls you?”

Shi Yu slowly looked up and met the other’s gaze. He really didn’t pay much attention to who was in front of him. After all, he had only been in this world for a week, and he didn’t recognize all the faces around him.

‘One week in this world’ meant a mysterious thing such as transmigration actually happened to Shi Yu. A week ago, he was the Chosen One of the Dragons, but he died in a car accident at the age of seventeen and came to this world as the beta, Shi Yu.

While other people woke up in bed or elsewhere, Shi Yu awakened in a pool. He suspected that he would die in the same place again if he’d awoken slower. The place where he woke up was the indoor swimming pool of NanZhong School, with an unconscious omega girl by his side.

Shi Yu had reached out and pulled the girl, but was met by Lian ZiJin as soon as he got to the poolside.

The first thing this ‘cousin’ did was not to save them, but to point at his head. “You’re the one who pushed Xiao Li into the water!”

Inexplicably, he became the culprit for harming an omega.

“Tsk, the school should expel you, right? Why didn’t you listen to my mother’s arrangement to go to a good vocational school? If the only surveillance by the pool wasn’t broken, you couldn’t wash your hands of it. I advise you to apologize and lick the soles of their shoes. Our family can still help you make amends.” He gazed at the person in front of him with a high and mighty expression, waiting for Shi Yu to shudder and apologize as usual, then say ‘sorry’ and ‘help me.’

But Shi Yu just stared at him for a moment and smiled. “Get lost.”


The fourth floor hallway.

Li Chen tilted his head towards the corridor and looked. “President… the little teardrop mole you looked at twice before was just pressed into the third floor bathroom by Lian ZiJin.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyelids slightly and swept a glance in the direction of the bathroom.

“I heard that the Lian family has never treated him as a person. He is also submissive, bullied so much because he doesn’t know how to resist.” Li Chen smiled suspiciously. “Do you want to go and see?”

Jiang ChengLi smirked. “Are you that idle?”

Li Chen smacked his lips and thought, President Jiang is worthy of being a Kaolin flower2 and is very thin-skinned. Earlier today, he took a second glance at student Shi and he was called nosy.

Li Chen reached out and raised his hand. “No hurry, I’ll go check it out.”

Just after entering the bathroom, the smile on Li Chen’s face froze.

The ‘submissive, bullied so much because he does not know how to resist’ student, Shi Yu, was glaring down at Lian ZiJin, who lay in front of the cubicle door. With a disgusted frown he said, “You can’t resist pheromones, can you?”

The strong smell of gasoline seemed to burst out of nowhere, and it soon spread out of the bathroom.

Jiang ChengLi waited in the hallway for a while, smelled the pungent scent, frowned and said, “Troublesome.”

The first thing Jiang ChengLi saw when he reached the bathroom door was Shi Yu kneeling at the door. The hair on the beta’s forehead was moist and the corners of his eyes were red. His pupils were somewhat out of focus on a certain point on the floor. His body was trembling.

Jiang ChengLi unintentionally glanced at him. Shi Yu’s dark pupils were foggy with a trace of residual hostility and warning, as if three minutes ago, this beta was not the vulnerable party.

He looked quite fierce.

Jiang ChengLi looked for two seconds then silently glanced back at Lian Zijin in the corner.

Lian ZiJin looked like he had painfully fallen in the corner and was covering his abdomen, delirious. The bathroom was covered with his potent pheromones.

Li Chen saw Jiang ChengLi coming and said incredulously, “President, I just saw Little Teardrop Mole holding Dog Lian down and beating him up.”

Jiang ChengLi mockingly responded, “The pheromones here have made you delirious too?”

Li Chen choked. How could that be?! This was what he saw with his own eyes! Obviously Shi Yu was holding Lian ZiJin one moment, but how come the next moment he was crouching on the ground…

The fragrance was like a drug in the air, and Li Chen’s gaze landed on the back of Shi Yu’s neck.

Li Chen froze. “Ah, fuck. President, hurry over. Little Teardrop Mole seems to be differentiating!”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows. “What did you say?”

Li Chen hurriedly looked away. “I feel as if he is going to differentiate into an omega. His  pheromones have a little… I’ll go get the vice president, you get Little Teardrop Mole.”

Differentiating into an omega was not a trivial matter. If treatment was delayed, it may be life-threatening.

Jiang ChengLi walked up to Shi Yu and identified a light fragrance within the rich smell of gasoline.

…He really was differentiating.

He pulled the unconscious man to his feet and whispered, “I don’t mean to offend. I’m taking you to the school nurse’s office.”

Shi Yu felt pain all over his body. The pungent smell in the air was like fine needles. Every inch of his skin tingled. As he was helped up, he involuntarily exerted some force on the man.

The pheromones were like a loose fog, wrapped up in the physical contact between the two men, Jiang ChengLi drew away and quickened his pace.

On the way, Li Chen called the school doctor. After the examination, the school doctor took off their mask. “President Lian, this is a big deal. That student is not in a good condition. From the characteristics and pheromones, he is differentiating into an omega.”

Jiang ChengLi noticed that Li Chen was standing far away and was staring at him with an odd expression. “What are you looking at?”

Li Chen said cautiously, “Can’t you smell it? You’re covered in Little Teardrop Mole’s pheromones… It’s too sweet.”

