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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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“… No way. I’m kidding.” Shi Yu turned back expressionlessly. He wasn’t going to take care of this dragon who could get drunk even when drinking milk tea. As a result, he kicked a fine stone just as he raised his step. He looked down and realized that it wasn’t a stone, it was broken ice.

Jiang ChengLi was still standing behind the door, and maintained a half-concealed posture to peek at him, but the tail behind the door revealed his identity as the culprit.

Shi Yu picked up the broken ice. He was putting it in the bathroom, with his eyes downcast, when Jiang ChengLi whispered behind him, “Aren’t you going to coax me?”

The sound was sultry and pitiful. Shi Yu turned around and mumbled suspiciously.

Jiang ChengLi’s face tilted towards the door again, which left only one eye gazing at Shi Yu, and whispered, “I think if you coax me again, I won’t be angry anymore. But you don’t coax.”

Shi Yu’s heart fell with the cold pain of the crushed ice he held. He turned back towards Jiang ChengLi’s door, hesitated for a moment, then knocked on it and met the eyes with their icy blue pupils. “Then please ask the angry little student Jiang. Can I come in to coax you?”

Jiang ChengLi pursed his lips and nodded slowly. He said seriously and cautiously, “Yes.”

Shi Yu walked into his bedroom. Alpha pheromones overflowed every corner. He seemed to be sitting on the snow, the not-so-cold scent surrounded him as it floated down to his skin.

Jiang ChengLi had brought back two cups of milk tea and only drank half. Both of them were on the desk.

Shi Yu sighed, and helped him put the milk tea away. “Your notebook is here. What if you accidentally knock it over later?”

He had just closed the notebook when a person fell on his shoulder from behind. Jiang ChengLi buried his head in his shoulder and put his hand around his waist. His voice was sticky. “Just redo it.”

“Why are you angry with your brother?” Shi Yu asked, curious. “It’s just an egg.”

“Don’t like it.” That was the only answer Jiang ChengLi gave.

Shi Yu thought about it, and then asked, “What about when we have kids?”

“… Maybe I’ll like it.” Jiang ChengLi slowly looked up at Shi Yu. “But mostly like you.”

He was really a childish and capricious dragon.

Shi Yu thought that if he had one or two children with Jiang ChengLi in the future, he would have to compete with human babies every day for favor. It was funny to think about it.

Seeing that Shi Yu was distracted, Jiang ChengLi tugged him hard in displeasure.

Shi Yu had no choice but to comply with his wishes and be dragged to the ground. His alpha’s thin lips fell against the back of his neck in a prolonged kiss that felt like fudge from the fridge, and Shi Yu felt a little tickled. He didn’t duck away until the glands on the back of his neck shuddered involuntarily from the kiss.

“Jiang ChengLi,” he said in a hoarse voice. “That’s enough.”

“Not enough.” The man behind him said vaguely. “How many days has it been since I hugged you?”

Shi Yu tilted his head and lowered his eyes in warning. “You have school tomorrow. I advise you to behave yourself.”

“Last time.” Jiang ChengLi’s right hand followed Shi Yu’s arm around to the back of his hand and interlocked with his fingers. “Last time you were at my house. When you took pictures of me with your phone. You wanted to leave evidence.”

Shi Yu looked down at the hand held by him and slowly closed his five fingers. “What evidence did I want to leave?”

“Evidence of bullying you.”

Shi Yu looked back and guessed what Jiang ChengLi was referring to, and the tips of his ears burned a little. “I already left it.”

“That doesn’t count.” Jiang ChengLi blew slowly into his ear. “It’s more excessive. The restricted kind.”

Shi Yu instinctively tried to break away from him, but was smoothly seized by Jiang ChengLi’s arms, his pheromones like a momentary blossoming of an ice shield close to them. “You said, I have four times a week.”

Shi Yu’s hand was against his chest. He looked at him like a temperamental puppy. He didn’t hold back his smile. “Jiang ChengLi.”

“You can’t go back on your word.”

“No regrets. I’m calling your name. Can you hear me?”

Jiang ChengLi gathered the hand on his chest in his palm, then slowly moved his lips and kissed the fingertips one by one. “I can hear you.”

