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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


As the time passed little by little, it had been almost an hour. The contestants in the auditorium were almost in a state of forgetfulness as they worked on the construction of their creations. Bessemer’s group’s work was gradually taking shape, and they were building a gamma ray Gatling model.

When the big screen showing each group’s picture in turn appeared on the Bessemer group, the crowd let out an exclamation. There were many groups that build weapons, but these were highly explosive weapons, and few people dared to try. The structure was too complex and sophisticated.

However, the gamma ray Gatling model was not quite the same as the current common, the shape was more smooth and slender. This was not simply a copy of an object, but a work of their own design. In terms of originality, they were already ahead of many others.

“As expected, they are honorary students of the Mechanical College.” The students in the stands lamented, “They have already started to form their own gamma ray Gatling, and I haven’t touched it yet.”

Some students began to feel whimsy. “I want to make friends with him now. You think he would send me one later?”

Other places aside, in the military academy, the mechanical students were the meat and potatoes. After all, other majors in the military academy basically either dealt with mecha, or dealt with a variety of weapons. The Medical College also had to deal with a variety of medical equipment, not to mention the highly developed robotics culture—all walks of life were inseparable from the help of machines or artificial intelligence.

In this case, mechanical students specializing in machine learning were an indispensable auxiliary talent.

If one had mecha problems, they’d have to find the Mechanical College.

If one wanted to improve their weapons, they’d have to find the Mechanical College.

If one wanted to make equipment, they’d have to find the Mechanical College.

Every year, the Mechanical College had the most popular freshmen. Not to mention the Mechanical College’s honor students. And those like Bessemer, the highest in the institute, were more sought after by all.

Now seeing Bessemer had not yet graduated and could build a gamma ray Gatling, the original disdain in the hearts of some people inevitably died. After all, if one could have a powerful mecha engineer as a friend, then no matter what they did in the future, their life could be much more convenient.

In the observation deck high above, several judges and professors stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the screen hanging in the air, and while sighs of relief were occurring below, there were also a few voices of praise.

“He really is a good student. He can design and build advanced weapons so early.” A professor nodded in relief, although this was not his student, that did not stop him from being pleased with the excellence of the mechanical department’s talents.

Other professors from the Mechanical College also turned their heads to send congratulations to Besimo’s mentor. “Congratulations, Morrison, for having such a student.”

The corners of Professor Morrison’s mouth did not restrain the upward curve as he proudly said, “I saw at first glance that he was a potential student to become a first-class mecha engineer.”

Then he said to Professor Elaine, who was on the other side of the table, “I’m sorry, Professor Elaine, but it looks like my student is going to win this time.”

Elaine, a woman of almost fifty years of age, just calmly watched the situation below, and in the face of Professor Morrison’s provocation, she said calmly, “This child, Ding Fei, has always worked hard and is mechanically gifted, and I believe she will not lose.”

“Ding Fei is very good, but there are always people outside the world.” Morrison waved his hands, although his tone was light, it could not hide his sarcasm.

In response, Elaine just coldly grunted and did not say a word.

Then quietly waiting for Ding Fei’s work to reveal the true face of the mountain. Now because of the slow speed of the Ding Fei’s construction, no one has been able to see what she was actually building, until a ball-like silver shell was completed.

Seeing the dense lines attached to that shell, the professors in the observation deck were the first to spot the clues.

“This shape and the way the lines are coiled, is it the mecha’s power pod?”

The professors looked at Ding Fei, who had already started the construction of the chassis lines inside the cabin, and topped their glasses, finally confirming, “It’s really a power pod.”

The professors shook their heads, and instead of praising Bessemer’s work as they had done before, they sighed and commented, “Young people these days, one is really more daring than the other.”

“It’s just that it might not be a real power pod. The power pod is too difficult, and it’s too impulsive for one person to complete.”

“Overwhelmed by good intentions.”

After the professors realized that what Ding Fei was building was a power pod, it didn’t take long for the students in the audience to gradually realize the matter, and there was an uproar in the audience when the camera caught what Ding Fei was building.

“Oh my God, building a power pod, is she crazy?”

“A six-person team would have to spend at least three days.”

“The structure of the power pod is too complex, this one afternoon she can build a power pod?”

“She’s by herself. If she was partnered with Bessemer, these two people would be a really strong team.”

“But even the two of them wouldn’t be able to finish it, right?”

The man shook his head and reminded, “No, look at the speed of Ding Fei’s build.”

“That’s fast.”

On the big video screen, Ding Fie’s thinking time between each step was no more than a minute at most, and there were very few wrong attempts, and everything was built almost as smoothly as flowing water. This showed that Ding Fei was extremely familiar with the structure of the power pod, no less than having a complete structural diagram of the power pod in her head!

