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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Along with that strange feeling the first time, this was the third time Baylor had dreamed… or rather sensed the man.

This time they had entered the crashed craft. The man sat in front of the broken console, his head hanging and eyes focused on the repair.

Baylor never easily thought a person looked good.

Because he himself was good-looking, whether it was the current face, or the previous one. Looking at himself was a habit so he would rarely look at others and think that they looked good and would not be shocked. On the contrary, ugly people may impress him more.

But this man made Baylor think that he was good-looking.

His sword eyebrows and starry eyes, the side lines of his face were deep and severe; the body of a wolf did not hide his handsome martial arts. But Baylor did not feel that this was the reason why he dreamed of the other man again and again and again.

He once heard that some sentinels could use their own powerful spiritual power as precognition in a dream. Maybe this was precognitive dreaming?

While Baylor was thinking, Baylor found himself moving. To be precise, it was this creature in which his consciousness was lodged that moved. ‘He’ hovered behind the man and then ‘owled’.

The voice sounded incomparably aggrieved.

Baylor: …

This voice…

The man’s head did not turn back, his voice was low, “I don’t have time to play with you now, you be good and rest.”

‘He’ seemed to agree, lay down on the ground, rubbing east on that steel plate, rubbing west, and twisting himself into an S-shape. Then a square-shaped apparatus appeared in ‘his’ field of vision.

He didn’t know what it was for, but it didn’t matter, because the moment ‘he’ saw it, it had only one purpose, and that was a toy! ‘He’ turned over, darted towards the cube, then caught it in his mouth and threw it overhead, and the next second darted over with extreme swiftness to catch the cube before it fell –

‘Crackling’ a few loud sounds, the chair was knocked over, flying out and hitting the control desk. ‘He’ tossed his head again and tossed the cube up into the sky, playing the same trick again with great glee.

“Woof! Woof!”

‘Bang Bang!’


The already messy and broken flying machine became even more chaotic.

The corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched.

This style…

The fixed belt that should have been on the wall was stripped off and flung in the direction of the console, and after the man dodged without looking back, he finally ran out of patience. Turning around, his voice was full of intimidation, “Stop!”

‘He’ stopped in response, then let go of the innocent chair cushion in his mouth, went to sit next to the man and let out a petulant grunt.

The man probably felt as if there was no point in getting angry with a dog, he rubbed his brow and slowed down his tone a bit, but Baylor could hear some uncomfortable rustiness in his voice, “You… Stay put, I’ll get the communicator fixed in a minute.”


The man’s eyebrows twitched slightly, picking up the dog’s meaning, feel a headache coming on as he stretched out his hand to touch the dog’s head, “Good boy.”

Only then did ‘he’ settle down contentedly.

But this was only temporary.

Less than ten minutes, ‘he’ began to be active again, ‘he’ began to scratch at the floor, grinding his nails.

After the man’s work at hand was once again disturbed, he took a deep breath and finally didn’t resist speaking out again, “Dragon Hunter!”1


“Sir, wake up.”

Baylor’s eyes snapped open, and he frowned, exasperated, “What Dragon Hunter?!”

The qualification test worker who came to wake Baylor up next to him was startled.

Baylor sat up with a stern face. The liquid in the qualification testing chamber had a healing effect, and the soreness in his body disappeared, but he was in a depressed mood. If he hadn’t noticed it before, it couldn’t be more obvious this time.

That demolition machine with the fire character was his stupid family member.

Shameless… Can’t say that… cheeky move.

Must be his missing spiritual body! He should have sensed it from the beginning. Besides his own spiritual body, who else could have established a spiritual connection with him and lured him into a dream? Why was his spiritual body not with him, but with a strange man? What did that man do? How dare he kidnap his spiritual body! And gave it such a cheesy name!

What Dragon Hunter?

It clearly had a very handsome name, Super Wolf!2

The short-haired staff member asked with some concern, “Sir, are you okay? The test is over…” It was already an E grade qualification, so he wouldn’t have become more stupid after the test, right?