“I only like you.” Shi Yu felt Jiang ChengLi’s lips rest on his trailing finger and didn’t move. “No matter who is added to the family, or how that egg hatches, I only like you.” Shi Yu lifted his palm, cupped Jiang ChengLi’s face, tilted his head and kissed the side of his cheek. “Only like you. A dragon.”

Jiang ChengLi was still in a daze. Shi Yu, red-faced and stifled, said, “So, you quickly propose to me, okay?”

Before Jiang ChengLi had a chance to answer, Shi Yu brushed his lips and said with a smile, “If you’re not ready. It’s okay for me to propose. I like you so much anyway.”


The little dragon egg broke its shell on the summer solstice of the following year. Shi Yu woke up that morning to find a crack in the top of the egg shell and pushed Jiang ChengLi, who was hugging him and going to sleep, awake.

“Jiang ChengYi is going to be born!” Shi Yu said excitedly, as he lay directly next to the transparent incubator and looked at the egg in anticipation.

Jiang ChengYi was the name of the little dragon egg. Shi Yu doubted the gender at first, but Mrs. Jiang swore that it was a boy because she especially liked to eat sour things during her pregnancy.

Shi Yu didn’t know whether dragons had such a saying as sour children, but Mr. Jiang still took the name. He heard that after the baby dragon hatched it would have the consciousness to transform, so it was good to take a name early.

Jiang ChengLi lazily propped his head on his hand and glanced listlessly out the window at the blinding daylight. “An ice dragon born on the summer solstice. You really know how to pick the day.”

Shi Yu ignored his sarcasm and walked around the incubator twice. “Eh, why is Xiao Yi not moving?”

“Maybe it’s not coming out.”

“Jiang ChengLi!”

“…The crack is just a sign that the shell is about to break. It will take another seven or eight hours before it slowly crawls out.” Jiang ChengLi walked off the bed and carried his omega back to his side. “So it’s useless for you to guard Jiang ChengYi.”

Shi Yu reluctantly stared at the egg as he was carried into the bathroom by Jiang ChengLi who personally squeezed the soaked towel. “Don’t you have classes today? Pack up and go to class. Don’t be late.”

Shi Yu said, “Jiang ChengLi, do you remember what you promised me?”

Jiang ChengLi sighed, helpless. “Remember to take care of him. If he isn’t born in front of you, record the whole process of breaking his shell and send it to you.”

Shi Yu raised his hand while his toothbrush was still in his mouth and hooked his hand with his finger. “Pull the hook.”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t have time to react. Shi Yu had drawn his hand back and began to wash in earnest. He silently curled his hand into a fist and felt the warmth the omega left in his hand.

If only Shi Yu was that easy to say yes to at night.

Shi Yu washed up and left with his books. Jiang ChengLi changed his clothes, went to the incubation box, reached out and knocked on the glass cover. “If you are sensible, break the shell today, don’t let him wait in vain.” He put the video equipment out and pointed it at the incubator, then left a message on the way out. “Or you’ll see.”

Just after the door closed, the egg in the incubator suddenly shook and a little piece of shell broke off with a click.

A small aqua-blue dragon faltered and pulled itself out of the shell. Its delicate tail and wings wagged, and after it rubbed the slime off on the cushion, it slowly nestled into a ball in the corner and grunted.

When Jiang ChengLi came back, the little dragon named Jiang ChengYi was sleeping in the corner in a daze. He first checked the video equipment to make sure the whole thing was recorded before he slowly opened the incubation box.

The little aquamarine ice dragon smelled its own kind, gradually opened its eyes and walked towards Jiang ChengLi. The ice fog spread out when they met and Jiang ChengLi picked the little humanoid baby out from the fog.

Jiang ChengYi opened a pair of beautiful blue eyes. He and Jiang ChengLi looked at each other for a long time, then suddenly he laughed out loud.

It had been a year since the birth of the baby. As Mrs. Jiang used a technique when she was pregnant, the little one had the ability to transform steadily right after he was born. His human form was no different from a one-year-old baby.

