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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu was caught by Zhong Tan at seven o’clock that night. Zhong Tan dragged the man to his home and jerked his head twice with a towel before he got angry, “Are you crazy? You didn’t want to find me even if you’re homeless? I’ve been your fucking friend for years, and you forgot about me after going to a different high school?”

Shi Yu only then remembered from the original owner’s sporadic memory who this good brother was. Lian ZiJin gave Zhong Tan a hat, then blamed him for stealing. It involved a large amount of money, and Zhong Tan was almost expelled from school. Later the original owner paid to make up for it.

It was then that Zhong Tan recognized Shi Yu as his brother.

Zhong Tan was furious and drove the person into the bathroom. “This thing has spread through your school and the Lian family still does not believe you?”

Shi Yu turned down the shower, and hmmm’d.

Zhong Tan cursed, “Lian ZiJin, that son of a bitch, hasn’t done anything for so long. This time, he must have done something wrong and put it on your head.”

Shi Yu wiped his hair, changed into a short sleeved shirt and pushed out the door. “Do you have inhibitors? I’m getting hot.”

Zhong Tan, who was counting Lian ZiJin’s ancestors, was silent for a long time. “So you are really now an omega who has been swept out of the house with a black eye and a delicate body?”

Shi Yu thought for a long time and nodded.

“The inhibitor must be registered by the guardian to receive it. I live alone, and I’m a beta. Where should I steal one for you?”

After the rant, Zhong Tan fell back into silence.

Letting the Lian family know that Shi Yu had differentiated into omega was undoubtedly the little lamb being cooked and served to the wolf’s stomach. The way the Lian family had treated Shi Yu for so many years, it would be easy to sell him to some alpha as packaged goods.

Shi Yu leaned back on the sofa, a little lazy. He only had one injection of inhibitors at the hospital and that was two days ago. The effects only lasted for forty-eight hours. Now the discomfort was coming back.

Zhong Tan stood up. “You go and rest. Use this time to stay at my house. Inhibitors… I’ll think of something for you.”

Shi Yu, lying weakly on the bed, thanked him in a low voice, “I’ll pay you.”

Zhong Tan’s expression altered slightly. “What’s wrong? Your personality changed after differentiation? You love to spend money on people so much?” He helped Shi Yu tuck in. “Sleep well, you can’t starve with Brother around.”

Shi Yu was so sleepy, he answered in a daze and fell asleep.

Perhaps it was because he had just differentiated but he did not rest well, dreaming that he could not find an alpha, was rejected by the dragon who had been waiting for him, and went back to his childhood when he was suffering from hunger and cold…


During the lunch break, Li Chen went to the Student Council Office to prepare to meet Jiang ChengLi for lunch.

“President?” Li Chen crept up behind Jiang ChengLi and whispered. “Is-the-President-awake-?”

Jiang ChengLi, who was taking a nap, lazily lifted his eyelids. His eyes were bitterly cold.

Li Chen hurriedly pulled away. “Wow, your expression is so rare, did you not sleep well?”

Jiang ChengLi turned his eyes, his thin lips slightly pursed. Indeed, Jiang ChengLi did not sleep well. Last night he dreamed all night.

At eighteen years old, it was just the right age for teenagers’ lewd thoughts to emerge, but Jiang ChengLi, as a senior alpha, was terribly picky and not lustful.

He was not moved by people or fascinated by anyone’s pheromone. Li Chen reminded him not to repress himself too badly. Jiang ChengLi also rightfully felt that he did not have those types of thoughts. 

Until last night.

The dream was filled with heavy rain, a slim omega’s body and a sweet smell like a swimming fish wrapped around him tightly. The man’s eyes were pink at the corners, his earlobes were pink, his fingertips were pink…Jiang ChengLi thought he might be crazy.

“President?” Li Chen saw his silence and asked again in a quiet voice.

Jiang ChengLi looked unhappy. “I picked up a cat and took care of it overnight.”

“Mn, you have a cat.” Li Chen tsked. “Master Cat is very temperamental. Raising it, you should be prepared to be pulled by the hand.”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t want to discuss raising cats with him and got up to leave.

Li Chen followed behind. “By the way, do you remember Little Teardrop Mole or not? Yesterday I said he was kicked out by the Lian family, right? Today Xiao Li… The parents of that omega girl are looking for news of Shi Yu in the school.”

The name that had teased him all night in his dreams suddenly appeared in his ears, and Jiang ChengLi paused in his steps.

Li Chen, whose eyes had been on the back of Jiang ChengLi’s head, slammed into his shoulder. “What the hell? President?”

Jiang ChengLi had an obscure look. “From now on, mention that name less around me.”

Li Chen was baffled. Now was not the time to mention this?

The mind of a senior alpha was really hard to guess.

Nan Zhong’s library was donated by the Jiang family, so President Jiang was given preferential treatment as a matter of course. He had a personal lounge on the highest floor of the building.

Li Chen went to the entrance of the school to get take-out. Jiang ChengLi went upstairs alone and bumped into Lian ZiJin who was searching every floor.

Lian ZiJin nodded. “President Jiang, we’re looking for someone… Did I wake you up?”

Jiang ChengLi never liked this alpha very much. “It’s lunch break.”

Lian ZiJin’s face froze. “But…”

“Don’t you understand?”

No one dared to offend Jiang ChengLi.

Lian ZiJin reluctantly turned around and gritted his teeth. “Let’s go.”

Jiang ChengLi walked up to the sixth floor with a sullen look on his face and stopped at the corner of the stairs.

Because he smelled a very faint sweet smell.

He tilted his head and saw the omega sitting upstairs against the stair railing.

