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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth asked quietly, “What do you want to do?” He was about to dispose of the bodies of the three people near the tree, when Ning Chu stopped him.

“We’ll take advantage of the chaos to save everyone,” Ning Chu said, holding back his disgust and finding the smallest storage bag to put the bodies in, “A magic dragon is too conspicuous, it’s not convenient to bring them.”

It wasn’t clear how many Church people were in the Academy, and Second Cub and Third Cub might not be a good distraction. As for the three corpses… Ning Chu had his own plans.

He instructed Second Cub to be cautious and try not to make too much noise, then take the dragons to the direction of Dragon Island after finding them, which was in dwarf territory, safer than this place. Second Cub replied with an “aowu”, and turned his head to scurry out.

Ning Chu was still uneasy, so he grabbed him, before adding, “Go with San Sanand act together, don’t separate.”

The subtle meaning of his words was to ask Third Cub to keep an eye on Second Cub. In the past, Second Cub wouldn’t be very happy about this. But now, he knew that Ning Chu was angry, so he obeyed and didn’t give Ning Chu any trouble.

The two little dragon cubs left together, and Ning Chu and Wuuth went back to Dragon Island first. As it was getting dark, Second Cub and Third Cub returned with the herd of dragons. They went to the sparsely populated jungle and took all the dragons they encountered, some of them even brought their families with them; their hatchlings and eggs.

In any case, there was enough space on Dragon Island, and it was already late, so Ning Chu let them take the herd back to Dragon Island first, and wait until tomorrow. Second Cub and Third Cub’s mission was successfully completed, so Ning Chu prepared a nice dinner for them, while asking, “No one found out, right?”

The students were still being held at the Academy, and Ning Chu didn’t want to alert the snake for now.

Second Cub straightened his back, “Aowu!”

Of course not. He knew that the Church had some kind of magical artifact that could detect the adult form of magic dragons, so he didn’t change into his bigger form this whole way with Third Cub, so, of course, it had taken more time.

“Not bad,” Ning Chu stroked Second Cub’s head with satisfaction, “You’re so well behaved today. Is it because you were with San San?”

Second Cub refused to answer the question and finished eating his food and flew back to the house to rest. Before going to sleep, Ning Chu threw aside the storage bag containing the corpses. This storage bag could only be thrown away later, if he wasn’t so angry, he wouldn’t have brought the corpses back.

Wuuth knew that Ning Chu wasn’t in a good mood, but he wasn’t either, especially after the short man told them that Josh always thought he was a good student and there must be a misunderstanding about what happened before. He didn’t believe that Josh didn’t notice anything and that such a statement was made to protect him from those people from the Church.

For the first time, Wuuth felt worried about a human other than Ning Chu. He calmed Ning Chu down and told him to rest early while he stayed awake all night.

The next morning, Ning Chu prepared to set out with the dragons. The current location of Dragon Island was still some distance away from the Academy, and Ning Chu was afraid of being bumped into on the road in broad daylight, so he simply spent 2,000 currency to transfer Dragon Island directly there.

10 minutes later, Dragon Island appeared above the Academy.

Ning Chu sat on the back of Second Cub and looked down from the entrance of the passageway. It was the time when classes were about to start, and students were constantly walking around the Academy in pairs. He leaned down and touched Second Cub’s scales, “Let the dragons go down now, but don’t hurt anyone.”

Second Cub turned his head and let out a brief dragon roar, making the dragons immediately pour out of the passage. There were many Jaguar dragons among the herd that could exhale smoke to disrupt their vision, so Ning Chu switched to sit on the back of a Jaguar dragon and flew down with the herd.

A large swarm of dragons suddenly appeared, accompanied by a burst of vision-disrupting smoke, and the students fled in panic. With the help of the smoke, Ning Chu landed silently and the dragon flew away. He was wearing his school jacket, from which a small black dragon emerged.

Ning Chu pushed the little black dragon back into his bosom and retreated to the side. Not long after, members of the Church appeared one after another.

They instructed several people to watch the gate so that the students or instructors wouldn’t take advantage of the chaos to escape, and then began to attack the dragons. However, the dragons had already received instructions to leave the ground to fly upwards, and the Jaguar dragon exhaled a large cloud of smoke in mid-air to firmly cover the dragons’ traces.

Any contracted beast in front of the dragon could only be subservient, so the Church people couldn’t use any of their flying contracted beasts to fly up to check the situation, and even their attack spells thrown up were knocked askew by an invisible force before it touched the smoke.

They soon discovered the reason. The disc used to check the magic dragon was reacting, as the needle pointed to the yellow area.

There was a man in blue robes in the crowd, looking at the attire and the attitude of the people around, his status clearly not ordinary. The sudden change caught many people off guard, but even though the dragons retreated quickly, their arrival was weird. They didn’t land, nor did they actively attack, but hid in a cloud of smoke, which their attack spells hit like it was punching cotton.

Only the man in blue was very calm and even vaguely excited, “It’s the Gale Dragon! It’s hiding in the smoke!” He ordered his subordinates, “Get everyone over here for support!”

The subordinate cautiously asked, “Elder Raph, do we need to use the protective shield in Academy first?”