In addition, her hand speed was also very fast, the building between the materials was very smooth; performing those headache inducing operations made her look like a child with building blocks.

This made people wonder, was it really that smooth? How come when they start to build it seems not so much? How come the materials don’t behave in their hands? The doubts from the audience also reached the competition area, and Ding Fei, who was concentrating on building, was affected.

So the adapter cable clamped in the tweezers in her hand was not securely connected to the next port.

Ding Fei pursed her lips, looking at the wiring plate that was already like a spider web, the hand that was not fast but never stopped the speed stalled at this moment. As soon as the thought was interrupted, her brain went blank.

This thread, where was it going to be connected to? She did not have time to stop here.

Gulping, the outside world’s questioning voices caused her heart to waver, mingling with the sense of urgency of time, Ding Fei’s mood became agitated. Her breathing was chaotic. Listening to the voices coming from nearby—

“How can she possibly finish?”

“She’s so naive.”

Ding Fei’s hand hung in the air, the tweezers in the turnbuckle lost their aim although they were clamped securely. Sure enough, the idea of a power pod was still too risky?

However, just at this moment, a clear voice suddenly came from in front of her.

“Be still.”

She subconsciously wanted to look up, but the man seemed to be able to read her mind in advance to stop her movement. His voice was calm and decisive. “Don’t look at me, once your line of sight shifts, it’s not so easy to find the M321 power connection after that.”

Ding Fei froze.

How did he know he was looking for the M321 power connection port?

Although her heart had doubts, undeniably, he was right.

Now the chassis was densely packed with lines, along the lines of thought to connect down in one breath to not make mistakes, once you moved away from the line of sight, it was difficult to find where you stopped at a glance.

Tongue licking over her lips, Ding Fei’s restless heart was magically calmed down, and she once again focused on her goal. Ding Fei used tweezers to pick up that one wire again, then carefully passed through the connecting wires that were a mess in the eyes of ordinary people, and this time she precisely fixed the wire on the M321 power connection port.

Finished this one, there were thirteen, connected, then the bottom line was complete. Then a connecting wire was handed to her eyes. It was Xie Quan who came closer at some point and then handed over the wire she wanted in advance.

Ding Fei did not hesitate to take it, she fixed her eyes on the chassis on the table and continued calmly. Her arm was steady like a mechanical arm, without a hint of tremor. Because the youth was close to her, his presence instantly was much higher. But somehow, even if the youth did not say anything, just stood closer, Ding Fei’s heart inexplicably settled down.

Just like at the beginning, when she tentatively said “power pod”, the other party’s affirmative words let her trace of hesitation disappear.

Everyone thought it was impossible for her to finish, but he told her it was a good choice. After concentrating, Ding Fei finished the bottom line without much surprise this time. After completing the bottom line, that was a quarter of the way done.

Relieved, Ding Fei was about to reach for the double-hole beam to do the hatch construction, when the double-hole beam had been handed to her eyes.

“You need this, right?”

“Ah… Thanks.”

Time passed little by little, with the completion of the bottom line, and the power cabin of Ding Fei also slightly completed on the basis of the bottom line, it made it so those whimsical people could not help but shut their mouths. They stared at the big screen with dead eyes, their hearts unconsciously doubting—

Could it be that she was really able to construct a power pod? If Ding Fei could succeed, then the winner of the game would undoubtedly be her. After all, if Bessemer’s group’s gamma ray Gatling was S-grade difficulty, then Ding Fei’s power pod was SS-grade difficulty.

Not to mention that she was doing almost a one-man job.

The highs and lows were immediately apparent. Just when the direction of the game was getting more and more confusing, Ding Fei’s hand suddenly froze. She frowned and suddenly began to look for something in the pile of materials with an anxious expression.

At this moment, the big screen did not show the picture of her group, so only the close spectators noticed her abnormality.

Originally, watching the work of Ding Fei group gradually improve, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, but Lilith, in the sight of this scene, involuntarily held her breath.

Was there some kind of accident?

Indeed, there was an accident.

Beads of sweat rolled down the forehead of Ding Fei, and she looked at the stall as she turned the mess of materials, subconsciously wanting to bite her nails. No, how could there be no energy locker?

She clearly saw it when she confirmed the material before! Without the energy locker, the energy in the power pod’s high-powered operation was like an unstable bomb that could explode at any time!

Without this, her power pod would not be completed. Her fingernails were about to touch her lips, when a pale, slender hand suddenly grabbed her wrist. She looked up in a panic and ran into a pair of calm, mirror-like eyes.

Xie Quan said, “Don’t bite, your hands are dirty.”


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