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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“Haven’t you found out what happened then?” Anna yelled. She got up from her chair and slapped the table vigorously. “I knew you couldn’t be trusted! It’s been so many days! Why haven’t you found out Xie Quan’s whereabouts? You’re obviously following him, and then he disappears in the blink of an eye! Do you have eyes on the soles of your feet? I shouldn’t have given you the task of surveillance in the first place!”

The blamed beta looked indignant, but considering that the person had disappeared before his eyes, he didn’t dare to say anything to refute the mistake.

On the contrary, Tang Wenshao, who was sitting next to her, said mockingly, “If you are not sure, you should have followed him all the way in the first place, so why did you leave it to others?”

Anna already had fire in her heart, and she had always disliked Tang Wenshao. Tang Wenshao’s words came out and she was not prepared to be polite. “Why do I let others follow? If I hadn’t been discovered by Xie Quan, would I have let others follow? And who would have known that you people are so unreliable, just like mud. And you, don’t act like you’re a human being here, you thought you did a great job in Noel City, didn’t you? You should be grateful that the organization didn’t come after you, and you’re still here.”

Anna had been talking very fast, like a series of cannons, crackling, not giving people any time to refute. After finishing her speech in one breath, she took a few big breaths.

Tang Wenshao’s face turned blue at these words, and he was about to retort when a man suddenly coughed softly.

Tang Wenshao squinted at the man who was the manager of the Chamber of Commerce building, his silver gray hair was neatly combed, his face was full of wrinkles, but his eyes did not even have a hint of cloudiness. He said, “Now is not the time for infighting. Since the young master was taken away in the underground market, it’s normal that we can’t find out anything, it’s not a place where anyone can reach out. The underground market is very strict, for many years, the market rules have never been broken. But this time there is someone who dares to make a move inside the market, either that person and the young master are negotiating to avoid our sight, or that person is the owner of the underground market.”

Anna smiled and frowned. “The owner? I’ve done so many transactions within the underground market, but I’ve never heard of this market having an owner.”

The old man explained calmly, “Of course it will have an owner, otherwise who do you think made those rules? There are a group of people who are afraid of the world and are used to doing whatever they want. Could it be that they suddenly feel the need to make rules to maintain the order of the market, and then spontaneously organize themselves to establish the order?”

Anna understood. “It was someone who led all this.”

The old man nodded. “That’s right, since the establishment of this underground trading network, it has always belonged to a certain family, only this matter has always been little known, for one thing, that family has always kept a low profile, and secondly, they also intentionally conceal their existence.”

“Then who is it? Let’s go straight to the door.”

The old man gave a laugh, scoffing at Anna’s impatience and naivety. “First of all, let’s not say that we can find such a family directly. Even if we could find the door, who should we call?”

Anna froze. “You mean you don’t know who this owner is?”

The old man shook his head gently. “We old men, but only know that the underground exchange is a master, but no one knows who the master really is, perhaps some exchange internal senior family know, but they have always been airtight, simply will not leak half a word.”

Anna stomped her foot anxiously. “You’ve been talking here for half a day, so how the hell are we going to find Xie Quan?”

“If it’s really the owner of that underground exchange that took away the young master, then things will be troublesome. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do for a while… So for now, we can only do what we have to do now, and then wait for the little master’s side to reveal traces.”

The old master’s voice was as low as the vibrating sound in the sunken wood, “Right now we should still put our main focus on the war of public opinion, that’s the most important thing.”


The upper body wore a dark shirt, and underneath a pair of ironed wrinkle-free military pants with clarity and bright military boots. The man set his long legs on the coffee table in front of him, one hand on the backrest of the sofa, his face dark and dark as he looked at the surveillance screen that was playing on the air at the moment. In the surveillance screen, the thin young man carrying the familiar shoulder bag, left his apartment, and after that until this evening, the door was never opened again.

Ji Cheying leaned back on the sofa, slowly tilting his head back and leaning against the back of the sofa, a dark cloud brewing in his eyes that even the ceiling lights could not dispel. He closed his eyes soberly, his frost-stained face hung with a touch of mockery that was crying, and his heart was mixed.

Before coming, he thought about what his reaction would be if he saw Xie Quan, and what reaction he should have. But he never expected that Xie Quan had already left. He had said he would go his separate way before, and there was no reason for Xie Quan to stay in this apartment.

After all, he was also reluctant to live in the apartment in the first place.

It’s just that Xie Quan was really so cold-hearted and cold-hearted that when he said he was going to break, he could break cleanly without leaving a trace of room. He was no longer living here, so Xie Quan was also not willing to stay here.

“Heh, Xie Quan, you are really good.” With a low self-deprecating remark, Ji Cheying opened his eyes as he turned off the surveillance feed, then stood up sharply from the sofa. Opening the door to his apartment, Ji Cheying took a deep look at the closed door of the room right next door.

He entered the elevator and left with a blank expression. The top floor of the luxury apartment fell silent and the lights dimmed, as if they had blended into the night. After ten minutes, however, the elevator doors on this floor suddenly opened again after the soft, almost silent sound of mechanical operation.