Then, she watched Baylor silently fixed there for almost a minute, his face changing unpredictably. Just when she couldn’t help but go outside to call someone for advice on what to do, Baylor suddenly raised his head, the pair of bright and clear eyes looking straight at her. Her heart almost missed a beat, and she became dizzy.

“Do you have a pen and paper?”

“Huh? There is… There is…”

After about half an hour, Baylor finally came out.

Toynbee took the report and was just about to tell him the result when Baylor handed over a piece of paper.

Toynbee, “?”

Baylor asked, “Do you recognize this pattern?”

Toynbee took the piece of paper and saw that although the drawing was a bit scribbled, he could roughly tell that it was the head of a wolf.

The moment he saw it, his answer came out, “This is the logo of Sky Wolf Legion.” Although the details were not reproduced completely, the overall composition and sense of lines were exactly the emblem of Sky Wolf Legion. Toynbee asked curiously, “Did you draw it?”

This was the symbol that Baylor saw on the craft in his dream, he frowned, “Sky Wolf Legion, where are they?” Was that man a soldier of Sky Wolf Legion? Indeed, he was wearing a military uniform.

“Sky Wolf Legion is the military force of the Ya’an Empire…” Toynbee said, “The cruiser we’ll be on in two days is part of the Sky Wolf Legion.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow.

That was a coincidence. He was looking for the man in the Sky Wolf Legion. There were two purposes. One was for his spiritual body, and the other was to address one of his concerns.

From the time he came to this world, he had always had a concern – that was, if he was still a sentinel, but there was no guide in this world, then when he one day went through a spiritual power storm, what would he do?

A sentinel’s extraordinary mental power was a double-edged sword. In the battlefield, a sentinel could strengthen their five senses ability, and explode with extraordinary combat power, but at the same time, the powerful spiritual power was like an unruly beast. At any time, it may go berserk back on sentinel, let them lose their self-control and reason, becoming a monster.

A guide could use their spiritual power to help a sentinel to let the stormy spiritual power restore calm, like a doctor, but like their name, a guide, leading their lost selves home. So if there was no guide in this world, he was walking a tightrope, and he may fall off a cliff at any time.

And that man…

Thinking about the first few times he saw him in a dream, that man easily soothed his spiritual power. Baylor rubbed his chin.

Maybe that man was a guide in this world. This would also explain why his spiritual body was so close to the other man.

Toynbee didn’t know Baylor’s inner thoughts, he listened to Baylor mention Sky Wolf Legion, his heart was just mixed.

In fact, in order to prevent Baylor from having excessive defiant behavior, he had not told Baylor the whole truth. He did not tell Baylor that he was actually a gift to the Ya’an Empire, and to General Ewan, the Empire’s strongest force, a cold-hearted and cold-faced man.

And if General Ewan did not want Baylor, Baylor would probably be given to the Ya’an Empire’s nobles or other officers.

So General Ewan, for Baylor, was crucial.

So Toynbee asked tentatively, “Do you know General Ewan?”


“…” Toynbee didn’t think Baylor would not even know such a famous person, how little did he care about the outside world? He explained with a headache, “General Ewan is the leader of Sky Wolf Legion, he and his Sky Wolf Legion are the sharpest sword of the Ya’an Empire. Where the sword points, the attack is invincible.” He rambled on, “General Ewan is an S-class alpha, a once-in-a-century genius, the Empire’s youngest general…”

The first part was fine, but the more Baylor listened to the rest, the more wrong it became.

He retracted his own gaze staring at the logo on that paper and looked at Toynbee strangely, “You’re a fan of his?”

Toynbee ignored Baylor and continued, “Someone like him would definitely be less approachable, would have a high vision, might not be too good-tempered, might despise people, spend a long time in the army, might move rougher, but I don’t think he would take a shot at omegas….” Although he was a bit skeptical.

Listening, Baylor felt that he had just jumped to an early conclusion, “… Do you have a grudge against him?”

How much of a grudge must this be?

