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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


After the competition, Ding Fei was called over by her mentor, Professor Elaine.

The professor looked at her student with a strange look in her eyes. She sat down on a chair and gestured for Ding Fei to sit down on the couch in front of her.

Ding Fei was a little confused. “Professor, what do you want me to do here?”

Although Professor Elaine was already fifty, she was well maintained. She had short brown hair with no silver and showed no fatigue in her demeanor. Since she had the habits from the military, her back was straight and her manners were straight and stern. But her voice was gentle, and she asked, “Ding Fei, how did you get the design for the energy processor?”

Others might have thought it was Ding Fei’s work, and Professor Elaine hadn’t said a word about it when the professors were praising it before. But she knew her student very well, Ding Fei may have the strength to build the power module, but the design of the energy processor was far above her strength, it can’t be her handiwork.

Ding Fei was not at all greedy, she did not want to take Xie Quan’s design for herself, but at the moment after calming down she also had a few hesitations. Because Xie Quan did not seem to want to reveal his identity, otherwise he would not take a “mechanical enthusiast” identity to put himself off, and would not even attend the award ceremony.

But Professor Elaine was her mentor…and had been taking care of her like an elder.

Xie Quan didn’t seem to have said not to expose him. Torn, Ding Fei chose to be honest, and she replied, “I didn’t make the energy processor, my teammate did.”

Professor Elaine was a bit puzzled. “Your teammate? The young man?”

Ding Fei nodded.

“Do you know who he is?”

Ding Fei didn’t say anything else but replied, “I don’t really know… Professor, who is he?”

Professor Elaine folded her hands in front of her body, and she asked, “Do you know Yan Bai?”

Ding Fei nodded. “Of course I do, mechanical genius Yan Bai, one of the Empire’s top three mechanical masters, you like his work a lot, Professor.”

“Then do you know why I like his work very much?”


Professor Elaine explained, “Because both his work and his design are not bound by common sense.”

“Not bound by common sense?”

The alpha female’s eyes sharpened as she analyzed, “Yan Bai is called a mechanical genius for a reason. His thinking is very unconventional, what others would subconsciously determine as fact, does not exist in his case, even as small as the use of materials and modules put together, the logic he uses and the method is not the set we are familiar with. According to my analysis, he should be self-taught and not systematically studied, so he is not subject to the limitations of ‘mechanical common sense’.”

Mechanical common sense… Self-taught… Ding Fei froze for a moment.

Professor Elaine continued, “Your energy processor, both in design and internal construction, is very much in the style of Yan Bai.”

This was something that all mechanical students know. However, in that person’s opinion, it was not a law that had to be followed, so he could simply give up using the energy balancer when he found out that there was no energy balancer.

Ding Fei’s mind recalled the youth’s easy to child’s play building process. She could not even say anything for a while. In the end, she could only spit out a few words with difficulty. “You, you mean…”

Professor Elaine shook her head. “I’m not making any assumptions, but I’d love to meet this teammate of yours.”


Xie Quan was already a man of few words, and Ji Cheying had no desire to talk because of the susceptibility period, so the vehicle arrived at the apartment in silence. With his jacket in his hand, Ji Cheying opened the door and got out of the car in silence.

It was nearing dusk, and the sky was a beautiful pink and purple color, like a light veil.

A man was standing under the sycamore tree in front of the apartment building, wearing casual pants and a shirt, with a mature and elegant face under his short, smart hair. Next to him on the road was a military vehicle disguised as a private car.

When Xie Quan got out of the car, he noticed that Ji Cheying, who was the first to get out of the car, did not go inside the apartment, but was stationed on the sidewalk.

What was wrong with this man?

As he was wondering, he heard Ji Cheying ask in a low voice, “Is there something the marshal wants from me?”


Only then did Xie Quan notice the man standing under the tree. The man was looking up at the tree, but when he heard the voice, he squared his head, and his gaze fell on them lightly, like the falling leaves on the tree.

He smiled affectionately. “I’m not here as the marshal, but your brother.”

Xie Quan’s gaze moved silently from the man to Ji Cheying next to him.

Not only was he from the Imperial Army, his brother was also the head of the Imperial Army.

Ji Shanhong took his hand out of his pocket and looked up at the tree a few more times while walking towards them. “There is a nest of birds in the tree in front of your door. I was watching the birds just now. I wanted to look at them for a while and then go up to you, I didn’t expect you to show up by such a coincidence.” The casualness in the words made Xie Quan completely unable to see him as the military marshal, but rather thought he was like the street strolling grandfather.

Ji Shanhong stood a few paces away from them. He carelessly focused his gaze on Xie Quan behind Ji Cheying. He did not have a frame of reference, and very gently greeted, “Are you a friend of Cheying? My name is Ji Shanhong, I’m his brother.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Ji Cheying moved to the side, his tall body blocked Ji Shanhong’s gaze. He frowned and asked in a hard tone, “What are you doing here?”

He said, “I’ve said it before, you’re back in the empire, let’s get together.” He said helplessly, “You never come to me, I’m free today, so I came to find you.”

“…” It was unclear if it was because of speechlessness or disgust, but Ji Cheying was silent without any reaction.

