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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Noticing the confusion on Xie Quan’s face, Ji Cheying’s lips pursed into a straight line.

This guy was really…

At this moment, the young man had retreated to the edge of the wall. There was no way to retreat, and the tall and heroic man forced him back. The shadow cast by the tall body covered the youth. If his hand was not using the wall for support, it was as if he would tip over.

Ji Cheying’s eyebrows were very deep, as if carved out of mold. He lowered his head, and his darker eyes looked at the youth from above. Due to the angle, he could see the soft hair between his small glittering white ears, he realized that Xie Quan’s ears were a little pointed, like elf ears. His eyes went down to the elongated neck line that the youth had stretched to avoid him, and the shape of the veins could be seen under the fair and clear skin.

This does not look like resistance, but rather like a temptation to do something.

For example, a bite.

The mood in his eyes gradually changed, Ji Cheying moved closer to his neck.

Alpha instinct made him want to mark his partner with his own mark.

Even if it was a beta, he still wanted to take a bite at the neck gland.

Mark him with his own mark, so no one else will covet him.

Just as Ji Cheying couldn’t resist bending his head, a shout suddenly interrupted his movements and brought him back to his senses.

At the other end of the corridor, Lilith stood there helplessly covering her mouth, looking at the two people looking at her with their bodies ambiguously intertwined, she stammered awkwardly, “I… I… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t know…”

Ji Cheying stood up straight, the evil thoughts in his mind were forced down, and it was like he had swallowed a fire inside him. A dryness penetrated from his abdomen to his throat. He took a step back, away from Xie Quan, before he turned to look at Lilith who was standing there. Once he opened his mouth, his voice was low and dark to the point of being somewhat frightening. “Is something wrong?” 

Listening to this voice full of desire. Lilith was even more embarrassed and could not help but blush. “I- I was looking for Mr. Xie…”

Because Ji Cheying left, the oppressive feeling disappeared and Xie Quan finally got some breathing room. He took a big breath, oblivious to the danger of being almost marked just now.

But Ji Cheying just now still made Xie Quan feel a few hints of danger, and for the first time he had a few moments of fear, so when he saw Lilith, he subconsciously turned away from Ji Cheying and walked towards Lilith. “What do you want from me?”

Lilith looked at the young man in front of her, who made her feel calm, and after this moment of embarrassment, she was a little sour in her heart. She subconsciously spoke, “Mr. Xie, you and Major General Ji…” But she then went silent.

Because the gaze Major General Ji gave her from behind Xie Quan was too frightening. It was as if he was about to attack her at any moment.

Lilith’s mouth twitched. Seeing this exclusive desire, she did not need to ask to know the answer.

What a disgusting alpha…

And at this time, the auditorium also exploded in an uproar.

The results of the competition came out.

The two professors who acted as judges did not hesitate to announce the winner of the competition after seeing a certain piece of work.

Bessemer swore and waited for the final announcement, but instead of his name, he heard another name over the announcement in the auditorium: “Ding Fei!”

“The winner of the regular season is the Ding Fei team!”

Bessemer’s face turned black and white as he subconsciously questioned, “This can’t be!”

Even if he had once suspected that Ding Fei had really completed the power pod, but after learning that Ding Fei’s energy balancer had been stolen, this possibility completely disappeared. Without the energy balancer, how could she have completed the power pod?

As if they had heard his heart, the two professors said with great excitement, “The work of Ding Fei’s team has far exceeded our expectations.”

Hearing the professors say this, everyone understood that Ding Fei had really completed the power module. They all looked at the beta girl, who was a little short. No one could have imagined that Ding Fei could really complete a power module by herself, or to be precise, no one could have imagined that a student who had not yet graduated could complete a power module by herself.

The look they looked at Ding Fei gradually changed. Ding Fei would become an amazing mechanical master in the future. However, that was not all.

The professor continued, “Student Ding, you not only completed a power module in a limited time, but also broke through the limitations of the energy balancer, using the characteristics of the equipment and the laws of energy operation without the energy balancer, so that the energy processor can carry out a stable and powerful energy output to the mecha—”

Once this statement was made, the crowd looked at each other and let out an unbelievable gasp. How was this possible? An energy processor without an energy balancer? Did they hear wrong or did the professor say wrong, or were they all dreaming?

However, the professors on the stage did not care about the astonishment of the crowd and did not explain much. They asked Ding Fei, who was ready to receive the award, with glowing eyes, “Student Ding, when did you finish this design? We asked Professor Elaine, and she said she didn’t give you any guidance on this, did you come up with it on your own?”