“… You take my words to heart, don’t be too casual in front of him, don’t make him angry, and curb your temper…” Toynbee spoke like an old father, but before he finished his sentence, Baylor, who was standing in front of him, had already walked ten meters away.

He was not interested in that general. He was interested in getting his spiritual body back and finding a guide.

Two days later, the Ya’an Empire cruiser docked at the sky port. The azure sky was mostly covered by a dark gray metallic color, and the ‘ancestral stones’, considered the core energy of the interstellar, were being transported on the cruiser –The very resources promised to the Ya’an Empire by TL7.

Countless media gathered around the handover ceremony, and the press conference was crowded with people.However, in another part of the port where no one was looking, a hidden handover ceremony was taking place.

“We have discussed with the Ya’an Empire, and one of the people in charge will take you to the ship first, and Mr. Toynbee will come to the ship after the press conference.”

The usher found no sound next to him, he turned his head sideways and saw the youth looking up at the dark gray behemoth, the sunlight shining in through the translucent material around it, falling on his face with a kind of light and dreamy feeling. He coughed lightly and took out a black neck ring half a knuckle wide from his briefcase.

“Mr. Baylor, please put this on.”

Baylor withdrew himself to look at him and sneered, “You treat me like a dog?”

The young man’s voice carried obvious displeasure as the usher tried to explain, “This neck ring is a blocker specifically designed for omegas, when worn it not only isolates the pheromone, but also prevents being marked…”

The result was that before the words were finished, he could hear a ‘click’, the black neck ring was worn on the white and slender neck of the young man. Baylor sniffed, the smell of his own pheromone really disappeared. He asked, “Is this thing secure?”

“… It’s solid.” The guide did not expect Baylor to put the barrier on so easily, he had prepared a long speech suddenly useless, “There is no matching key, unless your neck is cut off, you can not remove it.”

And there were two keys to this blocker, one was with Mr. Toynbee and the other was reserved for that general.

Yes, the other meaning of this blocker was to hand Baylor ‘intact’ to the other man.

Otherwise, who would wear a blocker like an old-fashioned person these days? Originally, he was afraid that this Mr. Baylor would feel humiliated, but to his surprise he didn’t seem to be very repulsed?

However, what Baylor thought was different from him.

After returning that day, Baylor had a good lesson in the world’s “sexuality.” He finally figured out the gender division in this world and what he really was.

Omegas, with a reproductive cavity in their bodies, could easily conceive with a human being during estrus. When he knew this fact, he made up his mind that he would chop up anyone who dared to come near him during his estrus.

But it was still good to have a ‘bulletproof vest’. He was not in the habit of exposing his vitals to the public.

When the guide saw how quickly Baylor put the neck ring on without even adjusting the position, he kindly suggested, “This needs to be worn close to the gland to be effective, let me adjust it for you.”

However, Baylor refused, “No, I know that spot,” he said gently, “the third cervical vertebrae at the back of the neck, pinch the chin and break it, people can die quickly…” Suddenly remembering something, he asked, “Can I be sterilized?” Once and for all, how nice.


Watching the guide’s face change in horror, he brushed aside, “Forget it, I was just asking.”

When he found the man first, then he could plan this matter properly.

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Translator Notes:

  1. This is the name the man has given Baylor’s spirit animal. It means Dragon Hunter.
  2. No, Baylor’s naming sense is not better.


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November 23, 2022 3:42 pm

I really like Baylor.
If his dreams, connecting him to his spirit animal, that’s with General Ewan, what’s happened to Ewan? Shouldn’t he be somewhere ready to receive Baylor?
Thanks for translating and editing, and the T/Ns… I prefer Baylor’s name for his spirit wolf 😁

March 26, 2023 12:48 am

I am hoping that in the case they get children, they let others choose the names

April 26, 2023 8:15 am

In my language, the word “Ewan” means “Don’t know” or “No Clue”

So basically, as I was reading this, I always picture the general as someone who is full of question marks haha

General Clueless

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