The man who had just left frowned and stepped out of the elevator, then walked without hesitation to the door of Xie Quan’s apartment.

It wasn’t right.

Ji Cheying stared at the closed door with a stony expression.

Xie Quan had left with only a shoulder bag and no other luggage, not like he was moving out. It was also unlikely that someone had moved the luggage before. If a moving company had come, he, as the owner of the apartment, would have been notified.

Ji Cheying took out his ID card from his pocket and opened the door to Xie Quan’s apartment using the authority of the apartment owner.

In the middle of the uninviting apartment, a 2-meter-tall mecha was sitting quietly, looking at the sudden intruder with empty eyes.

This was the mecha he saw that day, only then there was only a head, now the torso had almost formed, but there was no shell, only the skeleton and internal instruments. All around this unfinished mecha were scattered various parts that had not yet been packed up.

It was as if the maker had just left in the middle of the process and would return to finish it immediately.

Ji Cheying bent down and picked up a screwdriver lying on the ground, which he held in the palm of his hand, his gaze thoughtful.

It was impossible for Xie Quan to leave without taking his work with him. He was a man who loved machinery like a madman, even if he did not take away money or clothes, it was impossible not to take away these “treasures” of his. It was impossible to leave such a mess.

Xie Quan did not intend to leave.

This realization made the dull and bitter feeling in Ji Cheying’s heart blow away like a morning fog by the wind. The corners of his mouth curved slightly, but immediately, this subtle joy was replaced by doubt and worry.

If Xie Quan did not intend to leave, then why did he not return after so many days? Could it be that something really happened?

Henry’s earlier words rang in Ji Cheying’s ears, and Ji Cheying’s brow furrowed as he squeezed his hand in chagrin. Suddenly remembering something, he suddenly shouted, “Xiao Bai?”

However, the overly intelligent system’s somewhat playful voice did not ring out from inside the apartment. There was only silence. With this long silence, Ji Cheying’s heart also gradually sank.

The somewhat worn screwdriver in his hand was gripped vigorously in his palm, even almost embedded in his palm. Ji Cheying’s facial lines were taut and sharper, he bent down and put the screwdriver gently back on the ground again, then without hesitation turned around and left in stride.

Xiao Bai was an artificial intelligence that could travel freely within the star network.

Whether Xie Quan was here or not, Xiao Bai could control the systems of this apartment. However, just now he called out to Xiao Bai, but Xiao Bai did not respond in the slightest. This can only mean that Xiao Bai’s connection to the outside network was cut off. That’s why it lost control of this apartment. Xiao Bai had lost its connection to the outside world.

Then its owner, I’m afraid, was also being closely guarded.

Xie Quan had disappeared for three days.

When he didn’t know, someone had made a move on Xie Quan.


“Your Highness, there is an invitation from His Highness Lu’s side.” Inside the palace, a young man wearing a comfortable moon white robe stood by the window, he rubbed his sleepy eyes and said, not very patiently, “What invitation?”

“It’s for His Highness Lu’s birthday party, next Monday night.”

Saroyan did not even look at the invitation. “Oh, I forgot… He was born at a good time, there will be a lot of people at the party, right?”

The attendant next to him replied respectfully, “There seems to be something different this year.”

“What’s different?”

“This year, it seems that His Highness only invited about forty people, and did not invite as many people as before.”

Saroyan smiled, then shifted his gaze to the attendant next to him. He raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Then in that case, I’ll have to go take a look.”


“Mr. Yan, are you still not going to agree to cooperate with me?” The man wearing the mask was wearing a white suit, upright and sharp, like jade.

Xie Quan sitting on that warm and comfortable sofa, removed the mask showing indifference and coldness. There was no hint of anxiety and panic of being detained, he lazily nestled in that sofa, very leisurely said, “I never work with people who do not show their true colors, much less with people who kidnap me. You have both.”

Faced with Xie Quan’s unambiguous refusal, the man was not angry, he said patiently, “It’s okay, we still have time, I can wait for Mr. Yan to come around. Besides, I see that Mr. Yan is quite comfortable here, so he should not object to staying for a while longer.”

At this, Xie Quan smiled coldly. He was very much against it. His mecha was still waiting for him.


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November 23, 2022 3:16 pm

Who is this person?!
At least JC now realises he’s actually missing.
Who will get to him first? World and his wife seem to be after him for one reason or another.
Or will he break out himself…
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 23, 2022 7:39 pm

I feel like XQ is getting super pissed and the masked man is about to have a reckoning he wasn’t expecting soon. I’m glad JC figured it out that he was missing, now we will just have to wait and see if XQ saves himself, or JC rescues him. Can’t wait to find out!

November 25, 2022 12:49 pm

His only though is about his mecha haha~
Thank You for the new chapter -ω(´•ω•`)♡

December 31, 2022 11:08 pm

Or is it JCY’s brother? Go find him JCY!

Thank you for the chapter!

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