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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Ji Cheying had not been back to his apartment for a while, but had been living in the dormitory of the military. Every day was either the office or the training ground. The men of the Seventh Corps had been practicing these days and want to know what they have done wrong to make their own Major General torment them so much.

“Lieutenant Colonel Henry, what do you think the Major General is doing? It feels like he’s practicing us harder than he did on the battlefield, and we don’t seem to have done much lately.”

Just came out of the training ground, a group of people in disheveled clothes, walking crooked, no military style. What’s a soldier’s style? They’re dying on the training ground.

Henry, with his jacket in his hand, said with a straight face, “What nonsense, Major General is here to improve our strength!”

But inside, he looked bitter. Others might be confused, but he could guess something. The Major General’s sudden jerkiness was probably related to the Xie Quan. And recently Major General had been living in the military dormitory, avoiding Xie Quan.

Henry squinted at his teammates who were exhausted. If this continued, they may have to reduce their lives. No, we have to find a way to get Major General to make up with Xie Quan.

Henry asked, “If two people are fighting, in a cold war, not seeing each other, how can we make up?”

Eh, hearing him say this, the others were very excited.

One second his teammate was like a wilted cabbage, and he was all eyes. “Lieutenant Colonel, are you seeing someone? Who is it? In the army? Any recent fights?”

“…” Henry twitched. “I think you have not reached the limit, you can still practice a little more.”

“No, no.” He hurriedly waved his hand. “I won’t gossip anymore.”

Henry nodded in satisfaction. “Nothing to do with me. It’s my…friend.”

“A friend…” The officer’s gaze was lucid. “I understand, you do not worry.” He continued, “So this friend of yours, he had a fight with his partner and is in a cold war, and the two have been avoiding each other, right?”

Henry nodded.

“If you want to reconcile, the first step is to see each other first!”

“See each other?”

The officer nodded. “If they do not see each other, how can the two people untie the knot? The misunderstandings can not be cleared so then certainly must first meet, and talk.”

Henry touched his chin, pondering. “What if they meet and argue?”

“Then let your partner win!” The officer was quick to realize that he had slipped up, so he coughed lightly and said, “I mean, your friend has to give way to his partner, right? When two people fight, someone has to take a step back.”

Henry frowned, Major General’s temper, will give way to someone? But maybe, after all, Major General seemed to have always given in to that Xie Quan. But…

“What if my friend doesn’t want to meet?”

The officer wondered, “Why not? Does he want to make up?”

“….” Henry hesitated. “Yes, I guess.” After all, if he didn’t like it anymore, Major General wouldn’t be so jerky.

“If you want to, you’ll have to, at best, get into a fight and find a reason to meet.”

Find a reason…

Henry nodded.

“Major General.”

Inside the office, Ji Cheying looked up expressionlessly. “What is it?”

At the first glance of the cloudy sight, Henry’s heart thumped and he had the thought of retreating. But, one step back, the sea of suffering is endless. Must not retreat!

Henry walked into the office, he tried to maintain his normal state, and said, “Major General, the security system of the central apartment seems to have a problem.”

The man’s eyes sharpened, his eyebrows twitched, but finally maintained a frowning expression. “What’s the problem?”

“The residents are responding to the security system not working at all, and they are also calling the police indiscriminately in the middle of the night.”

“…” Ji Cheying lowered his head and took the official document and continued to look at it. “Then go get the maintenance man.”

“Major General, weren’t you trying to prevent someone from doing something to the apartment’s intelligent system before, so anyone who wants to enter the management room will need your permission.”

Ji Cheying paused in his vision. There was such a thing. Ji Cheying didn’t look up. “You take my ID and go.”

Henry righteously refused, “That’s not possible, identity ID is crucial, and Major General’s ID can’t be given to just anyone, it’s better for Major General to go by himself.”

“…” Ji Cheying raised his head, and his gaze was filled with astonishment and doubt. That pair of dark eyes like a pool of thick ink had the phrase written large in them: You’re teaching me to do something?

Ji Cheying looked at Henry steadily for a few seconds before saying slowly, “I have given you my ID before.”

Henry steadied his retreating heart and said in a firm tone, “At that time, it was this subordinate who did not know what to do, but this is a different time. And at this time the security system suddenly went wrong, maybe someone did it on purpose, trying to get at Major General…”

Yes, it was someone who did it on purpose.

That person was himself.

Ji Cheying frowned deeply, neither agreed to go, nor asked Henry to take the ID to see it again, but only stared deadly at the piece of paper in his hand, as if there was some deep hatred. If his sight could stir up a fire, that paper would be burned to ashes.

Just when Henry thought his plan was going to fail, Ji Cheying stood up slowly. “Let’s go.”