Ding Fei was forced to take a step back by the enthusiastic professor, at the same time, she hurriedly said, “I didn’t design this!”

The professor furrowed his brow in confusion.

Ding Fei explained, “It was my teammate, Xie Quan, who designed it!”

Xie Quan? Who was that?

The professor pondered for a moment, and confirming that his memory did not contain such a name, he raised his eyebrows suspiciously. “And this Xie Quan, where is he?”

“He… He’s gone, he’s not from our school.”

“No? Then which school is he from?”

“He’s not a student!” Ding Fei thought for a moment and said the answer Xie Quan had given himself in the same way, “He’s a mechanical enthusiast.”

“…” The professor recalled that there was a good-looking young man next to Ding Fei on the screen, probably in his early twenties. A person in his early twenties, not a mechanical major, just a mechanical enthusiast had accomplished such an amazing and stunning design. After thinking about it, the professor patted Ding Fei’s shoulder. “Student Ding, you don’t have to be self-effacing, it’s good to have talent, you should be proud of yourself.”

The corner of Ding Fei’s mouth twitched. “No, professor, I’m telling the truth.”

However, no matter how many times Ding Fei said it, until the end of the award, no one believed her words. After all, what she said was too unbelievable.

After the game, Ding Fei was quick to stop Bessemer who was leaving. “Hey! Don’t forget your bet!” She had been instructed by her master to make this man fulfill his promise.

Bessemer gritted his teeth and looked at Ding Fei who stopped him in front of him, he said in a fierce tone, “Ding Fei, don’t go too far.”

“Who’s going too far? If you don’t have the guts to keep your promise, you should have kept your mouth shut from the beginning.”


Ding Fei, a woman with a bullish temper, said, “What are you going to do?”

Bessemer’s face was full of gloom, he stared dead at Ding Fei and said, “I didn’t make my bet with you, it’s none of your business! Don’t be too proud of yourself, or you’ll be in trouble.”

Ding Fei snorted coldly and was about to continue, when someone suddenly pulled her from the side. She turned her head to look, it was Lilith who came in a hurry. She and this mechanical department flower originally did not have a good friendship. At this time, she was pulled and asked in some confusion, “What are you doing?”

Lilith said to Bessemer, “Mr. Balk, after this incident, I hope you can learn a lesson, this time you are really too rude. Even if his Highness Saroyan knows, I think he will not support you to do so, not to mention that this is a special period, you are so openly out in the name of his Highness Saroyan, I am afraid that you should be more careful.”

Bessemer’s voice was strained.

Lilith continued, “This is the end of the matter.”

Bessemer looked at Lilith and then at the defiant Ding Fei behind him, he grimaced and snorted. “Good.” Then he walked away.

Ding Fei said reluctantly, “Why don’t you let him kneel down and apologize?”

Lilith turned to Ding Fei and shook her head helplessly. “Ding, he lost to you today in full view of the public, he has already lost face. If you have to force him to keep his promise, it will only make things worse… At that time, even if you have the upper hand now, and get back a breath of anger, then I am afraid that there will be retaliation.”

Ding Fei frowned. “I’m not afraid, I promised my mas… Mr. Xie, I must make him honor the bet.”

Lilith’s hand rubbed her chest. Smoothing her breath, she said, “It was Mr. Xie who asked me to come.”


“After I told him about Balk, he asked me to come and stop you.”

“If that’s the case, then please tell Miss Lilith one thing, I just asked Ding Fei to remember to make that man honor the bet, she doesn’t know tact, so please go and stop her.” That young man, after learning about Bessemer Balk’s situation, didn’t worry about his own situation, but asked her to stop Ding Fei.

What a gentleman.

Ding Fei smiled and stopped being persistent and just asked, “And where is he?”

Lilith replied, “Gone.”

Along with his alpha.


Sitting in the car, Xie Quan looked at the man who was sitting far away from him and was confused.

What’s wrong with this man again? He hasn’t said a word since just now, it’s like…he was throwing a temper tantrum!

The alpha heart was truly like a needle under the sea. Humans were hard to understand.

At this moment, Ji Cheying was sitting against the car door, his eyes closed and his brow furrowed. He stayed away from Xie Quan because at this moment his heart was tumbling with various emotions, just like a rough sea.

On the one hand, because of the hardness of seeing the youth avoiding him but going near others. On the other hand, it was because of unquenchable lust.

Most importantly, he realized that his emotions were a bit unstable.

As an S-class alpha and the youngest five-star major general in the military, Ji Cheying’s self-control had always been first-class. When his emotions started to get strongly out of his control, then there was only one possibility.

His susceptible period was approaching.


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