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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze


The brick surface of the street here was potholed, and the rainwater from last night had accumulated in it, but although it was a slum area, it was within the jurisdiction of the Imperial Capital after all, and the sewage system was still very perfect, and there was no excessive stench. The distance between each house though was so small that a person could only walk sideways. Such a dense housing layout, resulted in the sun being blocked by a lot of the buildings; no matter where they went, it was like being overshadowed by a thick cloud.

Unlike the affluent areas outside, the gateways were overgrown with weeds, the corners were visibly dirty, the windows were stained, there were personal items hanging, and some even had small advertisements.

Xie Quan couldn’t help but sigh in his heart as he walked along such streets.

As expected of the Imperial Capital, the slum area was much cleaner and tidier than other places. To be honest, Xie Quan’s dress was not impressive, a worn T-shirt and slacks, and a bulky shoulder bag with many signs of wear and tear made him fit in well with this environment. However, Xie Quan’s picture-perfect appearance and figure made him stand out from the rest.

A scantily clad beta greeted him, “Little brother, where do you live? I’ll give you a ride?”

Xie Quan’s hand was outstretched to block it. “No need.”

Then, without stopping a step, he continued to walk forward. He walked with a firm pace, the surrounding prying eyes did not have a slight impact on him. But in reality, he had no idea where he was going. He was just waiting, waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone to arrive.


“Is this Major General Ji? This is Lilith Noria.” Lilith’s voice remained unmistakably calm despite her anxiety.

Inside the office, Ji Cheying glanced at Joseph who had forwarded the communication over, obviously surprised that Lilith could actually have a way to reach him. But since he was already at the door, Ji Cheying could only ask, “May I help you?”

Lilith was still standing in the same place where she was separated from Xie Quan, she looked at the direction where the youth disappeared, the narrow street was long gone, but she still looked persistently in that direction. Listening to the low, cold voice coming from the other end of the communication, her heart settled down slightly.

She first explained, “I asked Mr. Cory for your military contact information and rushed to contact you because it was urgent.”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows in confusion, he couldn’t think of any urgent matters that this darling of high society could have with himself. If he hadn’t met with Xie Quan at the military school that day, he wouldn’t even remember what she looked like.

Then the next second he heard the other party say, “It’s like this, Mr. Xie went to the slums alone and I’m a little worried about his safety. Major General Ji, you and…”

Ji Cheying didn’t wait for Lilith to finish his sentence, he frowned and asked, “What is he doing in the slums?”

Lilith did not insist on finishing what he was interrupted before and she immediately replied, “I’m not sure, at first we were just strolling around, walking and almost reached the slums. I tried to stop him, but… the slums are dangerous, and Mr. Xie was alone, and I’m afraid he is in danger.”

Lilith did not think about actually going with the other party, but she was an omega, or a noble. Such a person walking in the slums would only draw more attention and increase the risk to Xie Quan.

So after thinking it over again, Lilith gave up the idea of going with him and decided to contact Major General Ji, who regarded Xie Quan as his precious apple.

Ji Cheying’s contact information was not available to everyone, so she also took the trouble to turn around a few times, and finally got the contact information from Ji Cheying’s teacher, Cory, but it was not private, only the public contact channel of the military ministry.

Ji Cheying listened and simply responded, “I see, thank you for the information.”

After hanging up the communication, Ji Cheying immediately dialed Xie Quan’s side of the communication almost without stopping, at which point he waved his hand, signaling Joseph to exit.

A soon as Joseph closed the door, the communication was connected.

Xie Quan’s voice sounded like a clear stream. “What’s up?”

Ji Cheying listened to his side, the voice was slightly loud and he asked, “Are you still in the slums? What are you doing?”

Xie Quan was a little surprised. “How did you know I was in the slums?” He took a bit of displeasure in his voice. “Are you spying on me?”

“I’m not that obnoxious, Lilith Noria told me. You still haven’t answered me. What are you doing in the slums?” Ji Cheying tapped his fingers on the table with some restlessness.

“Nothing, just strolling around.”

“You want to stroll, I’ll go with you. Now you’re alone, come back first.”

“It’s okay.”

Listening to Xie Quan’s indifferent voice, Ji Cheying’s heart was a little impatient, and his voice rose sternly. “Xie Quan!”

The reason why Ji Cheying and Lilith were so nervous about Xie Quan entering the slums alone, although part of the reason was because of concern, it was more because the slums were indeed very unsafe.

Whether it was the Imperial Capital or the entire empire, the gap between the rich and the poor was very wide. In the same city, the wealthy lived in the neat streets of sophisticated cottages, and a few blocks away, there was a group of people living on the city’s low income who could not afford to pay the high cost of rent, illegally living together.

In the slums, the biggest problem was security.

A nobleman once sneered at the slums and said, “What else do you expect a bunch of rats to do? They do what rats do, of course.”

Fights and brawls, provocations, illegal trading…

The epitome of darkness in a city, a den of crime.

In Ji Cheying and Lilith’s eyes, Xie Quan was like a delicious lamb; entering such a lair of crime alone, wouldn’t he be eaten alive?