Jiang ChengLi took his brother to have a bath, put the clothes Shi Yu prepared on him and then squatted down level to look at his brother. “You know who I am, right?”

The one-year-old child stretched out his hand and smiled at him in a childish way.

“You’re not here to fight for favor, you’re here to witness the marriage.” Jiang ChengLi pinched the bun on his face. “Don’t presume he will like you much.”

But Jiang ChengYi was young. He could only smile at him with big watery eyes, and completely lacked understanding of his ge’s sinister intentions.

Jiang ChengLi stroked his soft hair and sent Shi Yu a picture. “The shell is broken. Come home after school and see.”

That afternoon, for the first time in college, Shi Yu left early. He could hardly wait to get home and see his new little family member. After getting out of the car, he ran to his apartment and stood panting in front of the door.

Before entering the door, Shi Yu had an unexpected sense of ceremony. At the door he straightened his hair and collar, then licked his lips. “Jiang ChengYi, hello. I am your ge’s boyfriend. In the future, I will also be your family.”

After saying it once, Shi Yu felt that his emotions were almost in place, so pushed the door open. “I’m back.”

In the apartment, the newly hatched Jiang ChengYi was sitting on the sofa, wearing the clothes of a human baby, with big, beautiful, watery blue eyes that curved and smiled when he saw Shi Yu.

Shi Yu forgot all the lines he had prepared for the first meeting,  went forward to hug the baby and then gave him a big kiss. “You’re even cuter than I thought!”

Jiang ChengYi happily hugged him. The little short hand on Shi Yu’s shoulder fluttered. But before he could learn the human kiss that was behind the long-awaited arrival, Jiang ChengLi cut off the next action.

“No boasting about his cuteness in front of me. You’re only allowed to like the cubs we have ourselves.” Jiang ChengLi wrapped his arms around Shi Yu’s waist from behind.

Jiang ChengLi took advantage of Shi Yu and intimately kissed the ends of his eyes, as his slender tail curled around Shi Yu.

Shi Yu was stunned. Jiang ChengLi raised his hand from his arms to move Jiang ChengYi to the side of the sofa, then for the first time in human form he spread his dragon wings, just to block the brother who might attract Shi Yu’s attention.

“We ice dragons have a tradition. If we want to get married, we must have family members present to witness it. I was going to wait for you to graduate, but now I realize I set the day too far back. Now you seem to have the intention of cutting me off a second time. It just so happens that such a small thing was born recently.” Jiang ChengLi opened the ring box and held the sapphire ring in front of Shi Yu, intimately and with a petty caprice. “And now I want to let this newborn ‘rival’ know that you like me a little more. I want to make winter all over the deep sea. I want to be with you for a long time. I want to nurture our future with you.”

The tips of Shi Yu’s ears burned slightly as he watched as Jiang ChengLi slowly removed the silver ring he had been wearing for two years and replaced it with this new one.

“So, Shi Yu, do you promise?”

“… I promise.”


The author has something to say: 

true-gege’s dragon – the first day of birth as a witness – Jiang ChengYi

And that’s it for the extras~


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September 28, 2021 10:25 pm

This dragon’s territorial instinct sure is superior. Even used his own newly born brother as a witness to his proposal… Well, congratulations to the couple! 🥰🎉🎊🎆🎇
Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work translating this cute and fluffy, sometimes frustrating, novel. I have one more to re-read later on.

September 28, 2021 11:33 pm

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a random Eki
a random Eki
September 29, 2021 5:53 am

I was looking for smut. I ended up here. How that happened? No idea.
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Yet I still here, realoading the page to check if there’s more. I needed to know how it ends.

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Weird to have a novel with no chapter that confirms the ‘End’ and then have 3 extras, of which this appears to be the final one… so end of the story?
I imagine they get married, but would love to know whether Shi Yu would have a baby the usual way, not being a dragon too. Hopefully they’ll all be happy.
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thank you for the translation

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January 28, 2022 9:12 pm

I can’t. He really used his just born brother as a marriage witness 🤣🤣. Awww going to miss the restraint milk tea drunkard sulking ice dragon journey of pursuing his beloved, frustratingly cautious dragon lover mate. Thanks for the translation! 🥰💘

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