Jiang ChengLi’s face instantly sank.

Li Chen pursed his lips. He knew that using a word like ‘sweet’ to describe a senior was undoubtedly similar to saying ‘you’re cute’ to a muscular man. His life might end because of what he’s said.

Nan Zhong was the city’s model school for omegas. An omega’s physical condition was always put first.

The news of Shi Yu’s differentiation was quickly reported to the grade headmaster who rushed to the school doctor’s office. Smelling the room full of pheromones, his face went from fierce to loving like the Peking Opera face change.

After confirming it with the school doctor, the headmaster of the grade thought for a moment and looked back at Jiang ChengLi. “Jiang, when the ambulance comes, you go along with the school doctor and contact me at any time if there is a situation.”

Jiang ChengLi, who was just about to leave, paused slightly.

Shi Yu was supposed to meet the omega, Xiao Li’s parents, who were already standing at the door. Now they wanted him to send Shi Yu away in front of Xiao Li’s family?

The onlooker, Li Chen, gave a meaningful “oh,” thinking that the headmaster of the grade was using President Jiang as a shield.

Outside the school doctor’s door, Mr. Xiao sneered, “It’s not easy for us to take the time to come here and ask for a result, but your student suddenly differentiated? So timely. If I’m not mistaken, the young criminal is sixteen or seventeen years old, right? He only now differentiated? If he was faking illness to avoid responsibility, your school administration wouldn’t cover up for him, right?”

“Of course not!” The headmaster of the grade swore. “But a normal student should differentiate around the age of twelve. Any differentiation at an older age is risky, which is not something the school infirmary can afford to deal with.” He then looked to Jiang ChengLi. “You’re the student president, I’m sure you can handle this.”

Jiang ChengLi and the school doctor took the unconscious Shi Yu to the ambulance.

The new omega was pale, and Jiang ChengLi couldn’t help but frown at him thinking he was really fragile.

Shi Yu closed his eyes, his mind was a chaos of images; all fragmented.

At seven years old, his parents died. Thirteen years old, it was difficult to survive. Sixteen years old, he became the dragon’s chosen one.

 Memories emerged in pieces before his eyes, and then were swept away by a huge whirlpool, as if telling him that ‘everything old was taken away.’

Jiang ChengLi was caught off guard by a tug on his right hand. He narrowed his gaze, only to find that the omega had huddled close to him at some point. His eyelashes were wet, and it looked as if he were still crying.

But he was just differentiating, what was there to cry about?

The school doctor saw this expression, and it made him feel heartbroken. “It is probably too painful. You are the only alpha in the car, and since opposites attract, he instinctively got close to you.” He then added. “President, please calm him down.”

As the face and legend of Nan Zhong School, the fact that Jiang ChengLi was the top alpha spread through all the high schools in the city. Even the school doctor was shocked to learn that Jiang ChengLi’s pheromone was an extremely rare one, an S+ level alpha according to the previous registration system.

Jiang ChengLi looked back, his right hand casually resting on one side. It was not impossible to give a hand to a person who was unconscious.

The confused dream seemed to be swept away by a breeze. As if a snow-capped mountain was near, the dry heat tormenting Shi Yu dispersed a lot. He unconsciously clenched at the hand in front of him.

When the situation quieted down, Jiang ChengLi unlocked his phone aimlessly and saw the message sent to him by Li Chen.

[Li Chen: Pay attention when you go to the hospital. I rarely see just differentiated omegas that have pheromones so thick. I just came back to myself after spraying a blocker to feel better.]

[Li Chen: To be honest he smells quite good. You actually did not move. You’re a god.]

[Li Chen: Suddenly I wonder if there is really no omega in this world that can attract you. (dog head)]

Jiang ChengLi hung his eyes and suddenly raised his hand to take a picture. It was the sleeping Shi Yu holding his right hand. He wanted to send it to Li Chen to taunt him, but he paused when he saw the teardrop mole under Shi Yu’s eye in the photo.

The school doctor watched Jiang ChengLi stare at the screen for a while, then turn off the screen and put down the phone.

The car stopped.

The paramedics who were unloading the ambulance were a little confused when they saw the two boys holding hands. “Classmates?”

Jiang ChengLi gently let go. As Shi Yu was being pulled away, Jiang ChengLi’s fingertips accidentally touched the side of Shi Yu’s face.

There was a breeze, and it carried a light concentration of pheromones –  a faint deep sea fragrance, like a mermaid’s tail fins swimming past the eyes.

He slowly lifted his eyelids to look at the now distant figure.

… It was a little sweet.


The author has something to say: 

I hope you like this story! The novel was written when I was very childish in logic, plot, and persona, and now there are definitely many bugs. So if there is any place where you feel uncomfortable, please immediately exit! Don’t force yourself! Once again: the characters are broken, the plot is brainless, awkward, and sweet!


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Translator Notes:

  1. A little reminder for any American readers. In China their High Schools only have three grades, 10th, 11th no 12th. So unlike in America where 11th graders would be juniors, they are considered sophomores in China and other countries like Japan. 
  2. 高岭之花 is used as a metaphor for things that can only be seen from a distance and cannot be touched, that is, things that can only be longed for but are out of reach for oneself.


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