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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


After a quick shower and a change of clothes, Ji Cheying was walking towards the Mechanical College while contacting Xie Quan by terminal. On the way, many students were still walking towards the Mechanical College, like a river.

Ji Cheying also knew about the regular race of the Mechanical College, after all, this tradition had existed since he was a student, but it seemed that he had not encountered such a scale. He remembered that the students in the class just said it was because two students from the mechanical department wanted to compete with each other.

But wasn’t that a bit too much?

The terminal was connected…

“Xie Quan, where are you?” Ji Cheying was the first to speak. “I’m done, I’m coming to you.”

Ji Cheying frowned slightly at the noisy ambient sound, and then he heard a distant voice say, “The regular season is about to begin…”

Looking at the punk-mechanical building in front of him, Ji Cheying’s pace was not fast, but he was walking fast because of the distance his legs crossed. With a steady breath, he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you watching the regular season in the auditorium too?”

Xie Quan’s voice finally came, the voice like a pearl falling from a jade dish with a very comfortable and pleasant gentle soothing sound. He said, “I’m competing.”

“…” Ji Cheying stopped in his tracks, his tone was even, but he expressed his inner suspicion to the fullest, “You? Competing?”

Xie Quan answered in a low voice.

Ji Cheying was silent for two or three seconds before he resumed his stride, but this time his pace was much faster than before. His voice was still steady. “Who are you competing against?”

Xie Quan replied obediently, “The mechanical students.”

Striding into the lobby of the Mechanical College, Ji Cheying headed straight for the auditorium. He asked, “Who has offended you?”

Now it was Xie Quan’s turn to be silent. After thinking hard, he replied slowly, “It’s a bit complicated.”

Although he had no idea what was going on, Ji Cheying agreed without hesitation. “It’s complicated, is the competition starting soon?” 

How can it not be complicated when Yan Bai has to run for the regular season?

“Mn, it’s in…10 minutes.”

Ji Cheying said seriously, “I’ll be in the auditorium soon, where are you? I’ll find a seat near you. Remember to behave yourself during the game.”

The tone of voice was not at all discouraging. On the contrary, there was a sense of interest.

“…” The corners of Xie Quan’s mouth twitched. “Why do I feel like you’re looking forward to it?”

Ji Cheying’s expression was serious. “How is that possible?”

How could he possibly be looking forward to it? Xie Quan had been involved in trouble again, and he was worried. There was absolutely no expectation that he would finally see Xie Quan as Yan Bai. Even if there was, it was only a little.

After all, he had only heard that Yan Bai’s mechanical abilities were beyond the ordinary, and from the surveillance video he only roughly knew that Yan Bai’s mechanical dismantling was fast, but he hadn’t really seen Yan Bai show his strength. Who could not be curious about Yan Bai, who was known as the Empire’s mechanical genius?

After telling his location and hanging up the communication, Xie Quan looked at his terminal in silence. He swore that Ji Cheying was definitely gloating. Well, this person was definitely not like himself.

“Okay, the materials are all together.” Ding Fei organized all five boxes of materials on the table as well as the floor, and after confirming that nothing was missing, she then went forward to the registration desk to confirm the completeness of the materials.

After the start of the regular season, no replacement or replenishment of materials was allowed, so it was necessary to confirm the completeness of the materials before the start of the competition.

Lilith was standing in the seat behind Xie Quan, looking at Xie Quan with a worried face. She didn’t know how things had come to this, but the root cause was all about her. If she hadn’t brought Mr. Xie to the auditorium, if she had gone directly to Bessemer when he invited her to watch the battle, perhaps these things wouldn’t have happened.

If, if she had lost…

Seeing that the game was about to start, Lilith was so anxious that her hair almost curled into a knot. She glanced at Xie Quan, then at Bessemer and them. Bessemer’s team was often partnered with Mechanical College students, and long-term cooperation had led to a full understanding between the two. She looked at Xie Quan and the thin young man was sitting woodenly on the bench, and only the small Ding Fei was busy.

At this moment, the person on Lilith’s left side came to discuss. “Who is the partner with Ding Fei? How come I haven’t seen him before?”

“He doesn’t seem to be a student.”

“Off-campus? Is he very powerful? How come Ding Fei purposely found an off-campus partner?”

The man had been in the auditorium before, so he explained, “No, at first it was Bessemer who wanted to compete with this man, and it was Ding Fei who came out to help.”

“Why did Bessemer want to compete with him?”

The man subconsciously wanted to answer, but seeing Lilith right next to him, he stammered, “Just a conflict.”

Lilith heard, her heart more guilty. At this time, right next to her came a low magnetic voice. “So that’s it.”

Lilith froze, turned her head to look, only to find that at some point the person next to her had changed. She remembered it was a girl, but now it was a tall, handsome man. He was wearing a shirt and pants, his suit jacket resting directly on the railing in front of him, and he had one hand in his pocket, his deep eyes staring intently at the person in front of him.

Just then, an announcement came over the auditorium, “The competition is about to begin, please return to your seats.”

Lilith’s attention was instantly drawn to the competition.

“5–4–3–2–Start. “

The auditorium was instantly filled with the crisp sound of various metal tools clashing and the chatter of personnel. The moment the start was announced, Ding Fei quickly began to move. The materials were sorted out beforehand, so there was no need to bother looking for them. She picked up the materials she needed with quick eyes and began to assemble the chassis of the launch bay with skill and dexterity.

