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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth’s voice was low, with a slight “gurgle” in his throat, expressing his satisfaction and affection for Ning Chu at the moment. He had wanted to tell Ning Chu for a long time, but had never found the right moment to do so.

Ning Chu’s eyes were dull for a moment, then he repeated after him, “Courtship?”

If he understood correctly, this wasn’t, his estrus period.

No wonder… The fact that Wuuth was so energetic, there was a reasonable explanation for all his abnormalities. The courtship period was generally used for animals and magical beasts, and dragons, also being magical beasts, of course, would have a courtship period.

Ning Chu was in a complicated mood. /the taming manual mentioned this, but before he crossed over, all the rare and common dragons on Dragon Island were still juveniles, and after crossing over, he had never thought of this. So, he also forgot that Wuuth, a dragon, also had such needs.

“Hm.” Wuuth answered and stopped talking, hugging Ning Chu and slowly licking his forehead and dragon horns. His thoughts were simple, the books Josh had given him, the contents of which Ning Chu didn’t agree to do with him, but he had tried retreating to the next version.

Only his dragon form hadn’t been satisfied before and it was like an obsession. He liked Ning Chu’s dragon form, and precisely because he liked it so much and it was during the courtship stage, even though Ning Chu was in juvenile form, he still had an involuntary urge.

The end of Ning Chu’s dragon  horn was gently nibbled, and he shrunk and buried himself in Wuuth’s chest. He couldn’t open the game while the dragon transformation spell was in effect, and couldn’t check the contents of the taming manual. He could only try to recall what he had read before, and he remembered that there were several stages of courtship, with the male dragons being the more active party, using various methods to try to get the females to choose them and become mates.

The courtship period should be once a year, and male dragons that didn’t find a mate would be depressed which in serious cases may even be life-threatening, compared to single females who were in a much better condition.

Ning Chu’s heart tightened and he asked, “Is it uncomfortable? Are you in a bad mood? What about your previous courtship period?”

He was a human, and he and Wuuth were of the same sex, so he took Wuuth for granted as a male dragon who hadn’t found a mate, and was worried that he would be troubled by the courtship period. And how did Wuuth get through the courtship period when he went through it once a year as an adult?

What Ning Chu didn’t know was that in Wuuth’s mind, the two of them have been mates for a long time, but they just haven’t reached the final step of the courtship period yet.

The silvery white little dragon cub’s eyes were full of worry, his tone was anxious and his tail was softly raised. Wuuth was getting more and more unstable, licking and rubbing Ning Chu’s neck vigorously, his voice muffled, “I could resist it before.”

The implication was that now with Ning Chu, it couldn’t be suppressed.

Ning Chu gave an “aowu”, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Wuuth has been there for more than a day or two, and Ning Chu felt some self-loathing, since he should’ve asked. He didn’t want Wuuth to feel bad or upset because of this. But… He was even less likely to be able to help him in his current form.

Ning Chu struggled for a while and asked in a whisper, “Is it possible to spend the courtship period in human form?”

“I’m not sure,” Wuuth confessed, “Maybe.”

Every time Ning Chu helped him once, he was in a much better mood and slept well at night. But it was only temporary; he was the only one of the dragons who had a human form, there was no other precedent to refer to, so he couldn’t be completely sure.

But Wuuth was satisfied that Ning Chu didn’t react with dislike or rejection after knowing he was in courtship. And if Ning Chu did feel that way, he wouldn’t force Ning Chu against his will.

After all, humans and dragons were different races, and Ning Chu may not be able to accept it.

The two little dragon cubs lay on the grass and basked in the sun for a while. Seeing that lunchtime was fast approaching, Wuuth turned back into his human form, took out the food prepared in advance from his storage bag, and fed it to Ning Chu himself.

After finishing his lunch, Ning Chu got on Wuuth’s back, and the two little dragon cubs were huddled together as Wuuth took him on a slow flight around the sky of Dragon Island 03.

The environment of Dragon Island was very nice, Ning Chu had seen it countless times from the game interface. He was distracted, his chin resting on Wuuth’s head, “Should we… Go find Josh again?”

Wuuth inquired, “Find him for what?”

Ning Chu was a little shy, his paws clasped around Wuuth’s shoulders shrinking back, “Ask him about… The thing in the book he gave you.”

Theyre must be something they needed to prepare for ahead of time to do that, Ning Chu thought, so they had to ask Josh. Where they needed to go to buy the stuff, neither he nor Wuuth knew, and Josh could give Wuuth those books, so he should… be slightly informed, right?

Ning Chu didn’t want to delay Wuuth’s courtship any longer, and even if he wasn’t sure, he wanted to give it a try.

Wuuth flew down and landed on the ground, transformed back into his human form and picked up Ning Chu, who had a puzzled expression, “What do you want to get ready for?”

“Just… t-to prepare,” Ning Chu couldn’t tell him, as he stammered, “Otherwise, it will be very painful.”

Wuuth’s brow furrowed as he stroked the scales on Ning Chu’s spine, “Okay.”

Josh had been very busy lately, the last time Ning Chu and Wuuth had gone to the Academy for a stroll and only saw him briefly on the way out. He had left Wuuth a communicator so that both parties could contact or communicate in advance, and Wuuth found it to ask when Josh was available.