And Xie Quan listened to Ji Shanhong’s words, somewhat amazed. This marshal of the military department was actually this kind of character? He did not feel very reliable.

Ji Shanhong did not get a response, but did not seem to be embarrassed at all. He smiled as if nothing had happened and continued, “I made a reservation today, let’s have dinner together.” He added, “This little friend will join us.”

Ji Cheying wanted to refuse, he had no desire to eat now.

But when Ji Shanhong said it like an order, he had nothing to say. Obedience was the natural duty of a soldier. Xie Quan also wanted to refuse. He felt that the two brothers getting together, with him as an outsider, had nothing to do with him.

But Ji Shanhong said that after dinner, the two of them would use mecha to compare and contrast, and Xie Quan suddenly gave up.

The mecha of the military department, or the mecha of the marshal and major general, was really appealing.

So this inexplicable combination appeared in the middle of a private room at the Star Knowledge Grand Hotel.

The stars were changing overhead, and the river of stars was flowing beneath their feet, and the three of them were sitting on a round table in a triangular orientation, with Xie Quan sitting in the middle. He was a man who had always been rather slow and not too concerned about such things as atmosphere, after all, he was comfortable doing his own thing no matter what kind of atmosphere he was in.

However, this situation was how to say…

There was really something weird.

Although his suspicion had been eliminated in the beta case, Yan Bai was not a clean identity either. Strictly pursued, he was also able to spend at least a few decades in an Empire prison. However, at this moment, the Empire’s major general was sitting on his right hand side, although not talking to him, expressionless, and even with a little bit of displeasure, but was pouring water for him. On his left hand was the Empire’s major general, who was meticulously and thoughtfully asking what he wanted to eat.

He should also be considered the most successful criminal in the mix.

If Anna knew, she would think he was crazy—

Subconsciously thinking of Anna, Xie Quan’s eyes darkened.

“That’s it… By the way, please bring me a glass of orange wine.” After ordering, Ji Shanhong asked Xie Quan, “Speaking of which, I haven’t asked you your name yet.”

Xie Quan politely replied, “My name is Xie Quan.”

“Xie Quan…” The name was recited a few times by Ji Shanhong, who looked at Xie Quan with a loving gaze that only elders have, but this feeling made Xie Quan feel very strange, after all, Ji Shanhong was only forty, and his face was very young, with a loving light in his eyes that really made people feel a bit incongruous.

“The name is very nice, but not only is the name nice, the person also looks very spiritual.” He said, “My brother didn’t give you any trouble, did he?”

Xie Quan was silent for a second, then replied nicely, “No, I’m the one who caused the trouble.” Xie Quan always has full manners when it comes to treating people. But underneath the good manners, Xie Quan was also confused.

This conversation… It was a bit strange. By the way, weren’t they the two brothers gathering for dinner? Why did this marshal keep him talking?

Ji Cheying apparently also realized this, he looked at Ji Shanhong expressionlessly. “He doesn’t know you that well.”

Ji Shanhong raised his eyebrows. “You will rarely bring someone back from outside, of course I have to care more, and—” He poured water into his empty cup; Ji Cheying only poured water for Xie Quan and himself, and did not care about Ji Shan Hong. He said leisurely, “I think Xiao Quan and I are very close, at first sight, my heart is happy.”

Xiao Quan?


The chopsticks in Ji Cheying’s hand broke with a sound. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath. He opened his eyes again, his eyes full of warning, and then said nonchalantly, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Ji Shanhong asked with a smirk, “What on purpose?”

Ji Cheying looked gloomy. “You stay away from him, or don’t blame me for turning the other cheek.”

Ji Shanhong shook his head helplessly. “Don’t think too badly of me. I’m not a feudal old codger, who you want to choose is your freedom, I won’t interfere. I genuinely feel that he has a good face.”

“No need.”

“If you go on like this, be careful of hurting him in the future.” Ji Shanhong advised meaningfully, “If one shows their own weaknesses nakedly, the nakedness is simply a drop of blood in a pool full of piranhas.”

“…No need for you to say, I know the score.”

“That’s naturally best, the third prince’s side has no intention of giving up on you, nor does His Majesty.”

Ji Cheying frowned slightly in annoyance, subconsciously glanced at Xie Quan quickly, and said, “When this matter of the crown prince is over, they will naturally stop.”

“But this is not so easy to pass.” Ji Shanhong said, “Take care of yourself, and don’t go too far, or you’ll upset His Majesty again.”

“I know.”

Xie Quan stared at the river of stars beneath his feet, this virtual reality built a beautiful picture, so immersive.


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Totally love XQ, he completely blocked them out lol and was more thinking about the virtual reality of the restaurant lol he does his own thing, how ackward! Looking forward to next chapter! ❤️

November 3, 2022 7:56 pm

A virtual reality in more ways than one, is he implying? If so, it fits.
Upsetting His Majesty [again] can’t be a good idea. Trying to control JC it seems and using him… typical Royalty.
How will this side of the story pan out, I wonder.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 4, 2022 4:10 am

Hoho, so much info! Still wonder what happened between Ji brothers
Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

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Thanks for the translation! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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