It would be safer to have the shield in place than to have it now. With so many dragons and a magic dragon, even if they didn’t attack, it would be unnerving to have it over the Academy. Raph mused, “Not yet, I’d like to see what these dragons want.”

The Gale Dragon had come to the Academy once before, leading a group of dragons that could exhale smoke, and like this time, they didn’t attack anyone. The only difference was that the last time the dragons left quickly and the Gale Dragon only appeared for a moment.

Raph had a feeling that there was a reason for this. He ordered his subordinates to stop attacking, but the magic staff in his hand secretly stored up power.

Ning Chu wasn’t far away and heard the man call everyone over for support, just as he wanted. 

When the dragons suddenly arrived but stopped attacking, many instructors and students stabilized and stopped fleeing, and indeed began to move, looking towards the gate from time to time, but there were still several people guarding it. Ning Chu mingled with the crowd, when he noticed Clark’s figure.

She looked the same as when Ning Chu left the Academy, whispering to the teachers around her, before being shouted at by a member of the Church, who told the teachers to disperse and take care of the students, not to gather together.

Clark looked at the man coldly and turned toward the students. Ning Chu took the opportunity to come to Clark’s side and whispered, “Teacher.”

Clark turned her head and looked surprised to see Ning Chu, but quickly calmed down and said sternly, “What are you doing out here? Do you want to die?”

At that moment, the other instructors were leading the students back to the building, and Clark took Ning Chu to the back of the building at a fast pace. There was no one in this corner and the Church people outside didn’t notice, so Clark changed her expression and said anxiously, “You…”

She had only said one word, but didn’t know how to continue. After Ning Chu and Wuuth disappeared together, she vaguely guessed the identity of Ning Chu.

Ning’s talents were the exact opposite of Ning Chu’s, and no one else connected the two together, except for Clark, who sensed something was amiss. Ning Chu’s suddenly enhanced wood talent, and the initiative to participate in the Beast Cleanup were suspicious, but only Clark realized. But she didn’t reveal it to anyone, including Josh, it was only known that a member of Ning Chu’s family wasn’t well and he needed to go back to take care of them. The Church couldn’t find any clues, so they only focused on Wuuth.

Seeing Ning Chu unharmed, Clark wanted to ask him how he got in, and wondered why he had disappeared in the first place, and whether it was really related to Wuuth.

Ning Chu spoke first, asking, “Where’s teacher Josh? Are all the other instructors and students okay?”

Almost all of the instructors had come out earlier, but Ning Chu didn’t see Josh. Clark’s face changed and she bluntly replied, “Everyone else is fine, except Josh.”

As someone passed nearby, Clark led Ning Chu to a more secluded area and Ning Chu anxiously asked, “What happened to teacher Josh? Has he been locked up?”

Josh, as Wuuth’s teacher, must have been under heavy guard. He guessed correctly, as Clark nodded. She moved her lips, but before she could make a sound, Ning Chu immediately continued, “Where is he kept? I have to get him out of there before I can take care of those people outside.”

Clark was stunned for a moment, seemingly puzzled by Ning Chu’s confidence, and frowned, “There are three high-ranking wizards guarding Josh, and you and I alone may not be able to…”

It wasn’t that she and the other instructors hadn’t thought about rescuing Josh, but there were other students in the Academy who were under control, and they were distracted and more worried about the Church taking action against the students.

Ning Chu grabbed Clark’s wrist and said seriously, “Teacher, trust me… We have to hurry, time is limited.”

The smoke from the Jaguar Dragons could only stay for a certain amount of time, and wouldn’t last long, so when the Church realized how many dragons were in the smoke, they might change their actions.

Clark hesitated for a moment and decided to trust Ning Chu, “Okay.”

She led Ning Chu around the crowd and towards the basement of a dormitory building.

There was a man guarding the basement door right in front of Clark, and she stepped out a little more cautiously, saying to the guard at the door, “I’ve come to bring Josh something to eat.”

The guard wouldn’t let Clark in and reached out, beckoning, “Just give it to me.”

Just then, a student in a first-year uniform appeared and released a bolt of lightning from his hand that struck the guard’s body. The guard, unprepared, was knocked to the ground by the current, and Ning Chu stepped forward and sliced his neck cleanly with a wind blade, denying him any chance to call for help.

This series of actions left Clark stunned in place, but Ning Chu didn’t have time to explain to her, looking at the dark and dirty basement with a sullen face, “Let’s go.”

Further on, there were three people sitting outside the closed basement door.

When they saw Clark and Ning Chu, they immediately stood up and said warily, “How did you get in here?”

Ning Chu let out his trusty lightning bolt, but it was blocked by a magic shield that one of them quickly raised. The vines couldn’t break out from around them and wrap around them, as there was concrete everywhere. And the strength of these three was obviously much higher than the guard outside, two of them wielding a magic staff to attack Ning Chu with.

Clark resisted while distracting herself from protecting Ning Chu, who she subconsciously thought was still a soft first-year student even though he had just killed someone right under her nose. The magic shield she had gathered was broken at once, and a second attack came within a short time.

At that moment, Clark’s eyes flashed and another figure appeared in front of Ning Chu.

The attack was swallowed up by the dark magic, and Wuuth withdrew his hand, looking at the three dead people, “Where’s Josh?”


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