Like in his dream, Shi Yu’s hair was wet and his face was flushed. His slightly drooping eyelashes were leaking liquid. Jiang ChengLi didn’t know whether it was sweat or tears. But he was properly dressed, and his look was not flirtatious as it was in the dream. 

Shi Yu’s trembling right hand held a suppressant to his left arm with difficulty, but his blurred vision and the uncontrollable trembling made self-injection extremely difficult. It was then that his gaze swept up to see Jiang ChengLi, staring at him in silence from the bottom of the stairs.


He saw the omega cowering like a kitten. The inhibitor between his fingers fell down the stairs, landed in a corner and broke into pieces.

Shi Yu gripped the railing, and his watery eyes slowly took on a look of resentment as he stared at Jiang ChengLi.

Jiang ChengLi, “…”

Jiang ChengLi did not expect an omega in heat to be so skittish.

He expressionlessly lowered his eyes and swept the staircase. “Do you have another inhibitor?”

If not for his lack of strength, Shi Yu would have jumped on the alpha and bitten him to death. God knows how much effort it took to make it from Zhong Tan’s house to the school to get the only suppressant left from the school doctor.

Jiang ChengLi saw the answer in his eyes.

In the old days, this Kaolin Flower would not have allowed himself to be involved with such things, but this one kept tossing around in his dreams last night.

Alphas were proud creatures, and even being molested by an omega in a dream was humiliating.

Jiang ChengLi suddenly felt that the dream Shi Yu’s eyes and the real one’s angry glare contrasted quite a lot… It was also a bit funny.

A wonderful idea suddenly emerged from the bottom of his heart. Jiang ChengLi stepped up the stairs and said to the omega in a condescending manner. “Do you need help?”

In the dream, Shi Yu said the same thing to him.

Shi Yu didn’t understand why this alpha was acting so superior. He licked his dry lips and said in a hoarse voice, “You have three seconds to get out of the way.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows. He only wanted to return the favor, but now he was a bit interested indeed. “Do you not need help?”

Shi Yu paused for a moment as he caught his breath, and then ran down the stairs with a lot of energy. Shi Yu’s movements were quite fast for an omega in his susceptible period. 

For an alpha of Jiang ChengLi’s caliber, it was slow motion and could be avoided with a little sideways movement, but the concentration of pheromones in the air was too high and Jiang ChengLi hesitated for a moment.

Then he was pinned to the wall by the hot omega.

Shi Yu’s cheeks were red and his breath was rushed as he leaned on the side of his neck. “If you don’t get out of the way, you will pay for it!”

His pheromones and the corners of his red eyes produced a wonderful chemical counterattack.

Jiang ChengLi involuntarily licked his lips with the tip of his tongue, narrowing his eyes threateningly. “I must compensate you?”

Shi Yu tugged at his collar, and his right hand touched Jiang ChengLi’s jaw carelessly, completely unaware that he was almost touching the fangs of the beast.

Jiang ChengLi, for the first time, was offended by an audacious omega. He immediately pressed his wrist down and controlled him with a slight hold. “How dare you make a move on an alpha when you’re this vulnerable?”

Shi Yu struggled twice and found that there was nothing he could do. All the negative emotions that had accumulated after his differentiation exploded and he bit into Jiang ChengLi’s collarbone with a vengeance.

The worst that could happen was that they would die together.

Shi Yu then tasted cold as snow pheromones. They were like an icy mist that fell over every inch of his skin and greatly relieved all his hot discomfort.

Jiang ChengLi found the restless omega in his arms suddenly quieted down.

His hand that pinched the back of Shi Yu’s neck stilled. His more than ten years of discipline finally reminded him not to get rough with the omega. He began to think of the least harmful way to let the omega sleep for a while.

Shi Yu, however, was inexplicably soothed by him. His tense muscles relaxed, going from resistance to involuntarily leaning into Jiang ChengLi’s arms.

Jiang ChengLi felt the blazing pain in his collarbone lighten a bit, and he looked down to see the omega he’d pinned down slowly loosening his mouth, beads of sweat rolling down his fair cheeks to his collar, seeping into the bloodied teeth marks.

The pain had stripped Shi Yu of his senses and the omega said weakly, “I just need an inhibitor.”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes rose, suddenly he realized why so many alphas displayed uncontrollable possessiveness and control over an omega. It was all instinctive.

While Shi Yu was suffering, he felt the back of his head being gently touched, and then heard a pleasant voice in his ear saying, “Got it, I’ll take you to get an inhibitor.”


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July 16, 2021 2:34 pm

Shi Yu’s having a really crap time of it. Weird he’s not been provided with access to inhibitors, since only recently becoming an omega.
ChengLi should just help. Hope he comes round soon.
Surely he can tell Shi Yu is no ordinary omega and not the person he was.
Thanks for translating and looking forward to the next chapter.

July 16, 2021 10:10 pm

Poor SY😭😭😭😭

July 17, 2021 3:26 am

Wow, with that kind of description of the Lian family, I suddenly think it’s better that Shi Yu ended up homeless. He wouldn’t have to suffer with some rich pervert. I wonder why the Li family is looking for him?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 24, 2021 2:08 pm

Wow! That sucks that he has a family like that, leaving him out cold! I don’t have good feelings towards that alpha that was looking for him! SY is suffering so! Im glad JCL was able to provide some comfort to him and he found himself getting the inhibitor! SY is fierce!

Sue R
Sue R
September 7, 2021 6:27 pm

Shi Yu 💙🧡💛 strong pure omega.

December 6, 2022 3:44 pm

SY you have so many terrible things happen in such a short time but you’re still fighting and going head held high! 😭

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