Henry froze for a moment, not even reacting, but he immediately realized that Ji Cheying had been set up… No, it was a change of mind to go to the apartment. He immediately went after him. “Major General, the car is ready.”

When he arrived at the apartment, Ji Cheying got out of the hover car and looked up. It was night time and the apartment building was lit up, but the top floor was dark.

Henry saw his Major General look up and although the expression on his face did not change, he could clearly feel that his mood had changed for the worse.

A lot worse.

So much so that he could feel it. So much so that he was a little repelled to follow. What’s wrong with the lights? Henry stared intently for a moment, then it dawned on him.

The highest floor was dark, which meant Xie Quan wasn’t home! What a mistake! He also deliberately picked the night to come, but did not expect to get one where the other was not at home.

No wonder Major General’s mood plummeted. Who would have thought that he would come with determination and not see anyone?

“What are you doing?” Ji Cheying stopped in his tracks, the gloomy question caused Henry’s nerves to flare.

He hastily lifted his feet to follow. “Excuse me, Major General.”

What Henry did was simple, he actually just nicked the wiring of the security system, not a big deal, and didn’t even need a maintenance person to look at it. After Ji Cheying opened the control room and checked it with the self-test system, the problem was immediately identified.

Ji Cheying quickly made an appointment for a maintenance person to come and do the repair.

Walking with Ji Cheying outside the building, seeing that they were about to leave, Henry’s plan to have Major General meet with Xie Quan was not making any progress.

Henry quietly glanced at Ji Cheying’s face, he gritted his teeth and asked crossly, “Major General, I see the lights on the top floor are dark, is Mr. Xie still not home?”

Ji Cheying’s voice was like the wind blowing up from hell, eerily cold. “How do I know?”

“Heh, heh.” Henry laughed awkwardly and said while the iron was hot, “It’s quite unsafe recently, it’s so late. I hope Mr. Xie did not encounter any danger.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ji Cheying’s eyes fell on Henry like a knife. “So concerned? Why don’t you go ask yourself?”

“…” Major General! Why is the focus still on preventing him! Henry felt very tired.

The two of them walked together to the hover car, and just when Henry felt that the day was going to be a failure, Ji Cheying suddenly said, “You should go back.”


Ji Cheying stood by the car, he closed the car door that had been opened, his face could not see the slightest trace. “I suddenly remembered something, you go back first, I will go by myself later.”

Henry subconsciously looked at the still dark penthouse, then he hurriedly nodded. “Okay! Major General, there is nothing to do tomorrow, you can stay here today, and go back tomorrow is fine! Then I’ll leave first.”

“…” Ji Cheying raised an eyebrow. “Lieutenant Colonel Henry, you’ve been talking a lot lately.”

However, Henry had quickly opened the car door and jumped into the car. “Major General, you are too much! Then I’ll go first! Bye!”

Once the door was closed, the car sped out with the speed of an arrow, as if it was running for its life.

Ji Cheying looked at the back of the hover car that had disappeared into a point and smiled, then turned around, he looked up at the top floor of the apartment again with a serious expression.

It was so late, Xie Quan still hadn’t come back, did something really happen? Or did he fall asleep? But at this point it seemed too early to fall asleep. Ji Cheying hesitated, but finally walked back into the building.

 At the same time, in a luxurious mansion in the Imperial Capital.

Xie Quan, who had been detained for several days, was lying on a bed in a room whose windows were closed. His eyes were closed, as if he was asleep, but in fact he had no intention of sleeping at all.

Since that day’s conversation, the mystery man had been holding him here, not harming him, even serving him good food and drink, but also monitoring him, not letting him have a chance to escape. Even the entire space network was closely supervised by a system that was comparable to military grade, and Xiao Bai was simply unable to intrude silently.

Even the slightest attempt would immediately trigger an alarm, and then the vulnerability would be immediately fixed. What exactly was that person’s origin? To be able to do it in the underground market, and know his Yan Bai’s identity, and such a coiled regulatory system.

He thought it was Anna’s side at first, but it didn’t seem like it. Because the man only said Yan Bai the whole time, just asking himself to work with him, and didn’t mention any other information. This was not the style of Anna’s group. Who could be so powerful within the Imperial Capital?


The author has something to say: 

Henry: Getting these two back together isn’t easy.


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November 21, 2022 2:55 pm

Wonder if this is something to do with Saroyan… or JC’s brother? 😬
Hope JC can find him before he’s forced to build something potentially lethal.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Sue R
Sue R
November 22, 2022 10:17 am

Oh…XQ, Stay there, JC will come and rescue youas before and always.

November 23, 2022 7:12 am

Thank You for the new chapter (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡

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Is it that royal prince? Thank you for the chapter!

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