While waiting for the communicator to be answered, Ning Chu buried his face deep into Wuuth’s arms and hid it, still feeling too ashamed to ask his mentor about it. Wuuth, however, acted normal and calm, as if the conversation between them had never happened.

The contrast made Ning Chu feel even more embarrassed, tightly hooking his two front paws around Wuuth’s front clothing, and he couldn’t help but raise his head and bite him on the chin.

This dragon, why didn’t know how to be shy?!

“Hello, Wuuth?” Josh’s voice was heard when the communicator was connected.

Wuuth stroked Ning Chu soothingly, “Mentor, I have a request for help, when are you free?”

“What is it? Is it urgent?” Josh said, “I’m leaving at 4 p.m. today for a business trip to the academy next door, and I’ll be back in half a month.”

Four o’clock in the afternoon, only three hours away.

Wuuth immediately said, “I’ll be right with you.”

Before Josh could finish the word “yes”, the communicator was cut off.

Wuuth hugged Ning Chu in his arms and gave him a kiss on the forehead, “I’ll take you with me.”

He kissed Ning Chu for the first time in this way and form, and it didn’t feel very good. Wuuth wanted to meet with Josh before he left, time was short, and he certainly couldn’t leave Ning Chu alone on Dragon Island if he was going.

Ning Chu hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Okay.”

Anyway, he was now in dragon form, and Wuuth didn’t tell, Josh definitely wouldn’t recognize him… The only person going was Wuuth. Wuuth didn’t notify the other magic dragons, but summoned an adult normal dragon from Dragon Island 02 to carry him and Ning Chu to the Academy.


After listening to Wuuth’s “request for help”, Josh’s face had the same expression as last time. He raised his hand to his forehead, “Didn’t I give you the book already? You’ve been studying it for ages. Has it been useless?”

It was normal for Wuuth to not understand this, but wasn’t it a little late for him to be asking at this point? Josh thought he and Ning Chu had already tried it… 

Wuuth couldn’t quite understand Josh’s words, sitting tautly across the table without moving, one hand slowly stroking his arms. Ning Chu hid inside his jacket, feeling the scales on his face faintly burning, so he bit one of Wuuth’s fingers then gently rubbed it.

Josh sighed, took out a piece of paper and wrote down a few words and handed them to Wuuth, “Go to Tutor Todd in the third school building and he will give you what you want.”

The student of his own, no matter how slow, must be taught, Wuuth couldn’t be left to his own devices at this point. Academy’s Todd was teaching pharmacy, proficient in all kinds of magic potion making, and his lover was also the same sex, so he should be able to help Wuuth.

Wuuth took the paper and stood up, “Thank you.”

Josh took off his glasses and took a few glances at Wuuth’s jacket, “Ahem… You didn’t bring the little dragon out to play today?”

Wuuth guarded his jacket, “No.”

He did, but it wasn’t just any little dragon, Ning Chu was his little dragon, and he couldn’t show him to Josh.

Josh scanned Wuuth up and down and waved his hand, “Forget it, just get going. Todd’s class is over in a few minutes.”

Wuuth said goodbye to Josh and headed down the road to Todd’s office, with a lot of sideways glances from students along the way. He ignored all whispers or courageous inquiries and handed Todd what Josh had written.

Leaving the Academy, Wuuth had an extra bottle of medicine in his hand. He opened it and saw that it contained some white pills the thickness of his thumb.

Recalling Todd’s words, “Shove it in,” 1 when he gave it to him, Wuuth looked confused for a moment. Todd was busy going to his last class and didn’t explain more about the usage and effects, only handed over the medicine and left.

The common dragon with which they came with was still waiting outside the Academy, and Wuuth got on its back and flew it back to Dragon Island.

On the way, Ning Chu emerged from his arms with his little head, “Aowu?”

“Well,” Wuuth picked him up and buried him in a kiss on the nape of his neck, “Let’s go back.”

He showed Ning Chu the pill bottle, “How does this work? Do I have to eat it?”

Todd’s explanation was unclear, in Wuuth’s opinion, of course, this kind of magic potion was taken directly. And subconsciously, he didn’t want Ning Chu to take the medicine, let alone something this unknown.

Ning Chu stared at him for a while, and only after a long time did he speak out, “No, that’s not it!”

Ning Chu had heard what Tutor Todd said, and Wuuth really didn’t understand anything.

Wuuth was even more confused and asked carefully, “Should you eat it?”

Ning Chu resisted the urge to scratch his paw and said fiercely, “Not that either! This isn’t edible!”

Seeing Wuuth’s lips move to ask again, Ning Chu lifted his paw and squeezed his face, “Stop asking!”

Wuuth obediently shut up, pulled down Ning Chu’s paw and squeezed it, then gently stroked Ning Chu’s dragon horns and the back of his neck, before lowering his head to give him a kiss on the tip of his small nose.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis: I laughed so hard at this that I almost started crying. It was so abrupt


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November 3, 2022 7:15 pm

Both Josh and Tutor Todd are useless. How mean to be so impatient and expect him to work it all out with just a book.
I know who I’d have shoved it up… though Todd is obviously used to it 😉😆
Thanks for translating and editing. Very amusing.

December 6, 2022 6:05 am

Self exploration (ง⁄ ⁄Ò⁄ω⁄Ó⁄ ⁄)ง + unreliable help (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)

Official LMW release!

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