Xie Quan was not prepared to intervene, so he just silently watched from the side.

To be honest, there was a reason why Ding Fei was one of the top students in the Mechanical College. 

Because the number of participants became larger, the venue became crowded, and each group was close to each other. In order not to block the activities of the next group, Xie Quan stood in the corner next to the table and then watched Ding Fei’s movements with a serious expression.

And silently judged in his heart, Her basic work was good, her construction theory should be very solid, and the entry point for the power module construction was a bit conservative, but it was a safe approach.

Other groups were two people together, but Ding Fei was only one. It led to her group’s progress being much slower. Especially when compared with Bessemer’s side, she looked even more miserable.

Many people who came here to pay extra attention to the movement of Ding Fei and Bessemer’s side could not help but mutter.

“What’s going on with Ding Fei? How come her partner just keeps watching from the side?”

There was a rustle of questions coming from the audience.

“Who is that guy? Why isn’t he moving?”

“Is Ding Fei serious? Is she trying to lose to Bessemer?”

“Say, why did Ding Fiei let this kid hitch a ride?”

Those people next to Lilith were closer to Xie Quan and them, so naturally they noticed the situation, and some even started yelling at Xie Quan inside the playing area, “Hey! Are you here to watch the show? You should—”

However, Lilith suddenly noticed that the person’s voice had come to an abrupt halt. She turned her head in confusion to see the man looking at his side with a look of awe.

The next second she heard the low magnetic voice coming from her right again, but this time it was much colder and harder, saying, “A chess watcher does not speak, is this not even taught to you at the Empire’s highest school?”

Faced with such an uncompromising attack, the man standing at the back did not even dare to retort, simply because the aura of the speaker was so strong that he unconsciously developed a sense of fear and submission. He swallowed his words and fell silent.

He was not alone, even the area around them had become inexplicably silent. Compared to the nearby areas of lively discussion, the atmosphere here was not like a viewing area, but rather like a classroom with a professor in supervision.

Lilith looked to her right at the man who had caused the silence, only to find that the man had once again looked earnestly in the direction of the playing area at Xie Quan.

This time Lilith took a few careful glances at the man.

A name suddenly came to her mind and she asked tentatively, “Are you…Major General Ji?”

Ji Cheying smiled, looked sideways at her and frowned, obviously not recognizing her.

Ji Cheying’s reaction had verified Lilith’s thoughts, she curled her eyes and introduced herself, “I am Lilith Noria, I had the pleasure of meeting Major General Ji at the Spring Palace Ball one year.”

Ji Cheying narrowed his eyes slightly.

Lilith Noria. There were two memories that came to mind along with that name. One of them was, as Lilith said, about that spring ball at the royal palace. He had indeed met her at the ball. The second memory was in the middle of Noel City, when Xie Quan told him about the girl of his dreams.

At that time in the restaurant, Xie Quan once told him that he had learned his manners because he met an omega noble girl in convalescence when he was a teenager, and then learned them because he had a crush on her. And according to Henry, there was an omega noble girl in the town where Xie Quan was studying, Lilith Noria, who was in convalescence.

Ji Cheying’s brow furrowed, dark eyes flashed a few doubts. However, Xie Quan’s information should be false. His eyes slanted and fell on Xie Quan, who was not far away. But the location was so coincidental.

Maybe Xie Quan’s profile was a half-truth and he might really have a first love… So after Lilith kindly reminded them of their previous meeting and explained why they should know each other, Ji Cheying suddenly asked, “Do you know Xie Quan?”

Even though she didn’t know why Xie Quan was suddenly involved, Lilith’s years of noble upbringing allowed her to respond without any rudeness, “Yes, Major General Ji, do you know Mr. Xie too?”

Ji Cheying’s cheeks tightened and he raised an eyebrow. “How do you know each other?”

“…” This Major General Ji, why does he feel a little strange?

Lilith answered truthfully, “I met him by chance in the lobby, and since Mr. Xie was interested in mechanics, I wanted to bring him to see the regular season…”

Hearing this, Major General Ji’s expression relaxed a little.

But in the next second, his jawline tightened up abruptly again.

Because Lilith looked intently at Xie Quan with those beautiful watery eyes, then sighed sadly, “It’s because of me that Mr. Xie is involved.”

Ji Cheying wrapped his arms around his chest, his eyebrows raised, and no emotion could be heard in his voice. “Oh? How is he implicated because of you?”

Lilith’s hand gently squeezed into a fist, she lowered her eyes,and her long eyelashes were like butterflies fluttering. She restrainedly said, “He was trying to save me, only to offend Bessemer and the others, and then agreed to the game… But, it is impossible for him to win Bessemer, when the time comes…”  She bit her lips. Suddenly, as if in a flash of light, she suddenly tilted her head up to look at Ji Cheying, and then in a sincere tone, she asked, “Major General Ji, since you are here and you know Mr. Xie, please can you help him?”

Xie Quan, who was so afraid of trouble, actually went to offend people for her and went to the competition.

Ji Cheying looked at Lilith’s pleading face as well as his eyes full of worry, he stretched his tone, saying, “Him? I don’t see him needing any help at all.”

With a gloomy face, Ji Cheying stared at the young man who was standing quietly watching the show. As the corners of his lips lifted, Ji Cheying gave a cold laugh.


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