Faced with Ji Cheying’s impatience and concern, Xie Quan seemed extraordinarily calm. He simply said, “I’ll be back later.” After a pause, he lowered his eyes and hesitantly added, “You don’t have to worry.”

Before Ji Cheying could say anything, Xie Quan took the liberty to end the call.

Ji Cheying looked at the disconnected call, his face was gloomy, and a storm was brewing in his eyes.

On this side, the reason why Xie Quan hung up the communication was because what he was waiting for had happened.

Two men and one woman, all betas, blocked in front of Xie Quan, with smiles on their faces and malice in their eyes.

“This gentleman looks very clean. If you have nothing to do in the middle of the day, why don’t you come and have a drink together?”

“Yes, let’s have a drink together.”

Xie Quan looked at these people and knew in his heart. They were hooligans. The kind who wanted to take advantage of him. He thought for a moment and said, “No.” His voice was clear. “You guys are too ugly.”


Not only the three people in front of him, there was an eerie silence all around. Probably, they had never seen such an arrogant person. So much so, that they all somewhat doubted their ears.

One of the males stepped forward and gave Xie Quan a fierce shove. “What the hell are you saying?”

Since he was so sincere in his plea, Xie Quan was sincere in his request and repeated, “You are too ugly. It’s an eyesore.”

Veins jumped, and one of them spat on the ground. “Damn, want to pick a fight, right? Fine! You want to be beaten, today we’ll grant you this wish!”

Seeing that they were really going to come up and pull Xie Quan with their bare hands and fists, Xie Quan thought of what he had said to Ji Cheying earlier, Don’t worry, and he took another step back. He said, “Wait a minute.” 

“Heh, what, you want to beg for mercy now? You can beg for mercy if you want, I’ll give you this chance, you…”

Xie Quan shook his head and he said in a thin tone, “I don’t like you empty-handed, so if you have the guts, bring a weapon.”

I’ve seen people who want to die. I’ve never seen someone who wanted to die so badly.

But the next second, Xie Quan took a decent looking ready posture, this posture coupled with Xie Quan’s attitude of not being afraid of trouble, really made the three scared to look at each other.

Was he really not adept at martial arts?

Still on or off?

The three were afraid of a little pretty boy? Grab something!

One person took out a sharp dagger from his pocket, one person thrust out a fist, and one person took an iron bar from the roadside.

“I’m going to teach you to be a man today!”

With a roar, the three lunged at Xie Quan with their weapons in unison.

As a target, Xie Quan did not move, just stood there quietly watching these people attack him.

The dagger, fists, iron bar, were about to hit Xie Quan, and swoosh swoosh swoosh three sharp weapons breaking sound in the air stirred up a breeze.

The next second, the dagger, thrusted fist, and iron bar that were only a hair’s breadth away from Xie Quan stopped. Xie Quan took a backward step, watching the three who had fallen in front of him.


The people on the street panicked and began to take cover, while at the center of the incident, Xie Quan’s eyes were like a torch, and his sharp eyes swept directly to the direction from which the tranquilizer bullet was fired.

At the same time he ordered, “Xiao Bai, five o’clock, detect suspicious electronic devices!”

Xiao Bai, who was in the terminal on his wrist, communicated his answer through the receiver in Xie Quan’s ear, “Here it comes!”

While Xie Quan was running in that direction, Xiao Bai had already searched the results. “There is an unregistered military detection device, it has been successfully located, the target is now gradually moving away.”

Xie Quan’s footsteps did not stop. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Plan the nearest route, let’s take a shortcut.” Since it was so easy to lure out, we can’t let the other side run away so easily.

The woman in a cloak hurriedly, but without panic, shuttled through the alley. Yet, after about ten minutes, she was forced to stop in her tracks. The youth in front of her ran ahead of herself somehow, standing in the middle of the alley, silently blocking her way.

Grabbing her cloak, she took a few steps back with her head down, trying to turn and run away.

However, the youth’s voice rang out. Like a clear spring, a translucent and clear voice, flat and cool, sounded. “Anna, where are you going to go?”

Her footsteps lurched, the muscles of her body tensed, only to relax again shortly after. She sighed softly and turned around. The hat covering her head fell and the woman’s long curly hair fell from the cloak. In the gloomy alley, her pair of eyes contained a glazed light.

“Yan Bai… Xie Quan, I never thought we would meet again so soon,” she greeted.


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November 9, 2022 1:10 pm

I love XQ’s personality and how, coupled with his looks and physique, it lulls people into a false sense of security about their strength and his perceived weakness.
Wonder what Ms Treacherous wants.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 9, 2022 6:19 pm

I’m waiting to hear what this little miss has to say for herself.
I love how he is always underestimated because of his looks, it makes great face slapping material. Hehe

Sue R
Sue R
November 10, 2022 7:31 am

It’s not easy to deal with XQ, he was never let out his thoughts to any.

November 10, 2022 8:31 am

Oh, so me met Anna again~

Thank You for the new chapter (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

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